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Pool Party


    "Would you ever get your dick pierced?" Will asked me.

    I thought it seemed out of nowhere, then I noticed we'd just passed a tattoo and piercing parlor at the mall. We were done with all my dad's chores and slowly headed home.

    "Why, do you want me to?" I asked back.

    "Not that I want you to, just wondering. I used to be grossed out by it. Now I'm kinda used to it."

    "From seeing it on my dad?"

    "Well, yeah. Guess it feels more normal now."

    "Do you like it?"

    "Well it's weird to say how I like your dad's dick!"

    "You started it!" I laughed loudly.

    "Yeah, I think it's nice."

    When I first started college I was really anxious about fitting in. I was homeschooled for years and came from such a small (and very unique) family. Luckily, making friends turned out to be easier than I thought. With time I realized most people were sheltered and inexperienced in one way or another.

    Will came from a large family and a larger town, but he could still be so naive at times. I found it endearing, for the most part. Most guys I was fucking with in college seemed happy to pump and dump, but Will's shyness around me let me know he liked me more than that. Luckily, the copious amounts of booze round campus loosened up his inhibitions and we started hooking up. Within weeks we were each other's first boyfriend, and I'd politely asked my roommate Jamal if he'd mind switching rooms so Will and I could room together.[1]

    "That was awesome," Will said after dropping his body weight on top of me. It was our first day as roommates and we'd fucked so long the sheets were drenched in sweat, lube, and cum. It was then we decided we'd use one bed for fucking and the other for sleeping in.

    He got up to quickly open the window then lay down next to me in bed, both of us still naked. He pulled out a joint and lit it.

    "Hopefully this doesn't set off the smoke alarm," he said, inhaling.

    "Oh, so you can be a rebel?" I said and squeezed his balls gently.

    We passed the joint around a couple of times and smoked in silence.

    "So, can I ask you something?" he said after a while.

    "You can always ask. We'll see if I answer."

    "So, you have two gay dads. Are you adopted?"

    I took my time, taking a puff then exhaling.


    I looked him in the eyes and could tell he was dying to know more but was holding back.

    "They used a surrogate," I continued, after another puff. "They never met her, they went through their doctor. He's a friend of theirs, really successful doctor back in the day. He's my godfather, actually. Both my dads, they jerked off in a cup, and he used one of it, whichever one worked better." I took a long puff again. "The three of us don't know who the biological dad is. We have the information sealed in an envelope if we ever need it, for medical reasons."

    "Wow. So like, can't you tell, isn't it obvious?" asked Will, whose mom was black and dad was white. 

    "No. They look similar; both blond, blue-eyed, just like me. Some friends of theirs like guessing. My dads asked me if I wanted to know when I was round 15 but I said no. As far as I'm concerned they're both equally my dads and that's that."

    "Wow man, that is crazy!" Will said, his head hitting the pillow.

    I took a deep breath.

    "I mean, I 100% understand why that seems crazy to you. But like, for me, it's the most normal thing in the world. It's all I've ever known."

    "Oh my god, I'm sorry," he started apologizing. "I didn't mean to..."

    "That's fine," I interrupted. "No need to be sorry. And I get it. I'm just saying. I have two parents, who both happen to be gay men, married to each other. I'm glad that's all possible now. And I'm glad they could find and afford to have a good doctor and a good lawyer, especially cuz I'm sure that shit wasn't easy back then. But I don't think about that ever, or who my biological dad happens to be. It could honestly be either one of them."



    "So what do you wanna do for the rest of the day?" I asked Eric from the passenger seat as we were pulling out of the parking lot. We were done with the things his dad asked us to do and we were headed home. There were lots of people out and about. It was a gorgeous day in the beginning of summer, when you can spend all day in the sun without getting too hot.

    "How about we chill by the pool all day? Drink, smoke... fuck," he said and grabbed my cock with his right hand while steering with his left. I was wearing a pair of gray sweatpants with no underwear, a pair he loved to see me wear in public because they very obviously showed off the entire outline of my dick.

    "Mmm, that sounds good," I said with a smile. The windows were down and the sun was hitting my face, and I started to get hard immediately. Eric continued to tease me through the fabric.

