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Together as One


    I had spent the last day of 2021 going around Boston collecting loads quite spontaneously. It started early in the morning, when everyone else was still asleep. I went out to get coffee when I bumped into Foster, our neighbor across the street. We talked about our husbands and sons for a few minutes and the chat was making me quite horny, especially as I started thinking about Junior, Foster's sexy college-aged son who had fucked me in the past. 

    Foster noticed the effect our convo was having on me. Even though we were out in the street, he placed his hand on my bulge and started massaging it right there in the open. I looked around, excited about what we were doing. It was still early enough in the day that there weren't too many people in the street, but we were in Downtown Boston so of course there was some bustle. After getting me hard, Foster placed his hand on my ass and hustled me into one of the side alleys in Chinatown, where he pulled down the back of my pants quickly and assertively. I felt the cold winter air bite my ass cheeks but they warmed up fast when Foster began squeezing and spanking them. Within seconds, he was extracting his hard dick and shoving it right up my unlubed hole.

    This hadn't been my plan this morning, so it took me a moment to get used to the sensation both mentally and physically. After about a minute of Foster thrusting inside me very slowly, my asshole began to relax and I was able to take all of him. A few people walked around us, but nobody approached us or paid too close attention. With a cock up my ass, I was now sweating like a pig in all of my winter clothing. Foster seemed to be just as horny as I was. Within minutes, he was choking my throat and shooting his New Year's Eve cumload inside my guts.

    "We need to do this again with Junior here," I told the sexy daddy as we kissed and pulled our pants up. Just then, I noticed that one of the passers-by WAS paying attention to us. It was a man, and when he pulled his scarf down off his face… I realized it was my nephew Nathan.

    "Nate, hi," I said, walking up to my smiling nephew. Foster was gone, already headed in the other direction. 

    "Hey, Uncle Dave," Nathan smirked at me suggestively. "Ending the year with a bang, huh?"

    "I don't know what you mean," I played coy. "I was just out to get some coffee."

    "And where's the coffee then?" said Nate, pointing out my empty hands.

    "Oh you know, haven't gotten around to it yet," I laughed.

    "Well listen, why don't you come up to my place for a cup of joe?" my nephew suggested.

    "Who's Joe and is he hung?" I joked. Five minutes later, Nate and I were in his small Chinatown apartment. 

    After we finished our coffee, I offered to wash up, since Nate didn't have a dishwasher. When I stood up, I heard my nephew laugh behind me and say,

    "You know, Uncle Dave… you have some cum leaking out of your ass."

    I felt the back of the sweatpants I was freeballing in and indeed: there was quite a large wet patch.

    "Do you wanna borrow some sweats to go back home in?" Nathan offered.

    "Nah, I can go out like this, I don't mind," I said over the sound of running water as I washed the mugs.

    "Uncle Dave… You really ARE a slut," my nephew laughed. "And I love that about you."

    I was done washing so I turned around, only to see my nephew sitting on the couch with his dick out, hard like a rocket about to go off. I made eye contact with Nate and licked my lips, reminiscing about the shy young man he was when he first came to Boston and how far he'd come since. Here he was now, stroking his hard dick for me, enticing me, tempting me to get down on my knees… oh yes, he knew exactly what he was doing.

    The boy got his wish. I licked my lips one more time and rushed to the couch, immediately dropping down to my knees. For the first time ever, I was about to suck my nephew off.

    "You sure you wanna do this?" I said, hoping he doesn't change his mind last minute, but ready to respect his wish if he does.

    "Fuck yeah, Uncle Dave," Nathan moaned, stroking his boner, which now had precum dripping out of his piss slit and sliding down his shaft. "I want you to go down on me. Suck my cock, Uncle Dave."

    And that is what I did. I closed my eyes and dove in, taking Nate's entire prick down my mouth and throat. With my eyes closed, my sense of smell was heightened and I could feel my nephew's musk filling my nostrils, wondering if he'd even showered this morning (my guess was: no). 

    Up and down, I bobbed on yet another family member's dick. I played with Nathan's balls at the same time, feeling how full they are and eagerly awaiting for him to empty them down my throat. I wanted to taste his semen, that forbidden nectar woven into my own DNA.

