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My Son's Seed


    Just three days ago, on Halloween, my boyfriend Will moved into the same dorm room as me. Since then, we'd missed multiple classes due to our constant horniness. Now that we had the room all to ourselves, it was hard to focus on anything else but fucking!

    Sure, Will and I hadn't known each other that long, but time moves at a different speed when you're in college. Already, I could see us getting an apartment and living together after school someday soon, since we were both seniors. I'd had my 21st birthday last week and today Will was turning 21 as well. We had our whole lives ahead of ourselves, and now we were fully and officially adults. To top it all off, it was a Friday, so I knew Will's party would be legendary.

    The day started off, as expected, with a slew of messages and posts on Will's Facebook, wishing him a happy birthday.

    "Oooh, who's that fucking hunk?" I asked, looking over my boyfriend's shoulder as he used his laptop. He'd received a message from a guy whose profile picture was him shirtless, sitting in a little boat, probably fishing. Feeling curious, I scrolled my fingers on the track pad and opened the guy's photo. His body was by no means that of a model, but he was hot in that all-American kinda way; with sunglasses covering his face so I couldn't tell his age.

    Will, however, seemed less excited about the photo and the person in it. 

    "Umm… that's my dad," he replied awkwardly.

    "Oh. So you got a message from him as well," I said, squeezing my boyfriend's shoulders. I knew his relationship with his parents was… strained, to say the least. We were both naked, and my cock was gently rubbing against Will's bare back. "Are you gonna see him for Thanksgiving?"

    "Nah, I'm staying with my mom," Will replied. Both of his parents lived in Columbus, but it sounded like they never saw each other anymore. Indeed, Will didn't seem to have much to do with them either, only going home when he absolutely had to. I wanted to invite him to spend Thanksgiving with me and my dads instead, but I felt like it might be a bit too soon for all of that.

    I wasn't sure what to do or say next, so I focused on the picture of Will's dad again.

    "You guys look alike. Like, kinda. I can see the relation."

    "Ha," my boyfriend chuckled dismissively. He probably disagreed that he looked anything like his father.

    "What's his name?" I said next.


    "Did you guys use to go fishing together?" I asked. Judging by the photo, Larry seemed to be into it. I thought it mind bring some happy memories to Will's mind, but he continued to appear tense.

    "Sometimes. When I was little. Then we… stopped," my boyfriend said and closed the browser window. Next, he shut the laptop as if to say "that is the end of this conversation."

    "So now that we can both drink legally… where do you wanna go tonight?" I changed the topic and pulled my boyfriend off the chair, pushing him onto the bed and climbing on top of him, straddling him and grinding my ass against his cock until he was hard. Fifteen minutes later, Will was dumping another load in my already-loaded-up hole from last night. Once again, we were late for class, but it was worth it. Sitting there with my boyfriend's cum inside me felt so much better.


JUNE 2021 | DAVID:

    The fact that Larry Jenkins chose Father's Day to make an appearance in Boston didn't escape anyone. Was this his way of trying to bury the hatchet and make things right with Will? Was he hoping his son would be more welcoming today of all days, after years of no mutual contact?

    I could only guess what my son-in-law felt like. He seemed visibly shocked to hear his father's name as soon as our doorman mentioned it. Up in our apartment, Eric and Will closed themselves in their room and spent half an hour there. When they came out, Will cleared his throat in an obvious bid for our attention.

    "I'm going to organize a get-together with my father, and I'd like for all of you to come, if you agree," Will said, sitting on the couch and holding Eric's hand. 

    "Of course," Sven and I replied synchronously.

    "I'd like for him to meet my whole family," Will said next, sounding confident and calm. I felt both flattered and proud to hear him say that about us.

    "You can invite him over for dinner here if you want," I suggested in an attempt to be helpful.

    "No. I've decided to meet him at The Falcon," was Will's response.

    "The Falcon?!" my husband and I reacted incredulously. The gay leather bar was NOT the kind of place you meet your straight father for a drink, especially if you've had a rocky relationship with him.

