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Shared Bedroom, Pt. I


    I looked out into the water as I walked along the beach. The sun was slowly but surely starting to set. The gentle breeze no longer felt pleasant but rather chilly.

    "Did you find Eric and Will?" my husband asked me as soon as I got back to our towels.

    "Oh I found them alright."

    "Well are they coming? We need to go soon."

    I sat down and reached for my pack of cigarettes. There was no one sitting close to us so I lit up.

    "Calm down honey, they'll be here soon."

    "What're they doing, anyway?"

    I blew out smoke and leaned over to give my husband a big kiss. 

    "Guess," I said.

    "Are they...?"



    I took a long drag as we sat in silence for a few seconds. David cuddled up next to me and I put my arm around him.

    "I guess we should've thought that might happen when we brought them here," he said softly.

    "They'll be fine. They're safe here."

    "I'm a bit worried about Eric sometimes," he said, and I could hear it in his voice. "He posts photos and videos of himself online. Jerking off, posing naked, stuff like that."

    "Really?!" I was surprised, but I chuckled. "So, fucking at the beach and posting himself online. Guess our son turned out to be an exhibitionist."

    "You think?" David asked with more alarm in his voice than I deemed warranted.

    "Is it that much of a surprise, growing up with us?"

    "I just... think we need to talk to him."

    "Okay, we will."

    I could tell that didn't do much to reassure him. 

    "Hey," I shook him gently. "Relax, everyone's fine. Look, here come the boys."

    Our son and his boyfriend walked toward us from the edge of the beach, holding hands. The sun shined behind them. All of a sudden the breeze stopped and the evening started to feel hot again.

    The walk back from the beach was mostly quiet. Everyone was starting to get tired but no one wanted to admit it. A lot of the other men were retiring to town before dinner time, all of us taking the same narrow dirt road back.

    When we got to the apartment we had just enough time for everyone to take a quick shower and change before heading out for dinner. We barely made our reservation in time, and everyone was glad we did because the food was exquisite. 

    "I'm going out for a smoke," I announced after finishing a post-meal glass of grappa. "Eric, would you like to join me?"

    "Umm... Are you scared to go out alone?" he looked confused.

    "Nah, I just want some company. C'mon."

    Eric left the table and followed me outside. The street was well lit and very lively. All the foot traffic (mostly tourists) made it feel like we were in a much bigger town.

    Eric and I stood on the sidewalk as I lit my cigarette. People passed us in all directions, mainly gay men, many of them looking at us. We probably looked like a couple more than anything. I put my hand on the back of Eric's neck and gave him a firm squeeze.

    "So how you doing, champ?" I asked.

    "I'm... fine, thanks? How... are you?" Eric asked with a furrowed brow. 

    I took a long drag, keeping him in anticipation. 

    "I'm good," was all I said.

    "Am I... in some kinda trouble?"

    "No. Why, should you be?"

    "Dad! Can you please stop being so weird" 

    Oh, so I was Dad again now? 

    "How am I being weird?"

    "Because. You ask me to join you outside, as if worried someone's gonna kidnap you. What's up?"

    I looked around and noticed a hole-in-the-wall bar on the other side of the street.

    "Let's go for a drink."

    "Dad, we're literally out for dinner. Dad and Will are waiting," he pointed at the restaurant.

    "Yeah but booze's so expensive at that place. Come!" I started crossing the street. Eric looked around then followed me.

    There were less than a dozen people at the bar but it was so tiny that it was already crowded. I sent David a quick text, ordered two drinks at the bar, and got Eric and me a high table next to the door.

    "¡Salud!" I raised my glass and Eric and I clinked glasses and took a sip. We looked out to the street, people-watching. Some of the guys were extremely hot. 

    "So, how you digging this place so far?" I asked.

    "It's fun. The beach was fun. Very... different from back home."

    "Yeah, no shit," I laughed.

    "And now I know what you guys were up to all those times when you went to Europe by yourselves," he winked at me.

    "Oh you have no idea," I answered truthfully. That beach was nothing compared to some of the stuff David and I could get up to.

