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No Questions, No Limits


    I woke up in the middle of the night to my husband Sven coming back into our bedroom. When he wanted to, he could slip into bed very quietly without disturbing me. The fact he was being so loud made me think he wanted me to wake up. And I'm glad he did.

    I was still semi-drunk from a full day of drinking. Some people are aggressive drunks. Some people are happy drunks. I am a horny drunk. Sven and I had planned a full Saturday of fucking, but our son Eric and his boyfriend had thwarted our plans. We'd managed to fuck once in the morning and I got to jerk him off to completion in the hot tub, with our son's young boyfriend Will sitting right across from us. But right now I was horny again and my ass was hungry for more. 

    I opened my eyes and saw Sven stand in front of me in the dim light. As I lay on my back, I put my legs up and spread them open.

    "Hello, Sir," I said softly but confidently.

    "Hello," he answered, walking up to me and stroking my left cheek gently with the back of his hand. "What's this? Is there a little pig in my bed tonight?"

    "Yes, Sir. A nasty pig that needs his hole filled." I grabbed my asscheeks and pulled them open.

    We'd gone into the roles we'd played for years. I was his pig who did everything Sir said. No questions, no limits.

    "Good," he said. He put two fingertips on my hole. I made it pulse in and out, making my dick twitch at the same time. All of a sudden, he shoved his thick fingers inside me in one quick move. I inhaled sharply. "But you're gonna have to be quiet. We wouldn't want the kids to hear us."

    He nodded toward the door and I noticed he'd left it open. Eric's room was right across the hall.

    "Yes, Sir." I swallowed the spit that was in my mouth.

    "You're gonna have to get me hard first," he said and grabbed his dick with his left hand and shook it.

    His dick was an impressive size even soft, made even more impressive by the large Prince Albert he'd gotten because I loved the way it felt inside of me.

    Sven walked around the bed and sat down. He made himself comfortable leaning back on all the pillows and cushions. He then spread his legs wide open and I kneeled between them, putting his dick in my mouth.

    I loved sucking my husband's dick any day, but tonight it felt extra satisfying. I was just the right amount of drunk and high. It was the middle of the night, everything was quiet, and doing it with the door open added to the excitement. It made me nervous, but Sven had taught me to use my nervousness to my own advantage for sexual pleasure.

    I gobbled his dick, trying to get it even bigger and thicker to the point where I couldn't even fit all of it comfortably in my mouth. I felt Sven lean to his left to get something from his nightstand. I heard a click, an exhale, and felt the smell of cigarette smoke.

    Sven knew he wasn't allowed to smoke inside the house, especially in our bedroom. But when he was Sir there was nothing I could say. I looked up and made eye contact. He stared me down sternly, as if daring me to say something, while taking a long drag. I swallowed and put his dick back in my mouth.

    He was now fully hard, his dick hitting the back of my throat. I liked to think of myself as a good deepthroater but sometimes a dick his size was too much for me. I started to gag but continued, determined to get all of it in. Sven grabbed my hair tightly with one hand, and started pushing my head up and down his dick, making me gag loudly. I was slobbering, a mixture of my saliva and his precum gushing out of my open mouth.

    Sven pulled me up by my hair until we were face to face. He then let go and put his hand around my throat. We maintained eye contact all throughout. 

    "You like that?" he growled.

    "Yes Sir, thank you Sir." His grip tightened until I found it hard to speak. "I love sucking your big cock, Sir."

    He exhaled and blew cigarette smoke right in my face. I coughed.

    "Shh," he said, his grip tightening around my throat even more. I had half a mind to use our safeword, which I knew would make him stop everything immediately, but I wanted him to keep pushing.

    "I think the pig is ready to get fucked," he said as soon as he finished his cigarette. He grabbed some lube and quickly rubbed it on his dick, making it glisten. He got behind me on his knees and didn't waste a second.

    "Aaah!" I couldn't help but moan out loudly as soon as he started pushing his dick inside me. As much as I wanted it I still needed some time to get ready, but Sven had decided to thrust in balls-deep right away. He pounded me aggressively. I tried to keep quiet but it was impossible. My ass was in mild pain but his Prince Albert felt amazing sliding against the walls of my hole. As soon as I'd started to get used to it, Sven pulled out completely and slammed back in, then out again. He started pulling out then slamming back in repeatedly, his large balls hitting mine as he fucked me. I was fully hard and leaking precum all over our sheets.

    "Ah! Ah! Ah!!!" I had tried to keep quiet but the way Sven was fucking me it was impossible. It was almost as if he was trying to see how far he could push this. I felt so good, I didn't care about the open door anymore. I wouldn't care if we were in the middle of Times Square doing this in front of everyone. "Yes, Sir! Aw, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me!"

