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A Growing Family


    As we soldiered our way through yet another brutal Boston winter, there was one thought that kept me warm: that of our growing family. The surrogate and our baby were both doing fine as the pregnancy reached its final trimester. Will and I still didn't know who the biological dad was, but regardless of who it would turn out to be, we were excited to become parents and welcome our child into our lives.

    In addition to that, my cousin Nathan welcomed a new member to the family when he married his boyfriend Sam. The two had a rather spontaneous West Coast wedding when they decided to tie the knot in LA on a whim. Although somewhat taken aback, my dad, Will, and I were happy for them. We made sure to fly out to California to attend the impromptu ceremony, which was inspired by Will's and my own Hawaii nuptials.

    On top of all of that, there was Will's dad Larry, who now lived in Boston full-time. My father-in-law seemed determined to establish a closer connection to his eldest son, so he and Will hung out as often as their schedules allowed. In between father-son dates, Larry also jumped back into the dating pool, now that his divorce was finalized. We had a hard time fishing out any information about how it was going from him, but if Larry preferred to be private that was his prerogative.

    As far as I know, Will's dad was only going on dates with women… even though he potentially harbored an interest in men as well. On New Year's Eve, Larry fucked my dad David. Will and I both knew about it – David had told us the following day. One thing David asked us to do was NOT confront Larry about it.

    "He's still… figuring stuff out," David had said to the rest of the family. "I think it's best to let him do things at his own pace and not ask too many questions."

    So, we never did. As far as I knew, Larry never had sex with my dad again, even though the two of them hung out every now and then. With everything else I had going on, it was easy to keep Larry off my mind. Then, one evening in early spring, Will and I met up with his father for drinks.

     "I'll just have a mineral water, please," Will said to the server.

    "Me too," I added.

    "What, no booze for you?" Larry asked us after ordering his beer.

    "We're going to the gym after this, so we don't wanna be tipsy," Will told his dad.

    "Pshhh. You guys are no fun," my father-in-law complained.

    "Maybe, but summer's coming," my husband said. "Gotta burn off that winter fat."

    "Ha, tell me about it!" laughed Larry. "I've been saying I'd join a gym since I moved to Boston. And here we are, all this time later."

    "Why don't you join our gym?" I suggested. "It's right around the corner here, and your office's not far, right?"

    "Hm, that might work," Larry pondered. "What's it like?"

    "Why don't you come with us and we'll show you?" Will extended an invitation to his dad.

    "Okay, but NOT tonight. Tonight I'm relaxin' with a few of these," Larry winked, shaking his beer bottle. 

    "Fine. How about Thursday morning?" Will asked. "We'll be there round 7, so you can join us before work."

    "Sounds like a plan," my father-in-law said, raising his bottle and taking a large swig.

    On Thursday morning, I felt so tired that I would've totally skipped the gym if we didn't have a date set with Larry. I had some food and an energy drink, and Will and I walked to the gym, where we met his dad and helped him sign up.

    As per usual, my hubby and I wore our "slutty" gym outfits: jockstraps, short shorts, and revealing tank tops. Larry had seen us in similar attire several times, so he didn't say anything as he changed into his long sweatpants and baggy T-shirt next to us in the locker room. Out on the gym floor, we showed my father-in-law where all of the equipment was, and he surprised me by actually knowing how to use all of it already.

    "What, you boys think you invented working out?" he laughed. "Believe it or not, plenty of us geezers used to be athletic. I didn't always look like this," he added, shaking his belly.

    "Oh please, you look great," I assured him, and I wasn't just saying that to flatter him. "Dad bods are always in demand."

    "Is that what this is, a dad bod?" Larry laughed. "Aight, I'll take it."

    After our workout, we still had about half an hour before we had to leave for work, so we decided to make the most of it by hitting the hot tub and steam room.

    "I didn't bring any swim shorts though," Larry said.

    "It's a men-only area," Will told his dad. "You go naked."

