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From Twink to Daddy


    This year, Father's Day was extra special: not only were we celebrating in David's and my honor, but we were also celebrating the fact that our son and Will would soon be joining us in becoming parents.

    Twenty-five years ago, when David and I decided to have Eric, we had to carefully select the right doctor and lawyer for the job, since the law wasn't on our side without finding loopholes. Now, the world had changed. As long as they had enough money, Eric and Will could start the surrogacy process and become equal, married co-parents in the eyes of the law without any issues. A real family.

    For Father's Day, we drove outside the city to a nearby wooded area where we could have a picnic (David's idea). The place wasn't completely deserted, but it was secluded enough that we didn't have to worry about being seen. Brady was away to visit his mom, so it was just the four of us. Once we got there, we laid down the blanket and took our shirts off, soaking in the summer sun. Of course, I had to go a step further and take off my shorts as well, getting completely naked and eliciting a wink from my son when he saw my plump, pierced dick spring out.

    Ever since we heard about the boys' parenthood plans, most of our conversations revolved around that, and today was no exception. David laid out the food he'd prepared with Will's help, and we all enjoyed a nice lunch. After the meal, the two chefs felt lazy and wanted to chill out, but I preferred to get up and go for a walk, which always helped me digest my food.

    "I'll come for a walk with you, Dad," my son offered and accepted my hand as I helped him get up. I looked around, and since there didn't seem to be anyone in the area I decided there was no need to put my shorts on yet. Just to be safe, I took them in my hand and went for a stroll with Eric.

    "So, this time next year, we're gonna be celebrating your first Father's Day," I said to my son proudly.

    "Yeah, if everything goes alright," he said, smiling at me, a bit of sweat dripping down his bare muscular torso.

    "And the metamorphosis from twink to daddy will be complete!" I teased, grabbing one of my son's hairy pecs.

    "Haha, I don't think I'm quite there yet, Dad," Eric chuckled.

    "I dunno. Add a harness on this chest and a cigar in that mouth, and you'd make a good leather daddy."

    My son ignored my teasing, so I decided to change the topic.

    "So, you guys are both donating sperm and waiting to see which one takes? Just like us?" I asked.

    "Yup. Obviously, in our case, we don't really look alike, so we'll probably know as soon as the baby's born."

    "Maybe. Depends on the biological mom as well," I reminded him.

    "True," he nodded, before asking, "Dad… Has it ever bothered you that you don't know which one of you is my biological dad? Whether it's you or not?"

    I wanted to be completely honest, so I thought about it for a moment before answering.

    "Not really," I said. "I mean, sure, I've been curious, but for the most part I prefer not knowing. It genuinely feels like David and I both made you."

    "Well, you did," my son chimed in. "You made me into the person I am."

    "That too," I smiled, and suddenly I was stopped in my tracks because Eric came to stand in front of me. He put his arms around me and gave me a strong – albeit sticky and sweaty – hug.

    "I love you, Dad," my son said and we both patted each other's backs as we hugged. Within a few seconds, Eric's lips were on mine and he was giving me a passionate kiss. Doing this here, in nature, made the connection between us feel much more intense. It made blood rush straight to my cock, making it rise up.

    "Mmmm," Eric moaned while he kissed me, his right hand finding its way to my erection and enveloping it. Up and down, he slowly stroked my cock until I started leaking precum in his hand. 

    "Daddy?" my son whispered in my ear. "I want you to fuck me."



    After my husband and Sven disappeared to go for a walk, I chatted with David for a little while until he got a phone call from Brady. He felt bad about ignoring it, since Brady's mom had some health issues and we knew Brady needed someone to vent to.

    "I'll let you talk on the phone and I'll go look for Eric and Sven," I said to David and gave him a quick kiss. I could track Eric's phone and I saw that he wasn't far away. 

    Five or so minutes later, I was at a little clearing, momentarily taken aback by what I saw. My husband was on all fours, his shorts pulled down to his knees. Behind him, his father was on his knees, wagging his huge, hard cock and smacking it against Eric's ass. They were about to fuck.

    I knew that neither of them would have a problem if I watched for a minute before announcing my presence. I stood a few yards away and looked on as Sven spat on his dick and then slowly started to ram it inside his own son's hole. The sight made me pop a boner right away, and I stroked myself as I watched my husband getting fucked, submitting his ass to his dad for Father's Day.

