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Valentine's Day 1996



    After nearly four years with David, I knew him very well. A single word, a single grunt from him, was enough to let me know how he was feeling.

    "Aha," was all I heard him say to whoever he was on the phone with, and I knew it wasn't anything good. 

    "Thanks for letting me know, Linda," he continued. "Say hi to Juliette for me. Yeah, you too. You guys have a nice Valentine's Day. Bye."

    He hung up the phone and let out a deep sigh. Looking up, he noticed me standing there in the living room, among all the boxes we hadn't unpacked yet. 

    "That was my cousin," he filled me in.

    I knew David only ever talked to one person in his family, a cousin who lived with her "roommate" in Montreal. She wasn't out of the closet to the rest of the family, so unlike David, she wasn't cut off.

    "She called to let me know my sister's just had a baby," David added.

    I stood quietly, patiently waiting to hear the rest of the story. David's sisters already had several kids. As sad as he was never to have met any of his nieces and nephews, David had learned to live with it. There had to be something special about this one if it made him look so heartbroken.

    "They named him Nathanael," David's jaw trembled and he was starting to lose the battle against tears. "A– After Grandpa."

    I finally stepped in and took David in my arms. We were both naked. I let him sob on my shoulder for a while, before guiding him to the couch where we both lay down.

    "I've told you about Grandpa Nate?" David said after he'd calmed down.

    "Bits and pieces," I replied, letting him lie on top of me and taking him in my arms. In reality, I knew most of the story, but I felt like it might feel good for him to retell it.

    "I was his favorite growing up. Everyone could see it. He had a bunch of grandkids, but he and I just had a special bond. We were friends. Real, actual friends. It wasn't until I moved to New York and I met more gay men, including some older ones, that I realized Grandpa Nate might've been gay. Sure, he was married to Grandma and had a family, but that's what was expected of him. What was expected of me! Maybe that's what our special bond was, our… connection. He died a year before I came out. He never knew. And I'll never know about him either…"

    "Maybe he knew more than you think," I said, stroking David's hair. "Maybe that's why you were his favorite."

    David went quiet and stared at the ceiling pensively, completely lost in thought.

    "Yeah, maybe," he finally said after a few minutes.

    We lay that way in silence, listening to the birds chirping in the backyard of our newly-bought house. We were cut off from the rest of the world here. Just the two of us. We were safe. Albeit, sometimes a bit lonely.

    "Do you ever think of all the gay men who couldn't be among us because they had to hide like Grandpa Nate?" David asked suddenly.

    "Not too often. I guess that's a bit selfish of me."

    "I mean, here I am feeling sorry for myself for being cut off from my family, but in his time, it would've been even worse. We have it good!"

    "We do, in comparison," I said. "Just sucks that it has to be 'in comparison.' But don't worry. We'll do better for the next generation."

    David turned around and faced me, finally smiling. I smiled too, before we started kissing. More and more passionately, until both of our dicks were hard. This house was so new, we hadn't even christened the couch yet. 

    "Dr. Cheng is expecting us," I said, naughtily biting my lower lip and squeezing David's juicy ass cheeks. Fuck, that ass of his was amazing!

    "He can wait a bit," David said, spitting on his right hand and rubbing it on his asshole. He then moved down, straddling my torso, positioning himself to sit on my dick.

    "Ahhh!" I moaned loudly, tilting my head back with my eyes closed. There wasn't enough lube for things to go smoothly, but it just made David's hole feel tighter around my dick…



    "Ahhh!" I made Sven moan loudly, tilting his head back with his eyes closed. Even though we were both rather dry, I managed to suck up his entire cock in one move. 

    "Fuck!" I screamed out loud, enjoying the pain. It was the perfect distraction from everything else going on. My asshole burned and I dug my fingernails in Sven's thick arms, holding onto them like a reign. 

    "Do you want me to pull out?" he asked, noticing the painful grimace on my face.

    "No, no, keep going… I like it."

    In the apartment we used to live in, we kept poppers and lube next to the couch as well as every other surface good for fucking. In this new house we hadn't gotten around to it yet. Even after years of bottoming, including taking Sven's huge dick, I felt tight as a virgin in this instant. Maybe it was all the stress lately. 

    "FUCKING HELL!" I hollered from the intense pain, reflexly punching Sven's pec with my clenched fist.

    "Honey…?" Sven opened his eyes and looked up.

    Sven rarely went "out of character." He knew I loved his dom daddy persona. He was growing concerned, though.

