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You Me Him


    "Okay sweetie, take care," my dad David told me before getting in line to go through security. "We'll see you soon."

    "Bye, son. Listen to Frank," my other dad Sven said while giving me a hug. "And don't get into too much trouble."

    "I promise I won't do anything you wouldn't," I said.

    "Well that's hardly fucking reassuring now, is it?" Sven laughed.

    "Bye, honey," Will gave me a hug and kiss. "I'll see you soon."

    "Yup," I kissed him back. "A week will be over before you know it."

    After everything that happened on our first night in Berlin, I had an idea.

    "I think you should go back home with my dads," I told Will a couple of days later, the two of us alone at the gay bar on Frank's street, "and I need to ask them if it's okay for me to stay here a bit longer. Just a week or so."

    I took a sip of my drink and waited for Will's response. It never came, so I took another sip.

    "What do you think?" I asked.

    "I don't know," he said. "I don't really know what that's supposed to do."

    "It's not supposed to 'do' anything. They have to go back to work soon, and I love it here, I'd love to stay a bit longer. And I just figured you might prefer to go back with them, where it's quieter, get a chance to spend some time together."

    "But I love spending time with you as well," Will took my hand in his.

    "I know. And I'll be back soon. It's just... You've said it yourself you're feeling confused. And having so many people around you all the time's bound to be even more confusing."

    "That's true," he said quietly.

    "Listen. I love spending time with you too. But we've been together non-stop pretty much since we met. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that. Let's see where things stand in a week."

    "Okay. Let's do it."



    Eric was not just nothing like anyone I'd ever met before, he was unlike anyone I could even imagine. When I told him I might be falling in love with his dad (words I regretted as soon as they came out my mouth, for it was only then I realized how intense this situation was) he didn't seem to get upset, he remained as cool as always. He gave me a hug, and we sat in silence for what seemed like forever, even though it was probably just a few minutes.

    "I just wanna say, I want you to know I'm not mad at you," Eric had said.

    "How can you not be?!"

    "Because I know it's not something you're doing on purpose, to hurt anymore."

    "And now what?"

    "Now we relax, and take our time. It's not a diagnosis that needs to be cured in a rush."

    A couple of days later, Eric came up with the suggestion to stay in Berlin for an extra week, while I go back home with Sven and David. His dads were a bit hesitant, but agreed to it after Sven's friend Frank promised to watch out for Eric and take good care of him.

    Flying with Eric's parents without Eric there felt completely different. It almost felt like *I* was their son. None of the flight attendants said anything, but as they served us I couldn't help but imagine they thought of us as a gay couple and their child. 

    We arrived back at David and Sven's house feeling jet-lagged and knackered. We went straight to bed even though it was the middle of the day. It was weird to sleep in Eric's bed alone, but I was too drained to overthink things so I passed the fuck out. I woke up a few hours later to find a couple of half-eaten pizzas on the kitchen table. They still weren't too cold, they must've been delivered recently. I had a couple of slices and went back to bed.

    I woke up around midnight, feeling wide awake. I checked my phone to see what time it was in Berlin. There were no new texts from Eric. He was probably asleep. We used an app to track each other's phones, we'd been using it since college. I opened it to check if he was at Frank's place. "Location not available," my phone said. I put it down, trying not to wonder if his phone was off or he'd disabled me from tracking it.

    I went out to the yard for a smoke. After a couple of blunts, I felt a bit calmer. On my way back, I passed David and Sven's room. Their door was open and the TV was on, loudly playing a late-night show.

    "We didn't wake you, did we?" David said from their bed when he saw me pass by.

    "Nah, I was just out for a smoke. I slept all day and now I can't fall asleep."

    "Same," David smiled.

    "Wanna join us?" Sven patted the empty space between them on his right.

    They were both shirtless, potentially naked under the cover. I stood in front of their door in my boxers, and walked in. "Sure," I said.

    Sven got up so I could go sit in the middle. As he got up I saw that he was indeed naked.

    "Hope you don't mind sitting in the middle. It's where Eric would always sit. Force of habit," David said.

    "No problem," I smiled at him.

    We lay together and watched TV, laughing. The world seemed to be going crazy, but at least late-night shows had plenty of things to make fun of.

    At some point, Sven put his arm around me and I made myself comfortable in the nook of his armpit. The room had a smell to it. It wasn't overly strong or pungent, but it just smelled of men. I wondered if they'd just had sex.

    When the show was over, we switched to some comedy they were watching.

    "What's this about?" I asked.

    "It's about this throuple," David answered.

    "A what?"

