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The Second Generation


    "This is gonna be a great year!" I thought, smiling at myself in the mirror. As worried as I was that I might jinx it, I couldn't help but feel amazing about what was yet to come. It was a new year, a new decade, a new city… And I was gonna make the most of it!

    I flexed my muscles, standing in the bathroom in my underwear, happy with the progress I'd made at the gym. Slowly but surely, I was saying goodbye to twinkdom. And if I had to pick a box now, I guess I might as well go for "jock." 

    I left the bathroom, took the envelope that was on my nightstand, and headed into the kitchen. Even though it was January in Boston, the sun was shining bright this morning. The view of the Boston Common through the floor-to-ceiling windows was unbeatable. 

    In the kitchen, my dad David sat on his laptop, illuminated by the bursting sunlight. We were the only people at home, and we were both wearing the same white briefs, as if we'd picked them out to match on purpose. Come to think of it, he did buy them for me! They accentuated my ass and my bulge (as well as his). It was definitely one of the upsides of having gay parents.

    "Hey, Daddy," I smiled. "Got a minute? I need to talk to you."

    "For you, sweetie, always," he smiled, taking off his glasses and closing the computer.

    "I got something for you," I sat across from him and handed him the envelope.

    "What's this?" he asked, looking at the check that was inside.

    "Rent money. It's not as much as we'd normally pay for a place like this in Downtown Boston, but I figured it's better than nothing. Plus, I'm saving some money up for a surprise I'm planning."
    "Eric, honey…" Dad put the check back in the envelope and started to slide it my way across the table.

    "Dad, c'mon. I got a job now, two jobs, really! And I want to contribute. It's about damn time."

    "Back up, what 'two jobs'?" he asked.

    "Oh. Well, you know a couple of years ago when you found my Tumblr? And it was full of my…"

    "Porn," Dad added matter-of-factly.

    "Artistic nude content of my body," I joked. "But yes. Well, later that year they banned adult content so I had to get rid of all of it. And, in the spur of the moment, I thought about moving to a different platform, one where people can pay to follow me. I've been posting there ever since and like, it's become quite a nice addition to what I make at work."

    "Eric," Dad looked at me sternly, something both he and my other father did very seldom.

    "I know, I know. You and Daddy are worried one day I might want to run for president and this is gonna bite me in the ass. But honestly, who wants to be president anymore?"

    "Honey, it's not that. It's just…" he sighed and took a moment to gather his thoughts. "We didn't grow up with stuff like this, it was never an option for us. So I'm just hesitant about it."

    "And can you really say that if it was around back then, that you wouldn't be doing the same?"

    "Honestly?" Dad laughed. "Sven and I would probably both be doing it."

    "There's still time," I winked at him. "There's a high demand for daddies out there. And you two are the hottest daddies I've ever seen!"

    That made my father blush. He was so fucking cute!

    "Let me finish this book I'm working on," he said. "If it flops I just might have to take you up on that. As for this," he passed me back the envelope, "save it. For when you and Will get your own place."

    I wanted to object, but I knew it would be in vain.

    "Like you said," Dad continued, "Boston's expensive. If you wanna live around here, you'll need two jobs. Not to mention whatever surprise you say you're planning."

    "Oh, it's gonna be a good one."

    "I bet. It's been one surprise after the other with you since we found out we were gonna have a baby," Dad said, picking up his glasses and firing up his computer again.

    "Thanks, Daddy," I went around the table and gave him a kiss. As always, since we started kissing this way a few months ago, my tongue went inside his mouth. He responded by opening his mouth wider and sucking on my tongue before putting his own in my mouth. We did this for about a minute, getting lost in the moment, our hands on the backs of each other's heads, gently stroking each other's hair.

    "Go!" my father smacked my ass playfully through my briefs when we were done kissing.

    I went back to my room, my dick a bit harder now than it had been a few minutes ago.



    "Well, I'm not gonna get any work done now!" I told myself. "Not with this on my mind. I have to figure it out."