    "Don't you dare fucking stop!" I barked at him, looking him in the eyes. "Fuck me. Fucking FUCK ME!!"

    There it was. I could see it in his eyes. I'd flipped the switch.

    "Yeah, you want it to hurt?" he grunted smugly. "We can make it hurt."

    He dug his heels against the armrest of the couch and used his strong legs to lift up his hips, slamming his dick even farther up my irritated hole.

    "Fuck!" I shouted, feeling his Prince Albert tickle the inside of my stomach.

    I was so tense, my hole so tight, it felt like someone was fucking me with a baseball bat wrapped in sandpaper. But for some reason I was in heaven; this was exactly what I needed. I continued to scream and moan out, in both pleasure and pain simultaneously. 

    "Shh," Sven looked at me with a stern expression, putting his large hand on my neck, his thick fingers wrapped around my throat. "You'll upset the neighbors. Oh, what am I saying? There are no neighbors here," he squeezed me by the throat, cutting off my oxygen supply for a couple of seconds before loosening his grip. "No one to hear you scream. I can do anything I want to you."

    As he said that, his face turned mean, almost as if he hated me and he wanted to hurt me. We'd never taken it quite this far, but I knew Sven enough to know this was just a (beautiful) part of our relationship, and that in reality I was safe.

    I struggled to speak with Sven's hand around my throat, tightening its grip again. He dug his fingernails into my neck and pulled me down until his lips were touching my ear. I quivered from the pain in my ass as well as that around my neck. Sven started whispering.

    "Ja, du kleine Sau, das ist doch genau das, was du wolltest! Du wolltest wissen, wie es sich anfühlt, wenn ich dich ficke? Dann genieß es jetzt, Schlampe, denn jetzt gibt's kein Zurück mehr."

    I closed my eyes and lost myself in the German words I couldn't understand. Sven's threatening tone told me all I needed to know. His grip around my neck loosened up again, and I inhaled a large gulp of air through my mouth. 

    That's what it took to get my hole to loosen up. With my eyes closed, I nuzzled up against Sven's neck, breathing in his natural smell.

    "Daddy…" I whimpered.

    Sven took his hand off my neck and put both his arms around me.

    "Shh. It's alright. Let Daddy fuck you, my boy," Sven switched up the scenario and spoke reassuringly.

    Just like that, all the pain was gone. My hole relaxed, and Sven's dick going back and forth in it felt like the most pleasant sensation in the world. He hugged me lovingly while I kept my face buried between his neck and his shoulder, eyes closed, hiding from the world.

    At times, when Sven fucked me, it was "all about him," and I was happy to oblige. This time, it felt like I was the focal point. My pleasure is what mattered. Sven put in work, fucking me real good, accelerating at times to excite me, then slowing back down to help me relax.

    "Do you want your daddy to cum inside of you, huh? You want daddy's cum?" he offered in the gentlest tone of voice.

    "Yes," was my muffled response.

    "Yeah. Daddy's gonna give you his cum now. You've been such a good boy."

    Sven lifted my torso so I was sitting straight on his dick, and he picked up speed. His strong thighs lifted off the couch, helping him pump faster and faster. I felt every bit of his dick inside of me, as his large hands roamed my lower back and my smooth ass cheeks. 

    "Ah! There we go!" he said with proud satisfaction. It was exactly what my father used to say when he'd successfully light up the grill.

    "Yes, Daddy. Breed me," I begged.

    "There we go, my boy. AH! It's all for you," Sven caressed the back of my head with one hand and my ass with the other, as he shot his daddy load deep inside my guts.

    "Hello, welcome! C'mon in. Happy Valentine's Day."

    Dr. Cheng welcomed us to his house that evening, and led us to the dining room, where an amazing-looking dinner sat waiting for us.

    "Jeez, thanks, Dr. Cheng," I said, sitting down and accepting the glass of expensive wine he poured me.

    "David, honey, we've been friends for how many years? And how many times have I told you to call me Lee?"

    "I know, Lee, but Dr. Cheng just sounds sexier," I teased.

    Sven chuckled.

    "Is that all you boys think about, sex?"

    "Pretty much," Sven and I both nodded in agreement.

    "Well, that's about to change," Dr. Cheng sat down at the head of the table. "I have some news for you. You're gonna have a baby."

    Sven and I both looked at each other dumbstruck. 

    "It… It worked?" Sven mumbled in disbelief.

