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Go Ahead


    The extra week I spent in Berlin by myself went by way too quickly. As happy as I was to go back and see my dads and Will, a part of me felt devastated that I was leaving. I'd been going out every single night, meeting people from all over who seemed to hop from one big city to the next, full of stories most people back home couldn't even imagine. For the first time, I felt a taste of true independence. Granted, it was my dads paying for all of this, so I was hardly "independent"; but what I knew for sure was that as nice as it was living with them, Will and I needed to get our shit together and move out, so our lives could finally begin. 

    Frank was a wonderful host. He went out with me, usually sticking around until I met some other people to talk to and then leaving early, saying he was "too old" to stay up all night, but probably just giving me room to hang out with some people closer to my age. He always watched out for how much I drank and if I had enough money to get back home, but never in a way that felt restricting or annoying. The more time I spent with him, the more he reminded me of my dad Sven; if I didn't know better I could swear they were brothers.

    One night (or one early morning, rather) I came back to his apartment drunk, and instead of the guest room I headed for his bed. I took my clothes off and snuck under the cover, where he was as naked as I was. Half-asleep, he turned around and gave me a hug, putting his big arms around me. Without much hesitation, my right hand slid straight down and cupped his balls, which were almost too big to hold in one hand.

    "Mmm, what are you doing?" he mumbled. 

    "Just tryna make you feel good," I whispered in the dark.

    "Shhh," he said and guided my hand from his balls back up to my chest. "You don't have to do that." He squeezed me tighter and gave me a fatherly peck on the forehead. "You don't have to fuck every man to get them to like you."

    His words went above my head, and my hand went back below his waist.

    "But I want this," I said, and squeezed his full sac. "Can I?"

    We lay in silence for a couple of seconds as the sun was starting to rise outside.

    "Oh, go ahead," he said and turned on his back, his eyes still closed. 

    I grabbed his dick and slid down to put it in my mouth. It was thick, and big, and with a large Prince Albert on the tip. Just like my father's. 

    The week before, I'd had a chance to compare as I saw my dad and Frank stand side-by-side naked in Tiergarten. The day after going out to the sex club, Will stayed at the apartment alone to nurse his hangover, while my dads, Frank, and I went out to the large park in the center of Berlin. The weather was gorgeous, and we were headed to an area Sven compared to a "gay nudist beach."

    "You can get naked there?!" I said.

    "Of course. Almost everyone is."

    As we drove there I pictured a small, secluded area surrounded by trees and bushes, and as difficult to access as the beach in Sitges. Nope: the nudist area was smack-dab in the middle of the park, surrounded by pedestrian pathways, just yards away from a column that was one of the city's biggest tourist attractions. There was some shrubbery, but the meadow was mostly open. Some of the passers-by would stop and gawk in awe for a few seconds (giving away their tourist status) but most of the pedestrians and cyclists completely ignored the nudity. Just like the beach we'd been to in Spain, every single person here was male.

    The area was so busy, there was almost no room for the four of us. I followed my dads and Frank, as they pulled out some towels for us to lie on and took their clothes off, casually chatting about the sunny weather while doing so. I looked around. Out of the hundreds of men there, only a few were wearing speedos or underwear. I joined the group and got completely naked myself.

    The naked beach in Spain was exciting, but that place was completely secluded, with zero chance of anyone randomly stumbling upon it. Here, I looked around at people around us walking with their dogs or their kids of any age, and laughed at how unlike home this was.

    Frank pulled out drinks from his backpack and passed them around. I looked at the naked crowd, hoping I wasn't staring too obviously behind my sunglasses. One guy in particular quickly caught my eye. Luckily, he was lying quite close to us.

    Now, I knew I was a fairly attractive guy (thousands of my blog followers told me so). Both my dads were handsome and in great shape, as were dozens of the men around us. But there's "good looking" and then there's "extremely good looking," where you can't even pinpoint what it is about that person that makes them so attractive. The guy who caught my eye, who I started calling The Model in my head, was just like that.

    He seemed to be in his mid-30s. In an era of tattoos, it was refreshing to see his body completely unvarnished. His skin was hairless and smoother than any adult's I'd ever seen. While everyone soaked in the sun, he was one of the only people lying in the shade under a large tree.

    My dads and Frank continued to talk about events and people I didn't care about, so I lay and people-watched. A group of six guys who looked my age sat close to us, the smell of their weed reaching my nostrils. They smoked and laughed and seemed to be really good friends (I wish I had a group of friends I could just get naked with and go chill at the park with, I thought). There were a few couples I could see. Some just lay next to each other reading, others much friskier, kissing, and running their hands up and down each other's bodies, even though this was an extremely public place.

    This included my dads, who'd made themselves comfortable lying on their side. Sven was hugging David from behind, his fingertips running down David's chest and belly and reaching his dick, while he chatted with Frank. I swallowed spit.

    On the edges of the meadow, next to some bushes, I saw a few guys with hard-ons, discreetly tugging on their dicks as they observed the crowd. Time went by and guys came and went. Some of them would disappear in the bushes and not come out for a while.

    "There's a more discreet area nearby," Frank said when he noticed me look at them, "where people go to cruise. Fuck," he explained, in case I didn't know what cruising was.

    A couple next to us had started to make out passionately, going further and further, completely forgetting or ignoring where they were. I started to get hard and turned around to lie on my stomach. From this position, I was facing forward and looking at The Model again.

    Fuck he's perfect, I thought. I wished I was here alone, so I could go talk to him. Then again, what was stopping me? It's not like my dads would mind if I stroke up a conversation with a hot stranger in front of them. 