    "You like that?" he asked rhetorically. The answer was obvious and it lay in my pants: my dick, fully hard.

    He struggled to pull out my erection one-handed and tucked my sweatpants under my balls.

    "You're already leaking precum," he noted and wiped some of it off the tip of my dick and put his fingers in his mouth. He swallowed, then spit in his hand and continued to jerk me off as random cars drove around us.

    "Fuck, that feels good," I moaned and licked my lips as Eric started to go faster, in more ways than one. As his right hand went faster up and down my dick, his right foot would hit the accelerator and make the car go faster.

    "Careful," I said, as I lifted my ass and pulled down my sweats to my ankles. Eric let go of my dick and cupped my shaved balls. He stroked them for a little bit then gave them a few soft smacks, making my right knee reflexively jump up.

    "Ouch," I said, breathing in sharply.

    Eric cupped my balls again and gave them a gentle squeeze. He hit the accelerator again as he tightened his grip. His eyes kept wandering from the road to my balls to my facial expression. I was clenching my teeth in agony and pleasure, as my hard dick bobbed up and down on its own. 

    "That hurts," I said but did nothing to stop him. "Eric, baby, please stop."

    That seemed to only make him squeeze tighter, and drive faster. We were fast approaching the red Ford in front of us which seemed to have four people in it. At this point we must've been going over the speed limit.

    So much sweat was running from my forehead and pits I looked like I was just out the shower. Eric gripped my balls tighter than anyone's ever done it before, as I kept my eyes on the road, watching nervously as we approached the car in front of us.

    "Baby, please," I moaned softly. It felt like my balls were about to bust.

    Then, in what appeared to be the very last second before we crashed, Eric swerved left and passed the red Ford.

    "Fuckin' asshole!" I heard the driver yell after us as we gained more speed and drove past them.

    Eric let go of my balls and quickly grabbed my dick. It was drenched in precum and sweat by now.

    "Do you wanna cum? Do you want me to make me cum?" he asked with a deep, harsh voice, looking at me.

    "Baby please, keep your eyes on the road," I was barely able to speak. Eric jerked my dick faster and faster as he hit the accelerator and I was on the agonizing verge of cumming.

    It was then Eric suddenly grabbed my left hand and put it on the steering wheel. He quickly unbuckled his seatbelt and went down to my lap, putting my dick in his mouth.

    "Eric, what the fuck?!" I yelled. I tried to pull him up by his hair but he wouldn't give up, sucking my dick for dear life. I was now the one having to keep his eyes on the road, as Eric pressed his foot on the pedal. 

    Cars whizzed by in the opposite direction, honking at us. We were quickly approaching the black Chevy in front of us. Eric's head was bobbing up and down faster and faster on my dick.

    "Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!!" I yelled out, as I started busting load after load after load in Eric's mouth. I wanted to scream and close my eyes but I couldn't. I had to focus on the road at the same time as cumming in his mouth. I steered to the left till we'd passed the Chevy, a split second after unloading in Eric's mouth, then steered us back onto our lane.

    Eric raised his head and grabbed the steering wheel with both hands again. He eased up on the gas and we stated to go slower. He'd swallowed most of my jizz, but some of it was dripping down his chin. I held my dick in my right hand. My orgasm was over but the aftereffect was just as strong. I could feel it in my dick, my balls, my asshole. My heart was beating like crazy, faster than I could ever remember. I took deep deep breaths and couldn't speak for at least five minutes, until we pulled up to the house.


    Sven had promised me a full day of fucking, and I intended to hold him to his word. That didn't, however, mean that we couldn't take breaks in between. He'd already fucked me once, while I tried to get rid of my son who kept talking to me on the phone. It was a gorgeous day and it would've been a shame not to spend it in the yard. 

    Sven went out into the backyard, naked, and fired up the grill. I made an extra-large bowl of punch, probably stronger than anyone would recommend, but it was sweet so it went down easy. 

