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Cheers to New Chapters, Pt. II


    Thunder struck outside and in a mere second it'd started to rain, heavy raindrops pelting against the bedroom window like bullets. 

    "Can u PLEASE send me the video from last night? So FUCKING hot," I read, holding my husband's phone in one hand and my hard dick in the other. I started stroking it, lying in bed in the dark. The phone screen was the only light around me until a blaring lightning bolt resounded outside, illuminating the whole room.

    The text came from someone my husband Sven had met on Grindr. They must've hooked up last night at the hotel, after Sven picked up our son from the airport. I wonder if Eric knew about it. Not that we hid our sexual exploits from our son, we were all grownups here, but it was still difficult to gauge just how much our boy was in on. 

    My dick continued to get harder as I opened my husband's Camera Roll to look for the video. The thought of him fucking some hunk behind my back turned me on. I wondered what this other guy looked like. Was he a cute twink, like our son? That was usually the type that went for Sven and me now, begging us to be their daddies. 

    Just then, the perfect epitome of a muscle daddy walked into the room: my husband Sven. He'd been out for a smoke until the weather banished him indoors. He was fully naked and fully smooth, which still didn't take away from his manliness. His big muscles and huge dick still made me salivate when I saw him, even after all these years of being fucked by it. He stood in the doorway, dick swinging between his legs, the shiny piercings on his nips and the tip of his dick just begging to be played with.

    "Well, it's officially fall," he said. "What're you doing here in the dark?"

    "Oh, I was about to watch a video," I grinned. "A little birdie told me you were up to some naughty fun last night."

    I expected him to smile and jump in bed to watch the video with me. Instead, I was surprised to see a serious expression on his face.

    "Before you do that, we need to talk."



    When it rains it pours, I thought, looking out the window of my childhood bedroom. Sometimes things changed so quickly. Just two nights ago I was in Berlin by myself, being fucked by a model in his luxurious hotel suite. Going out every night, drinking, meeting new people, having wild sex. Now here I was in my secluded family home. No other gay men for miles, except my dads and my boyfriend.

    Not that they were boring company or anything, but I wanted more. At 21, I'd had a taste of the forbidden fruit and I was hooked, unable to think of anything else now. I slipped my hand in my briefs, the only item of clothing I was wearing. I closed my eyes and started playing with myself, thinking back of the dark rooms and sex clubs I'd been in just days ago.

    "Ahem," I heard someone walk into my room and let himself known.

    "Oh hi, Dad," I opened my eyes and smiled, still fondling myself. My father David walked into my room, clothed in nothing but a pair of briefs as well. Like father like son.

    "Can we talk?" he sat on my bed, patting the empty space on his right.

    Oh, this sounded like a more serious conversation. I pulled my hand out of my underwear quickly, but my semi-erection remained. I wondered what this was about. Maybe his mother just passing away?

    "Sure, Dad," I took a seat next to him and put my hand on his hairy thigh, stroking it a few times in an attempt to be comforting.

    "I talked to your dad about... what happened last night."

    Oh. Shit. 

    I said nothing, and didn't move a muscle.

    So he knew. He knew Sven fucked me last night. His husband, my dad, fucked me last night.

    "And I... wanted to know how you were doing," he continued.

    "I'm okay. Thank you..." I didn't know what to say. "I'm... sorry I didn't tell you earlier. But Sven told me about Grandma dying and I thought I'd let him break the news to you..."

    "That's okay, you did nothing wrong."

    "Really?" I chuckled. "Most people would classify having sex with one of your parents pretty high on the list of wrong things to do."

    "There are a lot of things I could ask you," David said slowly. "But for now, the most important thing for me was to make sure you're doing okay. Emotionally," he clarified.

    "I am," I assured him. "I mean, kinda confused but there's been so much going on lately that I haven't had the time to stop and think about it too much."

    "Do you wanna talk about it?"

    "Well..." I didn't know where to begin. "It's not just about what happened with me and Dad last night. It started when Will and I graduated college, really," I spoke of my boyfriend of a year.

    "How so?" Dad asked.

    I struggled to articulate my thoughts, so for almost a minute we sat in silence, except for the sounds of rain storming outside. It sounded as though it was slowly starting to calm down.