    "The insemination worked. As of today I can officially confirm your surrogate is pregnant and stable so far. It's still very early, but she's young and healthy, so unless there's some unforeseen complications: the most difficult part is over."

    "We– We're gonna have a baby," I stuttered. My hands started to shake, and Sven reached across the table and took them in his.

    "We're gonna be daddies," he said to me, smiling ear-to-ear, stroking my hand.

    "I– I'm sorry, I need to pop out for a second," I excused myself and got up. Through the large glass doors and into Dr. Cheng's backyard, I took a deep breath.

    "I'm gonna be a father," I said out loud to myself. 

    I don't know why this was still such a shock. It's not like this was an unexpected pregnancy; it was the complete opposite! Sven and I have been jumping through hoop after hoop to make sure we can afford this, and to find the right doctors and lawyers.

    It'd been about a year now since I brought up the idea. Sven hadn't even been in America that long yet; he just laughed it off. But after getting to know me better, he noticed how much of a family man I am. He must've sensed the pain I was in, being estranged from my own family. "Only you. I wouldn't do this with anyone else," he'd told me, and I knew he'd make an excellent father, even if he didn't know it himself quite yet.

    "Are you alright?" I heard Sven's voice behind me, followed by the door closing.

    "Yeah, I just… I think I'm in shock. I needed some fresh air."

    "Honey," he put his arms around me. It was a cold February evening and I was wearing a T-shirt. "I thought you'd be thrilled. Thought you'd be jumping up and down."

    "I am. I am thrilled, it's just… Oh my god, we're really gonna be fathers."

    "Yup. No turning back now," he said matter-of-factly, rubbing my bare arms to warm them.

    I turned around to face him, and I finally started to smile. I was so grateful to have this man by my side.

    "So what do we do now?" I asked, equal parts excited and panicked.

    "Pick a name I guess," he said nonchalantly. The fact he was retaining his cool made me not freak out either.

    "I've always liked the name Erica," I said, "if it's a girl."

    "Oh, really? How come?"

    I laughed.

    "When I was little, I always wanted to play Barbies with my female cousins, but my parents always made me go out with the boys. One day, Linda snuck in one of her Barbies for me. She literally smuggled it under her shirt like she were smuggling drugs in prison. I named the doll Erica, and played with her every day, in secret."

    I'd met Sven in the middle of the night at a sleazy leather bar in Berlin. I knew nothing about him other than his first name and the fact he dealt drugs. We'd literally exchanged two sentences before I was on my knees with his monster dick in my mouth, right there in the middle of the bar in front of everyone. And now, here I was telling him about my favorite childhood toy. And I couldn't be happier.

    Sven smiled. (He already looked like a proud papa.) He held me tighter and gave me a gentle kiss. The way he treated me was all the proof I needed that he'll make a wonderful parent. "We'll do better for the next generation," I remembered him say earlier today.

    "You get to pick the name if it's a boy," I told Sven, still smiling. The news was finally starting to set in.

    "Mmm, how about Eric?" 

    I laughed, before Sven continued. 

    "And his middle name: Nathanael."

    I teared up for the second time today.

    "Sorry," I said, wiping my face. "I'm like a hormonal woman today. You'd think I'm the one that's pregnant."

    "Hey, hey," Sven put his hands on my face. "Never apologize for having feelings. Now, come inside. You're freezing. And we need to ask Dr. Cheng if he'd agree to be the baby's godfather."    



    "Snowball effect" is one of the terms David taught me when I first moved to this country. Seems like an ample way to describe our relationship.

    The past seven years of my life had been one fucking avalanche. First I move from a village in East Germany to a newly-reunified Berlin. There, I get my dick sucked in a seedy bar by a visiting American that I just met. Next thing I know, I'm moving to be with him. I'm reading like crazy, determined to become fluent in English. We have a "commitment ceremony." And now we're having a kid?!

    If I'd stopped to think I'd have realized sooner how intense this all was. But I wasn't that type; I was the kind to just keep rolling on. Take things day by day, until you end up thousands of miles from where you started. 

    And now, this is where I ended up. Dr. Cheng's kitchen, toasting to the new addition coming to our family soon. Of course, there was a lot yet to be done, but for tonight: we celebrate.

    And celebrate we did. Dr. Cheng had one hell of a wine collection, and he wasn't stingy when it came to sharing it. I finally saw David's mood lift, a permanent smile now plastered on his face. I could sit back and just watch him like this all night long. With a pleasant buzz in my head, I just leaned back and watched him and Dr. Cheng talking and laughing, without even paying attention to what they were saying. Next thing I know, the two of them started kissing. Now I was definitely paying attention!