    I went to my room to pick out a pair of speedos. I tried on a navy-blue square-cut pair and looked at myself in the mirror. I was by no means America's Next Top Model, but I had a more-than-decent dad bod, nice hairy chest and arms and a six-pack if I sucked in hard enough. I wasn't feeling the speedos, so I tried on an olive-green pair. They came with a push-up pouch in the front that made my dick look huge, and showed off its every curve. They were also extremely low-cut so my entire public hair was out (I hadn't trimmed in a few days so I was a bit bushier than usual). I turned around. An inch or two of my asscrack was showing at the top. I grabbed the punch bowl and went out to the yard.

    Sven was standing on the grass, smoking. A Bluetooth speaker was playing ABBA off his phone. I put down the bowl and went to give him a kiss. He hugged me with his left hand, while holding his cigarette with his right. His left hand went inside my speedos and he pressed my hole with his middle finger.

    "You better wash that before making me food," I said.

    He grinned and put his finger in his mouth. "All clean."

    "You nasty pig," I growled.

    "You have no idea," he added and grabbed my wrist, jerking me strongly into another kiss. 

    I hated smoking... except when it was Sven. Our kisses whenever he'd had scotch and a cigarette: that was the best taste I'd ever felt in my mouth.

    We started drinking, and it wasn't long after that the boys got home. They unloaded the car and accepted my invitation to join us for food and drinks.

    "Eric honey," I said while the two of us were standing alone, "you have something on your face." I pointed to his chin. 

    "Thanks, Dad," he said, wiping it with his hand. "Hey, can I borrow a pair of speedos, please," Eric asked. "I don't even know where I put mine."

    "Sure, help yourself," I said. "And if Will needs some as well, feel free."

    "Thanks," he said. He and Will went into the house and joined us outside 10 or 15 minutes later. Eric came out wearing a blue pair I'd gotten in Spain, Will wore black. All of my swimwear was explicitly slutty, making anyone's bulge and butt look nice. They were also low-cut. I noticed both boys trimmed their pubes quite short but didn't shave them off completely; Eric's being blond and barely visible, Will's dark and curly.

    We sat around the small table in the yard, and we ate and drank. Will pulled out some weed and we all lit up. (This was my first time smoking with my son.) Everyone loved my punch and I had to make a second batch. Will, and then Eric, went inside to piss. When he needed to go, Sven got up and walked just a foot or two away and let go.

    "I swear that man is half-dog, he loves pissing in nature so much," I said.

    "Woof! Woof woof woof woof!" Sven started barking loudly (and convincingly), making everyone laugh. He was pissing hands-free, with a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other. It was getting all over his legs but he didn't care.



    Sometimes I really missed living in a big city, mostly because of the unlimited amount of strangers you could fuck on any given day. But on days like this, looking at my large sunny backyard where I can be free and naked, I felt it was all worth it.

    I have no idea where I would've ended up if I didn't settle down with David. We were both into drugs and casual fucks back in the day but man, I was taking it overboard. Looking at our son now, I had to admit: we did a good job.

    Eric looked happy and healthy. Both he and Will looked like Adonises, as far as I was concerned. (Okay, it didn't hurt that they were wearing those tiny little speedos that David keeps buying, he knows they drive me wild.) Both boys spent less time than I did working out, but their results were much more obvious. I envied their youth, and was happy for them at the same time. I was tempted to present them with the money they needed for a place of their own but I wasn't sure how they'd feel about that. Plus, I selfishly wanted to spend some more time with my son. I knew what life was like once you started a steady job and a family of your own. I wasn't ready to give him up just yet.

    There were only four of us out in the yard, but it was starting to feel like a real party. The drinks kept flowing, the joints kept rolling, and the music got louder. I was in such a good mood I even agreed to give Eric a chance to control the music.

    "You have to beat me first, though," I challenged him. "Ten laps in the pool, front and back. Whoever's first gets to DJ."

    "Deal, old man," he reached to shake my hand.

    "Call me that again and you won't live to be my age," I joked, and yanked him by the hand trapping his head in my armpit and giving him a noogie.

    I was close, but the kid beat me fair and square, which meant switching to rap.

    Everyone got in the pool then, where we continued drinking. As the afternoon turned into evening, it got a bit chilly. 

