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Christmas Stuffing


    Now that we were in our second year at Yale, the semester seemed to go by even faster. David and I spent as much time as possible together, and yet it still didn't feel enough for me. Before I knew it, it was the last day of classes before Christmas.

    "I'll miss you," I said as my friend and I lay next to each other in my bedroom. My shirt was unbuttoned, and David was drawing circles on my chest with his fingertips. 

    "I'll miss you too," he added, and he leaned in for another kiss. For the past few weeks, we'd given into the temptation of kissing every time we were alone, and it was... the best and the warmest I'd ever felt in my life. 

    "I love you."

    The words had come out of my mouth before I was even aware I had let them out.



    My dad was winning the CUMpetition, and it was bugging the shit out of me. I thought I'd be able to stay in the lead if I could find a few more two-for-one hookups like the one with Foster and his son. But my slut of a father had just spent the previous day home alone, inviting men over to fuck him. It wasn't fair! He worked from home and had all day, every day to offer up his ass. I was determined not to let him push his advantage and get too far ahead.

    He'd "only" managed to get four loads, which surprised me. We'd agreed to be on the honor system for all this, but when I got home that night he still provided evidence and proudly showed me the loads he'd procured. He'd had all the guys fuck him in my room, and most of the cum had poured out of his ass, right where I slept every night. I'd been peeved, amused... and more than a little turned on.

    My other dad Sven had arrived home right then and found us in my room. David quickly filled him in on the events of the day, and I watched my hunky father look at me, then down at the small pool of cum on my sheets, then back up at me again. Sven's eyebrow had gone up, along with one corner of his mouth. He was thinking of something naughty and I knew right away what it was. I glanced over at David and then knelt down by the side of my bed. Positioning myself so both of my dads had a clear view of the cummy mess on my sheets, I leaned forward and started to lick it all up.

    I'd moved slowly, making a good show of it, and I kept looking at them both as I lapped up the thick jizz, which was still a little warm. I knew it had been in my father's ass just a short while before, and that thought had my cock hard in my jeans. My dads were both reacting in the same way. David had only been wearing underwear and was already starting to stretch it out as his cock grew. Sven wasted no time and quickly unzipped his slacks, hauling out his thick, pierced cock to start stroking it as they watched me give them a show.

    David ended up getting down on his knees right next to me, and blew Sven as they continued to look at me sucking up four strangers' loads of cum. When I got to the last large glob, I picked it up with my tongue but stayed like that, letting them both stare at the white milky fluid inside my mouth. Sven had started to tell me how sexy I looked like that, but his own orgasm cut him off as he blew his load down my other dad's throat. Afterward, as David and I both stood up again, licking our lips, he grinned at me.

    "So let's see, son..." he'd said, pretending like he was trying hard to remember something. "That puts me at... five, is it? And how many did you have again? Was it... was it just two?"

    David continued to act smug all through dinner, looking especially pleased with himself as he brought us all soup right after we sat down. It was all in good fun, but I was now more determined than ever to get ahead of him.



    Eric and I had been shopping at Copley Place for almost two hours now. The holiday crowd was only just now starting to thin out, a mere thirty minutes from the time the mall was supposed to close for the night. Both of us carried a bag in each hand, filled with assorted small gifts, mostly for Sven, David, and Will.

    It had been a pleasant evening, even if the noise and hubbub of the shopping center was a little overwhelming. I was happy that Eric got off work early today and suggested we do this together. It was funny – Eric was one of the people I was closest to in the world, but he and I rarely got to spend any time alone, just the two of us. Even the times we'd had sex, usually his husband or his two dads were there. So getting time with him like this was a rare treat.

    We'd started off the night with some peppermint mochas at a coffee bar, and I think the caffeine made Eric even chattier than usual, which was fine with me. I loved listening to him joke around and watching his face and mannerisms. He reminded me so much of both the men I loved. One moment he'd laugh loudly and sound like his dad Sven, and then he'd roll his eyes about something and be a dead ringer for his other father, David. If I didn't know it was impossible, I would swear he shared DNA with both men.