    "Are you sure that's a good idea?" Sven asked delicately, and I understood his concern. Although it didn't happen all the time, it wasn't uncommon for Falcon patrons to stand there in nothing but a jock, or get their dicks sucked on the dance floor, or fuck in between tables. That was all water off a duck's back in OUR world… but I was fully aware that's not the world most people lived in.

    "Yes. If he wants a relationship with me, he needs to know and accept me," Will said confidently. "I'm done pretending to be something I'm not."

    Three days later, I was headed to The Falcon for the big date with Will's dad. As the only person who worked from home, I left early, thinking I'd rather kill time at the bar than at the apartment.

    As soon as I walked in, I recognized Will's father. Will had shown me a picture of him once, but the outfit would've given him away anyway. He was sitting at a table by himself, wearing an Ohio State hoodie and a baseball cap which screamed "straight dad." He definitely stood out in this crowd. This early on a Wednesday there was nobody naked around, but there were a few men with their shirts off rocking leather harnesses, or wearing T-shirts that said things like "Daddy" or "I Fist on the First Date."

    When he saw the door open, Will's dad quickly looked my way, only to look away when he realized it wasn't Will walking in. In the process, we made eye contact for a brief second and smiled at each other politely. The man seemed nervous to be here, and I wondered if it was the choice of venue or the fact he was meeting his son after all this time.

    I made my way to his table, which took him by surprise because he didn't know me. 

    "Are you Larry?" I asked, smiling in an effort to comfort him.

    "Yes?" he replied, confused.

    "I'm David. Will's father-in-law," I said, deciding this was the best way to introduce myself.

    "Is Will not coming?" the man asked with immediate panic in his voice.

    "No, no, it's all good," I assured him. "I'm just early. As are you," I noted.

    "Yes, well, I walked here from my hotel and I wasn't sure if I'd find the place alright. Turns out it was easy to find. But where are my manners? Please, sit down. Pleased to meet you," Larry offered me his hand for a firm, manly handshake. "Can I get you a drink?"

    "I'll have whatever you're having," I said, pointing at Larry's beer glass, which was half finished. He went to the bar and came back with a pint for me, and a fresh one for himself as well. I wasn't sure if he normally drank a lot or if this was his way of calming his nerves in this particular situation.

    "Did you go to Ohio State?" I started with the safest question I could think of (other than the weather).

    "No, no, I didn't go to college," Larry shook his head. "But my youngest just finished his freshman year there. He got himself a summer job in Alaska, of all places."

    "It's more common than you'd think. I used to be a professor, and a lot of my students – especially guys – would go there in the summer to work on boats and in fisheries. It's decent money," I said, which swayed the conversation in that direction. I was pleased to see Larry was quite easy to talk to, and we made each other laugh a few times. I tried avoiding talking about Will before he got here, just because I wasn't sure what to say, but after a while Larry brought him up himself.

    "So… Will's been living with you since he graduated?" the man said, sounding more somber and modest than just a few moments ago when we were laughing together.

    "Yes," I gave a monosyllabic confirmation.

    "Th– Thank you for that," Larry said, looking down at his empty glass and then reaching for his second drink. He took a sip, and then finally mustered the courage to look me in the eyes again. "I mean it. Thank you for taking care of him."

    "It's alright," I smiled. "It's been a pleasure."

    "Yes, but… You've been more of a parent to Will than I have, these past few years."

    Larry's hand started to shake, spilling some of the beer. He set the glass down, which only made his shaky hands more obvious. Instinctively, I reached for them and took them in mine, giving them a comforting squeeze.

    "It's alright. You're here now," I said as Larry and I looked each other in the eyes. A few moments later, the door behind me opened and Larry jumped up. I turned around to see Will and Eric walking into the bar together. They'd probably met after work so Will wouldn't have to walk into The Falcon on his own.

    The two boys approached our table, and my son met his father-in-law for the first time. Hands were shook and more drinks were bought at the bar. Finally, Sven arrived a short while later and came to sit next to me. Now that all of us were here, the "official" conversation could begin.

    "So, what're you doing in Boston?" Will asked his dad point blank.

    Larry took a breath and looked down at his glass again before answering.

    "Well… You might know your step-mom and I split up –" he began.

