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Bar Blowjob & Taboo Thrills


    Once again, the infamous Boston winter was underway by the time December rolled around. It made it exceptionally difficult to get out of bed in the morning, yet somehow my husband still found it in himself to get up, put his little shorts on, and go for an intense run. I was quite athletic for a man my age, but there was no chance in hell you'd catch me running outside at the crack of dawn in this weather. Instead, I preferred to stay in bed where it was nice and warm… made even warmer whenever someone was there with me.

    One Thursday morning, I woke up with someone's warm mouth sucking my hard cock. At first I thought it was Brady, until I realized he had early-morning classes on Thursday. It couldn't have been Sven – he was out for a run. I kept my eyes closed as I humped the face of the person blowing me, enjoying the mystery of their identity for a few minutes.

    "Good morning, Son," I said as I opened my eyes and realized that it was my son Eric sucking on my tool.

    "Morning, Dad," he took my dick out to reply, before shoving it back into his mouth greedily. By this point, I'd lost track of how many of my loads my son had swallowed. What was once taboo, was now an almost everyday occurrence that made no one in our household blink an eye. My husband, my son, my son-in-law, Brady, and I: all of us engaged in various sexcapades with each other, a rotating cast of characters with no concerns about age gaps of familiar relations. 

    "I think I'm gonna stay in bed all morning today," I said after a yawn as I stretched my upper body, while still fucking my son's face. "So you can take your time."

    "Mm. I'd love to, but unlike you I gotta go to work," Eric said, and continued to please my daddy dick. He dove in balls-deep, letting me punch the back of his throat with the tip of my dick, and he sucked me that way for ten or fifteen minutes, while the shower in the next room kept running.

    Soon, the shower was off, and my son's husband Will walked into the bedroom, stark naked and still slightly wet. He and I smiled at each other, a mischievous gleam in our eyes. Will had come so far from the shy 21-year-old he was when he graduated college. He even carried our last name now. He stood in the doorway, watching his husband suck my cock, growing aroused by the father-and-son action and beginning to stroke his own hardening dick.

    "You wanna suck Daddy's dick as well, boy?" I said to Will.

    "Fuck yeah," he smiled and approached the bed.

    "I gotta shower. Here, I leave you in good hands… and lips," Eric said, ceremoniously handing my hard prick over to Will.

    Eric and Will kissed, and Eric left my bed to get ready for work. He was right: Will's hands and lips sure did an excellent job! He jerked me off and edged me with his fingers for a few minutes before picking up where my son had left off and burying my cock deep down his throat. I fucked Will's face for a few minutes, holding his head with both my hands and maintaining eye contact with him. "I love you, Son," I mouthed to him just as I blew my load down his cocksucking throat. Will, who'd been jerking himself off while sucking my tool, lost his nut at the same time, shooting cum all over the sheets while swallowing my spunk.

    A few hours later, I was home alone and trying to motivate myself to get some writing done. I was running out of ways to procrastinate when someone knocked on the door, much to my pleasure.

    "Larry! Hi," I said, letting Will's dad into the apartment. He was holding up several shopping bags which swung around as the two of us hugged.

    "Hey. It's my day off so I went shopping and bought Will a few things. I thought I'd drop by and leave them here," Larry explained. We took the bags to Eric and Will's bedroom, and then headed to the living room.

    "I wish you would've told me you were out shopping, I would've joined you," I said to Larry.

    "Ah, I didn't wanna bother you," he said humbly.

    "Larry, you're never a bother!" I insisted, turning around so I was facing him. "It was a pleasure having you here for Thanksgiving, and I hope you know you're invited for Christmas as well. We're family now."

    "Thanks," Larry blushed. "It… It means a lot."

    It was kinda funny seeing a grown man blush like a high school girl like this, but I was glad I could make Larry happy. He was in the process of restarting his life, which only got more difficult with age, so I wanted to do whatever I could to help him settle down here in Boston.

    "What do you say we go out for a drink?" I offered, already reaching for my jacket. It was only 3:30 but hey, I said, "It's five o'clock somewhere."

    "Sure," Larry smiled, visibly happy at my invitation. From what I gathered, Larry didn't have any local friends yet, except for his housemates, who were three decades younger than him. Sometimes a man needs a friend his age, and I hoped Larry knew he had a friend in me.

    "Where should we go?" I asked out in the street. It was cold outside but the sun was shining, which thankfully made it more bearable.

    "Why don't we go to Will's favorite place? The Falcon?" Larry suggested.

    "Haha, sure." I was happy to go to the gay leather bar – it was one of my favorite places as well – but I was sort of surprised to hear Larry suggest it. "Do you and Will go there often?"