    From the beginning, David and I agreed on one thing: monogamy's not for us. That wasn't gonna change just because we were gonna be parents. Besides, sleeping around is often how we met amazing people like Dr. Cheng; who went from fuck buddies, to friends, to freaking godparents!

    David and Dr. Cheng were whispering to each other flirtatiously, looking at me from the corner of their eyes across the table and smiling coyly. I licked my lips hungrily. Now this was my kind of celebration. 

    Pretty soon, we were all getting up and walking to Dr. Cheng's lavish bedroom. Once there, I was the fastest to undress and lie on the large, luxurious bed. I got hard and started leaking precum, watching the two men kiss and undress each other seductively, putting on a show for me. David unbuttoned Dr. Cheng's dress shirt slowly, then undid his belt. Inside the doctor's underwear, his cock awaited fully hard and ready to glide inside David's eager mouth. 

    David multitasked, taking his own clothes off while sucking Dr. Cheng's dick. Once fully naked, the two men climbed onto the bed with me. David came to lie on top, facing me; while Dr. Cheng knelt behind him in between our legs.

    "Is this ass gonna get fucked for the second time today?" I squeezed David's bubble butt.

    "Yes, Sir," he nodded. I could feel his warm breath on my face, smelling like sweet wine.

    "Yeah? You just can't get enough, can you?" I asked David, as Dr. Cheng fiddled with a bottle of lube, getting ready to penetrate him.

    As Dr. Cheng put his dick against David's ass, I put my hand on David's face and squeezed hard. He opened his eyes and looked at me, making intense eye contact from just a few inches away. 

    "This is it," I said in a low, stern voice. "There's no going back. It's you and me for life now."

    Just then, Dr. Cheng shoved his cock inside David's ass, making him squint his eyes in pain for a second before reopening them to look at me.

    "Yes, Daddy," David nodded obediently.

    "This ass is mine for life," I said, letting go of his face to give his other set of cheeks a squeeze. "Other men only get to lease it. I own you for life."

    "Fuck yes, Sir. Thank you for having me," David bounced back and forth, moaning in pleasure as Dr. Cheng picked up speed fucking him. Lee Cheng was one rough top, a fact well-known to everyone in the room. Lucky for him, David was one resilient bottom as well.

    I put my arms around David, gently hugging him, while Lee continued to plow his ass. This was one of my favorite positions: face-to-face with my partner, watching him take dick from up close. On his face, I could see every sensation he felt in his ass. 

    "You're such a good boy," I coddled David, as Lee started drilling him like a jackhammer. David looked at me and smiled, beaming. 

    "Daddy's so proud of you," I continued. "You're such a strong boy. Good boy."

    "Thank you, Daddy," David grunted, continuing to take dick like a champ.

    I'd never had anyone before David call me "Daddy" before. At first I found it amusing, but pretty soon, I started to appreciate it. I realized it felt… right. I enjoyed being strict and dominant with my partners; but in David's case, I genuinely loved and cared for him. We played with other terms, whether Master or Sir, but "Daddy" felt best for both of us, even though there was barely a year age gap between us.

    As Lee fucked him harder and harder, David looked at me, and I realized that pretty soon I wouldn't be just a metaphorical daddy anymore. He and I were in this for life now, about to be two dads.
   I started jacking my hard cock with my right hand and pulled David's face onto mine aggressively. Saliva dripped down from his mouth into mine as we kissed, and Lee drilled his ass. 

    I stroked faster and faster, and Lee fucked harder and harder. Caught between us, David was kept from yelling out loud by my tongue in his mouth, roaming violently. That is, until I started grunting, shooting my seed on top of my stomach, feeling David's body hitting my balls rhythmically as they emptied out.

    "I love you! I love you, Daddy," David moaned out to me, looking me straight in my eyes as I shot my load.

    "FUCK!" I grunted loudly, still spraying out cum. I looked at David's eyes with all the love in the world, my left hand squeezing his shoulder. "Ah! I fucking love you too, boy."


Valentine's Day 2020



    "3, 2, 1… Go!"

    My boyfriend and I both switched our phones off at the same second. We'd both taken the Friday off work for a long weekend. It was Valentine's Day, and there'd be no disruptions today.

