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Shared Bedroom, Pt. II


    Before becoming roommates in college, Eric and I had only slept in the same bed once. We usually did our "hooking up" in between classes, when either one of our roommates was gone. This mostly took place in Eric's room, who got along much better with his roommate. (Although not openly hostile, I got a slightly homophobic vibe from mine.)

    One night Eric invited me to a party a friend of his was throwing.[1] Apparently her parents were stinking rich and agreed to get her a loft close to campus, so she was throwing a huge housewarming party. Looking back, this was where Eric and I started to take our relationship to the next level. Short version: we drank and smoked a lot, flirted even more, and couldn't keep our hands off each other. By the end of it Eric invited me to spend the night in his bed, even though his roommate Jamal would be there in the room.

    By the time we got in, Jamal was asleep. Eric and I stripped down to our underwear in the dark and snuck into bed. 

    It felt weird, sharing a bed with Eric while someone else was in the room. Of course we were too horny to go straight to sleep so we started making out, as quietly as possible. I could handle weed really well, but I still had a nice buzz going on. I have no idea if we just thought we were being quiet, but Jamal never said anything. We kissed and rubbed each other's dicks, but that was as far as we went that night.

    The next morning I fucked Eric for the first time.

    When Eric woke me up by kissing me, I was still in a dream state and unsure of where I was. Slowly, it started to come back to me. The dark, hot room in Spain. The smell of the sea through the open window. The other bed with Eric's dads in it.

    Honey, what are you doing?, I wanted to say, but my tongue was otherwise occupied. I realized both Eric and I were rock hard, horny in the middle of the night.

    Were his parents asleep? Could they hear us? Sven had already caught us fucking earlier at the beach. I was so horny I could fuck Eric right here and now. Could we sneak into the kitchen or the living room and do it there?

    Suddenly I heard more noise in the room, coming from someone else but us. There was some action in David and Sven's bed. Somehow I wasn't surprised at all. I'd be willing to bet money they'd had sex while other people were in the room before. In a part of my subconsciousness, I remembered my conversation with David, telling him I'd like to be more like them...

    "Suck my dick," I whispered to Eric quietly, but with authority in my voice. He didn't need telling twice, and went right down to my crotch, pulling my underwear down and tucking it under my balls. 

    I felt my pulse in my head. I was drunk but not wasted. I hoped Eric was alright, he'd had more to drink than me. So far he seemed fine, only interested in swallowing my dick as deep as possible. His throat felt amazing but I held back from moaning out.

    I turned to my right to check if I could see anything going on in the other bed. With the slight light coming in from outside I could make up David's naked body, lying on his back, while his husband was sucking him off. Just like their son was doing to me.



    My husband woke me up by putting his arm around me in the middle of the night. Still in a state of half-sleep, I wasn't sure just how fast or slow time moved after that. I could feel him sniff at my body like a puppy, a musk I knew he loved. I put my arm around him, giving him easier access to my armpit, and gripped his dick with my other hand. He was already at full mast.

    It felt heavenly lying in bed naked together like this. I took turns, exploring David's body gently with my fingertips, then grabbing his erection firmly and stroking him until he started to leak precum.

    "Aah!" he moaned loudly then stopped himself. 

    Shit, I just realized we weren't alone. Our son and his boyfriend were asleep in the same room. I continued to stroke David as I looked around. It was hot, but at least with the window open the air felt fresh. The bed was smaller than our bed at home so we were even closer together. Eric and Will seemed to be asleep in the identical bed right across from ours.

    "Let's see if the pig has learned to stay quiet," I said and put David's dick in my mouth.

    I fucking loved teasing him like this! I remembered the last time I forced him to keep quiet while we were in bed. We were in our bedroom, with the door open and the boys right across the hall from us. Maybe I should get another pair of speedos to stuff in his mouth now?

    David breathed deeply but managed to keep quiet as I teased his dick with my tongue and lips. I didn't go down on men too often, even though I genuinely enjoyed doing it. All of a sudden I felt an insatiable appetite for my husband's cum.

    I could hear some noise from Eric and Will's bed now. They were awake, kissing. Apparently they were just as horny as we were. Well alright then.

    I kept sucking my husband's dick. Judging by the sounds I was hearing, one of the boys was starting to give a blowjob as well. I didn't look to see who it was, but I had a pretty strong feeling it was my son. 

    We stayed in bed like that, neither couple acknowledging the other's presence. With time, as all four of us realized we were all doing the same thing, people started to relax. David started to moan softly. I reached up with my big hands and started pinching his nipples while still sucking his cock. Gently at first, then more aggressively.

    "Ouch!" he squirmed, but I knew he loved it.

    Whatever the boys were up to, they were getting bolder as well. I could hear two pairs of underwear being pulled off. More loud kissing from their bed.

