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A Father-Son First


    One thing I knew for certain about my future with Eric as my husband, was that things would NEVER get boring! When I first met Eric's dads, I was in awe of their openness, which was nothing like the relationship that I had with my own father. That is why it was such a thrill to have Eric jerk me off in the hot tub at our gym, with my dad sitting right across from us. If that had been David or Sven, it would've been no big deal – they would've probably asked to join in on the fun. However, my father was a MUCH more conservative man. True, he'd been "going out of his comfort zone" since moving to Boston, but I still struggled to think of him as anything but a strict authority figure, who didn't approve of too much shenanigans.

    And yet… mere minutes after my husband had made me cum in the hot tub, he was in the sauna extending the same favor to my dad, apparently. After I'd calmed down from my orgasm, I went to join Eric and Dad in the sauna, only to walk in my dad balls-deep inside my husband's mouth, releasing a load just as Eric shot his jizz all over the floor. 

    "WILL?!" Dad said when he saw me open the door in the midst of his climax. The poor man looked like he'd seen a ghost; unless that was his usual o-face. For a second I was worried my arrival might give my old man a heart attack.

    "Oh hey, honey," Eric said a couple of seconds later, following a long sluuuuurp. The casualness of his tone of voice managed to deescalate the tension in the hot room. He made eye contact with me, still holding on to my dad's firm prick, a string of cum connecting my husband's lips to my father's cockhead. Eric smirked, his hand still slowly stroking his dick and filling the sauna with wet fapping sounds.

    "I… wanted to check in on you," I said, holding on to my towel so it wouldn't fall off my waist. Even though I'd cum just a few minutes earlier, my dick was starting to stir yet again. As it throbbed and tented the thin white towel, it attracted my father's attention. His eyes seemed glued to my bulge, his Adam's apple moving up-and-down as he swallowed saliva and shot out another wad of sperm that oozed down his shaft.

    "We're pretty much done here," Eric said, letting go of my dad's still-hard dick and getting up to his feet. They both looked like they had difficulty breathing, brought upon by too much time in the sauna as well as what was likely an intense orgasm for each of them.

    Although I wanted to talk to them about what just happened, we all needed to go to work. Besides, I figured it would be better to take some time off and revisit this subject at a later date. My dad still looked scared shitless, and it was probably best for him to get a chance to gather his thoughts before having a conversation about this.

    "What're you up to this weekend?" I asked him fifteen minutes later, after we had taken a cold shower and changed into clean work clothes. I tried to sound as nonchalant as possible, to let Pops know we were still cool. 

    "Umm… not much," he mumbled, clearly still in his feelings.

    "Wanna hang out?" I suggested, leading our way out through the gym lobby.

    "Yeah, yeah…"

    "The Falcon, tomorrow after work?" I asked Dad out on the sidewalk.

    "Sounds good," he said, giving me an awkward hug, then giving my husband an even more awkward handshake, before the three of us went our separate ways to our respective offices.

    "This place is kinda empty," Dad said at 5:25 the following evening, as we sat down at The Falcon. The fetish bar only hosted a handful of other patrons for the the time being, but I knew that would change very soon when people got out of work.

    "It's still early," I said, putting my briefcase down and waiting for Dad to get us two beers from the bar. When he finally sat down across from me, the uneasiness in the air was instantaneous.

    "Will… We need to talk about yesterday… About what happened at the gym… At the sauna," he said uncomfortably, fishing for the right words.

    "Sure," I said coolly. "But I wanna say something first. I just want you to know that I'm okay. Like, there's no need to be nervous."

    "Phew. Easier said than done," Dad said, wiping sweat off his forehead and finally cracking a smile – albeit, a forced one.

    "Dad… You probably know by now that Eric and I aren't exclusive. Like, we hook up with other guys all the time. This time, it's that the 'other guy' just so happens to be my dad."

    "Still, I feel like I need to explain myself," Dad said. "When it comes to… When it comes to me being with other men."