    Then suddenly he pulled out, leaving my hole pulsing. 

    "Tsk tsk. You said you'd be a quiet pig." He walked around the bed to look me in the eyes.

    "I'm sorry, Sir. I tried."

    He slapped my face gently and playfully, with a smirk on his face. 

    "We'll have to do something about that," he said and walked away to the bathroom.

    He was a fit and attractive man in general, but to see him walk naked and with his huge erect dick bobbing up and down... He felt like the hottest man on earth to me!

    He walked back clutching something yellow in his hand.

    "I went to grab a pair of dirty underwear from the hamper," he said as he walked up to me and shoved a piece of fabric in my mouth. "But I was surprised to find these hot little speedos." He used two fingers to shove the rest of the speedos in my eager mouth until they were all in.

    He reached for my dick and gave it a few jerks, then stopped. Good thing he did. I was so horny I could cum in a second.

    Sven climbed back onto the bed and got ready to penetrate me again. This time we were face-to-face, me sitting on his lap with my legs straddling him. His dick went in much smoother the second time around.

    "And you know the hottest thing about those speedos in your mouth?" he asked softly. We maintained eye contact. He was fucking me slowly, while also edging my dick and squeezing my balls.

    "Uh-uh," I shook my head.

    "There was someone's cum all over them. A very generous load."

    My eyes widened. My prick was gushing precum by now. Sven continued to fuck me, and used his fingers to make sure the speedos were tightly in my mouth.

    "Now, it's not my cum," he continued, "and I'm pretty sure it's not yours either. Do you know what that means?"

    I didn't react, I just continued to look Sven right in the eyes as he fucked me and teased the tip of my dick. My head was in a haze, from the alcohol, from the weed, and from the amazing dick inside my hole right now.

    "It means, those cum-stained speedos in your mouth," he talked very slowly, thrusting a bit deeper inside me with each word, "are either Will's... or Eric's."

    My eyes widened as I stared at Sven, a devilish grin on his face. I could feel his dick throb inside me. My dick, without being touched by either him or me, started shooting cum. Load after load after load, a huge fountain spraying all over our bodies and our bed. The best part was feeling Sven's dick filling my hole as I came.

    "Yes! You like that don't you, you nasty pig?" He grabbed my throat again. He started fucking me faster, almost shouting, unable to control himself. "You nasty fucker. You fucking dirty, nasty fucker!"

    His words echoed in the silence as he started to fill me with his jizz. I could feel his smooth silky cum coat the walls of my hole, and he seemed to cum just as abundantly as I did. 

    Suddenly everything was quiet again. His dick was still hard and still in my asshole. His cum was trickling out of me. He dropped his bodyweight on me until I fell on my back, with him on top of me. We hugged and he leaned forward and used his teeth to pull the speedos halfway out my mouth. We kissed. It wasn't really a kiss as much as Sven licking my lips and my chin and both of us sucking on the cummy speedos together. 

    Finally he pulled them all the way out and dropped them on the floor, and we shared a proper kiss. "I love you," he said, tucking my hair behind my ears. "I love you so much."

    "I love you too," I replied as we continued kissing until we fell asleep that way.



    I was the first to wake up the day after our pool party. After being done in the bathroom, I walked out to the hallway (naked, not that it mattered since everyone was asleep) and walked past my dads' room.

    Their door was open. They were both still asleep, cuddled up naked, Sven lying on top of David. They looked so sweet, hugging and snoring softly. I was tempted to jump in bed with them, but I fought the urge only because I didn't want to wake them up.

    They deserved some rest. Sounds like they were up late. I heard them up in the middle of the night, having sex. Luckily Will was passed out and didn't wake up. I wasn't sure if he'd be comfortable overhearing my parents fucking. Most people wouldn't, although I couldn't understand why it was such a big deal. Honestly, I only had a problem with being woken up unnecessarily; the fact someone was having sex didn't bother me in the slightest. Why should it? Look how cute they looked cuddled up together, how could anyone say that was bad? I decided to make breakfast for everyone and bring it to them in bed.

    I'm no chef, but I can toast some waffles and put some whipped cream and slice some strawberries. I took my time doing that and making coffee, then put everything on a tray to bring upstairs.

    My dads were still snoozing, pretty much in the same position as earlier. I put the tray down by the bed. I stood there hesitating whether to let them sleep and find it when they get up, or wake them up now. What's the best way to wake someone up? 

    I climbed in bed gently and gave David a hug. Sven was lower on the bed, his head on David's stomach. 