    "Not too often," Larry replied. "We've been there a few times. It's kinda become our go-to place for drinks after work, whenever we get the chance to meet."

    With him being a straight man from Ohio, I wondered how Larry might feel while being at The Falcon, where it wasn't unusual to see fucking or even fisting right at the bar. Granted, the raunchier action usually happened later in the night; if he went there after work it probably wasn't that extreme. But you never know; sometimes I'd seen men screwing or chugging piss straight out the tap at noon there.

    Today, the bar was on the emptier side, with only about six other patrons (unless there was an orgy happening down in the bathroom, which wouldn't have been a first). The holiday decorations were out, the bright colors clashing interestingly with all of the pornographic, black-and-white prints on the walls. Larry and I sat down at a table right next to a large poster of two bears, who I thought were embracing, but when I focused harder I realized one of them had his dick up the other guy's ass.

    "I'll go get us some drinks. Beer?" I asked Will's dad.

    "Please," he nodded, looking at the poster in amusement before looking at me and smiling.

    When I returned to the table, our first topic of conversation was Eric and Will's surrogate. She and the baby were both doing fine – knock on wood – and Larry shared some experiences from his ex-wife's pregnancies. At the table next to us sat two men in their 30s, who were far less chatty than we were. They were hardly speaking to one another, instead focusing on making out and running their hands all over one another's bodies. With their jackets off, they were both wearing tank tops that left very little to the imagination. Suddenly, I felt overdressed, even though I was wearing an ordinary, white T-shirt. 

    While trying to pay attention to what Larry was saying to me, my eyes kept wandered back to the couple at the neighboring table… and I realized one of them had his dick out, hard as a rock and almost as large as the beer glass I was holding in my hand. His partner was casually jerking him off, an action that seemed to go unnoticed by Larry even though it was happening but a few feet away. We continued talking and I found myself recounting the story of Eric's conception and birth. In that context, I  casually mentioned that Sven and I had plenty of wild times before Eric was born, and still had our fair share afterward.

    "I'm sure it wasn't as easy to make it out to the bar for beers with a baby," Larry mused, and I could tell he was feeling a little tipsy. "I hope Will and Eric know how much their lives will change."

    "Oh I think they're going in with open eyes," I said, "though the reality of it all will be a shock no matter what." What wasn't shocking was the fact that, at the table next to us, the second guy now got his cock out as well. Or rather, it was his partner who reached over and freed it, so they were currently stroking one another as they continued to make out. After a moment, the one with the thick cock disengaged from their kiss and, with an eager grin, slid down so that he was on his knees, partially under the small table. He proceeded to swallow the other man's dick.

    There was some shuffling of the stool and table as the guy got down, and I finally saw Larry glance over and realize what was going on just a few feet away from us. He'd been to this bar before and I didn't think he'd be too shocked, but at the same time I wasn't sure how he'd react. Before meeting him, all I had to go by were a few things about him that Will had told me. But a son's perceptions of his father were far from objective, and I'd vowed to keep an open mind when it came to Larry. It seemed like he was open-minded as well, since his only reaction to the public blowjob happening next to us was a smirk, followed by Larry taking the final swig of beer from his glass. As he set the empty container down on the table, he looked at me for a moment, the smirk still on his face, and cocked one eyebrow at me.

    "You seem to need a lot of adjusting down there," Larry said to me, and for a second I was perplexed. Then, I realized that my hand was on my crotch, slowly squeezing and massaging my hardening cock through my pants. It had been there for a while, and I had to chuckle a little bit. Whether it was due to the beer, the comfort of being at The Falcon, or just sheer horniness, I wasn't even aware I was doing it.

    "Yeah, well..." I responded, a little unsure of how to continue. If he had been another one of our gay friends, his comment would have been a solid step into flirtation territory. "Some things just happen automatically. When I see sex happening right in front of me, I get hard," I shrugged, and finished off my own beer.

    "Me too," Larry said matter-of-factly. I automatically glanced down but the table blocked my view of his lower body. "I'll get us another round," he added, before grabbing the two empty glasses and standing up. He winked at me quickly before turning and heading toward the bar. Between his winks and his words… I was starting to suspect Larry was teasing me. Or was I imagining things? I hadn't eaten much for lunch and these beers were hitting me hard. Maybe this was all in my head. But that wink...

    I stopped trying to overanalyze things and just enjoyed the view I had of a truly excellent blowjob. The guy on his knees was stroking his slab of a dick slowly while he worked on his friend, and I could see he was leaking precum all over his fist. His eyes were closed most of the time, but there was a moment where he glanced over and saw me staring back, groping myself. He smiled at me, more with his eyes than anything, since his mouth was full of cock. Our eye contact made me squeeze my dick harder, and I realized I was hard as a rock by now.