    "You don't owe me nor anyone else an explanation, unless that's what you feel like. And if you want to talk: I'm here," I said, taking his hand into mine. Both of our hands were cold from holding our beers, so it felt nice to exchange some body heat and warm each other mutually.

    "I… I don't know where to start," my father confessed.

    "Then let me start by saying that I know about you and David. About what happened on New Year's. We all know, David told us. Obviously, he and Sven are quite… open themselves," I said vaguely. I figured it would be the least that could be said to describe a couple like David and Sven.

    "And… Do you have any questions for me?" Dad asked.

    "Well, I know that you've been dating again lately, since Eric and I forced you to get on Tinder. Have you been going out with men at all, or is it only women?"

    "I've only gone on dates with women that I've met on Tinder," Dad said. "But there is… a guy that I've been seeing. Maybe that's not the right word; it's not like we're dating or anything. We're just… hooking up, as you kids might call it."

    "Cool. Is it anyone I know?"

    "As a matter of fact, yes. It's Troy."

    "Your housemate?!" I laughed out loud, taken by surprise. Troy was the youngest of Dad's three housemates; and coincidentally, he happened to look like me more than anyone else I'd ever met, much more so than any of my half-siblings.

    "Yes," Dad nodded. "Like I said, there's no romantic interest there. He's just been helping me… 'release some tension,' is the way he puts it."

    "Well is he doing a good job?" I asked cheekily.

    "Yes," my father confirmed, blushing slightly.

    "Hmm. I might need to check that out for myself," I said with a wink, followed by a long swig of my beer. I was letting loose, already eyeing the bar in anticipation of my second drink. Like I'd predicted, the bar was quickly filling up. Now that the weather was finally getting warmer, plenty of men took advantage of it by shedding their shirts and putting their torsos on display, most of them hairy and bulky, which was no surprise at this particular venue.

    "So, we're really cool? You seriously don't mind that your husband sucked my cock?" my father asked me. The alcohol must've been getting to him as well, for him to use a phrase like "sucking cock" in front of me.

    "Let's just say, I know Eric's oral skills, and the way I see it, it would be selfish for me not to share them with the rest of the world," I said teasingly. 

    "Wow. You married a keeper," Dad said.

    "I sure did," I nodded in agreement. "Speaking of Eric: he'll be here in about half an hour. He wanted to give us a chance to talk one-on-one for a bit, but I told him he should join us after work."

    By the time Eric showed up, The Falcon was packed! My husband had to fight his way through the crowd to get to our table. Interestingly enough, he came wearing nothing but a green-and-blue jockstrap and a naughty grin on his face.

    "What… Where are your clothes?" my dad asked Eric.

    "I left them at the coat check," Eric smiled, giving both my father and me a quick kiss on the lips. "Now, who do I need to blow to get a drink around here?"

    "I was just about to go to the bar," my father said, looking at my husband and then at me, and smiling wide. He asked us both what we wanted to drink, and then he got up and began to push and pardon his way to the bar. Eric watched him for a moment and then turned back to face me, grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

    "So?" he began, clearly eager to get an update. "Did you guys have a good chat?"

    "Yeah, we did," I answered with growing certainty. "My dad is... having fun exploring. He's even got a regular cocksucker living in the room down the hall."

    "No shit?!" Eric replied with some surprise. "One of his housemates?" I quickly gave my husband a few more details, striking a good balance between lurid facts and respecting my father's confidence. While I knew Eric would feel nothing but excitement about Dad broadening his horizons, I also wanted him and my father to build a connection in their own way.

    "Seems like Larry's going to fit right into the family," my husband said, massaging his hardening dick through the pouch of the jock. Even though there was some empty room to sit on the bench next to me, Eric preferred to stand, since it showed off that ass that he was so proud of. I placed my hand on his glute and massaged it, getting closer to my hubby's hole with each squeeze. Around us, some of the kinky bar patrons were doing a lot more than just ass-squeezing.  I took a moment to marvel that I was even here with my father at all. While it already felt comfortable and even normal to spend time with him in a place where men openly sucked dick and even fucked right out in the open, a year ago I would never have considered that this would be the case.