    "Wanna move it to the hot tub?" David suggested.

    "Sure," I said and got out of the pool. I could feel David's eyes looking at me, focused on my bare ass, so I stood there for a few seconds, dripping wet, flexing my glutes for him. 

    He followed me out of the pool and I hugged and kissed him. The boys were still in the pool, facing us, but talking to each other.

    "You are so fucking hot," I said, and put my tongue in my husband's mouth. My hands wandered down his back, ending up inside his speedos, squeezing his asscheeks. 

    "And you know what I love?" I continued, kissing him in between sentences. "The way your pubes are all out for everyone to see." My right hand wandered from his back to his front, rubbing his lower belly and his pubic area. "Is this the pair you wore to the beach last time we were in Gran Canaria?"

    "Mmm, I don't remember," he whispered softly as we kissed. "What I definitely remember is how you fucked me in front of everyone at that beach."

    "You know there's probably photos and videos of us somewhere on the Internet, right?" I laughed.

    "I wouldn't know, I don't go looking. Who needs porn when I got this?" He reached for my dick and gave it a squeeze.

    I saw the boys get out of the pool. "Let's get in the tub," I said.

    Our hot tub was big enough for probably eight people, knee-to-knee. So with the four of us there was ample room. Which did not mean I didn't want my husband as close as possible to me. I pulled him in until he was sitting on my lap, his legs spread open, facing me, with his back to Eric and Will.

    We chilled like that for a while, occasionally kissing, occasionally whispering to each other. The boys were sitting next to each other but they both seemed to be doing the same thing as us. Thankfully Eric changed the music again, to something slower, some R&B.

    "Hey Dad, did it hurt when you got your Prince Albert done?"

    "Hm," I looked at Eric and Will. "It did, but it wasn't for very long. Why, thinking of getting one?"

    "Maybe," he answered. "We just passed a studio today and were just talking about it."

    "Don't do it at no random studio. I have a buddy who can do it for you, same one who did mine. It'll be cheaper and safer."

    "Man, I could never do that, I'm too much of a pussy," Will said. His eyes were glazed and you could definitely tell the booze and weed had taken their toll. Then again, that's probably how all of us looked.

    "I had no choice. I got these done," I pinched my nipples, "because I wanted to, but the dick piercing was a special request from a loved one." I squeezed David's ass in front of the boys' faces.

    David smiled and kissed me, then continued to pinch my nipples.

    "See baby, now you have to do it if I ask you to," I overheard Eric say to Will. From the corner of my eye, I noticed Eric's arm move toward Will's crotch, probably grabbing his dick under the water.

    I closed my eyes as David and I continued kissing. With all the kissing action, plus him pinching my nips, I was hard as a rock within seconds. David noticed and discreetly grabbed my dick with his right hand. He started going up and down under the water, very very slowly, trying to hide what he was really doing. We looked at each other straight in the eyes with animal lust. David's lips curled into a shit-eating grin.

    "You alright, big boy?" he whispered super softly.

    I nodded, not breaking eye contact for a second.

    "Hey Dad, is there any more punch?" Eric asked.

    David turned around to face Eric over his left shoulder. His right hand was still on my dick, jerking me off slowly and discreetly.

    "No, but all the ingredients are out in the kitchen on the counter," he answered, never missing a beat. My dick was in heaven.

    "How much do I put in?" Eric wanted to know.

    "It doesn't really matter, just dump everything in there and add a shitton of ice. Then taste it and if it's wrong just add more juice," he explained while continuing the hand-job. You could say a lot of things about my husband, but you can't say he's not good at multitasking.

    Eric got up and grabbed the empty bowl and took it inside the house. Will was alone on that side of the tub now, his head leaned back and his eyes closed. He was probably just resting his eyes but he looked like he might be napping.

    "Make me cum!" I whispered urgently to David. With the jets running, I was pretty sure Will couldn't hear me.

    David turned around to give Will a quick look, then back to me. Now he was all in, jerking me off up and down with gusto. I hugged him around his lower back so he wouldn't fall back, as he took his left hand and put two fingers on my perineum, then closer and closer to my hole.