    Earlier, before we'd had so many purchases weighing us down, Eric and I held hands for a while walking around the mall. Our relationship was something that couldn't easily be summed up with one term, but in the same way David and Sven were my daddies, Eric was my brother, and I loved him a great deal. Which is funny, because I was SO jealous of him before I ever met him. It was almost as if I wanted to hate him; this spoiled kid who got to have not one, but two amazing dads! But he and Will were both so nice, there was no way to dislike them. I thought I might have to compete with them for David and Sven's attention. Instead, Eric and Will both took me in and treated me like their little bro. I was worried I might lose two daddies; instead, I gained two brothers.  

    The moment I saw that there was no line to see Santa at the mall, I knew I wanted to get a cute picture taken for the rest of the family: Eric and me on Santa's lap. When decorating the apartment the previous weekend, Sven had found a few old pictures of Eric with Santa when he was little. We'd all cooed over them, so I thought it would be fun to give them something similar now.

    Eric seemed amused by the idea, and we walked up to the small counter set up in front of the structure that stood in the center of the mall. "Santa's workshop" had some animatronic elves and reindeer placed around the outside, to entertain the kids while they waited in the usually-long line. The young man behind the counter looked like he was getting ready to close up shop. His elf costume was bright green and red, completed by a large hat on his head which curved at the top before coming to a point.

    He looked up at us, and I know both Eric and I were struck by how hot he was. Probably around my age, likely a student at one of Boston's many colleges, this guy had amazing cheekbones and the rare combination of dark skin and piercingly blue eyes. His face had a weary look when he first noticed customers approaching; he probably assumed we were parents coming up to see if Santa was still seeing children before the mall closed. It had no doubt been a long day for him. But his expression brightened quite a bit when he noticed us more closely, and realized we didn't have a kid with us.

    "Hi," he said, standing up straight and looking curious. "What can I do for you two?" I caught his eyes looking us up and down quickly, and knew he was checking us out. I could tell that all of our gaydars went off simultaneously in recognition. I figured that would probably make it much easier to talk him into letting us get a picture. I opened my mouth to speak, but Eric beat me to the punch.

    "My little brother wants to get a picture with Santa," he said in an innocent tone that almost made me laugh out loud. "Are you still open? We'd reeeally appreciate if you could just do one more tonight."

    I watched the elf look back and forth between us for a few seconds, seeming puzzled by the notion of Eric and me being brothers, but he quickly switched back to professional mode and started smiling. Maybe it was also the unexpected request to see Santa coming from two adults. Either way, the handsome boy seemed to decide not to question it, and finally replied with a hint of flirtatiousness.

    "Let me see if Santa's still available to do one more photo," he said, and then stepped around to the door of the miniature house. He quickly vanished inside, but not before Eric and I both noticed his perfect ass, covered in red tights and peeking out from under the hem of his green tunic. We stood alone at the counter, the cacophonous sounds of the mall finally starting to quiet down as more people were leaving.

    "I'm gonna try to get a load from the elf," Eric said quietly, as we both stared at the door.

    "I know," I said in response, unable to keep from smiling. I'd known from the moment Eric had started speaking to the guy. The CUMpetition with David was on Eric's mind a lot recently, and I knew he wouldn't miss out on a chance to narrow his dad's lead.

    When the elf reemerged a minute later, he had a bright look on his face as he held the door open with one arm and stood aside, gesturing for us to enter.

    "Come on in, boys. Santa's ready."

    The inside of Santa's workshop was remarkably quiet and very softly lit, so the transition from the brightness and loudness of the mall was abrupt, and welcome. There was a small decorated Christmas tree in one corner. The fire in the fireplace was fake, but it was actually a little warm inside. The elf suggested we put our bags down near the door we'd entered through, and we hung up our coats on nearby hooks. Stepping around a small corner, we were then suddenly in the presence of Santa Claus.