    "Mmm. What're you doing here?" David said a couple minutes later, when he woke up and opened his eyes.

    "I made you guys some breakfast, if you're hungry."

    "My my, there is a first time for everything."

    "Ha-ha. Do you want me to pass you something?"

    "Just the coffee for now, please."

    I passed him the mug. We lay like that cuddling for a couple minutes.

    "Do you remember we used to do this every Sunday morning and watch cartoons? You guys would read the newspaper."

    David looked me in the eyes and took a few seconds to answer. "I do," he said, stroking my hair. "I remember."

    He took a sip of his coffee.

    "Well, there's no newspaper anymore," he said a few seconds later, grabbing the remote, "but there's still this."

    He played whatever cartoon was on TV with the volume down low. A couple of minutes later Sven stirred.

    "Morning, son," he said and climbed up and hugged me from the other side so I was lying on my back in the middle, with David on my right and Sven on my left. I turned to David and put my hand on his chest, and Sven hugged me from behind. It was already noon and too hot to need a cover, even though we were naked.

    "Why did we stop doing this?" I asked softly, while absentmindedly staring at the TV.

    "I don't know. You grew up, I guess," David said. He was playing with my hair, as I stroked the hair on his chest.

    "I still like cuddling, though," I smiled.

    "C'mere then," David said and leaned forward and gave me a peck on the lips.

    After, I reciprocated by giving him a soft kiss on the chest, my arms around his torso.

    I have no idea what the show on TV was but it was hypnotizing so we kept watching. Sven fell back asleep behind me, snoring softly. After a while I felt something poking my butt cheek. He was probably getting hard in his sleep (like I did every single night). I hugged David tighter.

    "Thanks for letting me move back in, Dad," I said.

    "That's okay," David said. "We love having you here. I'm just sorry there isn't more for you to do here, job-wise or for fun."

    "Yeah, that's definitely right. It sucks how there's no gay bars or clubs anywhere around."

    "You miss going out? 

    "Well I didn't get to go out to clubs much but the couple I've been to, I loved it! Did you guys go out a lot when you were my age?"

    "Honey, going out is like going to church compared to all the shit we did when we were your age."

    "See, I wanna experience some of that."

    "You really should. Some of it. As soon as possible. You only get one chance to do some things."

    "Damn, Dad, way to make it sound like I'm dying."

    "No, but... going out when you're young is different. I hardly ever go out now, but I know if I did I would get a few people's attention, especially if they're into daddies. But when I was your age... I'd walk into a club and all eyes were on me. If not all then 90%, easy. 'Who's the new kid?' people would say. Free drinks, free anything." 

    "Damn, Dad, you was a player!"

    "More like a young kid rejected by his family trying to fill the void by seeking validation from strangers. But 'player' sounds good as well," he laughed. "But some of it was lots of fun as well. Shit I never thought possible."

    "Maybe Will and I will get to do that some day," I said hopefully. "Matter of fact, let me go check on him. Don't forget your breakfast," I added, slowly getting out of bed.

    "Ooh, frozen waffles. You're really aiming for that Michelin star."

    "Fuck you," I said jokingly, heading out of the room. "This is the last time I do anything nice for you, I swear."

    The college Will and I went to was super liberal and great with us being gay, but the downside was there were no gay bars or clubs nearby. So as soon as we both turned 21, I planned a night out to the nearest city for a real party. The obsession with gay clubs came in part from binge-watching all of Queer as Folk in my freshman year; but in part it was because of the dichotomy of growing up surrounded by gay people (my dads and the vast majority of their friends) yet living in a place so small there were absolutely no queer spaces anywhere. 

    The Friday-night bus ride to the city would've normally sucked, but we came equipped with several Gatorade bottles full of vodka and juice so we were nice and tipsy before we even made it to the first bar.

    The first place was the most popular, mainstream gay bar in the city. It was full when we got there, even though it was pretty early in the evening. The crowd leaned toward younger, barely older than us. Some of the boys were really cute, but many of them were too pretty for my taste. There seemed to be a good amount of tourists, some of them there alone scrolling through Grindr on their phones. Even though many of my friends were girls, I still found the amount of straight girls at this bar annoying.

    Still, Will and I ordered a couple of drinks and we were having the time of our lives! The music was awesome, and it was so much easier to relax somewhere where absolutely no one knows you, or judges you. We started making out, for the first time in such a crowded public place, our hands all over each other, our bodies swaying to the music. We had huge smiles plastered on our faces.

    "I love you," Will said, in one of the rare moments we took a break from kissing. It was the first time he'd said it.