    "It's just... Everything in college seemed so structured. So normal. Will and I were in a committed relationship. Sure, we fooled around with other guys every now and then, but for the most part we were a 'normal couple.' Everything else was so easy as well, I just needed to follow directions. Get up at this time, go to this class, take this exam. Then BAM!" I clapped my hands. "We graduated a few months ago and I still have no idea what the fuck we're doing. I love Will, but I had so much fun fucking around with other men in Europe. And I love you guys, but I know we gotta move out eventually and I have no idea how we're gonna make that happen. So I distract myself, by thinking about sex even more, and then I feel guilty for being so unproductive. And then I tell myself life's short and not to be so hard on myself. And then I feel guilty about that as well!"

    My dad looked at me, smiling. "Are you done?" he said calmly. 

    "Done? I've barely even started! I didn't even get to the part where I had sex with my own father!" I yelled, feeling upset, but laughing at the absurdity of it all.

    We sat in silence again. This time Dad was the one to put his hand on my bare leg. It felt warm and reassuring. The rain outside had turned into a drizzle.

    "That felt good, getting that out," I admitted. 

    "You were right," my father said with a warm, paternal tone, "in that life is short and you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. You're at that age when you feel like you became an adult overnight. But you can't let that mess with your head. I don't envy you kids today. On the one hand, it feels like you have so many options; on the other, it feels like you have none. But you have to stay grounded and grateful. You have your father and me and we will always, ALWAYS be there to support you. Whatever you decide. We're lucky and privileged enough to have more than what we need, and we need to appreciate that instead of stressing about more."

    I sat in silence. He was right, and I knew it. 

    "As for you and Will... You used the word 'normal' a few times. Do you think your dad and I are a 'normal couple'?"

    "Fuck no," I laughed.

    "And do you think we're happy?"

    "I do," I smiled gladly, looking at him in the eyes.

    "You're wrong. We're the HAPPIEST we can be, to have you and each other. And to have the freedom to decide for ourselves what is 'normal' and what not. I'm not mad at Sven about what happened last night, and I'm even less mad at you. He and I have been fucking other people since we met. If you and Will decide that's something you wanna do, that can be your normal."

    I put my left hand back on Dad's strong thigh. It was getting chilly in my room, but the heat from our bodies next to each other on the bed kept us warm even though we were both nearly naked.

    "I remember, I'd just graduated my freshman year when they legalized marriage equality across the country," I recalled out loud. "I went back to college expecting to find Mr. Right. We'd get married, adopt a dog. Maybe have kids of our own some day. Now I realize... that's not what I want at all. At least not right now. And Will and I have been together long enough that people have started asked me if we're gonna get hitched. Some of them are joking, but some of them are serious!"

    "Listen, you're the first generation of queer people that actually has that choice. And having options can be tough. Die Qual der Wahl, as Sven would put it. For me, even though I got married and we had you, having sex with multiple people has always been a big part of my sexuality. When I was your age, sex and hedonism was all we had. Don't let anyone make you feel like that's wrong, if that's what you wanna do. And it's equally okay if you choose to opt out of it."

    "Dad..." I smiled, then sat in silence for a few seconds to gather my thoughts. The rain had stopped and all was quiet. "Thank you. Not just for this, today, but thank you for raising me the way you did."

    Dad smiled back at me and gave me a tight hug. I closed my eyes and savored it as his hands ran up and down my bare back. Then as a closer, he put both his hands on my cheeks and gave me a kiss on the lips. 

    "Now," he laughed, "tell me about these men you were fucking with in Berlin!"



    I woke up early in the morning, but for the first time in months it was too cold for me to motivate myself to go out for my morning run. I put on a robe over my naked body and went to the backyard for a smoke instead.

    The grass was wet again. It'd been raining every day for the past week since Eric came back from Berlin. 

    The news of what happened between him and me went more smoothly with his dad than I feared it might. I'd walked into our bedroom not a second too soon, just as my husband was about to watch the damning video on my phone. The video of another man fucking my son in front of me as I recorded them. And then I joined them. And then, before I knew it... I was the one fucking Eric.

    When he found out, David was taken aback but not upset. He got up and said he wanted to talk to Eric, to make sure he's okay. On his way out, he asked me not to delete the video off my phone.

    I lit my cigarette and blew out smoke, looking at the pool and the lawn from the patio. I loved this house. But I thought of what David said a week ago. Now that he had some unexpected money, he wanted to buy our son a place to live. Somewhere bigger than this, somewhere he could actually get a job and prosper. And maybe, just maybe... we could go as well.

    I didn't know how to feel about that, but I still checked with work if there were any options of being transferred anywhere. Turns out there were a few alternatives, but the most lucrative one seemed to be Boston, which came with a hefty raise as well, if I wanted to take on more responsibilities. 

    "That's great!" David had said when I ran the idea past him. He'd grown up in Connecticut and knew Boston well.