    There must be something about New Year's Eve that made men particularly horny. Nathan took less than ten minutes to reach the edge, panting and pulling on my hair while violating my throat.

    "Can't believe I'm fucking my uncle's face," he barked, flexing his glutes as he thrusted his crotch up and down on the bouncy couch. "Fucking my own uncle's face. I'm gonna cum down your throat, Uncle Dave. I'm gon feed you my cum."

    "Mmmm," I moaned and nodded, unwilling to speak because I didn't want to take his cock out my mouth. Without uncles like Sven and me, Nathan likely wouldn't have become so sexually adventurous and now here he was, about to shoot his cum down his own cocksucking uncle's throat.

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck. Mmmm, Uncle Dave, I'm cumming. I'm cumming!" Nathan panted, gripping my hair and filling my mouth with his sperm. I'd tasted countless loads by this point in my life, yet I was acutely aware of how special this one was, how different it tasted. My own nephew's cum…

    It wasn't until Nate and I had exchanged a goodbye kiss and I was out of his apartment that I realized: throughout my encounters with both Foster and Nate, I didn't get to cum.

    That would change later that afternoon. Eric and Will were taking a nap and Sven and Brady were out, doing some last-minute shopping for the party we were all going to tonight. It was a large fetish party to ring in the new year and I couldn't wait! I was feeling extra fucking horny today after the morning that I had. I had begged Sven to stay home and fuck me instead of going shopping, but he really wanted to get some leather pants for the party after realizing he'd gained some weight and none of his old ones fit him anymore. 

    To kill time, I was texting with a few people and I decided to hit Larry up and see how he was doing.

    "I'm okay, just sitting in an empty house which feels weird," he replied. Apparently, all of his housemates were out, getting ready for New Year's, and Larry had nothing to do for the rest of the day.

    "Want me to drop by?" I offered. Will's dad took me up on it, and half an hour later I was in his living room. 

    "You sure you don't wanna do anything tonight?" I asked Larry, feeling sad that he had no plans for midnight. He'd grown very dear to me and I hated the idea of him sitting alone in an empty house, with no one to even say "Happy New Year" to. 

    "I can try to get you a ticket for the party we're going to…" I suggested, even though I knew it was damn-near impossible: the party had been sold out for weeks. "But I don't think you'll be into it…" I continued.

    "It's fine, I don't mind spending an evening home alone, I promise," he smiled. "But just out of curiosity… why don't you think I'd be into this party?"

    "Well… to be honest, it's a sex party," I said. "I mean, it's at a nightclub and there's dancing and everything, but there's also a section where you can go and…"

    "Fuck," Larry said candidly, winking at me.

    "Yes," I confirmed.

    "And do you go there for the dancing or the fucking?" Will's dad asked me.

    "I like both," I said, getting candid myself. "I can be very… versatile."

    The comment probably flew over Larry's head, but it made me chuckle. After that, we sat in silence, and I wished he would play some music or put the TV on. Instead, we just looked at each other for a very intense moment, in which I felt incredible passion bubbling up inside of me. Guided by all of my amped-up sexual energy, I got up and planted a kiss on Larry's lips.

    Even though I'd only kissed Larry a few times in my life, it felt so… natural. So authentic. So raw. I couldn't get enough! We went at it like two horny teens, ripping each other's shirts off.

    "Wanna move to the bedroom?" Larry suddenly suggested. With my lips still touching his, I nodded and we moved off the couch, up the stairs, and into Will's dad's bedroom. He left the door open, something I enjoyed seeing even though I knew no one else was home. I wondered if that meant Larry was feeling more secure with the new direction his sexuality seemed to be heading in, even in some small way.

    We collapsed onto the bed and alternated between kissing deeply, undoing one another's pants and pulling off our own shirts. Soon, we were both naked and pressed up against one another. This was more intimate than we'd even been, and I had to admit that these encounters with Larry were starting to feel like more than just hookups. I knew they had to be a big deal for him, and while the sex itself wasn't as unusual for me, the level of intimacy we'd developed was adding a lot of intensity to whatever was happening with us.

