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My Boyfriend and My Two Dads


Nathanael, Pt. I

Preceded by: On My Way to…


    One good thing about living in a place where the seasons are as extreme as they are in Boston, is the overwhelming burst of optimism that hits in the spring. "We made it!" people seem to congratulate each other after the winter is over, ready to celebrate.

    I woke up in great spirits. On my right, the morning sun was shining brightly into the room. On my left, my husband's naked body lay sleeping next to me, his large dick upright like a flagpole. I rolled over and crawled down to Sven's cock. I took a big whiff with my eyes closed, letting the smell of him fill me up before taking his hard dick inside my mouth.

    "Mmm, what's going on down there?" Sven mumbled. I looked up to see his eyes still closed and a smile plastered on his face.

    "Good morning, Daddy," I said, pulling his foreskin up and down over the head of his pierced dick, and flicking his Prince Albert with my tongue. Meanwhile, Sven stretched his whole body like a lazy tomcat.

    I didn't waste any time. I knew he needed to be up for work soon, and I wanted to get his Daddy seed first. With one hand stroking his dick and the other one playing with his smooth balls, I made my husband moan loudly and stretch his legs as wide as they'd go.

    "Good boy," he grunted at me approvingly. His eyes were still shut as I went back down on his cock, feeling his large piercing deep in my throat. It might make any other cocksucker choke, but Sven and I had years of practice. I deepthroated him without gagging once, while my fingers roamed from his balls down his taint and next to his asshole.

    "Fuck yeah," Sven grunted loudly again, grabbing the hair on the back of my head, shoving my face deep in his crotch. He fucked my face without a sign of resistance by me, as I submitted myself to him fully. 

    Face-fucking me harder and harder, accompanied by loud grunts and "fuck yeahs," Sven finally made me gag. I drooled all over his cock and came up for breath. 

    "We'll wake up the boys," I said, wiping saliva from my chin. Our son and Will still had a little while longer to sleep before they had to get up.

    "I wouldn't be surprised if they're already up," my husband said to me, still gripping my hair tightly in his fist, "to hear what a fucking cocksucker you are."

    "Mmm, yeah," I moaned, my right hand slipping down between my legs and tugging on the boner I'd gotten while sucking Sven.

    "You like that, don't you, you pig?" he continued. "Your son being able to hear what a fucking slut you are?"

    "Wouldn't be the first time," I said, thinking back of all the years Eric's been able to hear his dad and me going at it.

    "C'mere!" said Sven aggressively, pulling me by my hair out of bed. He dragged me to the wall and let me drop to my knees there.

    "Ready for round two?" he grunted, standing in front of me with his huge dick right at my eye level, swinging left to right. He took one more step forward, trapping me with my back against the wall. The wall that we shared with our son's bedroom.

    "Take that dick!" he said loudly, his words echoing around the room. With that, he slammed his cock inside my mouth quickly, making the back of my head hit the wall.

    "Mmf!" I gagged on his dick, swallowing down saliva and precum, playing with my own dick which was now as hard as it gets. Sven put one hand on the back of my head to keep it from hitting the wall too much, and continued to mercilessly fuck my face.

    "Fuck! Fuck!!" we both grunted. With all the loud swearing and grunting and moaning and stroking, it was unmistakable what we were up to.

    My insatiable sex beast of a husband fucked my throat rougher and rougher, banging my body against the wall. It was almost as if he wanted our son to know what his parents were up to so early in the morning... 

    My nose buried in Sven's crotch, his morning musk made me feel high. I stroked my dick faster and faster, as I felt both of us get closer to edge. 

    "You – fucking – cocksucking – pig!" my husband grunted loudly, slamming his dick all the way down my throat with each word. He removed his hand from the back of my head, making me bang against the wall with each of his thrusts, as I gagged on his monster cock.

    Both of us almost out of breath, Sven pulled out of my mouth and I knew he was close. I stuck my tongue out, hoping to catch his cum as he jerked himself off at top speed.

    "AAAH!!!" Sven suddenly yelled out, loud enough to be heard not just in the next room but all the way across the street. A huge morning load of cum shot out of his dick, followed by a second spurt, and then a third. Some of it landed on my tongue and inside my mouth. The rest went all over my face, my nose, and down my hairy chest. Turned on by his cum, no matter how many times I'd gotten it before, I started to shoot my own load all over my chest, where it mixed with my husband's.

    "Good pig," Sven complimented me, smiling, as I looked up at him from between his legs. He brought his hand down and rubbed all of the cum that was on my chest, massaging the area between my nipples the way you might apply ointment to a sick person's chest.

    "Only the best for Daddy," I smiled back to Sven. We were snapping out of our Daddy/pig mode and going back to being two adoring lovers.

    "Muah!" my husband bent down and planted a huge kiss on my lips. "Thanks for that, honey. I needed it. Let me jump in the shower real quick."

    After a few seconds of leaning against the wall to recover, I got up and went to the kitchen to get started on breakfast. A few minutes later, I was joined there by our son and his boyfriend. Wait, no: his fiancé. That'll still take some getting used to.

    "Well somebody's day's off to a good start," Eric teased me as he walked to the fridge to get two bottles of water. He and Will were standing in the kitchen just as naked as I was.

    "Did we wake you up?" I chuckled. "Sorry."

    "Us and the whole building. Plus, I can still see the cum glistening on your chest," he winked at me and went to give Will some water. "Is it yours or Dad's?"

    I smiled coyly, amused by the fact my own son would ask me that so openly.

    "A bit of both," I winked at him before changing the topic. "Do you guys want anything special for dinner tonight?" 

    "Nothing in particular," my son answered.

    "I won't be here for dinner tonight, thanks," Will said. "We're wrapping up a big project at work, and the whole team's going for drinks afterwards."