    I took a long drag of my cigarette, finishing it off. I exhaled. I'd miss this place if we left, I thought. But being in Berlin made me hungry for that city lifestyle again. How easy it was to meet new guys to have fun with. I don't know what it was, but I'd been even hornier than usual lately. Some might call it a midlife crisis. I liked to think of it as my second adolescence. (My dadolescence?) I felt my dick flex up and down a couple of times, still half-hard in its morning glory.

    "Morning, Dad!"

    I heard the door behind me open and close, and my son Eric walked out to the patio. He was naked and barefoot, making no sound as he walked.

    "Brr, it's cold!" he shivered.

    "That's because you're naked! C'mere."

    I pulled him in and opened my robe. It was large enough to drape over both of us. I tied it closed over his stomach, pulling him closer. His back against my chest. His ass against my dick.

    "What're you doing up so early?" I asked. He hadn't taken a shower yet, and I could smell his musk reach my nostrils. I remembered what he used to smell like as baby. He was all man now.

    "I couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd catch you before you go to work. I wanted to ask you something. Remember a few weeks ago you mentioned you had a buddy that does body piercings, the one that did your Prince Albert? Can you schedule an appointment for me to get one?"

    I raised my eyebrows, but my son couldn't see that. My feet and shins were getting cold, but my groin and my upper body felt warm with my son's body sticking to them. My chubbed up dick rested between his asscheeks, flexing up again.

    "Are you sure you wanna get one?" I enquired.

    "I am. And I wanna get it over with, the sooner the better. The more I think about it the more nervous I get."

    "How does today sound?"

    "You serious?" Eric turned his head around.

    "Why not? He does walk-ins, and I'm sure he'll find time for us. I can take you on my lunch break. Just ask your dad if you can borrow his car to drive to my office."

    "You're the best, Dad!" Eric broke out of my robe and turned around to give me a hug. I felt our dicks brush against each other. He gave me a quick kiss on the lips, then hurried on inside, closing the door behind him. I looked down at my open robe. My cock was fully hard now.

    "Have you made up your mind bout the Boston position yet, Sven?" my boss asked, peeking in through my office door.

    "Not just yet. I want to talk to my son before deciding."

    "Okay. Not to rush you, but you only have a couple of weeks to let us know." 

    That definitely added pressure. This has happening so quickly; it'd started off as an idea of my husband's and now it was starting to feel very real.

    "Good luck at the meeting this afternoon. I'll send an intern over with the briefs."

    "Thank you," I replied and tried to go back to work, feeling too distracted to be very productive. 

    A few minutes later, it became even more difficult to focus when a cute twinkish-looking intern I'd never seen before walked into my office. He was young, barely out of school, or maybe still in college. He wore what was probably his one nice suit, but it fit him well and tight. I checked out his bubble butt as he shut the door behind him.

    "There you go, sir," he strutted up to my desk and handed me a folder. "Can I get you anything else?" he offered with a gorgeous smile.

    I wondered if his eagerness to please was purely professional. That's the thing when you become a sex pig like me; you start seeing sex everywhere, even the most quotidian situations.

    "I don't remember seeing you here before," I said, leaning back on my chair and spreading my legs open a bit wider. "Are you new?"

    "Yessir," he continued to smile.

    "And how's everyone treating you?"

    "They're great sir, thank you for asking," he said, never breaking eye contact.

    "Good. Let me know if anyone gives you any shit, they'll have to deal with me."

    "Will do, sir, thank you. And if there's anything I can do for you... anything at all, just let me know." He continued to look me straight in the eyes. All of a sudden his smile seemed more like a grin.

    "Will do, son," I said, treading the line of appropriateness. I spread my legs further, as wide as my chair allowed. "It's been quite a stressful morning, I'll need to find some way to relax."

    He licked his lips looking at my bulge. "Maybe I can help you with that," he took a step forward, standing between my legs.

    "Yeah, you think you can do that?" I put my hand on my crotch, as we both made it more and more obvious what we were after without actually saying it.

    "Yes, sir," he licked his lips again and got down on his knees, unbuckling my belt eagerly.

    I usually tried not to shit where I eat, and I kept sex away from the office. The keyword there being "usually." Over the years, I'd fucked several clients and coworkers. And now that this move to Boston seemed more and more likely by the day, why not leave this boy with a mouthful before I go?

    "Fuuuuck," I exhaled loudly as soon as my dick entered his mouth. That's exactly what I needed to relax. 