    "I love you too," I said it back and kissed him while Cher was playing in the background.

    A few older guys offered to buy us drinks. A few free drinks and shots later I was drunk. I asked a random stranger to take a photo of Will and me kissing, our tongues in each other's mouths. I posted it on Snapchat, then thought to send it to someone else.

    "He said I love you!! 😍👬" I wrote in the group chat with my dads and attached the photo.

    "Good for you 😘," David replied a couple minutes later.

    "Save that sort of kissing for after marriage, young man!!" Sven texted.

    I smiled at my phone. A part of me always wanted to emulate my dads' relationship, and Will might just be The One to do it with.

    "I gotta go pee," I told Will and tried to make it to the restroom without stumbling.

    I walked to the only free urinal. The guys standing at the other two weren't even pissing, they were just standing there next to each other kissing. Their dicks were out but they weren't hard or jerking off. (For now. Who knows what they got up to later.) I finished pissing and sprinted back to Will.

    "Let's go to the next place!" I said. This bar was pretty vanilla, but I'd read the other club had a dark room where people went to "play."

    "But it's early... Oh shit it isn't!" 

    We both laughed. We checked the time and it turned out to be much later than we thought. Time flies when you're having fun (and shooting free drinks).

    We walked to the club, thankfully just a few blocks away, holding hands. There was a small crowd of men smoking and hanging out outside, most of them older. This was more like it! Even though I was dating someone my age, I still had a real soft spot for older guys.

    We walked in and had to take a few seconds to adjust. This was definitely not like the bar we just came from! The club was dark, strobe lights flashing. The crowd was exclusively men, mostly older and beefier. Many of them shirtless, some of them in just their underwear. There were three platforms occupied by pornstar-looking gogo boys in jockstraps. 

    "Is this heaven?" was the first thought my drunk brain had.

    I giggled to myself and pulled Will to the bar.

    "First one's on the house," the bartender sent two shots sliding our way before we even got a chance to order anything.

    "Thanks!!" I tried to yell out to him.

    "What is this?" Will asked eyeing his glass skeptically.

    "Why cares?! CHEEEERS! To being gay!" 

    He rolled his eyes at me, but smiled. "Cheers."

    We downed our shots. I have no idea what was in it but it was strong as fuck.

    Unlike at the other place I had no idea what this music was, but it kept me moving. I took my shirt off and tucked it in my jeans.

    "Look at you," Will said and put his hands on my chest. I leaned forward and kissed him. He pinched my nipples, then let his hands roam across my body as we kissed. A while later, we went to walk around the club, ogle at the gogo boys, then came back to our trusty spot by the bar.

    "Oh my god! Is that Professor Carr?!" I said, pointing to a shirtless man on the dance floor wearing short shorts and cool sneakers.

    "Oh my god. Yes, yes it is!" Will confirmed. "I took English 101 with him.[1]"

    "So did I, in my first semester. Monday-Wednesday?"


    "That's why we didn't have it together," I said. "Damn, we could've met three years earlier. Imagine all the fucking we've missed out on." I kissed him again. "Let's go say hi."

    "Are you sure?" Will sounded hesitant. "He's a teacher."

    "So, who cares? He teaches freshmen. Plus, he's hot."

    "You think so?" 

    We both eyed Prof. Carr up and down. In his 30s and fairly handsome he was always decent-looking for a professor, but he was hardly a sex symbol in the plaid shirts and khakis he wore to class. Seeing him dance nearly naked at a place like this, with sweat dripping down his hairy chest, was literally seeing him in a whole new light.

    "Fuck, he is hot," Will agreed. "Wait right here."

    I watched him walk to the dance floor and strike up a conversation with Prof. Carr. What?! When did Will become the more outgoing one? I must be rubbing off on him.

    A minute later they both walked up to me.

    "Prof. Carr, and this is my boyfriend Eric."

    "Of course, I remember both of you boys," he said and tried to be discreet about sizing my shirtless body up and down. "And please, when we're here call me Andrew."

    "Mind if I stick to Prof. Carr, just for my sake?" I said and winked. (Fuck, this place made me even more forward than usual.)

    "In that case, sure," he answered and winked back. "Can I buy you guys a drink?"

    He bent down (Nice ass, I noticed) and pulled out some cash from his white athletic socks.

    "Sure," I said. "Surprise us."

    "Are we flirting, what's going on?" Will asked me as soon as Prof. Carr turned his back.

    "I don't know, you're the one who dragged him here," I said defensively. 

    Will kissed me and we continued making out until Carr interrupted us, struggling to hold three glasses.