    Knowing what I wanted and also knowing I'd have to take the lead, I gave some quick thought to the best position for what I was sure was Larry's same-sex deflowering. After we rolled around a little more, grinding our leaking cocks together as we kissed, I got him onto his back and straddled his hips with my knees. Our cocks were rubbing together again but in a different way than before, and I quickly began stroking us together as one. Larry was nearly as thick as I was, and my fingers didn't make it all the way around both shafts but I had enough of a grip to do what was needed to make us both feel amazing, judging by Larry's moans of pleasure.

    After a few minutes, I raised myself up by straightening my thighs. I reached behind and underneath me for Larry's cock. Once I had a hold of it, I started to sink my body back toward the bed. My companion gasped in surprise and anticipation once he realized what I was doing, I felt his hands on my hips as I lowered myself down and let his wet cockhead press against my opening.

    There was a moment of resistance that was somewhat on purpose. Instead of loosening up my experienced hole, I squeezed it tightly. I wanted Larry to feel like he was opening me up and finding new territory inside me. I figured it was a part of that first-male-fuck experience, even if he was fucking a well-versed slut.

    "Oh fuck, Dave..." Larry whispered as the steady motion continued and I slid down more onto the same cock that made my son-in-law.
   "That's right, buddy. Fuck me," I replied with a smile. His eyes were closed but a grin still flashed across Larry's face when I slowed down for the final inch. He knew he was nearly all the way in, and I could feel the thrill of excitement coming off of him in waves.

    "There we go..." I said softly after I finally felt his pubes ticking the underside of my balls and pressing into my asscheeks. I leaned forward and kissed Larry again – yet another mind-blowingly passionate kiss that made this all that much more intense.

    After tongue-wrestling for a few moments, I began to lift myself off of him, though not fully. As I slid back down to take him balls-deep again, Larry moaned and gripped my hips tighter. I could feel him pushing me down onto himself. I figured plenty of women had probably ridden him like this and it would feel familiar, a good choice for our first time. "Our first time," I thought, already acting like this would be a regular occurrence between us. I realized I was really hoping it would be.

    Larry's cock felt great inside me, and I leaned back a little so that his cockhead would press against my prostate each time he slid deep into me. The stimulation was making my own cock drip precum all over Larry's belly as it jutted out in front of me, twitching with pleasure and pulsing along with my heartbeat.

    I carefully reached a hand toward my cock and began to stroke it. Already slick with my own juices, it was sensitive and I knew I needed to take it easy or I'd blow my load sooner than I wanted. This whole scene had me worked up like crazy. I was riding my son's father-in-law's cock on his bed, cementing a permanent place in his sexual history as the first man he ever fucked. We were already bound together for life by our two sons, as well as our pending mutual grandchild; and now we'd always have this connecting us as well. There were so many layers to what was happening, many of them more-than-a-little transgressive.

    I focused on Larry's cock as he probed my guts over and over, and I clenched and released the muscles I could control, trying to give him the best fuck possible. He was moaning repeatedly and his volume would increase every time I squeezed him a certain way. So I doubled down on that and started stroking my cock even faster.

    Sometimes being pounded senseless was what I needed, but this was a different situation. This time I was in charge. I was determined to bring my partner to the finishing line at the same time as my own climax. I worked Larry good, even getting him close to the edge a few times and then slowing the pace of things to build up his nut even more. I wanted this to be one of the best orgasms of his life – if not the best! 

    When it was finally time and I felt my own load stirring within me, I accelerated and started stroking myself in time with my vigorous downward thrusts onto Larry's cock. Will's father was moaning loudly now, verging on shouting at times. The house might be empty, but by this point we were so fucking loud that we could probably be heard out in the street. Lost in our intense passion, neither of us really gave a fuck.

    The events of my slutty day had caught up with me and I finally started to blow the load I'd been working up to ever since this morning. I knew the added pressure from my cumming would take Larry the rest of the way, and shortly after, he began panting and yelling profanities, getting lost in the fireworks happening in his head as well as his nut sack. They matched the fireworks inside me. I sprayed my last load of 2021 onto Larry's hairy chest just as I felt him unloading inside my ass, depositing the DNA that had made Will.

    Like every firework show, this one had to come to an end. After a couple of minutes, we were both done cumming and we were spent, drenched in sweat and breathing like we'd run a marathon. With Larry's dick still inside me, I leaned forward and planted another kiss on his gorgeous lips, uttering the first words that came to mind. "Happy New Year."

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