    He might be young, but the kid was a pro. He had me closer and closer in just a few minutes, slurping my dick and playing with my balls. 

    "Hey Dad, are you ready to--" 

    My son Eric entered my office, looking taken aback.

    "Shut the door," I told him quickly.

    The intern sucking my dick stopped and almost stood up, but my hand was in his hair and I pushed him back down, putting my dick back in his mouth with my other hand, encouraging him to continue. 

    "Hold on, I'll be with you in a sec," I told my son matter-of-factly. He smiled and shook his head, taking a seat on the leather sofa in my office.

    I continued to have my dick sucked, while Eric watched us like it was a performance piece. Now that I was nearer to an orgasm, I started to get louder, more aggressive, more verbal. Plus, now there was an audience to impress.

    "You like that? You want my cum in your mouth?" I grunted, both my hands gripping the boy's hair as I fucked his face.

    "Fuck yes, sir! I want your cum."

    I was getting close. The boy's head bopped up and down, my cock hitting the back of his throat.

    "Aaah, fuck yeah!!" I said as loudly as I could without anyone outside hearing. "Fuck yeah, boy!"

    I unloaded in his mouth and he sucked out every last drop, while my son sat and watched.

    As soon as my cum was safely inside his stomach, the boy stood up and licked his lips.

    "Good job!" I said and gave his ass a smack.

    "Thank you," he smiled at me.

    "My pleasure." I zipped up as he walked out of the office, exchanging a smile with my son on his way out.

    "Phew. Just give me a minute," I told Eric, "and I'll be ready to go."



    "How did it go? Did you do it?" I asked as soon as Eric came into the room.

    "Yup," he nodded.

    "Let me see!" I said as we both sat on the bed, expecting to see his freshly pierced dick.

    "Actually, I wanna wait a bit before showing you," he said. "I want it to heal first, so just wait a couple days, okay?"

    "Okay baby, whatever you want," I gave him a kiss. "So how was it? Did it hurt?"

    "It did, but it was only for like a couple of seconds. Then as soon as that's done you get this rush of adrenaline and you forget all about the pain. My dad was there squeezing my hand the entire time, which really helped! Felt like when I was a kid at the doctor's, holding his hand."

    I smiled. I tried to think of a time my dad held my hand at the doctor's, but I couldn't think of anything.

    "That's great, it's over and done," I said. "You've been thinking about it for a while, so best get it over with."

    "Yeah," Eric agreed. "And I'm glad I did it at the same place as Dad. It's weird but... it felt like some sorta baton-passing ritual. Like a father-son thing. It was really special."

    I tried to smile, but found it more difficult.

    Eric probably saw that, so he changed the subject.

    "Speaking of my dads, you never told me what you guys were up to while I was in Berlin."

    That was true. It'd been a week since Eric came back, but there were still a ton of things we hadn't talked about. We were happy to be back together, he hung out and fucked and slept together, but we both avoided talking about "anything big." We knew we were procrastinating, but maybe we didn't know how to go about it.

    "How about we get out of this house?" I suggested. "Go for some coffee? We can talk there. It'll be a nice change of scenery."

    "Sure, honey. As long as you don't mind driving," Eric gently touched his groin.

    A short while later we were at the mall, the very same one where Eric got the idea to get a Price Albert just like his dad. The stores already had Halloween stuff out, even though there were a few weeks to go.

    We sat at a secluded table at an empty-ish coffee shop, and Eric got us two pumpkin-flavored lattes, which I didn't particularly enjoy but I didn't object.

    "It's nice being out of the house," I said, taking a sip. "I've been spending way too much time cooped up lately."

    I looked around. A few tables away, two women who were obviously a couple sat next to each other. I was always happy to see gay couples in public.

    "Yeah, you've been spending a lot of time at the house recently," Eric noted. 

    Eric occasionally bartended, but I had nothing to do. During the summer, I helped some of the older people in town with handyman jobs, the one thing my dad taught me, probably because it was an activity that didn't require a lot of talking. This town had a lot of older people, but not a lot of jobs. Something I should've considered more carefully before moving here.

    "I love living with your dads," I said. "But this can't go on."

    "You're right," my boyfriend nodded. "We need to leave."

    "So what do we do?"

    "Talk to them, see if they have any ideas?" 

    I took a sip of coffee in silence. 

    "Hey, don't worry," Eric said, putting his hand on my shoulder. "It'll work out, you'll see."

    He smiled, and I smiled back.

    "So, tell me, what did I miss while I was in Berlin?" he said more cheerfully.

