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Threesome With My Uncle


    As the firstborn son of a wealthy Connecticut family, I was "set for greatness." Growing up felt like I was being groomed; set up to become the person I should be, not who I want to be. This was the most obvious in the choice of girls I was permitted to be around. As far as I could remember, around the age of 4 or so, my parents hand-picked who I got to spend time with, their favorite being Felicity Wagner, whose family had the highest social standing in our obnoxious, affluent bubble. Little did my parents know I had my eyes set on Felicity's brother – my best friend at the time. I had a crush on him before I even knew what a crush was, and way before I ever thought that gay crushes were even acceptable.

    Much to my parents' pleasure, Felicity and I started dating in high school. She was a nice girl who'd always been a part of my life, and since everyone else was coupling up at the time I figured I might as well. Besides, it was as if everyone around us expected us to end up together, saying we "belonged together" without bothering to ask how either one of us felt. 

    My relationship with Felicity was… okay. We had sex a couple of times a week, which I partook in even though there was "something missing." In my senior year, pressured by my parents, I proposed to Felicity. We were young but my family wanted to lock it down, as if we were securing some sort of transaction. Felicity accepted, under the condition that our engagement lasts long enough to graduate high school and plan a huge, elaborate wedding.

    As I neared graduation, I began to freak out. A voice within me gnawed at me. So, I decided to go against my parents' wishes for the first time… and I joined the military. I wanted – no, needed – to get away from it all, and the military seemed like a good way to do it. After all, even though my parents wanted me to go straight to college, they also believed there was a lot of honor in serving, so they agreed to let me go.

    Over in Afghanistan, sharing the barracks with other men and growing closer to them, I couldn't deny it anymore. I was gay, and I was finally ready to admit it to myself.  One of the first things I did next was call off the engagement. Poor Felicity, who probably had the centerpieces and the wedding band picked out already, was so heartbroken that she moved to California to start a new life. I decided that as soon as I returned to America, a new life was exactly what I needed as well.

    So, I tracked down David, my mother's disgraced brother, shunned by the rest of the family for being gay. With his help I moved to Boston – a place fairly close to our native state yet it felt like a different universe. Here, I got to know my cousin Eric, and my other uncle Sven. The way that these men lived was like… some sort of fantasy. At first I felt shy and reserved (especially compared to them!) but over time I began opening up. Plus, I was now dating Sam, my adorable and super sexy boyfriend. Operation "New Life" seemed to be a success.

    One Friday in December, I went to BU to pick up Sam after he was done with classes and we headed out for dinner. I had my eyes set on a Brazilian churrascaria that someone recommended, and Sam was very excited about it as well. Unfortunately, when we arrived there, the hostess apologetically told us the venue was 21+, and Sam was still a few months too young.

    I was starving and sadly eyeing the McDonald's across the street, when a man suddenly showed up, speaking to the hostess in Portuguese, after which she smiled and welcomed us in.

    "Come, come," the man beckoned us to his table. He looked semi-familiar but for the life of me I couldn't figure out where I knew him from. Then we got to his nearby table and I saw who he was sitting with: my uncle Sven.

    "This is my friend Thiago," Sven introduced us. "You might remember him from Eric and Will's wedding."

    "That's right!" I said, shaking Thiago's hand and thanking him for getting us in. He explained that he knew the owners; even though he lived in Las Vegas, he apparently had a lot of connections in Boston's large Brazilian community.

    The food was exquisite, and the cocktails even better. It was my first proper Brazilian dining experience, and needless to say it was much better than McDonald's.

    "This is nothing! I'm going to São Paulo in a couple of weeks to see my brother for the holidays. You should join if you want the authentic experience," Thiago extended an invitation I wished I could accept. 

    A couple of hours later, we were all nice and tipsy – all of us except my uncle Sven, who'd driven here. Thiago bumped into some acquaintances of his and decided to join them at their table since the rest of us were about to leave. Sven offered to drive Sam and me back home, and since Sam was spending the night at my place, that's where we all headed.

