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Cumming and Going

JUNE 2005 | OWEN:

    I was finally in New York City, and I felt right at home! After seeing and hearing so much about it my whole life, it felt like I'd already been here before; like I remembered it all from a past life. 

    "Hold up," I noted loudly at the dinner table, "for the first time, gays are in the majority!"

    I looked around. I was sitting next to our host, Dad's college buddy Jeffrey. Next to him sat his partner Mitchell. Next was Mitchell's 22-year-old nephew Ben. As far as I understood he was bi, but good enough for him to be counted as one of us. Finally, next to him, on my other side, sat my dad – the only straight man at the table.

    "Haha, I guess you're right," Dad laughed. "I better call in some backup."

    The rest of his college buddies would be joining us soon; we were all reuniting in New York this summer. But for now, I enjoyed being surrounded by gay men, something I'd never experienced before.

    "So how do you like New York?" Jeff asked me. He knew how much coming here meant to me. It felt like he and I had a special bond since last summer, when I was the first person he came out to.

    "I love it! It feels so familiar already."

    I was happy to see how far Jeff had come. Last year, he was afraid to tell even his best buddies that he was gay. Now, he was hosting dinner parties with a boyfriend that he seemed to be in a pretty stable relationship with.

    I liked Mitchell, but I really liked his nephew Ben. As did everyone, I was sure. Ben was a professional model, who'd moved to New York when he was a teenager. In just a few years, he'd gone from "the new kid in the city" to an internationally coveted model who was moving to Paris soon.

    "Ben, why don't you show Owen around the city without us geezers bothering you?" Jeff suggested after dinner.

    "Sounds good. Wanna go?" Ben asked me.

    "Of course!" I jumped up. 

    Fifteen minutes later, we were in a bar full of extremely good looking guys. "You don't see this at home," I thought. As hot as everyone was, though, Ben outshined all of them.

    "What'll it be?" the obviously-gay server in a tight black tank top asked us.

    "Umm, could I have a beer?" I asked coyly. 

    "And of course, you're… 21?" 

    "Um, of course."

    He smiled and looked the other way. Ben ordered us two beers of some foreign brand I didn't even know.

    "How old are you?" he asked me when the server was gone.


    "The exact age I was when I moved to New York."

    "Lucky. I still got a year of school to go."

    "Do you know what you wanna do after?"

    "I think I wanna move here."

    "Well cheers to that," Ben proposed a toast just as our beers arrived.

    "Thanks," I said, taking a sip. "I have no idea what I'll do for a living, but I just have to get the fuck out of Minnesota."

    "You'll figure it out. What do you like to do?"

    "I dunno. Sports. Working out."

    "A jock type, huh?" Ben winked at me.

    "Kinda," I smiled humbly, but I felt very proud. With all the sports I did, my 18-year-old body definitely looked like I could be over 21.

    "You can be a personal trainer or something. In the meanwhile, you can do what everyone else does and wait on tables or something. I wouldn't be too worried if I were you."

    "I mean, it's worked out for you. You're moving to Paris."

    "Yeah," he nodded, taking a large swig of his beer.

    "Aren't you gonna miss New York?"

    "I will. But I'll be back and forth. Flights don't feel as long when you're flying first class," he smiled at me.

    "Well, I hope to see you then," I smiled back. 

    I would've really enjoyed having Ben around as a mentor. We spent the rest of the evening discussing the guys at the bar. Ben shared some of his stories since he'd come to the city and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Yet, I'm certain that wasn't even half of it.

    "I gotta go to the restroom. I'll be right back," I said when we were done with our third round of beers.

    I took a piss in the trough urinal, and went to the sinks. As I washed my hands, the door opened and the server in the tight tank top walked in, probably to do an hourly check of the restrooms.

    "Hey, kid," he said when he saw me. I doubt he was much older than 21 or 22 himself. 

    "Hey," I said. 

    "So… how old are you really?" he walked closer to me. "You have a very boyish face, but those muscles…" he said, putting one hand on my bicep and giving it a squeeze.

    "Yours aren't too bad either," I tried to change the topic and not talk about my age. I wasn't just flattering him: his muscles really did look good. He probably knew that himself, which is why he wore that tank top to show them off.

    "You from around?" he asked, looking me in the eyes seductively.

    I licked my lips.

    "Just visiting."

    "Well then, we need to make sure you have a good time."

    "And how you gonna do that?" I said, looking him straight in his eyes, sounding a lot more confident than I felt.

    The server then took both my arms with his hands, and guided me backwards to one of the stalls. We were the only people in the restroom. He closed and locked the stall door behind us.

    This was going so fast; I felt nervous, yet turned on. The guy probably had no idea how little experience I had. Shit, he didn't even know how old I was.

    He put his hands on my belt and unbuckled it quickly. Before I could say "dick," my jeans were around my ankles, the man was on his knees, and my cock was in his mouth.

    "Holy shit!" I thought as he sucked my teenage dick. This felt so good!

    So far, I'd only hooked up with two of my dad's buds (who both had wives, so not sure if those counted as "gay" experiences) and my buddy Tucker, who was also gay but too close of a friend for there to be anything more between us. This was my first time with a complete stranger, and definitely my first time somewhere so public.

    "Fuck yeah," I thought, as my dick got fully hard, hitting the back of the server's throat. My fingers stroked his hair, then gently started to pull on it. I was surprised to notice he seemed to like it. I pulled his hair harder, and he moaned louder, turned on by it, and sucking my dick even faster.

    "Yeah, you like that?" I grunted, and the server nodded his head in my crotch. I realized I didn't even know his name. How many kids at school could say they've done something like this?

    Somehow, I got the instinct to slap his face while he was blowing me, which he seemed to enjoy as well. I smacked him harder and harder, several times, while he chocked on my dick.

    Suddenly, the door opened and someone walked into the restroom. The server stopped moaning and slurping out loud, but continued sucking my cock.The third man's footsteps echoed around the silent restroom as he walked to the urinal.

    I listened as the man stood in front of the trough, unbuckled his belt and undid his zipper. He obviously needed to go, because a steady stream of piss hit the metal trough loudly. 

    While the man pissed, I put my hands around the cocksucking server's head, and started face-fucking him. He started chocking and gagging, unable to remain quiet while I was doing this. This turned me on, and I got more and more aggressive.

    "Fuck yeah," I said out loud, grabbing the cocksucker's hair and pushing his face into my crotch as he gagged and grasped for air loudly.

    By now, there was no mistaking what was going on in the stall.

    The third guy in the room was done pissing. He obviously took his time zipping back up and walking slowly to the sinks. I started fucking the server's face even more aggressively, turned on by all the trouble he might get in if we got caught. After all, he was the one who instigated it. Be careful what you wish you.

    I fucked the guy's face, going wild, as the man slowly and reluctantly walked out of the room. Mere seconds later, though, the door opened again, and someone else walked in.

    "Owen?" came Ben's voice asking for me.

    "Yeah?" I said from the stall, shoving my dick balls-deep into the guy's mouth while he gagged.

    "You alright? I paid the check, we can go."

    "I'm cumming," I said, as I started shooting my load down the cocksucker's throat. He moaned loudly as he struggled to breathe while swallowing all of it. I grunted, fucking his face roughly as I jizzed in his mouth. 

    It took a good minute for both of us to calm down and go quiet. When he was done gulping down all my cum, the server got up off his knees and smiled at me. I smiled back, pulling my pants up and leaving the stall.

    Ben was still standing in the restroom, peeking into the stall to see who was there, a big smile on his face.

    "You pig," he told me in a congratulatory tone. "You'll fit in here perfectly."

– The End –

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