    I decided to finish up my drink, which was getting increasingly warm, and go say hi. Frank was lying right next to me, napping, after he'd asked us to wake him up before he burns. My dads were now lying facing each other, occasionally kissing. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed David's arm go up and down very, very slowly and discreetly. 

    They weren't... Were they?

    They were lying too close together for anyone to get a good look, and their movements were too slow, but I could swear David was jerking Sven off. I couldn't blame them: there was such an erotic energy to this place! And other people being around had never stopped them before, including me.

    I finished my drink, and finally decided to get up and try my luck with The Model.

    "I'm getting hot," I announced, "I'm gonna go sit in the shade for a bit."

    "Okay honey," Sven said. "Go ah– ah– ah– aaahhh– ahead."

    His face started spasming and his voice started breaking and I knew, as much as he was trying to hide it, he was cumming in David's hand right then.

    I smiled, but it quickly disappeared when I turned around. The Model was packing his stuff and leaving.

    After my dads and Will flew back home, I went to Tiergarten every single day. I always lay in the same spot and tried to be there around the same time of day as the first time, in hopes to see The Model again, to no avail. I'd realized many of the guys there were regulars, but unfortunately he wasn't one of them. 

    Just as well, I thought on my last day there. He probably wouldn't be interested in someone like me anyway. As attractive as I was, next to him I looked like a gargoyle.

    Then, just as I was getting ready to put my clothes on and leave, The Model appeared. He took the same spot under the tree. I waited for him to get naked and lie down, and almost sprinted to him.

    "Hi. Do you speak English?" I asked, enunciating every syllable in case he didn't.

    "Well I grew up in Massachusetts so it'd be pretty funny if I didn't," he said with a confident voice and a gorgeous smile.

    "Hi! I'm Eric," I said and offered him my hand with a little too much enthusiasm.

    "Hi Eric," he said, sounding a bit weirded out by my forwardness but trying to be polite. "I'm Ben.[1]"

    We stood in awkward silence for a couple seconds.

    "I-- I was just wondering if you had any sunscreen," I said, thankful for my quick thinking.

    "I do," he said, pointing to his expensive-looking duffel bag on the grass. "You shouldn't be out in the sun that long."

    "Yeah, I was just thinking of moving here in the shade," I said. "If– If you don't mind." 

    "No, sure," he flashed me another million-dollar smile.

    Fuck! This was going so much better than I thought! I tried to be cool and not look overly eager as I walked to move my towel and bag right next to Ben's.

    "Come here," he said, rubbing sunscreen between his hands and starting to rub it on my shoulders and back. "You know, you smell like you have sunscreen on already," he said when he was done and smacked me lightly on the ass.

to be continued...



    I was never a fan of the idea of Eric being homeschooled. I was worried  about him making friends and socializing. Luckily, my husband was super involved and he found a bunch of clubs and extracurriculars that Eric could join, so he had plenty of friends. After he went off to college, his 18th birthday happened to be during fall break, so Eric came to celebrate with his friends back home.

    That evening, we let Eric and his friends hang out in the living room. We retreated to our bedroom and told him to get us if he needed anything. The worst part was that I couldn't walk around my house naked like I was used to. Of course, I knew how to be decent when there were people over, but I was happy I normally got to be my naked self, and that my husband and I didn't have to hide from our son.

    I was out of my clothes as soon as I shut the bedroom door behind me.

    "C'mere," I growled at my husband and grabbed him from behind, gently biting his neck. He closed his eyes, exhaled, and relaxed completely in my arms.

    "Oh Daddy, I love you," he moaned.

    "Well then you're gonna get on your knees and do what Daddy tells you."

    I pushed him down and within seconds my dick was in his mouth. The sounds of laughter and music were blasting from downstairs. I started to get hard and told David to take his clothes off. He took everything off, ending with his briefs which already had a large precum stain on them. He left the clothes on a pile on the floor and we moved to the bed.

    We took a bottle of poppers and took a few hits each, with made us even fucking hornier. After a few minutes of sucking and jerking each other off and sniffing poppers, I was dying to fuck. I lubed up his smooth hole, playing with it and fingering it in the process, before lying on my back and ramming my pierced dick all in my husband, who was sitting on top and facing me.

    "Fuck! Fuck that feels good!" David moaned, trying not to be loud in case someone could hear us. Of course, that just made me want to fuck him harder and harder and really push the envelope to see how far he can go. I plowed him stronger and stronger as he bit his lip and pinched hard on my pierced nipples, which made me ever hornier and made me go faster.

    "Dads, can I – Oops! Sorry!"

    Eric had burst into our room. Instinctively, he and I made quick eye contact, as David took a couple seconds to come down and realize what was going on. 

    Eric stood in the door, without coming in but not leaving either. 

    "Did you need something?" I asked matter-of-factly. David was still on my lap with my dick inside of him.

    "The pizzas we ordered are here," Eric said, looking at me and David straight in the eyes, "but I don't have any money."

    "If you hand me my wallet, it's in the pocket of my jeans," David turned around slightly to point at the pile of clothes on the floor.

    Eric shut the door behind him and came inside the room. He walked to the pile of clothes and I saw him pick up and move David's stained briefs, before reaching for his jeans and digging out the wallet. While he did that, I kept thrusting and slowly moving up and down inside my husband's hole.

    Eric walked up to the bed and handed David his wallet. David took out some cash to hand to Eric, while I held him by the sides of his torso so he wouldn't lose balance as I continuously, slowly moved my hips up and down and felt my dick rub against the soft walls of my husband's hole.

    "Thanks Dad," Eric said and gave David a quick peck on the cheek, before heading out of the room and closing the door behind him.

    "Fuck! Fuck!!!" David screamed as I thrusted strongly one final time and his dick exploded, without either of us touching it, and shot cum all over my stomach, chest, and the headboard.

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