    "How would I know that?" Will asked curtly. I loved Will, and I really didn't want to blame him for his relationship with his dad; but at this moment I wished Will would sound just a bit less inimical. 

    "Oh. I put it up on Facebook –" said Larry, only to be interrupted by Will again.

    "I don't check Facebook anymore, I literally haven't logged in in years. When did you guys split up?"
   "A– About six months ago. Soon after your brother went to college and moved out. We became empty nesters and decided it was time."

    "I see," Will nodded coolly.

    "Then– Then–" Larry stuttered. He looked on the verge of tears and I was tempted to reach for his hands again across the table. "Then three weeks ago, my father died."

    "Oh!" Will said, sounding truly shocked. Suddenly, I could feel his hostility start to fade, and he gave his father a look of compassion. Although trying to keep his shit together, Larry looked sad, which I completely understood. My mother's death (and my father's before her) was still fresh on my mind, and a part of me will always regret not making up with them, even if they were the ones who shunned me. I could tell Larry was trying to avoid that kind of situation developing between him and his son.

    "I'm sorry to hear that," Will said to his dad earnestly.

    "Thank you," Larry replied, clearing his throat and trying to pull himself together. "After he died, I got a phone call from your mom. You know she always got along with my parents, much more than she got along with me. She called to give me her condolences. I was surprised, cuz we haven't talked in decades. But we got to talking and she told me her daughter – your sister – got married in New York, and that you all got together and started 'rebuilding some bridges,' the way she put it. And she strongly encouraged me to do the same before… before it's too late," Larry's voice started to crack again. "So here I am."

    Larry looked up and made brief eye contact with me. I tried to offer an encouraging smile, after which Larry looked at his son.

    "How long are you in Boston for?" Will asked, sounding considerably gentler. 

    "As long as it takes. I'm working remotely. I'm staying at a hotel for now, but I'm looking at some rentals…" Larry tried to explain.

    "I don't understand what that means. 'As long as it takes.' As long as WHAT takes?" asked Will.

    "Well… I didn't wanna come here, shake your hand once, and leave. I'd like us to… spend some time together. If… if you're up for that."

    "And do what? Toss a baseball? Go fishing?" Will listed, probably bringing up things from his childhood.

    "Or come here. This seems like… an interesting place," Larry said, pointing around the bar. A few feet from us, the first patron had gotten down to his underwear, a pair of black briefs that said Nasty Pig on them. Even Will couldn't help but crack a smile at his father's comment.

    "So you don't need a kidney?" he asked his dad. 

    "No, but I might need a new liver if I keep drinking like this," Larry pointed out his empty glass. He started to stand up in an attempt to hit up the bar again.

    "Next round's on me," Sven insisted, putting his hand on Larry's shoulder and preventing him from getting up. My husband went to the bar, and as soon as he was gone my son announced he was going to the bathroom. I realized that if I leave now, that would give Will and his dad some time alone, which might not be a bad idea.

    "I'll come with you," I said to Eric, and we headed to the men's room together. On my way up, I winked at Larry and silently wished him good luck.

    "Well that was intense," Eric said to me as we made our way down the stairs.

    "I dunno, it seems to be going well, wouldn't you say?" I asked him.

    "Well, they're not at each other's throats for whatever that's worth, but that's hardly a high bar."

    "I think they'll be alright," I added confidently. Getting a chance to chat with Larry one-on-one before everyone got here left me with the impression that his heart was in the right place. For whatever mistakes he's made in the past, he seemed keen on redeeming himself.

    Eric and I entered the men's room, which was currently empty. My son went to one of the urinals to take a piss, and I remembered the last time we were here together and he pissed right in my mouth.

    "You gonna go?" he asked me, pointing at the other empty urinals.

    "No, I don't need to. I just wanted to give Will and his dad a chance to talk privately for a minute," I said.

    "You schemer," my son laughed, looking down at his cock. He wasn't the only person looking down at it. Staring at my boy's cock made me thirsty, tempting me to get on my knees again right here right now.

    "Dad… Thank you for taking such good care of me," Eric said. "To both of you. It wasn't until I went to college that I realized just how many people have shitty relationships with their parents. I couldn't have wished for a better family than you guys."