    My contact with my own father had completely fizzled out over the years, so much so that I didn't even bother sending him a text today. Instead of him, I now had two new dads: Sven and David, my husband's sexy parents, who weren't opposed to breeding their boy. From where I stood, I could see the pleasure on Eric's face when his dad's dick started to push inside of him. As we got older, Eric looked more and more like his parents. Right now, his face looked almost exactly the same as David's face every time I saw David take Sven's dick. I knew the two daddies had several decades of raunchy, naughty fun behind them, and I looked forward to experiencing some of that with my husband in the years to come.

    I stood watching for about ten minutes while Sven fucked his son, going harder and harder over time. Finally, I decided to reveal my presence and join them.

    "You guys having fun?" I said loudly and stepped out of the shade of the tree I'd been next to.

    "Ah, fuck yeah. Baby, come here," Eric beckoned me forward. With my hard dick out of my shorts, I walked to the two sexy men, my boner swinging left-to-right with each step. As I approached them, my father-in-law shot me a wink, all the while coolly and casually thrusting back and forth inside my husband like it was nothing.

    "There you go. Suck that dick," I growled at Eric, waving my hard-on in his face. The eager cocksucker that he was, he didn't need asking twice. A second later, his lips were around my dick, slurping as he sucked my precum.

    "How long you been watching us for?" Sven asked.

    "A few minutes. Long enough to know what a cock-hungry slut my husband is," I replied.

    "Oh, but we already knew that, didn't we?" Sven winked again.

    "Well, I can't blame him for going after that dick, Daddy," I said to my father-in-law.

    "Daddy's got more than enough dick for everyone, no worries," he added, raising my hopes that I might get a taste of it as well.

    Sven and I spit-roasted Eric for a while, getting into the swing of things and moving at the same rhythm. 

    "Take that, you fucking pig," Sven growled at his son, words usually reserved for David. Eric grunted and gagged on my dick as I shoved it deeper down his throat, making him drool all over the grass. Looking up, I made eye contact with Eric's dad, and we both thrusted in sync, fucking Eric from both ends.

    "Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" I moaned, and started shooting my load down my husband's throat while his father watched me.

    "That's it, fill his throat. Feed my son," Sven encouraged me as I continued to nut inside Eric's mouth. Finally, when I was done cumming, I pulled out and heard Sven say to me, "Now get your ass over here."

    I got on all fours next to Eric, facing my ass in the same direction. My husband leaned in to give me a deep kiss, allowing me to taste my own cum. While Eric and I made out, his father pulled out of Eric's ass and a split second later, I felt Sven's dick going inside me.

    "FUCK!" I yelled out, taken aback by the impact. Thankfully, there was no one around to hear or see what we were doing.

    "That's it," Sven said as he settled into a good rhythm again. Back and forth, he thrusted inside my hole, fucking me just like he'd done to his son moments ago.

    While I bottomed for his dad, Eric and I continued to make out. Several minutes later, when Sven announced he was close to cumming, I stopped him and slowly pulled forward.

    "I want you to cum inside Eric," I said.

    "You sure?" Sven asked, still thrusting inside me but doing it slowly, as if ready to pull out.

    "Yes," I said. "I want to see you cum inside him. Cum inside your son."

    For me, as much as I wanted Sven's daddy cum, I wanted to watch him breed his boy even more.

    "Okay," Sven said and pulled out of me, pushing inside his son's ass once again. Eric, who'd been using one hand to jerk himself off while we kissed, now put both hands back on the ground for balance.

    "Here it comes," Sven said after only a few thrusts. "FUUUUCK!!!"

    I looked up at both Sven and Eric's faces as my father-in-law started to blow his load, filling Eric's guts with his babies. A wide smile appeared on my face, especially when I noticed Eric cumming hands-free a few seconds later, pushed over the edge by the sensation of his daddy's dick pressing against his prostate. I leaned in for another kiss with Eric, and felt both men rocking as they enjoyed their orgasms.

    "What'd I miss?" a voice came from behind me. David stepped forward in amusement, watching his family celebrate Father's Day the way only we knew how.

    Late in the afternoon, we made the drive back to Boston, eager to jump in the shower after lying and fucking in the sun. As we passed the doorman of our building, he stopped us to give us a quick message.

    "There was someone here for you," he said, looking for a piece of paper on his desk to check the name. "A Larry Jenkins. Said he's from out of town but he'll be staying in Boston until he gets a chance to speak to you. Left the name of his hotel here."

    "Larry Jenkins? Who the hell is that?" Sven asked as I stood in shock. After a few seconds, I finally found my voice so I could answer.

    "It's my father," I said, taking Eric's hand and nervously squeezing it. 

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