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My Boyfriend and My Two Dads




    I smiled looking at a photo of myself with my boyfriend and his two dads on my phone. We were in the backyard of their old house and everyone in the photo was wearing a tight, sexy speedo; except for Sven, of course, who was butt naked. 

    The photo was taken on this day two years ago. We were having another one of our pool parties. As much as I've grown to love Boston, I sure missed that backyard with its pool and hot tub. Everything I saw Eric's dads do there back then felt so new, so… exciting. And here we were, two years later, and the novelty still hadn't worn off.

    We were now on one of the main streets in Boston, the Pride parade marching before us, surrounded by thousands of people. And this, Eric decides, is a good place to jerk me off. Even after a lifetime with him, I'm sure he will never cease to amaze me.

    He beckoned his parents to stand on either side of us, protect us from the crowd's view as much as possible. People walked past us; families, police officers, yet Eric didn't care. He put his hand in my shorts and continued to dance to the blasting music while stroking my dick. 

    I was used to doing it in public by now, usually at Eric's initiation. But this was probably the most extreme place yet. We weren't exactly surrounded by "a few" people; it was thousands! Although most of them were too busy to pay attention to us, you never know who might see what. I'd learned to love the risk, and was getting harder by the second. Add to that the story Eric just told us, of catching his fathers doing this at a Pride years back, and I was rock hard in no time. I had no idea how old Eric was when that event took place, but looking at his parents now, shielding us from view while their "little boy" did this, reaffirmed my suspicion that they might just be the coolest parents on Earth, ever.

    David and Sven danced right next to us, all of us in an inward circle. Their son's strokes were getting faster and faster, and I was getting ready to blast. Cumming right there in the middle of the busy sidewalk, on a sunny afternoon like this, felt amazing! My load landed all over Eric's hand and he dutifully licked it all off, right in front of his parents.

    As the day progressed we continued to party, make out, and drink. After the parade we went on to our favorite bar. The only downside here was that everyone knew us, so I couldn't jump on David and Sven and give them a big kiss whenever I wanted to. As far as most people were concerned (unless we specifically knew them to be kinky and open-minded), Eric and I were just an "ordinary couple," just like his dads.

    Even though I didn't like it, I understood why this was necessary. Otherwise, we'd risk becoming pariahs, even in gay society. Even with me, it took Eric years to come out and show me just how close he is to his dads. Now that I'd witnessed their relationship first-hand, I was finally beginning to understand. Eric and I had never seriously talked about becoming parents ourselves. But if we ever did, I wondered how closely we'd follow in David and Sven's footsteps.

    At the bar, I'd lost all track of time, mostly because of how many drinks I'd had. At one point, I realized I'd also lost track of Eric. I scouted the entire bar, before heading to the restrooms.

    "Eric? ERIC?! Are you there?" I tried to shout over the noise of dozens of men going in and out of the restroom talking to each other (or, in several cases, making out right there). My vision was blurry, but from what I could see, Eric didn't seem to be in the room.

    "Will?!" I heard his voice yell back. Next thing I know, I was being pulled into one of the stalls, with the door being closed and locked behind me.

    It took me a while to register what was going on. Eric was in the stall with another guy. As soon as he'd pulled me in, Eric started to make out with me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment, losing myself in Eric's mouth.

    Here in this stall, and drunk as I was, I suddenly got a flashback of David and Sven's old house again. Only this time we were in their shower… right before we'd moved out… All five of us, with Brady. It was the first time Eric and I openly fucked right in front of his parents, crammed in a narrow space together. I remembered it like it was yesterday: Sven fucking David, who was fucking Brady; all of us cumming around the same time.

    I opened my eyes, still slightly dizzy, still mixing up reality with fantasy, when I realized: the other man in the stall with us was David! Looking down, Eric's shorts were pulled down low in the back. David's… David's dick was inside Eric's ass.

    Maybe this shouldn't have surprised me as much as it did, but I was in shock. So far, Eric has treaded a fine line with his fathers in front of me. They'd kiss and touch very inappropriately by most people's standards, but they'd never fuck!

    "Hey, baby. You don't mind, do you?" Eric said to me softly, while still being pounded by David.

    I had no words. He'd done it: even after everything, Eric had managed to leave me utterly speechless.

    My tongue tied, another organ reacted: my dick. The shorts I was wearing left little to the imagination; a glance down and you'd be able to tell I was getting hard. True, I'd started to pop a boner as soon as Eric and I had started kissing in this stall, before I'd even noticed David. But now, witnessing David's daddy cock slowly glide back and forth inside his son's hole right in front of me… it was making me even harder.

    I remained wordless, silently accepting the phone Eric was putting in my hand. 

    "Take a video, won't you?" 

    I fumbled with the cell phone, turning the camera on. 

    I was now watching the action through the screen, even though it was happening right in front of me. For some reason, this helped me relax, making me feel more distanced from the situation. Whatever happened, happened. I was just the cameraman.

    Out by the urinals, two men talking in a language I couldn't understand were laughing loudly. Men kept coming into the restroom, with no idea what was transpiring here in this stall. I'm sure plenty of horny couples were having sex in public bathrooms of gay bars today. But none of them was quite like Eric and David.