    "Not much, really," I lied. There was so much to say, but I didn't know where to begin. I looked around the coffee shop, even though I knew nobody could hear us.

    "Well, what I mean, I guess," I continued, "is that your dads and I mostly watched TV, ate together, stuff like that, nothing too crazy. But also, like, we cuddled a lot. I slept in their bed every night."

    I paused to gauge his reaction, but he was taking a sip of coffee so I couldn't see much of his face.

    "It felt nice," I added, "I don't know how else to put it. I feel like there are stronger words I should be using, but I don't know what they are."

    "You bonded, is what you mean," Eric tried to help me out.

    "Yeah, but not what most people mean by that. We were naked most of the time. They had sex right next to me."

    Again, no discernible reaction from Eric.

    "I think that's just how my dads bond with people," he laughed after a few seconds.

    "And I want to tell you everything, I really do. I don't want it to be like I'm doing it behind your back. But I genuinely don't know how to put it."

    "Don't worry about it," Eric played the role of the reassurer again. "I was thinking about it as well. Maybe we need to decide what kinda couple we wanna be. We've talked about being open. But do we wanna tell each other everything always, or is it more of a don't-ask-don't-tell kinda thing?"

    "I don't know. Sometimes it helps to talk about things with you. But sometimes, I just need some time to figure out how I feel about something before sharing it. Does that make sense? And when I do, I don't want it to be like I'm lying to you or anything, just..."

    "I know," he interrupted. "I feel the same way."

    We looked at each other in the eyes, saying what we couldn't say with words. I got the impression there was something Eric wanted to tell me, but he wasn't ready to just yet.

    "You know, for a couple of 21-year-olds, we're pretty fucking mature," he laughed. 

    "I think I have you and your dads to thank for that."

    "Listen, I get what's going on between you guys. All the cuddling and the sleeping together, like, I get it. And I don't mind. It's exactly what I did with them when I was growing up. Well, maybe a bit more... extreme, now that you're an adult. And I know about your history with your dad, and your step-dad, and like –"

    He stopped for a second to gather his thoughts. 

    "I remember the day in Berlin when Sven jumped in bed with us to take a nap. That felt nice."

    "Yes, it did," I agreed.

    "And I remember telling him I love him, and you saying 'I love you too, Dad.' At that moment, I felt... happy for you. I'm happy you love my dads. You've only known each other a few months, but I'm sure they love you too." He reached over and squeezed my hand. "You're a part of the family now, Will."

    My hand started to shake, and Eric grasped it even tighter. Tears filled up my eyes and started running down my face. Before I managed to wipe them off my cheeks, Eric reached over and did it for me. 



    🎶 "I'm calling you Daddy, Daddy

    Can you be my Daddy, Daddy?

    I need a Daddy, Daddy

    Won't you be my Daddy, Daddy?

    Cum and make it rain down on me

    Cum and make it rain down on –" 🎶


    Erg! I never like getting phone calls but especially not when I'm listening to music on my phone. Just as I was getting into it. I looked at the screen and, thankfully, it was one of the only two people I always looked forward to getting a call from.

    "Hey Daddy," I answered the phone flirtily. 

    "Hey, Boo. What're you up to? Something naughty?"

    "Of course not. I'm saving that for when I see you."

    "Mm, well you may not have to wait long. How do you feel about dropping by the house tonight?"

    "I'd love to. Is my other daddy gonna be there as well?"

    "He will. Okay, I'll go get some stuff ready, and you can come by whenever. The sooner the better."

    "Okay, Daddy." That's all the encouragement I needed. I went to put on a jockstrap, a pair of shorts, and a T-shirt and I was headed out.

    "Bradford, is that you?" I heard my mom yell out from the kitchen.

    "Yes, Ma, I'm headed out. Don't wait up."

    A short while later, I was in my daddies' kitchen, making out with both of them. I'd know David and Sven about a year now. In that time we'd gotten very close. What started off as a purely sexual thing, blossomed into something more over time. I didn't know what to call it, they weren't my boyfriends or anything, more like my mentors. They were my daddies, and that's just the way I liked it.

    We'd spent a lot a time together over the past year, especially as their son was still away at college. Unfortunately, since he graduated, they've been more busy with him. I felt jealous, but I tried to keep it in check. I hadn't seen them for a few weeks, which is why we were kissing so passionately right now, our three tongues going in and out of each other's mouths.

    "We have to save this for later," David said, breaking away despite my protest. "There's a reason why I asked you here early. Our son will be here soon, and we want you to meet him."

    Finally! Maybe now I could start spending more time at their house again, now that they no longer had to hide me.