    "Cheers! To... surprising developments," I said, as Prof. Carr and I made eye contact and clinked glasses.

    "Yeah," Will said and took a sip. "Funny bumping into you here."

    "Not really," Carr replied. "I'm a regular. Never seen you boys here before, though."

    "It's our first time," I said. "Like two virgins."

    "Oh well then. We'll be gentle with you."

    The music was too loud to talk too much so we drank while dancing and eyeing the gogo boy nearest to us. He was bending down and exposing his ass, while accepting tips in the straps of his jock. Some of the men just slipped them in there, while others were handsier and gave his ass a nice kneading squeeze first. 

    "Are you boys spending the night in the city?" Prof. Carr asked a few minutes later, trying to yell over the music. I leaned in with my ear to his mouth, putting my right hand on his sweaty lower back.

    "Kinda," I yelled back. "I found a 24-hour diner close to here, so we'll head there when this place closes and wait for the first bus that leaves in the morning."

    "Oh no, that's a horrible way to end a night. I've got a hotel room just a few blocks from here. There's plenty of room if you want to crash."


to be continued...



    I woke up the day after the pool party with my head thumping. What the fuck happened last night? The party was too much in and of itself. But then I saw Sven alone in the middle of the night, didn't I? Fuck.

    I woke up with Eric next to me, reading something on his iPad. 

    "Good morning," he said. "Well, afternoon at this point."

    "Hey," I mumbled. "I need a shower."

    I stumbled out of bed and walked to the bathroom as fast as I could.

    "Okay, baby. I'll see you downstairs in the kitchen," I heard Eric say behind me.

    "Get in the shower, don't think about anything just get in the shower," I kept thinking.

    As soon as the water hit me a part of me felt better. I stood still in the tiny shower, with absolutely nothing on my mind for as long as I could. But the thoughts crept in.

    So what now, do I tell Eric everything? What is there to tell, that I kissed his dad? Or did everyone already know, did Sven already tell them? Do I blame it on the alcohol or fess up to it? What was it I was fessing up to, I wasn't even sure myself.

    "Step by step, don't do anything until you sober up completely," continued my inner voice. I got out of the shower, brushed my teeth, and put on shorts and a T-shirt before heading downstairs.

    I was again overdressed compared to everyone else there: Eric and David, both of them wearing white briefs, looking quite similar. 

    "Morning, party boy," David said paternally. "Want some coffee?"

    "Just some water and something to eat," I said dryly. "Some toast, please."

    "Coming right up."

    I sat next to Eric and he gave me a hug and a kiss before going back to whatever he was reading.

    A bottle of water and two slices of toast later, I was starting to feel some semblance of normalcy again. Until of course, Sven walked in, casually naked, his pierced dick swinging between his legs as he walked.

    "Good day, everyone. Any more coffee for daddy?"

    Was his dick half-hard?! Probably not, but I'd seen it enough times to know that this wasn't him completely soft, he was at least a bit chubbed up.

    "Of course, honey," David answered from his chair, and grabbed Sven's asscheek to give it a squeeze before getting up to fetch him a mug.

    "So I have some news for everyone," Sven said, reaching for a chair and turning it around, straddling the backrest. Oh shit, what was he about to say?

    "Eric, your dad told me about the conversation you guys had earlier –," (Conversation about what?!) "– and it got me thinking. I realized we never got you a graduation gift. Now, if I wanted to be responsible I would get you something practical like a car or a check for a security deposit for your own place –" (Okay, phew, this didn't seem to have anything to do with me) "– but you know what, fuck being responsible, I'm doing something fun!"

    He really got Eric's attention now. 

    "Really? What?!" Eric perked up.

    "We're going on a trip. All four of us, this summer. Not sure where, I know I definitely wanna hit up Berlin, and maybe somewhere else in Europe as well. We'll get a hotel or an Airbnb. Your dad told me you never got to go to a gay club other than some spots close to your school but I promise they got nothing on the places we'll go to in Europe. There'll be no sightseeing or touristy shit. We'll sleep until noon, get up and have lunch, then hit up all the hotspots. I'm flipping the bill, and we get to do whatever you want. No limits."

    "Oh my god. Are you fucking serious?" Eric's jaw dropped.

    "Yup. That's why I wanted us to come, so we can watch over you a bit and make sure you don't get into anything too dangerous. But I promise we're not gonna go all paternal and cockblock you."

    "Dad!!" Eric said excitedly and got up to walk up to Sven. Sven moved so Eric could sit on his lap and give him a hug. "This is gonna be the best summer ever!"

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[1] Prof. Carr is a recurring character in Room 141

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