    It was a tender profession of love, just as my son shook the last drops of piss off his cock. It was definitely a funny timing, and we were suddenly interrupted by three burly bears who all came to use the restroom at the same time, talking loudly to each other. They took up all three of the urinals that were here, and my son grabbed my arm and said, "Come with me." He pulled me into one of the cubicles and shut the door behind us. When I looked down, I realized my son's cock was still hanging out of his pants.

    I stared at Eric's dick for a few seconds, during which time it already started to get harder. I knew that my boy needed some release, so I wrapped my hands around his cock and jerked my son off until he got fully hard. Next, I started to go down on my knees in the narrow cubicle, but Eric pulled me up.

    "Not that," he said, putting down the toilet lid and taking a seat on top, with his rock-hard cock pointing up. "Sit on it," he told me, looking me straight in the eyes with the same air of authority his other father often displayed.

    For a few years now, my son and I had crossed the line. I'd fucked Eric, and sucked his dick. He's sucked my dick as well, swallowing my sperm. But I'd never gotten fucked by my son before.

    Now here we were, in the men's room of a leather bar, the type of venue Sven and I used to frequent daily when we were Eric's age. Eric's father has fucked me countless times at places like this, calling me "pig" and spitting in my face, choking me and commanding me to take his dick. Looking at our son now sitting with his legs spread like he were sitting on a throne, his lips slightly pouty and his right hand wagging his cock in the air… he had so much of Sven in him.

    My submissive side took over and I couldn't help but do what my son told me. I unbuckled my pants, stroking my own boner while making eye contact with Eric. I was already leaking precum because of how horny this whole scenario was making me. At the urinals, the three bears were still talking and laughing about something. Upstairs, our entire family probably waited for us. But down here, my son's cock needed attending to, and I was the lucky person who got to do it. I spit on my hand and rubbed my saliva against my asshole for lube. 

    "Turn around," Eric said to me. I did as I was told, and a second later I felt my son's wet tongue licking my pucker, making it relax instantly.

    "Ooooh fuck," I moaned loudly as Eric rimmed me while kneading my asscheeks with his hands. 

    "He's fucking good," I thought. "Just like his father."

    My son ate my ass for about five minutes. During that time, the three bears had left the restroom, and a few other men came in and out, all of them using the urinals. I wasn't concerned about anything else, since the sensation of Eric's tongue inside my hole felt too good. With each thrust my son seemed to be going deeper and deeper in. But then, we heard footsteps approaching the stalls, and somebody came to use the stall right next to us. Through the gap on the bottom, I saw the man sit down on the toilet. I really wasn't looking forward to a stranger taking a dump right next to us while we did this, but from what I could tell the man's pants weren't even pulled down. 

    Next thing I know, the man on the other side of the partition took out his phone and gave someone a call. As soon as I heard his voice, I realized who it was. Will's father Larry was sitting in the neighboring cubicle while my son rimmed my hole!

    "Hey, man. Yeah, I made it. Will showed up as well," Larry said, probably talking to a buddy of his. "It's going alright. Kinda awkward, but not as bad as I feared. Although, having said that, I'm currently hiding in the bathroom to calm my nerves for a moment, ha."

    For a quick second, Eric stopped working my hole when he realized Larry was sitting next to us. But then, my son went immediately back to work, shoving his tongue back inside my ass. I had to hold back from moaning out and alerting Larry that we were here.

    "No, I'm alright, I just started feeling a bit… anxious, when Will and I were left alone at the table," Larry continued. He was speaking quietly, but I could still make out what he was saying. "He brought his husband and his entire family along. Yeah, they're nice. It actually helps having them here."

    As fascinating as this conversation was to me, surprisingly, Eric seemed to be paying no mind to it. Instead, he placed his hands on my hips and started pushing me downward, guiding my ass toward his hard prick.

    "What're you doing?!" I mouthed to my son with my head turned back.

    "I'm gonna fuck you," Eric mouthed back, a Sven-like sadistic streak in his eyes. My son was about to fuck me for the first time, and he wanted to do it with Will's dad sitting right next to us?!