    "He and his boyfriend will be here soon," Sven said, his large hand tucked into my shorts and squeezing my meaty asscheek. "Then we can all have dinner and talk."

    "Fun," I said, and put my hand on his crotch. This was sadly one of the few occasions he'd decided to wear clothes.

    About half an hour later, David and Sven's son Eric and his boyfriend Will arrived back home. I'd seen photos of little Eric around the house, including the one of him as a baby with his dads holding him that hung right by their bed, but I'd never seen Eric as an adult. He looked just like his dads, with his blond hair and shiny blue eyes. It really was impossible to tell which one was his biological dad.

    Will was lighter than me, probably mixed-race. His hair was short, he had a neat buzzcut similar to mine. I was rarely attracted to guys so close to my age, but he was really cute.

    "Boys, this is Brady," Sven introduced us and we all shook hands semi-awkwardly. Not knowing what to do next, we went to sit around the table. I usually sat in between David and Sven, but the way the table was set it was the two of them on one side, and the three of us on the other.

    "Dinner will be ready soon," David announced, always the gracious host, while pouring us all drinks. They didn't mind me drinking ("The drinking laws in this country are crazy," Sven said once. "My father gave me my first sip of beer when I was eight!") and today David was pouring everyone champagne.

    "So how did you guys meet?" Eric asked me, breaking the ice.

    "I was at the bank where my mom works once and your dad came in," I said, pointing at David. "She said he and his husband were her favorite customers. Back then I wasn't out yet, mostly because I didn't know any other gay people. So I was a bit of a creeper and followed him out when he left the bank, and asked if we could talk. At first that's all we did. He really helped me come out to myself. Over time... we started to hook up, and then I met Sven as well, and... here we are."

    I was more candid than usual with my answer, but David and Sven always encouraged honesty, and I knew they didn't hide much from their son. Besides, maybe the jealous part of me wanted to rub our relationship in his face, after he took them away from me for the summer.

    "Wait, is your mom's name Cynthia?" Eric asked.


    "I met her a few weeks ago, when I was at the bank. She brought you up. She said you're looking into colleges and asked how I liked the school I went to. Are you bout to be a senior?"

    "No, I actually graduated a year early, a few months ago. But with all the extra classes I was taking, I didn't have time to apply to all the schools I wanted to and submit my scholarship applications. So now I'm taking a gap year before starting college next year."

    "So you're what, 16?"

    "I just turned 17," I smiled, amused by the fact I telling someone older than me that I was hooking up with his parents.

    "A gap year's cool though. What're you gonna do?" Will asked, the first thing he'd said since we sat down.

    "I was gonna get a job or an internship somewhere. But there ain't shit around here as I'm sure you know."

    "Hey hey," Sven exclaimed, as David started serving the food. "This place has been a very nice home for us for many years. So I won't have you talking smack about it."

    "Okay Daddy," I said coyly. Sven shot me a wink from across the table.

    "Speaking of this and other places," David said, somewhat weirdly. "Eric, when your grandma died, she left me some money. Not too much, but it's a decent amount."

    Ha! "Not too much" by David's standards, perhaps. His family was mad rich, but I knew he had been out of touch with them for decades.

    "It's enough to buy some property," David said, mostly to Eric. "And real estate can be a great investment. I know you and Will are thinking of moving in together somewhere with better job opportunities, so... I'd like to offer you a place to live."

    All three of us on our side of the table were shocked. 

    "Wait, you wanna buy us a home?!" Eric shouted in disbelief.

    "He's not buying you anything!" Sven corrected him. "The place would be in his name. You can live there until you're fully ready to move out on your own, and then he can sell it at a profit, hopefully, or start renting it out."

    "Wow, Dad, I don't know what to say. Thank you!"

    "There's more," said David.

    "What now, they're gonna buy him an island?" I thought and finished what was in my glass in one gulp.

    "Your Dad and I... have also been thinking about moving. Going to Europe this summer made us realize we want to make some changes. Maybe move somewhere bigger as well."

    Oh no! I was starting to panic. Were David and Sven abandoning me?! Is that what this was, a farewell party? Is that why they invited me?

    My heart started palpitating and I wish I had more alcohol in my glass to help calm my nerves.

    "I checked with the office and there is quite a good position for me in Boston," Sven said, "if I want to move there. And Brady... Boo," he looked at me in the eyes, using the nickname I'd picked for the two of them to use. "If David and I decide to go... Well, Boston's got some of the best universities in the country. It might be a good place for you to consider. You'd probably need your mom's permission. If not, you can maybe join us next year when you turn 18."

