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Sucked in My Son's Bed


    The fact that I let David jerk me off – in public, nonetheless! – often kept me up at night. Granted, my divorce was final and I was now a free agent, but there were so many other layers to what we did.

    Number one: Unlike me, David was married. I'd had a feeling that he and his husband Sven had an "unconventional" marriage, and I was proven right. David felt free to make me cum at The Falcon, as he and Sven had permission to play with other men. I suspected that my son and his husband Eric might be in a similar kind of marriage, but I never asked so I didn't know for sure.

    Number two: David was a man, and I was (I always thought) straight. I'd already allowed my housemate Troy to jerk me off once, so what happened between David and me at The Falcon wasn't quite my first experience with a man. I genuinely enjoyed myself both times which got me wondering… was I into men? Or was I just so starved for sex that I was willing to take what I could get?

    In order to answer that, I had sex with two different women over the next couple of weeks. Both of them were tourists visiting Boston for the holidays. One was a middle-aged divorcée who wasn't particularly attractive, but we had a good time. The other lady was younger, in her 20s, and barely spoke a word of English but was a firecracker in bed. I probably would've attempted dating her if she lived nearby.

    As fun as all that was, it still didn't get David out of my head. I just felt such a connection with him! And therein lay the third issue: David and I were basically family. True, we weren't blood-related in any way, but our sons were married to each other. What the HELL were we doing, fucking around like two horny teens who didn't give a fuck about the rest of the world? But maybe… maybe that's what made it so exciting. As fucked up as it all was, it gave me butterflies in my stomach, and made me feel younger and more alive than I'd felt in a very, very long time.

    Before we left The Falcon that day, I'd asked David not to tell anyone about what happened between us, not even Sven. I just couldn't risk it getting to Will. I needed to wrap my mind around things before dragging my son into this shit show. The LAST thing I wanted was to be the cause for any complications in his marriage, especially with him and Eric awaiting their first child.

    I got to see the Hillbeckers again on Christmas. The rest of my children were with their mom, so I had nowhere else to be. I was still feeling sad over the dissolution of my family (it was hardest during the holidays) but David and Sven threw an amazing holiday dinner party which successfully cheered me up. It was attended by eight people, which was just enough for it to feel like a party without being overwhelming. 

    We exchanged gifts, and the smokers (both tobacco and weed) went out to the balcony. David's nephew Nathan was attending the party with his boyfriend Sam, and the two of them disappeared in David and Sven's bedroom, shutting the door and probably fucking in there. I found myself strolling around the apartment until I ended up in the bedroom my son shared with his husband.

    "That's where the crib is gonna go," a voice said from behind me. I turned around to see David standing in the doorway. He came into the room and closed the door. He was pointing at an empty corner, where my first grandchild would soon be sleeping.

    "So Will and Eric are staying here after the baby is born?" I asked.

    "Yes, for a little while, so we can help them out," David replied. "They're getting their own place after that – the kid is gonna need more room. They haven't decided yet where they wanna go."

    "If they need anything… I don't have a lot of money, but whatever I can give –" I offered.

    "Don't worry about it," David interrupted me. "We've barely been charging them rent, so they have enough money saved up. Of course, it won't be anything as expensive as this but that doesn't matter as long as they have each other."

    David smiled, and I smiled back in agreement. For years now, the son that I'd pretty much abandoned had been living with David's family… and I realized I couldn't have asked for better people for Will to be surrounded by.

    "I know I've said this before, but… thank you –" I said to David, and he interrupted me again, this time by kissing me. As he did so, I lost balance and fell backwards onto the bed… my son's bed.

    We made out for what felt like hours, but was really only a minute or two. One of David's hands was on the back of my head, his fingers intertwined in my hair. He was at once pulling my hair a little and pushing my face more firmly into his own, making our kissing even deeper. His tongue probed my mouth and I finally met it with my own, tentatively exploring these new sensations. When David's other hand moved to the crotch of my khakis, it found a fully hard cock contained within. He began massaging it as I let my own hand wander down to the bulge I'd been eyeing all night.

    David's cock felt huge, bigger than I expected, though I realized I didn't have much basis for comparison. Unlike Sven, whose endowment always seemed to be on display no matter what he was wearing, it seemed like David kept his endowment a little more concealed. Feeling charged up, I was just about to find his zipper with my fingers when David pulled back from the kiss. I opened my eyes to see him grinning at me devilishly, and all I could do was smile back. I must have looked a little shell-shocked, and I certainly felt that way. It was almost the same feeling I remembered having during my first heavy make-out session with a girl, back in middle school. I'd barely known what I was doing then, and though I had plenty of experience with women under my belt by now, the excitement of exploring new territory again was intoxicating.

    I realized that I'd been staring into David's eyes for quite a while. I felt embarrassed at first, but of course he'd also been staring at me. There was an intensity there that almost scared me, and suddenly my heart was pounding in my ears. David got up off the bed for a second, breaking the eye contact and ending the powerful moment. I thought that perhaps we were done, which was just as well since someone else could come in the room at any moment. "Like Will," I reminded myself. But before I could move to get up myself, David was back on the bed again, this time on his side with his head near my crotch. He was pulling my zipper down and... oh my god, was he going to suck my cock?!

    When he pulled my throbbing hard-on from my pants, I closed my eyes and let my head relax on the pillow. The wet warmth of David's mouth was suddenly surrounding my cock. I'd had a couple of blowjobs (from women) recently but I could immediately tell this was going to be different. It felt like every stroke of David's hand and swipe of his tongue was hitting pleasure points I didn't even know existed on my own dick.