    "But seriously, is there something you wanted to talk about?" Eric asked again.

    Several things, I thought. But one by one.

    "David's worried about you."

    "How come?"

    "He found photos of you online. Naked, showing off."

    "Well, shit."

    "Are you being smart about it, not showing your face and stuff?"

    His silence was answer enough.

    "C'mon Eric, you know better."

    "Dad. Guys who always hide their face, no matter hot hot they are, they always look more boring."

    "Eric honey, I can't tell you what to do but I'm not happy with this. And David either."

    We each took a big swig of our drinks.

    "Are you making money off of it or something?" I asked.

    "God, no. It's just for fun."

    "It's for validation. You probably got people from all over the world telling you how hot you are and that makes you feel better."

    "Would you rather I did it for money?" 

    "Like I said, I can't tell you what to do. I just know --" I stopped to gather my thoughts. "You probably think you know exactly what you're doing now. But when I was your age I thought that same exact thing and turns out I had no fucking clue about anything."

    "Well do you have a fucking clue now?"

    I laughed out loud.

    "Touche," I took a sip. "I have a bit more of a clue. And I know you're gonna regret a lot of things that you're doing, or not doing, right now. And that's fine, that's part of growing up. But sometimes, one or two of those regrets are gonna bite you in the ass really bad. And I don't want this whole Internet exhibitionism thing to be that for you, just because some horny dude in New Zealand or wherever commented that you got a nice dick."

    "Okay, Dad. I promise to think about it."

    I looked at him, wondering whether this was a good time to bring up the "Daddy" issue as well, or what happened earlier with Will at the beach. No. We'd made progress on this one thing, let's leave it for now.

    "Good. What do you say we finish these and go back to the restaurant?"



    "Sven just texted," I told Will at the table. "Says he and Eric are gonna be back in about 15 minutes."

    "Oh, okay." I could sense the apprehension in his voice to be left alone with me.

    "How bout another round?" I asked and flagged the server.

    We sat in awkward silence for a bit while we got our drinks.

    "Enjoying the trip so far?" I asked.

    "Yes! Thanks again, so much, for inviting me. It's been... really interesting."

    "Interesting in a good way I hope, not overwhelming."

    "Well, maybe a little bit overwhelming," he tried to laugh it off.

    "You and I are a lot alike," I noted after a while. 

    "Really?! How so?" Will asked with genuine curiosity.

    "Well I can't claim to know too much about your family but it sounds like we grew up in a similar environment. My parents never separated, but you know what I mean. Very by-the-rules, straight-and-narrow kinda thing. Not a lot of room for exploration."

    "Sounds about right," he nodded and took a sip of the red wine he was having.

    "And then I met Sven and it was like a whole new world. He didn't seem to give a shit about anything! I was about your age as well. I never knew you could go through life so freely. He didn't even try to hide it, from his family or friends or anything."

    "Sounds like you're describing me with Eric right now," Will laughed.

    "That whole 'opposites attract' thing really worked for us," I continued. "I got him to calm down a little bit. And he... helped bring out the wilder side in me."

    "I just..." Will stumbled looking for the right words. "With the three of you, you make everything seem so easy. I wish I could be like that. I always doubt myself before doing anything."

    "I don't know if that ever goes away completely. It didn't for me," I was potentially more candid than he cared to hear. "If you're lucky, it's gonna fade significantly, and you learn to live with it."

    Will looked me in the eye, then suddenly bowed his head to look down at his lap.

    "There's something I've been meaning to tell you but I've been too afraid."

    "What is it?"

    "You husband and I... kissed a few weeks ago. He probably told you, I don't even know if he did. I told Eric. I've been so concerned what it might mean for me and Eric, and Sven, but I didn't really think about you. I'm sorry."

    This was new information to me. Sven usually told me stuff like this. The fact he forgot to mention it either meant it was no big deal, or just the opposite. But for now, I needed to reassure Will.

    "That's okay. You might know my husband and I aren't... exclusive. So kissing someone else or whatever isn't a big deal."