    "Fuck. Fuck! I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum!" I tried to whisper as gently as possible but it felt like I was screaming. David and I never broke eye contact for a single second. The energy between us that very moment felt amazing, even after all these years. It was my second load of the day, but my dick erupted like a geyser. My toes curled underwater, I couldn't control my breathing. David's fingers close to my hole were pressing hard. I broke off eye contact to look down and see my white cum spurt into the tub, then quickly float all around in the water.

    David didn't stop, and continued slowly jerking me until my orgasm subdued. I gave him a big kiss and we both burst into laughter uncontrollably. 

    "What's so funny?" Eric asked, walking back with a fresh bowl of punch. He poured some in four cups and walked back into the hot tub. Will opened his eyes and hugged him.



    When Will and I got home from the mall we realized we weren't the only ones who'd planned to spend the day by the pool. Even better with my dads there, I thought. They'd made enough food for everyone and the punch David made looked delicious! 

    Sven was naked as per usual, but David wore a hot pair of speedos I don't think I'd seen him wear before. I knew Will had a thing for sexy underwear and swimwear, so I walked over to ask my dad if I could borrow some from him.

    "Eric honey, you have something on your face."

    Fuck. Will's cum was still on my face. Could Dad tell that's what it was?

    I wiped it off and asked about borrowing a pair of speedos. Dad said yes, and offered some for Will as well if he wanted some.

    I took Will with me and we walked to my parents' bedroom.

    "What's going on?" Will asked.

    "Dad said we can have some stuff to wear, if we wanna chill by the pool."

    "What? Are you sure?"

    "Yes. I asked, he said yes. Pretty sure." 

    I took all my clothes off and dumped them on the floor. Will looked at me apprehensively, but then he did the same.

    I went through the drawer where I knew Dad kept his swimwear. I rummaged for a bit and pulled out the tiniest pair.

    "How about these?" I joked. I'd put on a white pair of barely-there speedos. The top of my dick was out, as was half of my ass.

    "Those aren't made for the beach, are they?" Will asked.

    "Probably not, probably some fetish party or something. Here, these look more conservative."

    I went for a yellow pair that pushed up my ass and made it look amazing. The bulge in the front was nice as well.

    "How about you go with these?" I said, offering him a red pair.

    "I think black's more my color," Will said and put them on. His dick looked amazing, like he was constantly half-hard. They were cut really low so his pubic hair was showing.

    "You look so fucking hot," I said and started kissing him and rubbing his dick through the fabric. He had cum just ten minutes ago so I wasn't sure if he'd get hard again so quickly. Me, on the other hand, that was a different story.

    "You're hard," he noticed and put his hand on my dick as well.

    "Of course I'm hard, look at us. We look so hot."

    We stood in front of the full-length mirror admiring ourselves and each other. We'd been fairly disciplined when it came to working out lately, and then putting on this perfectly-cut swimwear made us feel even hotter. Plus there was something about my parents' bedroom that was... sexy. It was mostly black, the lights were always dimmed, and there was always a nice, sensual smell. There were multiple homoerotic photos on the walls, and Tom of Finland drawings. There was a calendar of nude rowers, as well as a large photo of my dads kissing, shirtless. Next to it was a photo of them holding me as a baby.

    "I need to take care of this before going out," I pointed to my erection.

    "That's true. Plus I owe you one." Will got behind me and hugged me from behind. His right hand grabbed my dick and his left hand grabbed the speedos to pull them down.

    "No. Leave them on," I said. 

    "You sure?" he hesitated.


    It was hard to jerk off in such a small pair of speedos but Will did his best. I was leaking precum and it was getting all over Will's hand and my dad's speedos.

    "Grab some lube, I'm sure there's some on the nightstand."

    Will hesitated for a second again but did what I told him. I was right, and he came back with a bottle of lube and squirted some on his hand.

    Much better. I was getting close to the edge now. 

    "Go faster. Go faster," I panted.

    Will picked up speed. The speedos were tucked in under my balls, but when I got close I quickly tugged them up and over my dick.

    "Fuck, I'm cumming. Fuck!"

    I came messily, inside the speedos and all over Will's hand. Drops of cum dripped to the black carpet.