    It was a Sunday afternoon. Everyone else was out, so I'd figured it would be the perfect opportunity to get some writing done. However, my mind kept wandering off to the conversation with my son.

    Eric hadn't taken his dad's and my warnings against posting porn online seriously. There was something about it that made me feel uneasy… and I couldn't put my finger on what it was.

    I didn't have a problem with people posting porn; heck, I wish there were more of it! I had friends and acquaintances who were porn stars, and I don't think I'd mind if my son decided he wanted to go that route. As long as his father and I were there to supervise. 

    Our principle raising Eric was "do whatever you want as long as you're safe." That's why we wanted to go to Europe with him. We knew it was a matter of time before he discovered the world of sex clubs, bathhouses, orgies, and who knows what else. And we wanted him to enjoy it, the way we did when we were his age. But it came with the drawback of drugs, dangerous sex practices, not to mention the impact on one's psyche. I'd seen boys younger than him lose their lives in that world, and I'd rather lock Eric up in his room for the rest of his life before I let that happen to him!

    Granted, there was a big difference between that and posting naked videos online. But if my son was doing anything, I wanted to know. For his own safety. And maybe… just maybe… for my own curiosity as well.

    So I looked. I looking for his profile, aware of how much of a long shot it was without knowing his username. Luckily, I knew my way around gay porn on the Internet. I checked a couple of sites, and just when I was starting to think I should give up, I found him! He was on the Top 100 Male Performers in the United States list I was browsing.

    I smiled. It was a weird thing to admit, but I was proud of my boy. If your kid's gonna do anything you want them to excel in it, and Eric seemed to be doing pretty well.

    I pulled out my credit card and subscribed so I could view his content. I scrolled through the thumbnails quickly. "I'm only here to make sure he's okay, nothing more," I told myself.

    There were hundreds of posts, going back over a year. From what I could see, they were pretty harmless. Eric was alone in all of them. He was just posing naked or in underwear, and jerking off in some of them. Again, as weird as it is to say "there's my son just jerking off," I was relieved that it was all pretty harmless and tame.

    But then why did I have a major boner in my briefs?!

    I got up off the computer and walked around my room like a caged animal. "What the fuck is wrong with you?!" I told myself. "This is your son!!" Even after everything that's happened; everything in Europe two years ago, everything in Provincetown last summer, everything between him and my husband… This was still inappropriate!

    I stopped pacing and stood facing the wall, looking at the two poster-size photos that hung there. Two black-and-white nudes, almost identical. Only the subjects were different: on one, Sven and I a couple of decades back. On the other: our son and his boyfriend a couple of months ago.

    The latter was a gift Eric and Will had given us for the holidays. They knew about the old photo hanging in our bedroom, so they went to a photographer who took an identical picture of them. They stood naked, arms around each other, hands resting on each other's waists and behinds. The lighting was perfect, and their bodies looked amazing. It was pure art.

    I walked up to the photo, and put my hand on it. I ran my fingertips down my son's curved spine, resting them on his bubble butt. My erection pulsed in my underwear, and I took my fingers off the photo only to run them across his body one more time, top-to-bottom.

    I looked to the left where the photo of Sven and me hung. It was uncanny how similar the two photos were. This wasn't the first time I'd noticed it, but it was the first time I truly felt it! Touching my son's body through the glass frame, it was like I could feel his energy radiating through it.

    "The second generation," I thought. That's what they were. Our legacy.

    I put my hand down and looked at Eric's face through the tears that had gathered in my eyes. Every parent wants their child to be like them in some way. I could see 20-something-year-old David in my son. I wasn't sure if he was my biological son or not but there was so much of me in him! And not just physically. 

    "How lucky am I?" I smiled. "How lucky am I to have a gay son? He's just like us in so many ways."

    I ran my finger down Eric's ass one more time, before moving it to his pierced dick. He'd had his Prince Albert stretched a few times since he got it, and it was now almost as big as my husband's. Our son wanted to be just like his daddies...