    "Ah. I see," my father-in-law said, looking down at the floor. After that, it took him a couple of tries to unlock his locker. Clearly, the thought of getting naked with us made Larry somewhat nervous. I'd never seen him naked, and to the best of my knowledge, neither had Will. 

    "You ready?" my husband asked, standing upright, fully nude, with his gorgeous dick on display. Larry was still fumbling around with his socks, and it took all of my self-control not to get to my knees and start sucking Will off. I noticed my father-in-law stealing more than a few glimpses of his son's cock, as well as my own. 

    "I– I'm ready," Larry said finally, stuttering his words. I found it adorable, how timid he seemed. Will used to be shy just like that, before he got introduced to me and my two dads. Now, he stood proudly and allowed his own father to admire his dick for a moment, before we all headed to the hot tub together.

    "Someone's enjoying showing off," I whispered in Will's ear. His dick wasn't hard, but it wasn't completely soft either, which let me know he was having fun, undressing with his father.

    "Oh, shush," Will brushed me off with a cheeky smile. He was the first to walk into the empty hot tub, with Larry following behind him. I stood to the side and watched as Larry's eyes were stuck to his son's ass while Will got into the water. Finally, we were all in, and I went to sit right next to my husband, running my hands all over his naked body and giving him plenty of kisses, which he returned without reservation, even though his father was sitting just a foot away. 

    Will and Larry talked about the gym, while I focused on kissing the side of my husband's neck. Larry was not happy with the hefty monthly fee, but he did seem impressed by the gym overall, so he said he was likely to become a member. While Will continued to talk to his dad about working out, I tried to discreetly move my right hand onto my husband's cock, giving it a few strokes under the water. With the jets running, it wasn't obvious what I was doing, so for several minutes, I worked Will's tool until it was fully hard within my grasp.

    Suddenly, my father-in-law made eye contact with me, and I wondered just how much he could make out. This didn't make me stop; on the contrary, I continued to jack my hubby's dick until Will was squirming in the hot tub, trying to keep a straight look on his face as he got closer and closer to the edge.

    "Mm. Mmm," my husband began to moan. The conversation had come to a lull; there was no more noise except the sound of the jets running. Even though I couldn't see it, I could tell Will's cock was about to explode – I knew by the way it was vibrating and pulsating in my hand! I milked him faster and faster, losing all composure, until with a long suppressed "mmmmm," Will blew his load in the hot tub.

    "I'm gonna check out the sauna for a minute," Larry suddenly announced, getting up and quickly wrapping a towel around his waist. 

    "I was just gonna suggest that," I said, eager to head to the sauna myself. My hand was still stroking up and down my husband's dick, draining the last few drops of jizz out of Will's balls.

    "You guys do. I'll – mmmm – I'll hang out here for a little while and I'll come join ya later," Will said.

    "Okay," I agreed. I gave him a kiss, let go of his rod, wrapped a towel around my waist and led Larry to the sauna. "After you," I said, holding the sauna door open for Will's dad.

    "Thanks, Son," Larry smiled at me. He entered the sauna, followed by me, when I realized we weren't alone. There were two guys sitting there; or rather, there was one guy sitting with his legs spread, with another guy kneeling in front of him. It all happened so quickly that it took a moment for me to register what was going on. The stranger was clearly getting a blowjob – not uncommon in a gym as gay as this one. When they saw us come in, they quickly stopped… until the guy who was getting his dick sucked recognized me. He was no stranger after all: I'd sucked his dick on a couple of occasions in the past as well!

    "It's alright, keep going," he told the cocksucker, assuming that I had no problem with what they were doing. The guy sitting on the bench with his legs spread knew that I was married and that my husband was sexually adventurous as well, but he'd never met Will. Now, he probably assumed that Larry was my husband, and that it would be perfectly okay to get his cock serviced in front of him.

    As for Larry, he stood rooted to his spot in front of the door, until I came in behind him and gently pushed him forward. He shook his head and went to sit down on one of the other benches, perpendicular to the one where the blowjob was taking place. 