    I was still renting a small place in Chinatown, just a few blocks down from my uncles' apartment. I invited Sven to come upstairs for a drink now that he was no longer driving, and he accepted. My place was cold and drafty, but I cranked up the heat so much that within half an hour we were all sweating. Sam and I sat together on the couch and took our sweatshirts off, and my boyfriend took it a step further by asking "You don't mind, do you?" and taking off his tight jeans as well, sitting there in his T-shirt and colorful boxer briefs.

    "Not at all," I replied. Next, I looked at my uncle and added, "Feel free to get comfortable as well, if you want."

    "If you insist," Sven said with a smirk. He began undressing… and didn't stop until he was fully nude.

    "Hope that's okay," he said, pretending to be coy. "You said to get comfortable and well… this is my most comfortable outfit."

    "Let's toast to that," Sam cheered, raising his glass and smiling at my handsome uncle. I had to admit, Sven's body was sexy as fuck! I usually tried to keep my gawking at my uncle under control, which was difficult given that he was almost constantly showing off his body in some way, consciously or not. But now, with quite a bit of alcohol in my system and much lower inhibitions, I was pretty open about checking Sven out. Each of his muscles was rounded and well-defined, and as usual I was amazed by how he was somehow both lean and beefy in all the right spots. 

    My uncle's ass was ample and bouncy, perfectly round. His arms, chest and abs were firm, but also had a softness to them. And his cock... the large slab of meat just hung there and I couldn't even tell if he was starting to get hard or not. From the few times I'd seen it, his cock always looked thick and juicy, and I wondered if it was ever fully soft. Uncle Sven always seemed ready to go, and I knew he and David fucked frequently (which I'd also gotten to witness on several occasions).

    My boyfriend was also talking in the sights. I could practically see the drool at the corners of Sam's mouth as his eyes fixated on my uncle's endowment.

    "That piercing's huge," Sam said, referring to Sven's ridiculously large Prince Albert. "I mean, I've been fucked by pierced dicks before, but never one that big. I wonder what that feels like," Sam continued with a smirk.

    "It's hard to describe... you really just need to experience it to understand," Sven replied, more than happy to talk about his oversized tool. Next, he reached down and tugged on his shaft a few times, and there was no doubt that it was growing now. I saw Sam lick his lips and I knew what he was imagining, and I found that I really wanted to see that become a reality.

    "Do you wanna try it out, babe?" I asked Sam, and in my drunken state the question felt extra naughty, almost like I was pimping out my young boyfriend to my hunky uncle. Fuck, I was already hard in my jeans anticipating what was about to happen.

    "Yeah, I wanna know what it's like to have that inside me," Sam said in a lusty voice, his hand massaging his cock through his boxer briefs. He knocked back the rest of his drink as he stood up, and slid his underwear down to the floor. His cock was almost fully hard already, and he looked down at me as I took the empty glass from his hand, setting it down nearby.

    "Then turn around and bend over, babe," I said, rubbing his lower back with my hand. "I wanna see my uncle shove his big dick deep inside you." My boyfriend smiled at me as he turned around and leaned forward over the couch. As Sven stepped up closer to Sam and placed his big hands on my boyfriend's smooth ass cheeks, I reached down and undid my jeans, slipping them off along with my underwear and freeing my cock, which was already oozing precum.

    "Do we need to grab some lube?" Sven asked, looking down at me as he moved one hand to his massive shaft and started to stroke it. I felt my cock throb at the fact that he was asking me and not Sam. I really felt like I was whoring him out right now… and I loved it.

    "Nah, he's used to taking cock at the drop of a hat," I said, remembering the many times I'd shoved my own into him with little more than a few drops of precum as lubricant. "Just take it slow for the first few inches and he'll open right up."

    "Oh fuck," I heard Sam whisper as he leaned forward more and buried his face in his arms along the back of the couch. This verbal exchange between me and my hung uncle clearly turned him on.

    "Alright then," Sven said, his concerns allayed. "Then here we go." He pushed forward and I enjoyed my front-row seat to the show I was about to get. Sven's enormous pink cockhead pushed up against Sam's opening, the metal ring pushed to the side slightly as Sven added more pressure to gain the initial entry. I saw Sam's hole relax a little and then my uncle began to slide in slowly. I watched his ring disappear into my boyfriend, followed by the entire cockhead. Sam was moaning continuously as my uncle continued with the insertion. I could only imagine how it felt to have the hard metal running along the inside of him, teasing the nerves with its cold firmness.