    "Fuck, that felt good. Thank you, baby." I gave Will a kiss.

    We stood like that for a couple seconds, until he pulled out his hand. I took off the speedos and wiped the rest of the cum off myself, then handed them to him so he could wipe his hand. When he handed them back, I knelt and tried to get the cum off the carpet.

    "Do you think that'll stain?" he asked.

    "Doesn't matter, not like we can do much now anyway."

    "What're you gonna do with those?"

    "Throw them in the hamper," I answered and walked to my parents' bathroom. I threw the yellow speedos in the hamper and went back to the drawer and picked a fresh, blue pair instead.



    I have no idea how many times I've cum in my life, but I can say without a doubt the strongest orgasm I'd had so far was as Eric drove us back home from the mall that day.

    He'd always had a wild and experimental side to him, but this was just fucking crazy. It was terrifying! We were lucky to not be arrested, not to mention lucky to be alive! I was horrified... and so turned on at the same time.

    Back in the house, I didn't have a lot of time to think about what'd just happened, because I was immediately distracted. Eric's dads were in the yard. Sven naked as always. David wearing a pair of speedos that looked... obscene. His entire pubes were out in the front, making it impossible for me not to look and wonder what was underneath them. His ass was showing in the back. He had the body to pull it off, but he definitely did not look like anyone's dad!

    Apparently he'd told Eric we can help ourselves to some of his speedos if we wanted to, which is what we went to do. I was so turned on to be trying them on, and so was Eric. He came in a pair of his dad's speedos, then casually left them in the hamper like it's no big deal, not even trying to hide them.

    I needed a drink, and a smoke! I rolled the fattest blunt I could, and shared my weed with everyone. As soon as the weed and liquor started to kick in, I started to relax. Nothing seemed like such a big deal anymore. Sven nonchalantly pissing in front of everyone multiple times. Him and David kissing and groping each other. Eric and I kissing, at the table, in the pool, with everyone there.

    By the time we all moved to the hot tub, that shit was hitting me hard. I watched David sit in Sven's lap in a sort of daze. Eric and I talked to each other the entire time but I honestly have no idea what was being said, it's like I switched off. Did he not notice or not care about his dads being so intimate just inches from our faces? Was... Was David jerking Sven off? Yes! Oh my god, yes he was, I could recognize the arm movements. Was Eric honestly so unobservant, to ask for more punch while his dad was getting a hand-job?!

    I just closed my eyes, I had no idea anymore. I tried to ignore it, but who was I kidding? I was hard as a rock under the water. I was so turned on it hurt! I opened my eyes the tiniest bit, trying to see what was happening without being caught.

    If there'd been any doubt whether David was giving Sven a hand job earlier, it went away the second Eric left the hot tub. They thought I was asleep so they went all in, jerking aggressively, grunting, and moaning softly, all while looking each other in the eye. And a few seconds later... Was... Was Sven cumming? Yes! That must be his cumshot face. He tried to control himself but I could tell. He looked down at his dick. Fuck: it was happening! I was cumming as well. Without touching myself, my dick trapped between the waistband of the tight speedos and my belly. I was shooting in the hot tub, simultaneously with Sven! Fuck!!

    Next thing I can remember I was in bed. It was the middle of the night. Eric was lying next to me, snoring softly, naked just like I was. I had only a vague recollection of walking up here. Water. I needed water.

    I got up and stumbled to the kitchen, almost falling down the stairs. All the lights were off. The only noise was the dishwasher running. I chugged a whole bottle of water out the fridge, then a second one. Fuck man, I must be more wasted than I realized. I needed some fresh air.

    I went out to the yard. All the cups and plates and bowls were gone, everything was tidy again. I breathed in deeply. I needed to piss. Should I pull a Sven? I let go and started pissing on the grass. Two seconds after I started, I realized I'm not alone.

    "Hey," a voice said calmly.

    I looked around. Merely a few feet on my right, Sven was lying on his back on the grass, naked, with his hands underneath the back of his head.

    "Hey. Sorry," I said. Once I'd started I couldn't stop so I just continued pissing.