    "So this married guy goes to an escort, but ends up falling for her. When his wife finds out, she goes to meet the girl but she's attracted to her as well. Over time they all talk about it and decide to live together, the three of them, as a couple. A family."

    I was zero percent surprised to hear him talk like this was the most normal thing in the world.

    As we lay in bed, Sven would gently stroke my shoulder, then David's neck. I put my hand on Sven's chest and slowly started stroking it as well.

    When we got hungry, David got up to bring us some pizza. I noticed he was naked as well.

    "Thank you, honey," Sven said as David came back with the pizza boxes and wine for everyone. He gave him a kiss, with me wedged in the middle. When David tried to move back, Sven put his hand on David's face and continued with the kiss, the two making out loudly and passionately right in front of my face. I felt my dick twitch. 

    We ate and drank in bed until the pizza was all gone and the boxes were on the floor. The wine was probably starting to hit me, but I couldn't tell. Even sober, I hardly felt in my right mind anymore.

    A sex scene started on TV. The camera zoomed in on the three actors all kissing at the same time while taking their clothes off. Even though two of them were women, I was starting to get hard. 

    From my right, David reached over to Sven and started kissing him. 

    "Excuse me," David said quietly and hopped over me to get to Sven. As he did, his semi-hard dick swung directly in my face. 

    David got on top of Sven and the two continued to make out. It wasn't rushed or aggressive, like they were trying to get to business, more toned down but extremely passionate.

    "I love you," David whispered.

    "I love you, too," Sven said back.

    I watched as both sex scenes took place in front of me, on TV and right next to me in bed. After a while, the scene on TV was over, but David and Sven continued to make out and run their hands up and down each other's bodies. Sven's fingertips went from David's shoulders, all the way down his sides, to his asscheeks. He gave them a squeeze, and then a gentle spank. David reached down with his right hand. I couldn't see everything, but I could tell he grabbed Sven's dick.

    After a few moments of stroking him, David started to scoot down. Sven's dick popped up, hard and wet and glistening. David put it in his mouth.

    "Hooooo! Mmmmm," Sven breathed in loudly and moaned while exhaling. 

    He adjusted the pillows and put his right arm out again. "C'mere," his eyes seem to say as he looked at me, inviting me back into his arms.

    I looked down. David feasted on Sven's cock, and seemed to be enjoying it just as much as Sven was. He looked up and winked at me when he saw me looking.

    Sven continued to moan softly and stroke my arm while he was receiving a blowjob from his husband. I put my hand on his chest and stroked it, venturing close to his nipples which I knew were super sensitive. 

    Every now and then I would actually look at the TV. It's hard to explain, but it was as if what was happening right next to me in bed was so hot and so exciting that I didn't dare stare right at it. I was hard as a rock but I didn't touch myself. I just wanted to watch.

    David continued to audibly suck and jerk Sven's dick, while Sven lay back with his eyes closed, stroking my arm and enjoying himself. It went on long enough for the next episode on TV to start. If they'd indeed had sex earlier, this would be Sven's second time tonight; or maybe he was just always able to go for such a long time before cumming.

    A few minutes later, his head jerked up. He grabbed David by the hair with his left hand, and took my left hand in his right. He started squeezing it very tightly. It hurt, but I didn't pull away.

    "Aaah. Aaaaah! I'm cumming!!" he yelled out all of a sudden, and his whole body started convulsing like he'd been electrocuted. He squeezed my hand so hard I felt like my bones might crack.

    David's head went up and down faster and faster. A couple of seconds later he started making slurping noises. Sven's grip on my hand relaxed. He had cum in David's mouth, and David was trying to swallow it.

    They both opened their eyes. David quickly moved up and went in to give Sven a kiss. They moaned as they swapped cum and made out. Then, David looked to his left. We made eye contact. He didn't break it, but he didn't move either, hesitantly waiting for either encouragement or refusal from me. 

    I gave the faintest smile and moved a couple of inches nearer. That was enough for David to take the back of my neck and pull me in for a kiss. His mouth wasn't full anymore, most of it swallowed by him and Sven, but there was some of Sven's cum for David and I to swap as we kissed. He put it in my mouth with his tongue. I accepted it and swallowed.

    We all looked at each other and smiled.

    "Do you need a towel?" David asked Sven.

    "Nope, I think you got everything," Sven said, looking down to his dry crotch.

    "Umm. I could use one."

    I pointed to my stomach and boxers, sticky with the load I'd shot at the same time as Sven.

    David smiled and picked up a jizz rag off the floor and handed it to me. It was black, and speckled with crusty, white leftovers.

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