    It was early in the morning, but Eric had already been downstairs to get us all some breakfast. We kissed, and naked as we were, we walked to his dads' bedroom.

    David and Sven were already awake, cuddling in bed with the TV on. They greeted our entry as we came in carrying breakfast and large cups of coffee for everyone.

    The bed was big enough for all four of us to lie in comfortably, but we still huddled together as close as possible. Hugging and smiling, we were like a fucking commercial with a picture-perfect family: mom and dad and their two happy kids. Except Eric and I weren't kids anymore. And we had two dads. And we were all naked, which you don't see in too many commercials. 

    "Too bad Brady couldn't be here," I said.

    "Yeah, he has a test he had to take this morning," David said with his arm around me, casually playing with my nipple. "But he'll join us later."

    "Don't forget, you and I gotta leave early to get stuff ready," Eric told David.

    "What stuff?" I asked.

    "You'll see," my boyfriend teased. "I have a surprise for everyone tonight."

    "A surprise, huh?" I moved around to get on top of Eric and start kissing him. 

    We lay like that, the four of us, Eric and I making out passionately in the middle of the bed with his dads on each side of us. I enjoyed kissing my boyfriend, running my fingers through his body as his parents lay next to us in silent approval. I wanted to prove to them I could please their son... in every possible way.

    The morning clouds finally started to clear out and the sun shined into the bedroom. The temperature went up really quickly. Eric and I were both hard by now, unashamed to play with each other's dicks with David and Sven sitting right there.

    As Eric and I made out, his dad Sven climbed on top of us to get to the other side of the bed. In doing so, I felt the tip of his long, pierced dick slide across my ass. When he got to David, the two of them started kissing as well. Not to be outdone by "us youngins," the two daddies kissed and ran their hands up and down each other's bodies like they were two lovers who'd just met and couldn't get enough of each other.

    Somewhere along the way, the TV was switched off, and all you could hear were the sounds of two couples going at it. The sounds of tongues wrestling and hands going down. The sounds of dicks being touched and stroked until they were all hard.

    "Dads, do you have some lube here?" Eric asked them casually, as our hard-ons rubbed against each other.

    "Of course, honey," his father David replied just as nonchalantly, and reached over to the nightstand while his husband continued to suck on his nipples. "There you go."

    David handed us the bottle and we continued like this was the most normal thing in the world. Eric opened it and squirted some on his hand, before turning around and applying it on his ass, now poking up in the air, waiting for me to enter it.

    I took some of the lube to rub on my dick, and spread my legs wider, bumping into David's body on my right just as Sven was getting ready to mount him as well.

    "Here," I passed the lube bottle to Sven, and watched him rub some on his enormous, pierced daddy cock. 

    "Should we do it at the same time?" he smirked at me, looking entertained by all this.

    I smiled and nodded.

    "Fuck yeah!" I answered.

    Sven grabbed David's legs, who was lying on his back; at the same time as I squeezed my boyfriend's asscheeks. Simultaneously, Sven and I pushed our dicks inside the bottoms' holes, making father and son moan out in sync. 

    "Yeah!" Sven grunted as he started to fuck his husband. Next to them, their son was getting the same exact treatment by me. 

    Sven was a hard fucker to keep up with, but I wasn't gonna let him outdo me so easily. My competitiveness kicked in. As Sven drill-fucked his husband, I gathered all the strength I had in my thighs and hips and did the same to their son. We were like a mirrored image, fucking side by side.

    The two bottoms moaned and cursed in pleasure as we fucked them, giving us an indication of how well we were doing our job. This went on for twenty minutes, during which we went through several different positions.

    Pretty soon, Eric and David were both on all fours, facing each other, as we continued to fuck them doggy style. This way, I had a better view of everything that was going on. "Fuck, they're sexy!" I thought of David and Sven. Of course, I was turned on by Eric as well; but seeing his dads fuck like this after almost thirty years together, and seeing how hot they both looked at their age, made my dick even more rigid as I slammed it in and out of their slutty son. 

    "Fuck, fuck," Eric whimpered, unashamed to show in front of his parents how much he was enjoying this.

    "Yeah, you like that, son?" Sven grunted at Eric.

    "Fuck yeah, Dad," my boyfriend answered his father. "I love being fucked."

    "Like fathers, like son," Sven added, and continued to ram David's ass vigorously.

    The bed, as large and sturdy as it was, started to shake with all the action happening on it. In the middle, Eric and David put their arms around each other's shoulders for support. I noticed father and son squeeze and rub each other's shoulders supportively, encouraging each other to take more dick.

