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Go For It!


    "He'll be here any minute," I told myself. "I wonder how much he's changed."

    For the third year in a row, my young nephew Ben spent the summer galavanting through Europe with his partner, Parker Anderson. Yes, partner. Ben had finally made peace with the fact that he's bi or somewhere else on the spectrum; main point, he was attracted to men as well.

    Lucky for him, because gay men were definitely attracted to Ben! When he first moved to New York and started modeling he was barely 18, an age kind to many people. But somehow, at 21 now, he looked even better. He'd grown to be so handsome and masculine, that he deserved every penny he made modeling.

    Not that he needed to watch his pennies. His older boyfriend was loaded, and kept showering Ben in expensive gifts. Parker Anderson was well-known for the trophy boys he'd had in the past, and people were surprised to see Ben stick around much longer than any of the rest.

    "As if anyone would let him go," I thought, flipping through an album I had at the apartment full of photos of my nephew. On every single one, he was either nude or very provocatively dressed. He'd grown so comfortable in his gorgeous body, he was a proper show-off by now. "Not that I could blame him," I thought, tracing my fingers along his bulging muscles on the photos.

    Officially, Ben still "lived" with me, even though he was hardly ever here. When he wasn't traveling, he spent a lot of time at his partner's luxurious Manhattan apartment. And since he was rarely in New York, he hardly ever got to go back home to Massachusetts either. 

    Ben's ex-girlfriend Danica had just gotten married. Understandably, he wasn't invited to the wedding. The last time they'd seen each other, Danica revealed she planned on moving closer to Boston after graduating college, and that she's taking their son Sam along. "Maybe it's best… he grows up with his stepdad and me," she'd suggested. Caught up in his new life of celebrities and parties, my nephew agreed. (Possibly further encouraged by Parker, who wasn't too keen on having a child around.).

    I'd never met little Sam, but for his sake, I hoped he inherits his dad's good looks…

    "Hey, Uncle Mitch," my nephew came in for a hug when he arrived to my apartment from the airport. His tight T-shirt stuck to his skin as I hugged him, and I just wanted to rip it off him.

    Luckily, it didn't take long for my nephew to do it himself. As soon as he dropped his bags and checked his new phone, he started undressing while casually chatting with me about his trip. I smiled and nodded, paying much closer attention to my nephew's smooth, ripped body than to what he was saying.

    After three years of living together, I felt more comfortable around Ben and I no longer tried to hide when I ogled at him. As he took off his tight white T-shirt, sweaty from wearing it on the flight, I licked my lips and watched him toss it on the couch.

    I wasn't the only one who'd grown more comfortable, either. My nephew continued to take it all off… his belt, then his jeans, one sock, then the other… and finally, his designer boxer briefs, with absolutely no shame from me or the people who might see him through the large windows. 

    I never played sports growing up, so I wasn't used to a "locker room atmosphere," which is exactly what this felt like. During my short stint in San Francisco years back, I remember everyone being very "open" at the gym I went to (my nephew would fit in perfectly there!). But in New York, the gym I currently went to was more discreet, to my great disappointment, and there just wasn't that much public nudity. 

    My nephew though, made me feel just like I was back in San Fran. He walked around my living room and kitchen, fully nude, helping himself to some water, and chatting with me. I watched his long penis swing and his balls hit his thick thighs as he walked, until he turned around and gave me a view of his amazing ass. Standing in front of me, drinking water, he casually scratched his balls and the inner side of his legs. When I didn't say anything, he continued to do it unabashedly, until he came in for one last hug and announced he was gonna go take a shower.

    "Fuck! That boy's gonna give me a heart attack," I thought, feeling my heart palpitate.



    Three months in Europe always felt like three years. With all the different cities and countries we went to, I felt like a character in a movie or a book or something. Of course, in typical fashion, I never fully appreciated it until it was almost over. I liked New York, but the thought of going back after such an amazing summer always filled me with apathy.

    My partner Parker might've noticed it, because at the end of our third summer together he had an offer for me.

    "Why don't we move here?" he asked casually as we sipped coffee in Paris's Marais district during our last week in Europe.

    "What do you mean?" I was equal parts confused and surprised.

    "My company's got offices here and in London. We're expanding our operations in Europe, and it would be good for me to be here. And you seem to like it. Would be great for your career."

    "I don't know if I can just leave…"

    "I'm sure your uncle will be alright without you. And you don't seem to be close to anyone else back home."

    It was blunt, but true. What role did I really play in my son's life? It would be even less after Danica moves.

    "Still, I need to say a proper goodbye to Uncle Mitch. None of this would've happened without him. You need to understand; where I'm from, people don't just 'get out,' especially not without a college degree. It was him who got me to New York."

    "You'll have plenty of time to say goodbye," Parker reassured me. "We won't rush."

    I took a deep breath, my adrenaline rising.

    "Okay, let's do it then!" I said.

    "Great," Parker took another casual sip of his espresso, as if we were deciding what to have for lunch. "It'll take me a few months, maybe up to a year, to get everything ready before we can move here full-time, but we can go back and forth in the meanwhile."

    I smiled ear-to-ear, leaving all my hesitations behind.

    "We're gonna live in Paris?" I said, still in disbelief.

    "We're gonna live in Paris, baby."

    "Hey, Uncle Mitch!" I went in for a hug when I arrived to his apartment from the airport. I felt my sweaty T-shirt stick to my body as we hugged, and I couldn't wait to take it off me.

