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Seasons Change


    I woke up to the sounds of one of my dads gently snoring by my side, and to several text messages from my other dad and my boyfriend Will.

    "Are you guys still sleeping??" my dad David had texted.

    I looked around the hotel room. There was lube and poppers on the floor by the bed. Underwear and clothes scattered all over the room.

    "Just up," I texted back. "Leaving soon."

    I lay back down and snuggled up to my dad Sven's big body.

    "Mmm, morning," he mumbled.

    "Good morning," I said as we lazily hugged each other, lying there naked. I could feel his natural smell as his big arms went around my waist.

    "We need to go soon," I whispered.

    "Mm, just a few more minutes," he hugged me a bit tighter.

    I put my hands on his chest and felt him breathe. As I looked down I noticed his morning wood. His dick was as big as ever, with the Prince Albert teasingly shining at the tip. For a second I was tempted to wrap my hand around it, but I fought the urge.

    "C'mon Daddy, we need to go," I gave him a soft peck on the lips and got up to go to the bathroom.

    When I was done pissing and brushing my teeth, I went back to the room to find Sven standing by the bed, stretching and yawning. His morning wood was reduced to a semi by now.

    "Well we made a mess here," he said, looking around the room.

    "You can say that again," I said with a smile.

    Half an hour later, we were in the car on our way home. Sven drove in silence for a while as we drank the coffees we'd gotten.

    "I need to tell you something," he said after a while. 

    "What, you're married?"

    "What?" he looked at me confused.

    "Never mind, dumb joke. What were you gonna say?"

    "David's mom... Your grandma, died a few days ago when you were in Berlin."


    I knew David had no contact with his family for decades now, ever since he refused to "fight his homosexuality" in order to stay in the family and one day inherit their fortune. When his dad passed away a few years ago, he seemed okay with the news. But, at it often seems to be the case, his mom was the one who had at least tried to be a bit more understanding, from what I knew.

    "How's he coping with it?" I asked.

    "He's alright. At least says he is. He found out two days after it'd happened, over Facebook."


    "I'm bringing that up because... It's obvious we gotta tell him what happened last night. I just don't know... I just don't know if now is the right time."

    I sat for a moment in silence, looking out the window. I tried to take a sip of coffee but my paper cup was empty.

    "Do you want some more? You can finish this," Dad offered me his cup.

    "No, it's fine. You need it, you're the one driving."

    For the rest of the drive, we said nothing about David, or Will, or the events from last night.

    "Hello!" my boyfriend greeted me enthusiastically as soon as we got home late that afternoon.

    "Hello hello. What's this?" I asked, looking at his naked body up and down at the front door.

    "Let's just say I've been picking up some habits from your dads," he said with a smile and winked at Sven, who was already naked before Will could finish the sentence.

    "Hi darling, nice to have you back," David walked in from the kitchen, wearing a pair of almost translucently white speedos, and holding a full cocktail pitcher. If he was in any way affected by the news he'd gotten recently, he didn't show it.

    "We figured we'd take advantage of the pool one last time before the weather goes to shit," he said after giving me a welcome-back kiss.

    I took some time to unpack and grab a quick shower before joining everyone by the pool. I looked at my naked body in the mirror after the shower and decided to go downstairs that way.

    In the backyard, Will was lying by himself sipping a colorful drink, while my dads made out in the pool.

    "They really are like teenagers sometimes," Will noted, looking at them.

    "Yes they are," I gave him a kiss and lay next to him after helping myself to a drink.

    "Cheers," he raised his glass. "To being back home."

    "To being back home," I agreed, feeling warm, inside and out. It was a late-summer evening; it felt like the end of a season and the beginning of a new one. We clinked glasses.

    "You know," Will said after taking a sip, stirring his drink with his swizzle stick, "when you suggested I go back with your dads and you stay in Berlin, I didn't know what to think. But I gotta say, I think it was a good idea."

    "Oh really? How so?"

    "I just feel... less anxious, after everything that's happened," he said, and I knew he was referring to the night at the sex club.

    "How did you guys get along here?"

    "Oh it's been great!" he answered with a big smile. "We hung out, cooked together. Slept in the same bed every single night." He looked to see if I would react to that. I smiled and nodded. "Luckily their bed's big enough for three."

    "I don't think it's luck, I'm pretty sure they got it for that reason," I laughed.

    "So yeah, I feel better now. Fewer voices in my head telling me I'm fucking up all the time."

    "I'm happy to hear that, babe," I said, squeezing his hand.

    "How about you?! I wanna hear all about Berlin!"

    "Oh it was fun. It was great. Frank and I went out every night, but I was out on my own a lot as well. Met a lot of people. A lot of guys."

    "Did you 'learn' anything?" he asked, semi-sarcastically.