    If possible, that made me even hornier. Sven, a tireless top, never missed a beat. David and Eric both lifted their heads to look at each other. Nose-to-nose, they kept bumping against each other while getting fucked. 

    Then suddenly, David initiated a kiss that sent me over the edge. He put his hand behind his son's head and a second later, he and Eric were making out. Seeing my boyfriend kissing his dad while I fucked him was enough to get me to start shooting my load.

    "Fuck, yeah! That's so fucking hot!" I yelled, announcing to everyone in the room that I was cumming inside Eric.

    That must've turned on David and Eric as well, because they started to make out even more passionately. I shot a huge load and even after I was done, I kept my dick inside Eric, watching his two dads fucking in front of us. Pretty soon, Sven was grunting and depositing his load inside his husband's guts as well. When he was done, we all passed out on the bed, positively exhausted from what just happened. Arms around each other's sweaty bodies, it was time for a rest.



    "So what'd I miss?"

    "Not much," Will answered.

    "You liar," I called him out, sitting across from him at the coffee shop.

    "Okay, yes, you missed a lot," he gave in. "The four of us had fun. It was quite the morning."

    "I bet," I added enviously. 

    "No worries, there'll be more to come," Will reassured me. "There always is, with David and Sven."

    "Amen, sister," I agreed. "Where is everyone, by the way?"

    "Eric and David had to go away to 'prepare a surprise' for everyone, whatever that is. Guess we'll know tonight. And Sven wanted to take a nap, he's upstairs."

    "Every day is a surprise with this lot, ain't it?"

    "Yeah. They're quite the family," Will nodded. 

    "Don't you mean we're quite the family. They keep telling us, we're all in it together."

    "Yeah, I guess you're right. It took some while to get used to it, but I think I'm finally getting around to it."

    "Why do you think it took you so long?" I asked Will.

    "I'm not sure. Like… You met David and Sven, and from the get-go you knew they were… different. You knew all about their sex life, and their son, and how they liked to play with other people. Me, I started dating Eric in college and never saw any of this coming. It always felt too good to be true. It still does! Like, I literally wake up every day wondering how this is possible. And it's happening to me!"

    "Well, no one can say you're ungrateful."

    "Oh, I'm super grateful. So much so that I'm… scared. Like, I'm worried I'm gonna wake up one day and this will all just be a dream, like, a story somebody's making up."

    "Has anyone ever called you paranoid?" I squinted my eyes.

    "Paranoid's my middle name," Will laughed.

    I leaned forward and took his hand. 

    "Stop. Worrying! Just because you never thought in your wildest dreams that this is where you'd end up some day, doesn't mean it's not real! You never know what's out there in the world. Just take it easy and enjoy yourself."

    Will looked at me and smiled.

    "I'm used to hearing stuff like this from David and Sven, but never anyone younger than me."

    "I know, I'm very fucking wise. Now, let's get out of here. There's no one cute at this place. Let's go check if Sven is up. I'm in the mood to suck some daddy dick."



    "What is this place?" I asked my son as we took the elevator in an apartment building that was unknown to me.

    "You'll see," he said, and led me to the door of one of the apartments on the top floor.

    "Hello, welcome," a smartly-dressed and very polite young woman opened the door. "Please, come on in. Chef Takahashi will be with you in a moment."

    We walked into an apartment with a large, well-equipped kitchen and not much else. Looking around, I walked inside the room to the right, which offered an incredible view of the city and ocean through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Other than candles and some subtle decorations, there was nothing in the room besides a dining table and five chairs.

    "Chef Takahashi is a famous chef," Eric filled me in. "But instead of working at restaurants, he travels the world and rents out apartments, where he cooks for one party at a time. When he announced he was coming to Boston a few months ago, I hurried and made a reservation."

    "Eric, honey, this must've cost a fortune," I said, still flabbergasted by the view.

    "Yeah, well, you'd be surprised how much money you save up when your dad's not making you pay rent," Eric smiled and walked up to give me a hug from behind as we admired the view. "I wanted tonight to be special."

    We were interrupted by Chef Takahashi and his interpreter walking into the room. The chef didn't speak much English, so the young woman who'd answered the door translated for us. There wasn't too much to discuss either; the menu was already set and picked by him. All he needed to know was that there'd be five of us and none of us had any dietary restrictions.