    We had a chance to catch up while I undressed and unpacked. I strutted around completely naked, under close supervision by my uncle.

    "You've gotten so tan," he remarked.

    "Thanks," I said, turning around and flexing my muscles to show off my body and my tan.

    "No tan lines, though," he winked.

    "Nope. Lots of nude beaches in Europe," I winked back. Even thinking about it, I was getting a semi.

    "So, what's new with you?" I asked. I needed to take a shower but I knew Uncle Mitch was enjoying the show, so I wanted to give him a chance to enjoy it a bit longer.

    "Well, I met someone."

    "Really?" I asked, casually playing with my smooth balls. "What's his name, what's he like?"

    "His name's Jeffrey. Recently out of the closet."

    "Is it serious?"

    "Well it hasn't been that long, but it looks promising. So far so good."

    "Aww, I'm happy for you," I walked up to him and gave him a hug. I swear I could feel his arms tremble as he wrapped them around my naked body. 

    "I'm gonna jump in the shower," I said, and walked to the bathroom, feeling Uncle Mitch's eyes on my ass the entire time. I made sure to walk slowly.

    "I'm happy for Uncle Mitch," I thought, standing in his tiny shower, feeling claustrophobic in comparison with all the spacious showers at five-star hotels I was used to now. In all these years, I'd never heard Mitchell talk about a man he was seeing. This Jeffrey guy must be special. "Bet he's not as hot as me, though," I smirked.

    Plus, the timing was perfect. Now that I was moving to Europe, I didn't need to worry about Uncle Mitch being on his own. He'll have someone; maybe he and Jeffrey can even move in together if things work out between them. I owed a lot to Uncle Mitch. Even with all the traveling I did for both work and fun, his apartment was always "Home"; the address I put down on every form. We'll probably barely get a chance to see each other anymore after I move.

    When I got out the shower, I dried off quickly and headed straight to Mitchell's room.

    "Uncle Mitch," I knocked and opened the door. "Can I come in? I got something to tell you."

    It was hot outside so all the curtains were closed to keep the bedroom cool. The room was dark, except for a little light coming in so my uncle could read in bed. He was lying in bed in his underwear, and he put down his magazine as soon as he saw me.

    "Of course. What's up."

    I jumped in bed with him, naked and freshly showered as I was, and gave him a hug. I could tell he was taken aback, but he hugged me back. It's funny; it made me feel like a child, even though I was taller than him now.

    "I just wanted to thank you for everything," I said, as he ran his hand up and down my bare back. Next, I told him about my plans to move to Europe.

    "I'm gonna miss you," he said in an earnest voice I haven't quite heard from him before. "But it's a great opportunity. You should go."

    I leaned in to give him a thank-you kiss. I was going to plant it on his cheek, but spontaneously, I kissed his lips.

    Just as spontaneously, my uncle opened his mouth. Next thing I knew, my tongue was in his mouth and we were making out passionately, as if we'd been holding back from doing this since day one.

    "Benny..." Uncle Mitch whispered, but didn't say anything else. His hands continued to slide down my spine, this time reaching my ass and giving both of my cheeks a meaty squeeze.

    I started kissing him again, turned on by now turned on he was by me. I'd had sex with plenty of men by now, and whether I was doing it with a man or a woman, there was nothing I liked more than being admired.

    I felt my uncle's fingertips explore every inch of my body, as if trying to memorize its every crevice. He spent several minutes sliding his fingers through the ridges between my abs, before moving up to my pecs and nipples. 

    During this entire time, our tongues went in and out of each other's mouths. I noticed my uncle was rock hard, so I pushed down his underwear. As his cock came unleashed, Uncle Mitch sighed in pleasure.

    All of the attention I was getting made me hard pretty soon as well. We continued kissing, stroking each other's cocks. Then, my uncle whispered, "Can I suck you off?"

    Without saying anything, I turned around so I was sitting on the bed, leaning against the headboard. The message was clear: "Go for it!"

    As if he'd won the lotto, I could feel my uncle's excitement. Without hesitation, he bent over and put my dick in his mouth.

    "Holy shit," I exhaled. While traveling, I got used to getting a blowjob every day, either by Parker or some of the other people we hooked up with. It had been a couple of days since the last time, and I was relieved to have my cock in someone's mouth again. Even if that someone was my mom's brother.

    Uncle Mitch sucked my dick eagerly, stroking it with one hand, slurping in all the precum he could get. Damn, he was fucking good! I'd gotten countless blowjobs, but he was one of the best. If I'd known, we could've started this three years ago.

    I ran my fingers through my uncle's hair while he blew me, gently tugging on my balls. I squeezed him in between my strong thighs, and let his hands roam all over my body some more. I knew my uncle paid hustlers to fuck him occasionally; I bet none of them was as hot as me!

   My balls pulsed in my own uncle's hand, full of cum, until I emptied them in his eager mouth. I held the back of his head and pulled it in, making him choke on my cock as I shot my load down his throat. He swallowed every last drop of my nephewly cum, holding my balls in one hand and admiring my abs with the other. 

– JUNE 2005 –


    "Mitchell! Hello. So nice to see you again."

    "Thank you, Kevin. Welcome to New York. Remind me, have you been here before?"

    "I have. But it's Owen's here first time."

    "Hello, Owen. Welcome. Here, I'd like you to meet my nephew Ben."

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