    My head lolled to one side as I enjoyed the blowjob, when I suddenly breathed in my son's scent. Had someone asked me thirty minutes prior if Will had any kind of distinct body odor, I might have laughed at the question. He hadn't lived with me in years, so how could I possibly remember something like that? But when it hit me, the recollections came fast. Smelling my son's hair as he sat in my lap. The scent of his bedroom when I'd come in to wake him up for school in the morning. His musk that would fill my nostrils during one of the hugs that had become increasingly rare as he got older.

    This was my son's bedroom, and I was getting a blowjob on his bed. From his father-in-law. And Will was here in the apartment! It was supposed to be a family Christmas, and yet this didn't feel strange somehow. The evening had started to wind down and the vibe had changed. Nate and Sam were keeping each other busy in the other bedroom. Sven and Brady – the young man who'd been introduced as David and Sven's boyfriend – had been very cuddly as they'd stepped out onto the balcony earlier. Will and Eric were their usual selves, wrapped up in one another in a very heart-warming way. Everyone was coupled up... including David and me? Was that what was happening here?

    Forcing myself out of my increasingly outlandish thoughtscape, I returned my attention to the man whose body lay stretched out next to me as he swallowed my cock. David's crotch, bulging even more than before, was within my reach, and I knew what I wanted to do.

    I tugged down his zipper and was pleased (and somehow not surprised) to find that he was freeballing. So I was able to take out his cock quickly and begin to enjoy stroking another man for the first time. Even after the experiences with Troy and then with David at the bar, I hadn't necessarily imagined myself with someone else's cock in my hand. But now that I was doing it, I found that intuition was quickly taking over. David was bigger than I was but for the most part, there was an odd familiarity to what I was doing. I'd been handling a cock since I was a boy of course; it had always been my own but I still knew what to do with it. Somehow, the fact that this cock belonged specifically to David made this feel even more natural. What was that about?

    Eric's dad moaned with my dick in his mouth, giving me reassurance that he was enjoying my slightly awkward ministrations. One of David's hands was playing with my balls while he continued to suck me, and I watched his other hand slide up my chest and begin to unbutton my shirt. When he had it fully open, he began running his fingers through my chest hair and softly brushing the tips across my nipples. It felt amazing, and when he could tell I was responding well, David began giving the sensitive nubs more attention. His pinches and twists made me gasp a few times, and I think he liked it when I inadvertently reacted by tugging harder on his cock.

    This continued for a few minutes, until I heard my son's voice from the living room. It was quiet and it didn't seem like he or anyone else was approaching the hallway or this bedroom, but it reminded me again of where I was. "Will and Eric fuck in this bed," I thought to myself. Probably every night. Of course, after the words ran through my head I couldn't help but picture the two of them. Multiple configurations flashed before my eyes. Eric fucking Will. Will fucking Eric. The two of them 69-ing in a position not unlike the one David and I were in right now. Blasting cum down one another's throats…

    FUCK, that image did something to me, more than any of the others. Perhaps because it was so similar to what was happening to me right at this moment. I felt the familiar rush coming fast, and I knew I was seconds away from blowing my load. I thought about warning David, like I usually would with a woman, but something told me that he wouldn't pull away even if he knew what was coming.

    Sure enough, the floodgates opened and I had to work hard not to cry out in pleasure as every nerve ending in my cock seemed to light up. I could feel David's tongue massaging my shaft as it pumped my load down his throat. I could actually FEEL him swallowing my sperm down, the muscles of his neck somehow massaging my cock while I came.

    David started moaning as well, and seemed less worried than me about keeping quiet. I thought he was just really enjoying the taste of my cum, but when his thick cock started twitching and pulsing in my hand, I realized he was going to blow his load as well. Feeling a moment of pride that I'd managed to jerk this much-more-experienced man off to completion, I watched his first spray of spunk fly out and land right on my bare chest. I kept up my light stroking and four more jets landed across my torso and abdomen, each one warm and thick as it hit my skin.

    I let out a deep breath when David slowly released me from his mouth, and I was transfixed by the sight of my wet, softening cock popping out from between his sexy lips. I felt one last swipe of his tongue across the cockhead before he released it, no doubt making sure he'd gotten every drop of my seed. The seed that had created the man his son had married. Flashing that same smile as before, David reversed his earlier move, standing up briefly and then getting back on the bed so that we were face-to-face again.

    He leaned in toward me but was aiming his mouth at my chest this time, and I could only chuckle with amazement as the handsome man began to lick up his own jizz bit by bit. It was incredibly sensual to feel his tongue stroke my skin as he gently cleaned me up. When he was done, he brought his face up to mine and we kissed again. This time, I pushed my tongue into David's mouth first and I was greeted by the slightly bitter taste of another man's cum. While not something I was ready to savor, the flavor was somehow both arousing and fulfilling. This was David's load, one that I'd been at least partially responsible for producing. We'd made this happen together and by kissing now and sharing it, we were bonding in a whole new way.

    I wasn't sure what any of this meant, and when we stopped kissing and began to put ourselves back together to be presentable, David and I didn't exchange any words. I just kept looking into his eyes and feeling... happy. In a way that felt both new and familiar. Stopping at the mirror to make sure my hair wasn't too mussed (or full of cum), I noticed a smile on my face just as big as the one on David's. He leaned in for one last, tender kiss before we left the bedroom and went to rejoin his family. OUR family.

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