    This particular Santa costume was fairly standard, though I noticed right away that the man wearing it didn't have a big fake beard on. His white facial hair was clearly real, and while not close-cropped by any means, it was a regular beard someone might have at any time of the year. I licked my lips, appreciating the handsome silver daddy that was Santa. Even though he was sitting down, I could tell that he was probably over 6 feet tall, and suddenly I had several new reasons to want my picture taken with him.

    "Well, who do we have here?" the older man said in a festive voice. "Two handsome boys, coming to tell me what they want their stockings stuffed with?" The jolly tone faded into something a little deeper as he spoke the last few words. Eric and I both glanced at each other briefly. Was this Santa flirting with us, or were we just perpetually horny and imaging things?

    "They're brothers," we heard the elf say teasingly, as he moved over to where the camera was set up, across from Santa's large chair.

    "Oh?" Santa responded, looking intrigued and curious. "And where are your parents tonight?" he asked with a smile.

    "Our daddies are at home," I replied, looking right into the older man's eyes. I saw a sparkle there and he just nodded, hopefully not too unclear on what I was insinuating. There was a moment of silence. I felt like I had a good read on the whole situation, but I knew Eric would probably take the wheel shortly. He had a knack for nudging things in just the right way, especially when he had his sights set on something he wanted. And I had a feeling that he might be getting more than one load before we wrapped up our shopping trip.



    When Brady and I had arrived at the mall, I immediately thought about the cruisy bathrooms down at one end of the complex. I'd had some fun there soon after we'd moved to Boston. When our shopping had led us in that direction, I headed there while Brady went into a store. I hung out in the restroom for about ten minutes, stroking my cock while standing at a urinal and waiting for the telltale eye contact with any of the guys coming in and out. But it was peak shopping season and the place was just way too busy. Frustrated, I decided to just let it go and enjoy the rest of the evening with Brady. We rarely hung out just the two of us, and I didn't want to let the CUMpetition become more important than quality time with my little bro.

    But sometimes, just when you stop searching, you find what you're looking for. Brady's idea for the picture with Santa was pretty cute, but things got much more interesting when we met the sexy elf in charge of things. Wondering when I might be able to sneak off with him, I was pleased to see that Santa himself was another potential donor to my cause. I had the sense that the elf and Santa had exchanged similar ideas right before Brady and I stepped into the workshop. The four of us swapped a few innuendos, which were becoming more and more obvious, and even though there was no need to pretend much longer, it was still fun to play along.

    "Well, who wants to get on my lap first?" Santa asked, looking at both of us, raising a silver eyebrow. I looked over at Brady who was grinning like a little kid, though one with a dirty mind. He walked over and lowered himself gently onto Santa's left knee. I heard Santa say something to him, but it was in a low voice and I couldn't quite make it out. Brady giggled and then leaned in to whisper something into Santa's ear. Whatever it was, Santa looked surprised and glanced up at me with a mischievous look.

    "Eric?" the bearded man said to me, and I couldn't help but smile upon hearing Santa Claus speak my name. "Brady here tells me there's something you want to ask Santa for. Do you want to come over here too?"

    Brady looked pleased with himself as I sat down on Santa's right knee, and I leaned in to whisper into Santa's ear just like he had.

    "I'd really like to get your load for Christmas," I told him quietly, and I felt his hand press into my lower back right after that.

    "Mmhmm," was all Santa said in response. He was still in character, playing Kris Kringle in a pondering pose. He wasn't looking at either of us but there was no question that he was enjoying himself. I reached up to run my fingers along the white furry trim on his bright read coat. We stayed like that for a moment before Santa turned toward my "little brother." It was then that I noticed Brady had been rubbing the older man's crotch, and there was a substantial bulge pushed up against Brady's knee. He was clearly pleased by what Santa was packing and he gave his own sound of approval as we all came to a clear understanding about what was about to happen.

    Santa grabbed at the bottom of Brady's sweater, and I saw my friend's eyes light up as he raised his arms. With a swift motion, the older man slid Brady's outer layer and undershirt up over his head and set the garments on the side of his large chair. Then both his hands were on Brady's torso, and the two began making out. I reached down to find out what had impressed Brady, rubbing my hand along Santa's velvety inner thigh. Finding his hard cock, I rubbed up and down the length of it slowly as I leaned in to kiss his neck, right where the beard stopped. He smelled like a mix of manly sweat and pine trees.