    I watched the father and son in front of me, my fiancé and my father-in-law-to-be, as they kissed passionately, leaning against the stall door. Eric was craning his head back as much as possible, reaching for his father's lips while presenting his ass to him. David, so often the bottom when Sven was around, was now a full-blown top daddy, fucking Eric like he was trying to prove a point. Filming them, a thought flew through my mind: was this their first time?

    Watching them kiss, you'd think there was never a more passionate couple in the world. I'd both fucked and been fucked by David, and one thing I knew for certain: he was a pleaser. He fucked Eric without ever missing a beat, all the while sucking his face and gently choking him. Eric, always down for a rough fuck, was in ecstasy. 

    I unbuttoned my shorts, allowing my dick to swing out. I was so hard by now, it was painful to keep it restrained. Noticing my erection, Eric smiled and reached over for my dick.

    "I love you, baby," he said to me, gasping for air as David continued to wreck his ass.

     Making sure I got it all on camera, I leaned in for a kiss with Eric, still feeling David's saliva on his lips. After a minute, I pulled away, only to now get closer to David and start kissing with him. Our tongues wrestling in our mouths, I could feel David's whole body shaking as he fucked his own son. 

    I pulled back to make sure I was still recording everything. I felt drunker by the minute, in large degree because of how surreal this all was. I was horny as hell and wanted to fuck as well; but somehow, I felt like it wasn't my place to interrupt. This was something special between father and son, and I was here to document it.

    I got on my knees, determined to get a closeup of David's dick as it pumped back and forth inside his boy's hole. It wasn't easy placing the phone in the right spot without interfering with the action. From this position, I was mostly getting a shot of David's balls. Unable to help myself, I reached in with my free hand and caressed them, feeling them tighten. "Are these the balls that made the sperm that made Eric?" my drunk brain wondered as I stroked them with my fingertips.

    I watched and filmed David's dick thrusting inside Eric, deeper and faster with each stroke. Both of them were moaning out loud; their moans audible to me, but too quiet to be heard by everyone else in the noisy restroom. The stall felt like a bubble cut off from the rest of the world. Outside, the party raged on. In here, it was a completely different way of celebrating.

    As I watched David's ball sack tighten, all of a sudden I started to wonder: what happens when he's ready to shoot? Will Eric take his father's cum in his own hole?

    I got up and squeezed in right in front of Eric, getting a good shot of his face. I made eye contact with David, who winked at me, and positioned his hands on Eric's shoulders, holding them like reins and picking up even more speed while fucking. 

    "Honey," I put my left hand on Eric's face, talking to him softly, "are you gonna take your dad's load?"

    "Fuck yeah," Eric replied, biting his lip and barely able to speak with how good he felt.

    "You gonna take it?" I repeated, my dick pulsing at the kinky thought.

    "Yes, I'm gonna take his load up my ass," Eric said confidently. 

    "You gonna let your dad bust a nut inside you? Your own father?" I whispered.

    "Fuck yeah."

    "You gon let him breed you?"

    "Fuck… aaaaah, yeah."
    With that, Eric started shooting his own load down on the dirty bathroom floor. His moans were now so loud that they echoed all over the restroom.

    "Yeeeah!" a couple of men started cheering and applauding outside. They'd realized a couple was fucking in one of the stalls. If only they knew the whole story…

    "Fuck yeah," David grunted, speeding up, his balls now loudly slapping against his son's thighs. 

    The conversation in the room had died down. People were now curious and keeping an ear out for the sounds of someone cumming.

    "That's right, man, shoot your load up his ass!" an unknown voice said from outside.

    David and Eric now had an audience, even if they couldn't see them. I looked up to make sure no one was peeking over the dividers, and luckily, no one was.

    No longer needing to keep quiet, David really started to let go now. He grabbed hold of Eric's neck with one hand and fucked him as strongly as he could. Eric, still feeling the aftereffect of his own orgasm, had his eyes rolling in the back of his head.

    Now, it was crucial for David to cum as fast as possible. If a bitchy patron complained to one of the security guards about a couple fucking in the bathroom we'd be kicked out, and even worse: exposed.

    "Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" David growled like a wild beast who could somehow speak English. His voice, usually soft and caring, was completely unrecognizable. 

    I looked Eric straight in the eyes and whispered one last time: "Your father's gonna cum inside your ass."

    "Aaarrrgghh! Fuuuuuck," David's whole body started twitching as he shot the mother of all loads inside Eric's hole. Even though I couldn't see it, I could read both their faces: this was one of the most intensive loads David has shot in his entire fucking life.

    "Yeeeah!" more cheers came from outside, five or six guys applauding David's orgasm. 

    "Baby," Eric closed his eyes and opened his mouth, calling for me. I turned off the camera and put the phone away, before putting my arms around Eric's body and giving him a tight hug and a deep kiss. While we kissed, Eric's body rocked back and forth as his father shot the last drops of cum inside him, before starting to pull out. 

    We stayed in the stall for several more minutes, waiting for the guys that were in the restroom to leave. David came in for a kiss, and all three of us kissed at the same time, my tongue going left and right from son's to father's mouth.

    Noticing I was still hard, Eric reached down for my cock.

    "Not now," I stopped him. "Later. When we watch the video."

    We kissed again, before leaving the stall one by one. 

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