    "I just feel like --" he started to choke up, "you guys have been so generous. I had no idea what I was gonna do after college, I should've thought it through a lot better. But you took me in and I hate feeling like I'm taking advantage."

    "Will," I said slowly, "could that be just you doubting yourself over everything?"

    "I guess. I'm sorry."

    "Stop apologizing."

    He looked like he was about to cry. I hated seeing him like this. It was either for that reason, or something else, I got up and walked to his side of the table.

    "Hey," I said and bent my knees so we were at eye level. I took his chin and gave him a slow peck right on the lips. "Everything's fine."

    We both smiled, looking at each other in the eyes.

    The plan was to go out after dinner. The whole idea for this trip came from Eric saying he wished he had a chance to go to more gay bars and clubs, after all. But by the time we were done with our three-course meal and all the drinks we'd been having, everyone was yawning and pretending to be fine when in reality we were all ready for bed.

    "I think we should head to the apartment and call it a night," Sven said when he and Eric came back to the restaurant.

    "But you said we'd get to go out!" Eric protested, trying to appear more energized than he probably was.

    "We'll be in Berlin in a couple of days, I promise we'll go out there," Sven added.

    "We just flew in this morning. We've been in the sun all day and we never took a siesta," I agreed with my husband.

    "What do you think?" Eric turned to Will.

    "I was looking forward to going out but I think everyone's right. I'm kinda tired, I could totally go to bed," Will answered.

    "Okay, let's compromise," I suggested. "We'll go for one or two drinks then it's off to bed, okay?"

    "Deal!" Eric perked up.

    We walked to a small plaza surrounded by gay bars, and headed to the most popular one. The place was packed with hot guys showing off their muscles in tank tops and tight T-shirts. Other than that, the place was pretty vanilla, with several women, older people, and even some parents with their kids sitting outside. 

    "Wow, this is not what I expected," Eric said while we made our way through the crowd. 

    "What did you expect, people fucking on the bar? That's across the street," Sven winked.

    We stayed for half an hour, long enough for Eric and Will to ogle at the boys in the crowd until they lost interest. In that time we still managed to down a couple of drinks each, and it was starting to get to me. I walked home with my arm around Sven, otherwise I probably wouldn't have been able to walk straight.

    Back at the apartment the place was swelteringly hot, so the first thing we did was open all the windows. I don't remember much, just brushing my teeth and clumsily stumbling into bed. I was out before even bothering to take my clothes off.

    I woke up in the middle of the night with a slight buzzing in my head. I was naked, as was my husband lying next to me. I could hear two more people breathing in the bed just next to us. I looked around. The apartment was dark but the window was wide open, and there was some light coming in.

    Even at this time of night, the room was too hot and there was no A/C. Although naked, Sven and I didn't bother covering up. I looked at the other bed. Eric and Will were also lying on top of the cover, both in their underwear, asleep with their arms around each other.

    It was then I realized just how hard my dick was. It'd been a few years since the last time Sven and I were in Sitges, and whenever we were here (or anyplace similar) our daily routine included: going to the beach, going out for dinner, then going to a sex club and fucking there before heading back and fucking some more in bed. So far today we were two for four.

    I put my arm around Sven and took a whiff. I could recognize his smell anywhere. Cigarettes and sweat; I used to think it was disgusting until I fell in love with him.

    "Mmm," I moaned very softly as Sven stirred and put one arm around me. His other hand slowly moved down to my dick and grabbed it firmly.

    "Oh that's so nice," I whispered so silently I wasn't sure if even Sven could hear me.

    He started stroking me up and down.

    "Please don't stop," I whispered, again, more to myself than to him.

    I turned to my left to look at Eric and Will. The light from the window hit them gently. They seemed soundly asleep. The space between our two beds was so small it was almost like we were all sharing one giant bed. Still, I knew I had it in me to cum so quietly they wouldn't hear. Indeed, the challenge made it feel even hotter.

    "Get Sven and go to the living room and finish up there," the rational side of me said. "No need for that," retorted the little devil on my shoulder. "They won't catch you. And even if they do, so what? Remember Eric coming home from the mall with cum all over his face that time? He's grown now, he's hardly that innocent either. And neither is Will, making out with your husband barely a week after moving in with you."