    After a short interaction marked by Japanese formalities, the two went back to the kitchen, leaving Eric and me alone in the room with a bottle of wine, lit candles, and soothing music.

    I looked out the window while my son poured us each a drink. Here, alone just the two of us, it felt like the right time to say it.
   "I saw your profile," I announced, accepting the glass of wine he offered me. "Your… porn profile."

    "Ah, yeah? How did you like it?" Eric seemed amused by the idea.

    "Well, you seem to be doing well for yourself, so, congratulations."

    "Thanks, Dad. Cheers," my son and I clinked glasses and took a sip, still standing side-by-side and looking out the window.

    "You look really good in all the photos and videos," I continued. Eric was beaming with pride, and I enjoyed feeding his ego. Besides, everything I was saying was true. "It's not just your body, but stuff like the lighting and angles… it's all very good. You have a knack for it."

    "Thanks. I'm glad you noticed. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to stuff like that. Think I got that from you."

    ("You'll never know how much you got from me," I thought.)

    "I couldn't not notice," I said out loud and chuckled. "You definitely know how to… get a man's attention."

    "Yeah?" my son seemed amused by my remark. "Did it make you pop a boner?"

    Here we were; another line we were crossing. But I never lied to my son.

    "It did indeed," I admitted. Then I went even further. "I have one right now, just thinking about it."

    We both looked down at my crotch. My son, never one to be ashamed of his sexuality, just smiled. 

    "I do too," he added. "Maybe we should jerk off before the others get here," he placed his hand on his crotch.

    "I have a better idea," I said, turning to face him and getting down on my knees.

    He smiled and took a sip of wine, showing no intention to make me stop. 

    I put down my wine glass, reached for Eric's belt, and I unbuckled it. I carefully pulled down his zipper next, until it exposed his underwear. 

    "Mmm, Dad," he moaned, closing his eyes and having a sip of his drink as I stroked his hard cock through his briefs.

    It was a year and a half ago that I found out my husband and my son had sex. A year and a half of jealousy I tried to suppress. Sven and I were supposed to be coparents, evenly matched in every way. We didn't even know who the biological dad was, because we wanted to be equal. But what had happened between them made me feel left out, yet unable to say anything because of how delicate the subject was.

    "The night after Independence Day, 1992," I narrated out loud for my son. "That's when I saw your father's dick for the first time. I pulled it out of his pants, just like this…"

    Eric moaned as his cock sprung released from his briefs.

    "It looked just like yours now, only it wasn't pierced yet. He did that later, for me. You two look so much alike," I spoke while stroking Eric's dick, which was by now leaking precum on my hand.

    Earlier today, my son and I experienced getting fucked side-by-side. He was such an interesting amalgam of my husband and me. He shared Sven's confidence and cockiness, as well as my insatiability for cock.

    Leaning against my son while we were both getting fucked this morning made me feel like I was looking in a mirror; a mirror that showed you what you looked like thirty years ago. Or rather: a mirror that showed you what you could have looked like, if you were born to a more understanding family. To a more tolerant world.

    Even though I'd only had a couple of sips of wine, I was so happy I felt drunk, as I took Eric's dick inside my mouth. Slowly, little by little, I took it deeper until his Prince Albert was tickling the back of my throat. I took a deep breath and closed my mouth, locking my lips around my son's shaft.

    "Holy shit, that feels so good, Dad," Eric moaned out in pleasure.

    I did very little, hardly moving my lips and tongue. I just cherished keeping his dick inside my mouth. I didn't want to make him cum. Not yet, anyway. If he did, this would all be over. And I felt like I could stay this way forever, nursing on his dick.

    I slowly pulled back until his dick was out of my mouth, before going back in and swallowing it balls-deep again. My fingers rested on my son's balls, smooth just like his fathers'. I pulled out his dick again so I could suck on his ball sack, making Eric moan out in pleasure again as he held the back of my head, gently stroking my hair.

    I focused on the tip of his dick next, made even more sensitive by the piercing he'd gotten to look just like his dad. I licked the head of his cut cock with the very tip of my tongue, teasing it with just a minimal touch. It was still enough to make my son squirm in pleasure, as my saliva and his precum mixed on the sensitive tip of his cock.

    Leaning forward, I put my hands on Eric's thighs. Fuck, his legs had gotten so muscular! I remembered how skinny he used to be. And now here he was: all man.

    My fingers moved between his legs and got closer to his hole. I started fingering him while sucking his dick balls-deep again. Eric started to move his hips back and forth rhythmically, face-fucking me while I fingered his ass.