    "As a matter of fact, I did. I think we really need to get our shit together if we wanna get out of here. Don't get me wrong, I love living with my dads and this summer was... so much fun! But the world's big, and we're in our 20s. We need to be out there, doing things!"

    "Agreed," Will said, biting his straw and nodding his head. "I will miss your dads though," he said, looking at them wistfully in the pool.

    "So will I," I agreed. 



    My husband and I splashed around in the pool, kissing and running our hands all over each other's bodies, as the kids lay and talked in the yard.

    I was starting to get hard under the water. David's kisses often did that to me. Still, I found it hard to relax. There were two pink elephants in the pool with us. One was what happened in David's family. The other, what happened between Eric and me at the hotel. I was relieved when David addressed one of them.

    "I got a call from my sister," he said out of nowhere.

    "Oh!" I was surprised. David didn't talk to anyone in his family, including his sisters.

    "Turns out our mom... left me something. Nothing too crazy, but it's a decent amount."

    "Wow. How do you feel about that?"

    "I don't know what to feel." He leaned on the edge of the pool and I hugged him from behind. "We haven't spoken in years. She leaves me money, which means she cares. Still, she left a lot more to my sisters, because they're the ones with 'legitimate' children. Like, how fucked up is that?"

    "It is... confusing."

    My dick and balls rested on the small of David's back as we talked.

    "I thought I'd donate some of it to a gay charity," he continued. "That oughta make them turn in their graves a couple times."

    "If you feel like that's the right thing to do."

    David looked at our son. 

    "And I wanna buy Eric a place to live."

    "Oh." The surprises just kept coming.

    "He's at the right age. Besides, real estate can be a great investment if we're smart about it."

    I hugged my husband tightly from behind. "I agree. I'm just... gonna miss having him around."

    David turned around so we were face-to-face, nose-to-nose.

    "You know, there's options," he said quietly, running his fingertips up and down my back. "We can get him a place with a guest room for us so we can visit. Or... we can consider moving as well."


    "Think about it. We've fucked every queer within a 100-mile radius here. Seeing Frank in Berlin made me think about... the way we wanna live after Eric's out of the house for good. We're at that age now. We can 'give up' and grow old, or we can get back out there, have some fun before we croak."

    "You're making it sound like we can't have any fun here, which is unfair. What about all the people we know? What about Brady?"[1]

    Over the years, my husband and I had assembled a collection of fuck buddies and lovers. Lately, the one we spent the most time with (at least before Eric and Will moved in) was a high school kid named Brady who we met last fall, who was absolutely infatuated with us. 

    "He just graduated high school a year early," David said. "He can come with us."

    "Honey," I said softly. "Everything you're suggesting is such a big change."

    "Yes, but that's life. Things change."

    I thought about last night: me fucking our son. Things change.

    "Let's take our time and talk about things," I said finally.



    I was so happy to be back to my stash of weed I kept at Eric's parents' house. The weed I managed to procure in Europe just wasn't cutting it for me. I pulled out my stash as the afternoon turned to evening, and the four of us sat drinking and smoking in the backyard again, like the first week after I'd moved in.

    A feeling of familiarity mixed with a feeling of newness. We laughed, the music was loud, Sven would just get up and piss on the grass when he needed to go. This time all four of us, including David who'd shaken off his speedos by this point, were naked. 

    When the evening got too cold for us to stay outside, we went to the kitchen and ordered pizzas, all of us too drunk to cook. 

    "Rock paper scissors, and the loser has to answer the door naked," Eric suggested. 

    At the end it was Sven who lost (not that he needed to lose a game for an excuse to answer the door naked). Still, we giggled when he walked into the kitchen with the pizza boxes, his pierced schlong swinging as he walked.

    "Where's the hot delivery boy?" I joked.

    "Haha," he said sarcastically. "Real life's not always like porn."

    "I don't know," Eric said from across the table, looking up. "Sometimes real life can be even hotter."



    After the day we'd all had, I was horny and ready to be fucked unconscious by my husband. He was out for a quick smoke, but promised to take care of my ass as soon as he was back. I lay in our bed, eagerly awaiting him.

    The phone next to me flashed with a new text notification. I looked at it, unsure if it was mine or Sven's.

    It was a text from a contact named "Nikola Grindr." Must be Sven's phone.

    "Can u PLEASE send me the video from last night? So FUCKING hot," the preview of the text said.

    I smiled. My husband must've gotten laid last night with someone off Grindr. So that's why they left so late this morning! And they took a video of it.

    I grabbed my dick and started jerking myself off. Sven and I could both use our fingerprints to unlock each other's phones. This video sounds like perfect jerk-off material while I wait.

    I tapped Sven's Camera Roll open... 

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[1] Brady made an appearance in Chapter 10: "Two Halloween Parties"

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