    I grabbed David's hips and flipped him over. With his ass in my face now, I spread open his cheeks and got to work. His hole was still tight for someone who's been fucked as much as he has. I loved how smooth he kept it just for me. I rimmed it, going round and around, before going in with my tongue.

    "Ahh, yes!" he moaned, loud enough to be heard by everyone in the dark room.

    David was at that point now where he was too horny to care about anything, I could tell. He got on all fours, waiting for me to continue with the rim job in this position.

    I got on my knees and buried my face between his cheeks. We were still much quieter than normal, as if trying to hide what we were doing, when everyone in that room knew damn well what was going on. After a few more minutes of rimming, my dick needed some attention as well. I quickly positioned the tip, wet with precum, against David's loosened hole. 

    Now that my face was no longer in David's crotch or his ass, I got to look around the room a bit more. Eric and Will were kissing passionately on their bed, both naked by this point. My son was lying on his back, straddling Will who was on top of him. I diverted my attention back to my husband. 

    Inch by inch, I started to enter David's hole. I saw him bite his lower lip, eyes shut in ecstasy. Even with the window open, the smell of sex and sweat was already starting to fill the room.

    "Aah!" "Mmm!" I could hear from Eric's bed. A quick glimpse, and I saw Will's silhouette mount Eric and get ready to fuck him.

    I continued fucking my husband, slowly and quietly at first, but then picking up pace. My balls were slapping loudly against his thighs, echoing around the room. 

    "Aah! Yes," David moaned.

    "Yes. Yes!" Eric moaned from his bed, as if in response.

    Will and I were both fucking our partners now. This woke up the competitive side in me, making me go faster, stronger, make my bottom moan louder; like I did every other time David and I fucked with another couple in the room.

    "Yes. Awww, yes, Daddy!" David suddenly screamed out, pushing just the right button for me. 

    I was almost ready to cum, but I paced myself and slowed down. More movement from the other bed. It made me curious so I glanced over. I was surprised to see the boys switch positions, and Eric get ready to top Will.

    For a quick second, Eric looked over as well and we made eye contact. It was too dark to see well, but of that I was sure. 

    I looked back down at David's ass, and pulled out. My Prince Albert shined in the darkness. I positioned the head of my dick right next to David's hole, and slammed right in all at once!

    "Ah, FUCK!" David yelled out, loud enough for the neighbors across the street to hear.

    The sounds of sex continued from the other bed. From the corner of my eye, I could see Eric fuck his boyfriend face-to-face, kissing every now and then. A few minutes later, it got loud.

    "Ah! Ahh, yes. Fuck yes, baby! Fuck!" Eric shot his load, I was sure.

    A few seconds later, I saw him drop his body on top of Will. I wasn't sure if Will had gotten to cum or not, but the two looked ready to pass out. I knew I had to be quick, I didn't want to be keeping anyone up longer than needed be. I didn't want to deprive them of the chance to fall asleep in the best position of all: cuddling right after an orgasm.

    I reached down and started milking David's cock as I fucked him. 

    "Aaaah, yes," he moaned. I could tell he was ready, his precum was gushing all over the sheets. I gritted my teeth and rammed him one last time. My cum started to fill his ass! His hole pulsated, begging for more Daddy seed. My right hand continued milking his cock, making him cum a few seconds later with his head in the pillow, muffling his screams.

    I passed out on top of him. Showering would have to wait until the morning. Less than three minutes later, all four of us were asleep.



    I was the only person in the room when I woke up. My dads' bed was already made. I walked to the bathroom for a long piss (phew, it smelled bad! What did I drink last night?) then went straight to the kitchen.

    Even thousands of miles from home, the scene seemed familiar! Sven drinking coffee naked, reading on his iPad. Will on his phone, eating something David had prepared. David walking around in his underwear refilling cups and slicing pastries. Only the food seemed different, freshly bought from some bakery downstairs, I'm sure.

    "Morning sunshine!" David greeted me when he saw me. "Hungry?"

    "Um, sure," I answered, rubbing my eyes. "Morning, everyone."

    Everything was so normal, I didn't even stop to think about anything that happened yesterday. Was it a dream? Did it matter? 

    "I finally heard back from Frank," Sven announced to the table.

    "Um, who's Frank?" I asked, taking a sip of the café con leche David offered me.

    "My friend in Berlin," Sven said and tilted his iPad so I could see Frank's Facebook profile picture. "He finally messaged to confirm he can pick us up at the airport tomorrow."

    I looked at a photo of a mature man, as old and just as devilishly handsome as my dad.

    "Oh, that's nice of him," I said.

    "He is nice. He's one of my oldest friends," Sven continued, "I knew him before I even met your dad."

    "Oh, then I can't wait to meet him."

    "You will have plenty of time. We're staying with him while we're there."

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[1] More of the party in Room 141, Chapter 2: "Homecoming"

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