    My dick was so hard by now it was painful. I was turned on and extremely emotional at the same time. I turned around and took a few large steps back to my computer. Once there, I clicked on the first video I saw.

    "Hey guys. Today, I thought we can have a chat, and just enjoy ourselves together," came my son's voice from the computer. It was shot in his room and he was sitting there in nothing but his underwear, the white pair of briefs I got him! As he said that, he slipped his hand inside his underwear and started touching himself.

    I watched attentively, smiling, as my dick started to leak precum.

    "Hope you like the new set-up. We've finally all moved into our new place in Boston," Eric spoke casually while flexing the muscles on his left arm for the camera, while stroking his crotch with his right hand. He knew exactly what his audience wanted to see. From what I could tell, he was starting to get hard in his briefs. Me, on the other hand, I was hard as a fucking rock and could cum any second.

    "Thank you to all the new subscribers," Eric winked into the camera, flirting with his fans. Instead of taking the more aggressive, sexualized approach, he'd chosen to go the flirty route. "My cute boy," I thought proudly.

    Without even noticing it, I'd taken my underwear off, too enthralled by the video. I brushed my index finger against the head of my dick and wiped off the precum that was there. Then, I brought my finger to my mouth and sucked it off, all the while watching Eric, wondering if it was this exact cum that'd made him.

    "Thank you for being patient with while I took a break from posting new content during the move," Eric continued to talk nonchalantly while pulling his briefs down in front of the camera. His dick was by now as hard as mine. That's my boy!

    He turned 90º a couple of times to give people a view of his body. Fuck! With those muscles, I wouldn't be surprised if Sven was his bio dad. They both had such good genes for gaining muscle. I was too proud to feel jealous, though. I watched Eric flex his muscles, his cock rigid the entire time, thinking he's just like me at that age, only the improved version.

    "Special shoutout to Ken for his generous tip," Eric winked to the camera once more. "Ken, if you're watching, I'll try to get you that special content you asked for. My dads and I just need to settle down first. I just joined a gym today," my son continued flexing, "so I can keep working on these babies."

    I'd cum without being touched a few times in my life, but today it was starting to feel extra intense. Even though I wasn't touching it, my dick felt like there was a hand or a tight asshole around it, milking it. The amount of precum dripping out was unreal.

    "Tomorrow's leg day," Eric continued, turning around. Fuck, that ass of his was perfect! He knew it, and he showed off his glutes and thighs like a pro bodybuilder on stage.

    "And later tonight, my boyfriend gets to work on this!"

    Suddenly, my son bent down and spread open his cheeks, flashing his tight, smooth asshole to the camera. 

    HOLY SHIT! I quickly pressed the space bar, pausing the video. I hadn't meant for this to happen but it was happening. This wasn't my plan, I… I was about to cum!

    I tried taking a deep breath but it was futile. My legs shook like they were being tased. I could feel my balls pulsing against the edge of the chair, ready to pump out the daddy seed that was in them. I felt euphoria, the kind of which I'd only felt on drugs before. I looked at the computer screen without blinking, spellbound by what was on it. By my son. By his smooth fuck hole that he was showing.

    "FUUUUCK!!!" I grunted out loud. Eric, amazingly flexible, was giving a perfect view of his ass. It was so fucking smooth, like it'd never been used. Just like mine. Just like his daddy. With his face away from view, it could have been me!

    With my heels off the floor, my legs were shaking, as was my dick. FUCK! I was cumming. I started to shoot my load while looking at my son on the computer screen. My jizz rocketed so high up, it hit me in the face. I fought my reflex to blink. Instead, I kept staring at the screen. I knew this moment would be over all too soon; I wanted to cherish it as long as possible.

    It was a good thing I was sitting down. My orgasm was so strong, I probably would've passed out otherwise. I screamed and moaned and grunted, my fingers gripping the edge of the desk, while my balls emptied themselves on their own. On screen, Eric's ass, which I'd seen countless times, got me to feel things I'd never felt before.

    Quickly, with cum still on my face, I opened up my manuscript and started typing.

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