    "I'll miss you babe," my son said to Will, giving him another kiss and letting his hand slide down to Will's dick, giving it a few squeezes and tugs right there in front of me in the bright kitchen.

    "For fuck's sake," I said to myself when I heard a knock on the door. Sitting on the couch naked by myself, I quickly glimpsed around for some underwear. Must be a delivery; usually the doorman called from downstairs when someone was on their way up, giving me enough time to put some clothes on if I needed to. I didn't give a shit about being seen naked, but whoever's on the other side might not appreciate it.

    Panicked and rushed, the first thing I found was a pair of briefs. "Better than nothing, I guess," I thought as I put them them on quickly; although, to be honest, they barely made any difference. My underwear was always the kind to "show off in," not "hide things in."

    I answered the door and lost my breath. It was the middle of the day and I was stone-cold sober; if I'd been drunk or high I would think I were hallucinating. On the other side of the threshold, a younger version of me stood looking at me nervously. He looked just like me in my 20s, except bigger, and wearing cowboy clothes I'd never wear. 

Untitled_Artwork 30.png

    "Hello," I said, trying to sound as casual as possible.

    "Hello, sir," the man said formally, as if he were about to try to sell me something or offer to help me find salvation in whatever sect he was a part of. "Sorry to bother you. I am looking for David Hill."

    That name…

    "It's David Hillbecker now," I said. "That would be me."

    "Hello sir. My name is Nathanael Hill. I am your nephew."

    All of a sudden, my body instantly filled with a feeling I hadn't really felt much of in years: shame. I looked down at myself, standing here in barely-there briefs, my husband's and my own cum still on my chest, meeting my nephew for the very first time.

    "Come – come on in," I stuttered. "Ex–excuse me."

    I quickly withdrew to the bathroom and put a robe on.

    When I came back to the living room, Nathanael was still standing by the door. He'd closed it behind him, but he still didn't dare venture any further in the apartment.

    "Please, sit down," I pointed at the couch. 

    He walked in carefully, as if entering a wild animal's den. He sat down on the couch and I sat on an armchair across from him. Looking down, I realized he could see inside my robe, so I kept my legs closed as much as possible. The robe itself was too tight to close on top over my chest. However, it was too late to do anything about it now without drawing even more attention to it.

    "So you're…"

    "Katherine's son," he said my older sister's name.

    Of course. I knew that already. She was the one who'd named her child after Grandpa Nate.

    "Is she fine?" I asked, feeling panicked. This meeting was so out of the blue, I had no idea what to expect! I hadn't talked to anyone in my family in over 30 years; a unilateral decision on their part.

    "She's fine, everyone's okay," the young man sitting on my couch said anxiously, looking down at the floor. He looked just as nervous to be here as I was.

    "Did she give you this address?" I asked. I didn't even know she had it.

    "Yes. Well, kinda," the boy finally made eye contact with me, before looking away again.

    "We just moved here a year ago. I didn't know she knew…"

    "I think she got it from one of the lawyers," he looked up again. Having something to talk about helped both of us relax somewhat. "The ones dealing with Grandma's will."

    "I see," I said. As awkward as I felt, I tried to give the boy a faint smile. It felt like strenuous work, but I did it. My nephew smiled back just as timidly, lightening up the mood for a split second. Next, an awkward moment of silence followed.

    I wanted to ask "Why are you here?" Instead, I said, "Can I get you something to drink?"

    "Some water would be great," he answered eagerly, as if he'd been dying of thirst but too shy to say anything.

    "Right away. Some coffee as well, perhaps?"

    "Sure, why not."

    We smiled at each other again, and I got up to go to the kitchen.

    In the open-plan apartment, we were still in the same room as I made the coffee. Still, I was glad he'd said yes, so I could get up and take a few minutes to gather my thoughts. 

    Serving the coffee to him, he thanked me politely. He was definitely a well-manned kid. I wondered if he was always like this, or if it was because of how unusual this situation was.

    "Do you live in Connecticut?" I asked, struggling to come up with questions that weren't too invasive. The first thing that came to mind was the state I'd grown up in. A neighboring state, which felt like a different planet to me at this point.

    "Actually, I just got back from… abroad," he replied awkwardly. "Still haven't settled down."

    I assumed he'd just returned from studying at a university somewhere in Europe; something that wouldn't surprise me from my sisters' kids. Still, I was careful not to ask too much; the boy definitely seemed discreet.

     "So are you thinking of settling down anywhere?" I tired to sound casual.

    "Well I don't really have a choice," he laughed for the first time since coming in. "Just not sure where. I was just in Texas for… a thing. I rented a car there and drove across the country."

    "Oh, that's nice."

    The conversation came to a standstill yet again. We sipped our coffee to tame the awkwardness. It was too hot to drink, but at least it gave us something to do.

    "This is a really nice place," Nathanael said, looking around the apartment, clearly impressed.

    "Thank you."

    "Do you live here by yourself?"

    I took a second before answering.

    "No. I live with my husband. And our son and his fiancé."

    My hand was shaking more than I realized. The almost-full cup of coffee spilled, getting some on the rug.

    "Damn! Excuse me," I got up to get a towel. I wiped the stain off and instead of just leaving the towel there, I walked to the master bathroom to leave it in the hamper.

    Alone at last, I breathed in deeply.

    "This is fucking ridiculous!" I thought, scolding myself. I've been out for over 30 years. I've fucked with hundreds of men, out in public, out and proud. We didn't even hide our sexuality in front of our child. So, why does saying "I live with my husband" in front of my nephew make me feel so ashamed? 

    I looked at myself in the mirror, at my chest peeking over the top of the robe. My son was right: you could still see the cum glistening on my chest.

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