    Still, I didn't fight back, and I went with my boy's desires. I felt the tip of Eric's dick, wet with precum, pressing against my relaxed hole. In the neighboring cubicle, Larry was still talking to his friend. Only able to hear one side of the conversation, I wasn't able to follow it completely, but it was obvious they were talking about Boston and Will being here.

    Feeling excited but also nervous, I experienced my own son's cock sliding inside my ass for the first time. I bit my lower lip in an effort not to moan out loud as I felt Eric's cockhead go through my sphincter and the rest of his shaft penetrating me. Just like that, he was in balls-deep.

    "Okay. Yeah. Listen, I better go back to the table, I just wanted to let you know everything's alright. Okay, buddy. Thanks. Yeah, talk later," we heard Larry say. He got up without using the toilet and walked back upstairs.

    "AHHHH!" I let out a loud noise as soon as Eric and I were alone in the men's room again. "Fuck! Shit."

    Other than the expletives, I was speechless. The sensation of my own son's dick inside my ass was amazing, and doing this in public only intensified it!

    "Have you ever fucked Sven?" I checked, even though I was pretty sure I knew the answer.

    "Not yet," my son confirmed. In a weird way, I was proud that I was the first one to get Eric's dick up my ass. After all, Sven was the first who got to fuck Eric, which led to me feeling jealous and excluded for a while after that. Now, I reveled in this feeling, as our son's hand moved around my throat and started gently choking me.

    "Yeah, you like that, don't ya?" he grunted softly in my ear from behind.

    "Fuck yeah, Son. You can go a bit harder," I assured him, encouraging him to show me no mercy. Eric's grip tightened around my throat and I closed my eyes, imagining his father doing this to me. The fact that history came to repeat itself was SUCH a turn-on!

    Eric drilled my ass for a good ten minutes, even though our movements were severely limited due to space restrictions. As the evening got later, more and more people came to the bar, which meant more of them came down to use the men's room. Of course, no one really blinked an eye that two men were fucking in one of the cubicles.

    With my ass, I milked my son's cock, getting him closer and closer to the edge. Now that we were almost there, I was beyond excited just thinking about taking Eric's load. I could already feel my son's precum inside of me, and knowing that his own cum would soon be in there…

    "Ah fuck, breed me, Son!" I panted, not holding back.

    "Yeah. You want me to cum inside you, Daddy?" Eric asked, even though we both knew there was no chance in hell he was pulling out.

    "Yeah. Load me up. Fucking cum inside me. Cum inside your old man, c'mon," I bounced up and down on Eric's cock faster and faster, squeezing it with my hole. Finally, my efforts were about to pay off. Eric closed his eyes and squeezed my throat even harder. I gripped my thighs, squeezed my asshole, and…

    "AAAAAAH, FUUUCK!!!" Eric shot his load inside of me. With a few more grunts and some aggressive thrusting, he let out a whole batch of my grandchildren inside my ass. The feeling of my son's cum coating the inner lining of my guts was surreal! I squeezed his dick even harder with my hole, extracting more of his jizz. I was insatiable. I'd taken countless loads in my life, but nothing could compare to this.

    As much as I wanted this moment to continue on forever, it was drawing to an end. After shooting wad after wad of cum inside me, Eric's balls were finally empty. He let go of my throat and hugged me from behind instead. Just like his dad, he knew that a bit of torture was always to be followed by after-care and affection. My son kissed the back of my neck gently, sending goosebumps all over my body as I relaxed, bouncing up and down slowly with his cock still inside me.

    Finally, I got up carefully, clenching my hole as soon as Eric's dick was out of it so I wouldn't let go of any of his precious jizz. We pulled our pants up and turned to face each other, immediately falling in each other's arms and crowning this amazing fuck with a kiss.

    "Now, let's go back to the table," Eric suggested. 

    We washed our hands and made our way upstairs. At the table, everyone else was already halfway done with their latest round of drinks.

    "Where were you guys?" Larry was the first to address us. "I thought you went to the bathroom but when I went down you weren't there."

    "Oh, we just went out for a short walk," I said. I felt bad about lying to poor Larry, but it was best for him not to know that I currently had my son's seed swimming inside of me. 

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