    I struggled to breathe, as my son rammed my throat harder and harder, his balls bumping against my chin. I reached for his right hand and put it against my throat.

    "You want that?" Eric asked, looking down at me.

    I looked up to look him in the eyes and nodded, mouth still full of his dick.

    Eric started to choke me, hesitantly at first. I could tell he wasn't very experienced with this. But I knew he had it in him. It was genetic.

    Sure enough, after a short while, Eric got more confident and started choking me harder, cutting off my oxygen supply even more. As he fucked my throat, I finger-fucked his hole, taking out my two fingers only to insert a third one as well.

    "Fuuuuck!" my boy moaned, showing my throat just how good of a fucker he was, making me proud. As a reward, my pinky finger slipped inside his hole as well, giving him almost my entire hand. "FUCK, Dad!!"

    Eric loosened his grip around my neck so I could grasp for air. I inhaled as quickly as I could before gulping down his cock again. I could tell how good this felt for my son because of how loose his hole was: even with no lube, he could take four fingers up there. Maybe… just one more… I wiggled my thumb…

    "HOLY SHIT! HOLY FUCK! DAD!! FUCK," my son grunted as his hole swallowed up my entire fist. His fingers dug into my shoulders. His surprised reaction let me know this was a first for him. That same second, he started to shoot his load inside my mouth, feeling immense pleasure.

    "Mmmm," I swallowed every drop of his cum, quickly jerking myself off with my left hand and shooting my own jizz all over the floor. No matter how much cum I've swallowed in my life, it always tastes a bit different. This time, I couldn't believe it was Eric's. My son's.

    I continued gulping, feeling his pierced dick pulsing inside my mouth as his jizz slid down my throat. My right fist continued working his hole, hitting his G spot and making him shoot his load.

    A minute later, weak after such a powerful orgasm, Eric's legs began to shake, as I pulled out my hand carefully. I looked down at my own cum on the floor and smiled.

    "Did your dad swallow your load when you had sex?" I asked Eric about his experience with Sven.

    "Nope," my son replied, "but I swallowed his."

    "That was one hell of an appetizer! Now if you excuse me. I need to wash my hands before dinner."



    "Thank you all for being here," I stood up, raising a glass after dinner.

    Four other identical glasses went up in the air.

    "Thank you," my dad Sven said, "for doing all this for us."

    "For real, the food was amazing," Brady chimed in. "I almost feel bad. Everyone at school's making jokes about having to eat ramen noodles, and here I am with you guys."

    David and Will smiled, and everyone went back to looking at me.

    "I really wanted to make this a special Valentine's Day for everyone," I continued. "I know it's customary to take out your partner for Valentine's Day," I looked at Will and smiled, "but honestly, I couldn't imagine this without the rest of you around."

    "Hear, hear! Happy everyone's here," Will added, squeezing David's hand, who was on his right. 

    "Dads, I have so much to thank you for, I don't even know where to begin. Today wouldn't be a celebration of love without mentioning all the love I have for you, and the love I've gotten from you all my life. I'm sure I speak for all of us," I pointed to Will on my right and Brady on my left, "when I say how much we appreciate your love and support, and mentorship."

    "To David and Sven!" Brady said. "Everyone's favorite daddies!"

    "To David and Sven!" we repeated and clinked glasses.

    "I'm not finished yet," I announced. "Here's to you too, Brady. Thanks for joining our family, bringing some more fun and youthfulness in it."

    "I know, you guys are gonna be like 24 this year. Fucking ancient," he teased.

    "And last but not least, to my lovely Will. I remember the evening we exchanged 'I love yous' –"

    "I do too," he interrupted. "We ended up in bed with one of our professors."

    "And from that moment, I knew this was something special. I grew up with such amazing gay parents. The only downside is that they've raised the bar so high, making it nearly impossible for anyone to live up to what they have. But for me… you are the one I want to try that with."

    I slowly got on one knee, as planned, and pulled out the small box from my pocket.

    "Will, will you do me the honor of being my husband?"

    I opened the box to display the simple but elegant ring I'd gotten. All four men at the table stopped breathing. My heart beat so loudly, I think they could all hear it.

    "Yes. Yes!" Will nodded enthusiastically. I took out the ring and placed it on his finger as he pulled me up into a kiss. My boyfriend and I kissed with our eyes closed, encouraged by the cheers of my two dads.

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