    "I wanna go!" I blurted out loud. My heart was still beating like crazy, only now it was out of excitement instead of panic. "Don't worry about my mom, I'll figure it out. And as soon as I'm there I promise to get a job, and start applying at every school I can."

    Please, please, please just take me with you!

    "And what do you boys think?" David turned to Eric and Will.

    The two looked at each other and held each other's hand.

    "Well..." Eric said slowly, "we did say we wanted to go somewhere else. We had no idea where, but Boston seems as good a place as any. And if you guys are there," he turned away from his boyfriend to look at his dads, "we'd all be together. It would be... perfect."

    Everyone around the table smiled. We knew there was a shit ton of things left to figure out, but so far everyone seemed to be on the same page.

    "Well alright then," Sven said as his husband refilled everyone's glasses, then raised his. "Cheers to new chapters!"

    "Cheers!" everyone said, and clinked their glasses at the center of the table. 

    We continued to drink for over an hour. The entire time we talked jovially about the big move. We went through all the fun things we wanted to do once we're there first, as opposed to making practical plans. There'd be time for that later. For now, we wanted to focus on how exciting this was. This was turning out to be the best night of my life so far. I was drunk, but I managed to text my mom and tell her I'd be sleeping over at a friend's. I couldn't wait to slip into my daddies' bed later.

    "Wanna go out for a smoke?" Will asked Eric with a joint-smoking gesture.

    "Sure," Eric replied and turned to me. "Wanna join us?"

    I was taken aback, but thrilled to be invited.

    "Sure," I said, and blew a kiss at Sven and David as the three of us left the table.

    "Dude, this is fucking sick," Will said when we were all out on the patio, lighting the blunt. 

    "I know, right?! I'm fucking stoked," Eric said giddily.

    "Your parents are dope, man," Will exhaled and passed the blunt to Eric. "I'm so jealous."

    "As am I," I said as Eric took a hit and looked me in the eyes. "And not just cuz you have such awesome and sexy dads. God, I can't even imagine that part. But also... this whole summer while you guys were away, I felt so jealous of you. Maybe I should apologize for that."

    I was drunk and had no control over what I was saying. It was word vomit.

    "Hey, man, no need to apologize for shit. C'mere!" Eric leaned in and hugged me, the way you drunkenly hug someone like they're your best friend even if you've just met them. "You're cool, I wish we'd met earlier. And there's always next summer, we can all go someplace together!"

    I smiled. I knew he was just being nice, but it was still good to hear. 

    "Thank you," I said, and I meant it.

    "No prob. I've always wanted a little brother." 

    He rested his arm around my shoulder as we passed the blunt a few times and talked. 

    "So, how did you get mixed up with with the crazy crew?" I turned to Will after a while.

    "Crazy Crew?" Eric interjected. "I prefer Sex Squad."

    "Oh, I had no idea what I was signing up for when I met this fucker," Will answered, smacking Eric's ass.

    "How's it been living with David and Sven?" I asked.
    "Oh. There's hasn't been a dull moment, let's put it that way."

    The autumnal wind got stronger and we all shivered. "Let's go inside," Eric suggested and headed inside first.

    "I wanna finish up this conversation some time," I told Will as we walked inside.

    "Sure thing, bro," he said with his arm around me, giving me a wink.

    "Dads?!" Eric shouted as the three of us entered the now-deserted kitchen.

    "Daddies?!" I said playfully. Eric stuck his tongue out and winked at me.

    "They must be upstairs," he said. "Let's go check."

    The three of us walked up the stairs to David and Sven's room. The door was wide open and the clothes they'd been wearing were on the floor. The bathroom door was open as well and we could hear the shower running.

    We all walked into the bathroom without saying anything.

    "What're you guys doing here?" Eric asked his dads, who were now soaping each other and kissing in their huge shower. 

    "Your father spilled some wine all over himself, so he wanted to wash it off before it gets sticky. And I decided to join him," David answered his son's question while receiving a back rub from Sven, who then continued on downward and started kneading David's ass.

    "Is there room for more?" I asked rhetorically. The shower was huge and could probably fit eight. 

    I slipped my shorts and T-shirt off in two swift moves. I then turned my back to Sven and David, as I slowly pulled down my white jockstrap, making sure to pause at the bottom and show off my hole.

    I didn't care that their son and another person were right there. I was drunk, horny, and quite sure this wasn't the first time Eric and Will were witnessing something like this.