    After about three inches were in, Sven stopped and began kneading Sam's cheeks with his hands.

    "Fuck yeah, his ass feels so good, Nate," my uncle said, looking down at me again as I stroked my cock and watched him penetrate my boyfriend. "You're a lucky guy."

    "I'm happy to share him, Uncle Sven," I replied, reaching over to stroke Sam's cock. He was already copiously leaking precum and I quickly had his shaft slicked up. "My boy has a need for daddy cock, you know?" Sven looked at me intently and cocked one eyebrow, looking amused.

    "Yeah, I could see that in his eyes," my uncle replied. Sam must have relaxed a bit more by then, because Sven resumed his pushing and I watched in awe as the rest of that daddy dick disappeared balls-deep into my young boyfriend. The moans from both of them got louder and I sat there and enjoyed the sight in front of me, stroking Sam with one hand and myself with the other.

    Once he was confident Sam could handle it, Sven pulled back and almost fully withdrew, leaving his dickhead embedded just inside the stretched opening. Then he pushed back in, faster than the first time, making Sam's moans turn into whimpers as he gripped the back of the couch to steady himself. Only allowing a moment for them to enjoy the sensation of Sven being fully embedded, my uncle pulled back again and then slammed in even harder. Sam's sounds became more breathless but didn't have a trace of pain or protest. I knew he loved getting used like this and that he also got off on being watched.  The living room window looked out onto the street below and the buildings across from us, and I could see that Sam had his eyes open some of the time, no doubt wondering if anyone else could see us. All the lights in the room were on, and anyone who cared to look was no doubt getting an eyeful.

    "How does that Prince Albert feel inside you, babe?" I asked him, slowing my stroking of his cock substantially, hoping to amp up his need as he answered.

    "Fucking amazing..." Sam began, before losing his words in another moan. "It's so fucking BIG," he added, choosing that moment to shove his ass backward to meet Sven's thrust. I heard Sam's ass slap against my uncle's hips loudly.

    Sven let out a low growl as he realized he could go even harder, and I continued to stroke myself while he mercilessly pounded my lover's needy hole. My other hand moved from Sam's cock to his nipples, and I loved hearing the additional gasps that elicited from him.

    "You gonna breed him, Sven?" I said with pure lust in my voice. "I wanna see you flood my man's guts with your load. Fill him up with that seed that Uncle David loves."

    "Mmm, it's gonna be any minute now, Nate. Fuck, he feels amazing," Sven said, his eyes closed as he kept slamming into Sam. Sure enough, moments after that he stopped thrusting and pulled my boyfriend's backside tightly to him, getting as deep as possible. He let out a string of curses, echoed by Sam's own cries that were simply unintelligible sounds. I slid my hand back to Sam's cock and wasn't surprised to feel it pulsing as he shot his load onto my couch. I caught some of it in my palm and used it to jerk my own cock even faster.

    Sven spent nearly a minute unloading in Sam's ass, and I felt myself getting closer as I continued to work my wet shaft. My uncle glanced down at me and I think he knew what I was planning. He let go of my boyfriend's hips and moved backward, withdrawing his dripping cock more quickly than Sam would have liked, judging by the desperate gasp I heard as the head popped out. Sam's hole looked amazing, gaped open bigger than I'd ever seen it, a thin rivulet of cum running out and down the back of his tightened-up ballsack.

    I stood up as Sven moved to the side, and I shoved my hard cock in all the way, just in time for Sam's hole to clamp shut around it. I began thrusting and it only took me a few seconds to start cumming. As I added my load to my uncle's deep within my boyfriend, I smiled when I realized Sam's own cum was in there now too, since I'd used it to grease myself up a moment before.

    More and more, I was considering Sam to be a part of my family, and I was glad that I could share him with the rest of my family in this way. My uncles didn't care about boundaries as long as everyone was enjoying themselves, and I'd become so much freer in the short time I'd known them. As Sven wrapped an arm around me while I was still balls-deep in Sam, I smiled and rested my head on my uncle's shoulder. There truly was nothing better than being with family around the holidays. 

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