    "Aah!" I moaned loudly, before catching myself. Sven's pace was picking up and I was leaking precum now. Eric stirred in his bed but didn't seem to wake up. 

    "Let's see if the pig has learned to stay quiet," Sven's voice whispered mischievously straight in my ear. He went down and put my dick in his mouth.



    I was disappointed everyone wanted to go to bed so shortly after dinner, even though I had to admit I was tired as well. Still, this town was full of hot guys and I felt like I was missing out on something. Not sure what, since I was with my boyfriend and my parents, so not like I could just pick up a guy and take him home or anything. But some fresh eye candy's always good, I told myself.

    David was the first person to pass out as soon as we got to the apartment. Will and I took our time brushing our teeth and checking our phones. Sven took off all his clothes as soon as possible and walked around naked, getting ready for bed. At some point he must've taken David's clothes off as well because they were both naked in bed when Will and I turned in.

    "Good night," the three of us whispered to each other and killed the lights.

    I put my arms around Will. Now that we were in bed, lying quietly, it was all just starting to hit me. Fuck, I loved that we were here together! All of us.

    I gave Will a kiss. At first he seemed nervous, but soon he started to relax. I wasn't sure if my dads could hear us but I knew they wouldn't mind. (Not like they got to complain after all their making out at the beach earlier!) I put my hand on Will's crotch and felt his semi through his boxer briefs. 

    "Shh, let's go to sleep, baby," he whispered to me after a couple of minutes of kissing. I was horny but reluctant to push back, so we both dozed off in each other's arms.

    Will and I were at the beach. Both of us lying naked in the sand, making out, our hard dicks colliding like swords against each other as we kissed. I looked to the couple next to us. It was the guy with the tattoos up and down his arms and his partner with the cockring. They were also naked, making out just as fervently. The four of us looked at each other. Then, Will flipped me onto my stomach and rammed his dick inside my hole. He did it quickly but it didn't hurt, it was pure pleasure. I screamed out.

    The tattooed guy was getting his hole rimmed by his partner, smack-dab on the beach, surrounded by hundreds of men. Some of them walked by casually and ignored us. Some of them looked at Will fuck my ass, and some jerked off while they watched. The other couple started to fuck as well, the top's biceps flexing as he thrusted in and out of the bottom's hole.

    I turned to the other side and saw my dads right next to us on the other side. Also naked and also making out, their hands roaming all over each other's bodies. I made eye contact with them. David flipped to his stomach and Sven started fucking him. David closed his eyes with pleasure, but Sven looked right at me.

    "We need to go soon," Sven said to me. "We don't want to miss our reservation."

    I looked him in the eye as he fucked David and Will fucked me.

    "Sure thing, just a couple more, ahhhh-- minutes, is that okay?"

    "Sure, don't rush."

    The crowd around us got thicker.

    "Hey Daddy? I love you."

    "I love you too."

    Will started to cum. As I felt his sperm coat the inside of my hole, my dick started to shoot as well. Sven started cumming inside David, grunting loudly. David lifted himself up and shot his load on the sand, moaning in ecstasy as Sven still plowed him from behind ...

    I woke up, feeling like someone had punched me in the gut! What the fuck was that?! It's okay, it's okay, it's just a dream, I told myself. It's just a dream. It's been a crazy day and I was tired and drunk, having crazy dreams.

    Reality started to seep in slowly. Will was still lying in my arms. My tummy felt uneasy, but my dick was rock hard. In just a couple of seconds, the memory of my dream started to evaporate. I could only remember bits and pieces now, less and less with every passing second.

    "Aah!" I heard someone moan loudly from the other bed in the room, the one my dads were in.

    I felt trapped between my dreams and reality, unsure where I was. I tried to focus. It was hard to see in the dark room but there was just enough light to make out what was going on. Sven shifted his weight and put his face in David's crotch, putting David's dick in his mouth. I breathed deeply as a few seconds passed. I wasn't dreaming anymore.

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