    I took a seat next to Larry, amused by this whole situation. A part of him felt responsible for him and wanted to get him out of here, but he was an adult after all. If he wanted to tell the men to stop, he was free to do so; if he wanted to walk out, he could do that as well. However, whether he liked it or not, Larry kept quiet and sat back, enjoying the heat of the sauna, as if this was the most normal scene in the world.

    I grinned wider and wider while the wet sounds of a sloppy blowjob echoed around the hot room. Larry and I made eye contact… and I could swear I saw a grin on his face as well. Larry had fucked my dad, and he was CLEARLY more comfortable with male sexuality than I assumed. He and I watched the cocksucking show for a few minutes, my hand on my crotch, rubbing on my cock through my towel. Whenever I looked over at my father-in-law, I noticed his hand reaching down as well, rubbing his own growing bulge.

    "MMMM, fuck!!" the man on the other bench suddenly exclaimed, busting his load all up in the cocksucker's mouth. They were both clearly overheated, and they took their towels and left the sauna as soon as he was done cumming, leaving a few drops of cum behind on the wooden bench.

    "Does that sort of thing happen here often?" my father-in-law asked me with an amused tone.

    "It's not uncommon," I admitted, still rubbing my cock.

    "Now I see why the membership is so expensive," Larry joked.

    "Some gyms are just notorious for cruising," I said, assuming that by now Will's dad knew what cruising was. "My first job ever was at a gym, and I can't even tell you all the shit I saw go down."

    "Really? What, were you a personal trainer or something?" he asked.

    "No, I was a towel boy, when I was 16. I picked up dirty towels and did the laundry, but mostly I just cruised around the locker room looking for action," I said, sticking my tongue out.

    "Beats bagging groceries. That was my first job," Larry said, still playing with himself over his towel. Looking down, I noticed Will's dad seemed to be fully hard by now, at least judging by the size of the tent he was pitching.

    Maybe it was the heat going to my heat; maybe it was just my infamous horniness. I'd just made my husband cum in front of his father in the hot tub, and the daredevil in me wanted to get into more trouble. Before I knew it, I found myself staring at Larry's cock and saying,

    "Would you like me to go down on you?"

    I noticed Larry's hand began twitching, but he held on to his cock to calm it down. He might be nervous, but he muttered a silent "yes" and unwrapped his towel.

    I moved quickly. I was already getting too hot in the sauna, and I wanted to take advantage of the moment before it passed. Three seconds later, I was kneeling in front of my father-in-law, and a second after that, I was choking on the dick that had made my husband.

    "Ahhhh, fuck," Larry moaned, spreading his hairy legs further. I massaged his thighs, which felt much softer than Will's or either of my dads'; but it was a softness I enjoyed. All of Larry's sweat was making his crotch musk even stronger, almost to the point where it was overpowering. I massaged his balls, burying my nose deep in Larry's pubes, which hadn't been trimmed in a while. My other hand reached down for my own hard cock, stroking myself while I sucked my father-in-law.

    Maybe he was just as horny as I was, but it didn't take Larry long to get to the edge. A few minutes later, he was already squeezing my shoulders and warning me he was about to cum, as if expecting me to pull out. Fat chance! I went even deeper, shoving Larry's dick down my gullet, ready to swallow every drop of the seed that had made Will.

    "Fuck, boy, I'm gonna cum. If you keep going, I'm gonna– I'm gonna– Aaaaah, fuck!!!"

    With that, Larry blew a HUGE load down my throat – one of the biggest I'd ever swallowed! Maybe he wasn't getting any release lately, but he sure seemed to have a lot of sperm saved up inside his nuts. I continued to squeeze them while jacking my own cock, shooting a load all over the sauna floor just a couple of moments later. Larry and I both grunted loudly, lost in the ecstasy of the moment and oblivious to anything else going on around us. The door of the sauna opened, but I barely even noticed it. I continued to swallow my father-in-law's jizz, every last drop of it, until his cock was all dry. Suddenly, he jumped up, startled, and said,


    I turned to the open door, and saw my husband standing there, witnessing the scene.

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