    "No problem. You okay, son?"

    "Yeah, I might just be a bit... a bit fucked up but I'll be fine."

    I finished pissing a realized this was the first time I was naked in front of Sven. 

    "Wanna lie down for a second? I came out for a smoke then I got distracted looking at the stars."

    It really was a gorgeous night. I lay down on Sven's right.

    "You sure you're gonna be fine?" he asked again.

    "Yeah, I just need some water and sleep and shit and I'll be fine," I said, trying not to slur my words.

    "You had a bit too much, you'll be alright," he said and put his arm around me. I adjusted my position so I was resting my head on his bicep. "I've come off must worse than just weed and liquor."

    We lay in silence, and I have no idea if it took 30 seconds or 30 minutes. Thoughts were racing, half-cohesively, through my mind. I realized this was the first time I could remember getting a hug from a man who I wasn't having sex with.

    "You liking it here so far?" Sven asked. Why'd he have to go open this can of worms?

    "I do," I started to talk, unable to control my words. "Don't get me wrong, cuz I love it, I really do. It's just so weird."

    "What is?" He turned around to look at me instead of the sky. His arm was still under my head.

    "Everything, the way you guys live, the way you guys act around each other. It doesn't feel real. It's like someone's making this shit up. It's like an alternate reality."

    I heard him take a deep breath.

    "Listen. When I was born in eastern Germany, back then it was the GDR. Now, I don't know what they teach you kids in school these days but do some research if you need to know what the living conditions were like then and there. Do you think if someone had told me then that fifty years later I would own my own house, in this of all places, and I'd have a husband and a son and we would live that way legally and openly, and I would be able to travel the world wherever I wanted... Do you think that wouldn't feel like an alternate reality to that boy back then?"

    "I guess it would," I mumbled.

    "My point is, everything is crazy until it isn't. Everything is impossible until it isn't."

    He lay back to look at the sky. I turned toward him and put my right hand on his chest.

    "We built a nice little life for ourselves here, David and I," he continued. "We worked hard. And we just got really fucking lucky, as well. We're finally at a point where we can control the narrative, and not have to deal with other people's bullshit. There's up and downs, but we've always been honest with each other and Eric. Honesty, son, that's the most important."

    I was only half-registering what he was saying, so many thoughts and feelings whirling inside of me.

    "Sven, you know how you call me 'son'?"

    "Yeah?" he said, turning to look me in the eyes.

    "Well, would it be okay... Can I call you 'Dad'?"

    We looked at each other for a second.

    "C'mere," he said and pulled me into a hug until my head was resting on his chest and he had both arms tightly around me. I started sobbing. My body was shaking, and tears were rolling down my cheeks and onto his chest.

    "Shhh, it's okay." He waited until I'd calmed down, holding me tightly and running one hand up and down my back and the other one through my hair.

    "Yes, it's alright if you want to call me 'Dad,'" he said reassuringly. 

    I squeezed his body tighter with both arms. We lay like that in silence for a few minutes.

    "You know how you said honesty's the most important?" I said after a while.

    "Yes?" he asked as his fingertips stroked my back.

    "Earlier in the hot tub, I wasn't asleep or anything."


    "Yeah. I'm sorry. I watched you... get a hand-job from David."

    "And how did that make you feel?" he asked very coolly. 

    "Well, honestly... It was hot. It made me cum without even touching myself. I think I shot as the same time as you."

    "Hahaha," he laughed warmly and heartily. It was the loudest he'd been all night.

    I felt relieved. Happy. Content. After a few seconds, I started dozing off on his chest.

    "Time to hit the hay," he poked me to wake me up.

    "Hey, Dad?" I said before we got up. 

    I looked him in the eyes as my heartbeat started to go up. I had no idea how he'd react or if I might grow to regret this, but it felt out of my control anyway. 

    I leaned forward and gave him a kiss. Timidly at first, I wasn't sure if he'd reciprocate. But I felt his mouth open wider and his tongue go in and out of my mouth as well. We kissed like that for several seconds.

    "Good night, son," Sven said when the kiss was over. "Go to bed, don't let Eric sleep alone."

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