    I walked in the shower, and started making out with my two daddies. Sven took a quick break to reach for a waterproof remote, and turn on the blinking lights around the shower and play music.

    I continued to suck on David and Sven's tongues, sometimes one after the other, sometimes simultaneously, as all our dicks got hard. I glimpsed at Will and Eric through the clear shower glass. They were looking at us excitedly. I closed my eyes and continued to make out with Eric's dads. When I opened them, he and Will were naked and walking toward the shower. I noticed Eric had a Prince Albert, smaller than his dad's but otherwise identical. 

    "Room for us as well?" he asked with a smile.

    "Sure," David answered and turned on the second shower head hanging from the ceiling.

    Eric and Will started kissing as soon as they were in the shower, right next to us. The shower was big, but not big enough for all of us to do this without bumping into each other occasionally.

    I took a deep breath, and kneeled down to start sucking David and Sven's dicks. As I went down, I noticed their son and Will were hard as well, running their hands over each other's bodies.

    Sven and David started to kiss as I sucked their dicks. Try as I might, they were too big to fit in my mouth at the same time so I went left to right, sucking one daddy while jerking off the other. Even with both shower heads running, I could hear Eric and Will moaning next to us.

    "C'mere," Sven said after a while and gently kicked my ass with his foot. I stood up as he was reaching for the bottle of lube that was in the shower, and started squirting some on his hand.

    "Yes!" I thought, and got ready to get fucked by my amazing muscle daddy.

    "Can we have some as well, please?" I heard Eric ask his dad politely and casually.

    "Sure," Sven said and squirted some lube on his son's outstretched hand. A second later, Eric's hand was reaching for his own hole, as Will stood behind him waiting to start fucking him.

    "Aaaah!!" Eric and I screamed out in unison, as Will and Sven shoved their dicks in our holes. David stood in front of me, holding his dick in one hand and my chin in the other.

    "You okay, Boo?" he asked me softly, with paternal concern. He knew just what his husband's dick could do to a hole.

    "Yes, Daddy," I nodded my head, and David leaned in and started kissing me. I jerked off his dick while Sven fucked me from behind, as aggressively as he could without slipping in the shower. Next to us, Will was fucking Eric just as vigorously. 

    A few minutes later, Sven pulled out and told his husband to switch. During the few seconds after Sven pulled out his dick and before David shoved his in, my hole felt empty and hungry for more. Seconds felt like eternity. Once David had stuffed it, I was finally satisfied again.

    "Got some more lube, Dad?" Eric asked Sven again. I noticed Will had pulled out of his hole and they were switching positions as well. Eric was about to fuck Will.

    "There you go son," Sven said and watched his son lube up Will's hole before shoving his pierced dick in it. Just like his father had done to me mere minutes ago.

    We continued to moan out as Eric fucked Will and David fucked me. Sven watched all of us for a couple of minutes, like a proud sergeant observing his squad. The Sex Squad.

    Then, Sven got behind David and after some finagling put his dick in his hole. "Ahh!" David moaned loudly, fucking me while being fucked by his husband. It was a first for us.

    "Fuck I'm close," Will said next to us, being fucked by Eric. Eric and Sven were now standing right next to each other, bumping into each other’s bodies as they fucked their bottoms.

    "Hold on. I want your cum. I want you to cum inside me!" Eric said unashamedly. 

    As he pulled out of Will, he had to squeeze past his dads. As he did that, Sven gave him an encouraging pat on the back, as if to say "Attaboy!"

    The fuck fest continued as Will went back inside Eric's ass, while my two daddies were behind me. Our grunts and moans signaled that we were all almost there.

    "I'm getting close," Will announced.

    "Think we can do it at the same time?" Sven asked.

    "I'm close as well," David said, fucking me.

    "Fuck yeah, Daddy. Fill my hole. Breed me," I said, jerking off my dick faster and faster. There seemed to be an agreement to all cum simultaneously, and I didn't want to miss out on it.

    "Fuck yeah!" Will screamed out. 

    I turned around and saw David and Sven's son jerking himself off, coating the wall with his jizz, while saying "That's it, baby! Breed my hole," to Will.

    It was like a current. I heard Sven grunt as he fucked David so strongly the two almost toppled on top of me. Two seconds later David was moaning as well, and I felt his cum in my ass. I barely needed to touch myself to start shooting jizz in the shower as well. 

    "Fuck," "fuck," "fuck" a chorus of profanities echoed in the shower as everyone continued to cum for a few seconds longer, then started to come down.

    "Well," David said when he'd finally caught his breath, "if there was ever a way to say goodbye to this shower, this was it."

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