    "I think it's time to stop with the pictures," Santa said, pulling away from Brady for a moment to glance over at his coworker. I realized that the elf had been at the camera this whole time. How many pictures had he taken? Regardless, it did seem like this was the time to stop, seeing as I had something else I needed him to do. Based on what I was feeling in between Santa's legs, I was going to need the elf to go first to help open me up.

    I stood up and glanced over at the young man in red and green as I started to undo my belt. He was stepping toward me and I maintained contact with his blue eyes as I slid my pants and underwear down my legs. The elf's hand was caressing my naked ass by the time I stepped out of my pants. My cock was already hard, and I saw the elf glance down. His eyes got bigger when he saw my piercing and his other hand immediately went to my cock. He pulled me in for a kiss, and I could tell from the sounds behind me that Santa and Brady were doing the same thing.

    After a few minutes of enjoying that, I had also found the elf to be rock hard in his tights. It both surprised me and turned me on to discover that he was freeballing under the red, clingy fabric. A bold choice given how short his tunic was, and I briefly wondered if he ever got hard while he was working. How many hot dads did the elf flirt with over the course of a day? I encouraged him to help me remove my sweater, and once I was fully naked, I sank to my knees and got a look at what I was about to have up my ass.

    The elf's cock was average-sized but had an intense hardness, which told me this guy was extra horny and turned-on. I had to admit, I was too. I'd had sex in some wild and unusual places, but Santa's workshop, in the middle of the mall, sure was a surprising addition to that list. I took the rigid erection into my mouth and loved how the younger guy moaned as I swallowed all of him in the first plunge. He was already leaking plenty of precum and I reminded myself to slow down. I couldn't have him blowing his load down my throat, after all.

    After a few minutes of getting the elf nice and wet I pulled my head back and looked up at him as I stroked up and down his shaft. Then, pivoting myself as I held onto Santa's knee, I turned around and got on all fours, my ass toward the elf and my face in Santa's crotch. I was surprised and pleased to find Brady's face there too, though a good portion of it was obscured by the giant dick jutting from Santa's open fly. The length was impressive on its own, but this beefy daddy had a beer can cock. It was more than I'd expected, even after copping a feel through his pants.

    Brady was running his tongue along the shaft on his side, and I leaned in to mirror his actions, treating Santa to a double blowjob from two very talented cocksuckers. As I felt the elf start to press his cock up against my hole, I moved down to Santa's balls and let myself be pushed into him. When the elf finished sliding into me a moment later, I took it upon myself to get a rhythm going that let me get to different spots on Santa's cock while giving the elf a nice fuck. I loved pulling almost all the way off him and then pushing back fast before he could start to lean in. 

    I knew the sensation on his cock was intense, and it didn't surprise me when only a few minutes later, he squeezed my hips with his hands and announced he was about to cum. I felt the elf's cock pulse and surge inside me, and he was surprisingly quiet as he unloaded, only letting out a few low groans and quick breaths. I milked his cock with my ass, wanting to get every drop of his cum before moving on to his coworker.

    Brady and I were both working on Santa's dripping cockhead as the elf pulled out of me. Able to focus my full attention on this giant cock now, I made sure to lap up a good helping of the sticky precum before reaching my hand up to spread it around his shaft. I needed to make sure the whole thing got nice and slick, if I was really going to take this monster. We kept up our work for a while longer, and when Santa's member seemed at peak hardness, I stood up but kept my hand on that thick piece of meat.