    The sound of the beer glasses hitting the table grabbed my attention, and I looked up, surprised to see Larry sitting down sitting next to me instead of across the table where he'd been earlier. He still had a great view – better now, really – of the action next to us, but he was also much closer to me, and felt a rush brought on by that closeness. I'd found Larry attractive the moment I'd met him, but knowing (or perhaps just assuming?) that he was straight, plus the fact that he was my son-in-law's father, I tried not to let my mind dwell on any inappropriate thoughts about him. But suddenly I felt like a teenager whose crush had just sat down next to him.

    Feeling bolder than most teenagers probably would, instead of reaching for my beer, I moved my hand to Larry's thigh. Looking over at him, he smiled as our eyes met and he picked up his glass.

    "Cheers," he said, lifting it high off the table. Leaving one hand on his thigh, I stopped groping myself for a moment and used the other hand to raise my own glass and bump it against his. "To going into things with eyes open," he added cryptically, taking a sip while still looking at me. He was obviously referencing my comment about Will and Eric from a few minutes earlier, but I sensed another layer of meaning. It felt like he was giving me a green light to... do something. The ball was in my court, clearly.

    The guy getting blown next to us let out a moan as his partner deep-throated him once again. Larry and I both glanced over, but my eyes quickly darted down to my companion's crotch and I was pleased to see a good-sized cock bulging out Larry's pants. It lay across his groin pointing toward the hip opposite me, and I swear I could even see it throbbing a little bit. I slowly slid my hand up his thigh and then reached to squeeze his shaft. He was fully hard and this time there was a definite pulse happening as I gave him a gentle squeeze.

    When I glanced up, Larry's eyes were still on the guys nearby. He seemed very relaxed and was clearly enjoying himself. I began moving my hand along his length and he let out a soft moan. I caught his eyes darting toward me quickly, and then he smirked and sipped his beer as his focus returned to the two men giving us a show.

    The slut that I am, I was very tempted to slide down onto my own knees and mirror the action by taking out Larry's cock and sucking it. And if I'd had another beer in me, that might have happened. But I reminded myself to take things one step at a time. I didn't know exactly where Larry's comfort level ended and I wanted to give him a chance to let me know if I was going too far. So I settled for tugging his zipper down slowly and, when he didn't make any move to stop me, pulling his cock out through the opening.

    Released from its containment, Larry's cock was a little bigger than I expected, even after having groped him through his jeans. He moaned again as I began to stroke him, and I felt his whole body relax – with the exception of his prick. His precum was flowing before I'd even grabbed his dick, and my motions quickly made sure it was wet all over. I glanced over and smiled when I saw that the two guys we'd been watching were now watching us, even as the blowjob continued slowly. When I looked back at Larry, his head was reclined back and his eyes were closed. He was breathing deeply and I knew he wasn't going to last long.

    Maybe this was his first handjob in a while, and it was very possibly his first one from another man. I'd also put money on this being his first one that was happening in a busy bar in the middle of the afternoon. Not to mention he was being jerked off by his own son's father-in-law. He no doubt had a range of taboo thrills surging through his brain right now. I could feel the excitement in every throb of his cock.

    When I knew Larry was about to cum, I again had to fight the urge to lean down and take him into my mouth. But one upside of doing it this way was that I got to see the thick load as it poured out of his piss slit and onto my fingers. It was the kind of ejaculation that was more a lava flow than an eruption, and I was amazed at the amount that came out before it finally slowed down. I moved my hand from his shaft carefully, squeezing it a little to make sure I got every last drop of jizz from his cock. Most of it was on my hand as I let go and pulled it back toward me.

    Larry sighed deeply and looked at me with a slightly dazed look in his eye.

    "Thank you," he said, smiling and not looking at all embarrassed or panicked about what had just happened. He glanced down at my cum-covered hand that I was carefully resting on the table. "I... really made a mess, huh?" he asked, chuckling with a tone of disbelief. "Let me go grab some napkins for you..." He began to reach for his softening cock, meaning to put it away so he could get up.

    "Don't worry about it," I said, placing my other hand on his knee. "Just sit here and enjoy your drink. I know I'm going to." Never breaking eye contact with Larry, I raised my wet hand to my mouth and began to lick his load off of it. Will's dad watched for a few seconds, transfixed, and then shook his head and laughed a little more. His eyes moved to his glass of beer and he grabbed that to take a long drink. As I savored the seed of my fellow father-in-law, I also enjoyed the fact that Larry didn't seem in any hurry to put his dick back in his pants.

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