    Brady knew what was next and he stood up next to me, stepping back so I could get in between Santa's legs. I immediately felt the older man's hand guiding his erection to my hole. As I slowly slid down and back onto Santa's cock, I sighed deeply and willed myself to relax. The elf had opened me up and his cum was certainly helping keep things slippery inside my hole, but taking anyone this big was always a bit intense. I felt a hand on my shoulder and opened my eyes. Brady was standing in front of me, his bare chest wet with perspiration and his mouth wide with a grin. We locked eyes for a moment, and then he leaned down to kiss me. As our tongues met, I felt a new wave of relaxation wash over me. The familiarity and deeper feelings I shared with Brady had that effect, and it was what I needed to get the rest of that thick Santa cock inside me.

    The older man moaned loudly as I felt his pubic hair press into my ass cheeks. His grip on my hips got tighter and he held me firmly to his hips. My stretched ass was extra sensitive and it seemed like I could feel every little pulse and throb of his cock. Gradually his grip on me loosened, and I was able to start pushing myself up slowly, at first just an inch or so before I'd slide back down. Each time I'd let a little more of his cock slide out of my ass, and I heard short gasps of pleasure from behind me as I pushed back again.

    The intensity of everything had me rock hard, and I nearly jumped in surprise when I felt a hand on my shaft and a tongue on my cockhead. I broke my kiss with Brady to glance down. The elf was on his knees with my dick in one hand and Brady's in the other. He'd unzipped Brady's jeans and had both our cockheads at his lips, going back and forth as he stroked and sucked us. I loved feeling my swollen tip rub up against another guy's inside someone's mouth. This only kicked me up to another level of excitement, and I quickly pulled Brady back into me, kissing him hard. He was just as worked up and I knew I had a body-rocking orgasm coming up shortly.

    The elf's talented mouth got Brady there first though, and the hot jets of his cum blasting my cockhead across the elf's tongue was enough to set off my own fireworks. Brady and I clutched each other's forearms as I started to cum and he reached the peak of his climax. I couldn't remember ever kissing him this passionately before, and in my near-delirium I felt so happy we were having this adventure together.

    I knew my hole was twitching like crazy as I filled the elf's mouth with my load, and I felt Santa pick up the pace of his thrusting. The pressure on my prostate probably resulted in an extra few spurts of cum for my cocksucker. As I expected, Santa was ready to give me his own cream a moment later, and he pulled me down hard into his hips one last time before he let out a long moan.

    He gasped as he unloaded inside me, his cum mixing with the elf's load that was inside. "Two more points," I thought to myself. I was smiling as Brady and I stopped kissing and relaxed into each other, heads on one another's shoulder.

    We all took our time untangling ourselves and getting dressed again. Santa finally stood up and he was even taller than I expected. My head only came to his shoulder. He looked down at me and winked as he refastened his oversized belt.

    "You boys have some lucky daddies at home," the older man said as he looked at us. "Do they know they have two naughty sons running around the mall, getting into trouble?"

    "Naughty?" I said, trying to sound shocked. "I figured this was how we got on the nice list." That made Santa let out a belly laugh, a deep ho ho ho that I couldn't tell if it was an act or not. Either way, the sound somehow made the whole experience feel complete.

    As we put on our coats and gathered our bags, the elf approached with something in his hand. Like Santa, he had never removed any clothing and so hadn't needed to get dressed again, and I realized he'd been over at the camera station for the last few minutes.

    "Here's your picture," he said, giving an envelope to Brady. "I had to delete the files before all today's stuff gets uploaded to the cloud, so this is one-of-a-kind... in a lot of ways, really." The elf looked like he couldn't believe all of this had just happened. There was no talk of payment as we parted ways — clearly this "photo session" had been off the books.

    There had already been two announcements about the mall closing by the time we were walking up to the exit. A surly security guard frowned at us as we headed out into the cold, and I heard the heavy glass doors lock right after he shut them behind us.

    On the train on the way home, Brady opened the envelope and slid out the glossy print. We were both speechless as we looked at it. The picture showed Brady on Santa's left knee and me on his right, one of Santa's hands on each of our asses. Brady's hand was reaching down to the older man's crotch, and my hand rested gently on Santa's chest. All three of us were smiling, though none of us were looking at the camera. It was a wild mix of innocent fun with decidedly non-innocent undertones. My dads would love it. 

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