    I looked back at Eric and was pleased to see that his eyes had focused on my crotch, specifically on the hard-on snaking down one leg of my slacks.

    "So... are you gonna start sucking my dick now," I asked playfully, "or did you want to wait for my father to get back?"

    My husband responded by moving the small table a few inches to one side and then kneeling down in front of me. After a few deft moves of his hand to release my dick and balls, Eric was lapping at the precum oozing from the tip. A moment later, my whole shaft was sliding across his tongue and down his throat. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, enjoying the familiar but always-amazing feelings and sensations. Any blowjob from Eric was a ten out of ten, but somehow when he was in the middle of a crowd sucking dick, he seemed to relish every lick and stroke just a little more, maybe in an effort to impress any potential onlookers. 

    When I opened my eyes again, I was pleased to see a number of nearby patrons watching us. Some of their eyes were on my husband's face as he deep-throated me slowly, but just as many were directed lower down, at Eric's jockstrapped ass. I knew he was spreading his legs extra wide and leaning forward more than he needed to, in order to expose his hungry hole to as many voyeurs as possible. Some guys looked like they were fantasizing about sliding their pricks into him, and others were maybe remembering the times that they'd already done that, likely right here in this bar.

    When my dad reemerged from the crowd holding three beers, I saw him pause in his tracks for a few seconds to take in the sight of his son getting fellated in the middle of The Falcon. To his credit, he recovered quickly, and walked the rest of the way to us with a sly grin on his face. Setting the beers down, he looked like he was trying to think up a clever joke, possibly to cover up his remaining nervousness. At the last minute though, he changed his mind and went for charming candor.

    "I gotta say," he said after taking a sip of his beer, "I didn't expect you to turn the tables on me quite so soon."

    "What do you mean?" I asked. 

    "Having me watch Eric suck your cock. Like you saw him doing to me yesterday," Dad explained.

    Since we were no longer ignoring the elephant in the room, I decided to go all in and ask an intimate question. 

    "Did it turn you on for me to see you guys, Dad?" I asked, suddenly feeling a little of that heart-racing surge I'd been recalling moments ago.

    "Yeah, it did, Will," he answered, and I felt like he'd forced himself to respond quickly before he could second-guess making that admission.

    "Does it turn you on to be watching this right now?" I asked as I reached my hand around the back of Eric's head and pushed his face further toward my crotch.

    "It... yeah..." Dad replied a little more softly, and I saw him blush a little bit. His eyes kept darting back and forth between eye contact with me and watching my husband demonstrate those excellent oral skills. We got quiet for a couple minutes and just enjoyed the heat and tension of the moment. Before long, my dad was rubbing the length of his hard dick that was being held against one thigh by his pants. Smiling, I gently grabbed a handful of Eric's hair and pulled him off my dick. He looked up at me with that lusty glaze in his eyes that told me everything I needed to know about his state of mind.

    Without speaking, I canted my head to one side, toward my father, while looking my husband in the eye. Eric understood what I was telling him to do, and he shifted himself in that direction. He continued to stroke my wet dick with one hand while reaching out to undo my dad's pants with the other.

    This wasn't the first time I'd seen my father's hard dick, but this was definitely the closest I'd been to it, and the first time I'd had time to really appreciate it. He was very nicely hung and I could see some of the similarities to my own head and shaft. Last night at home, Eric had commented on those similarities and I'd been surprised at how much that turned me on. We were both rock hard while Eric commented that my dad's and my cum tasted similar. My husband was a huge cumwhore, and loved to savor and compare the flavor of various men's loads. That gave me an idea that I was sure would give my father a perverse thrill, and would of course make my slutty husband happy as a clam.

    On the plush bar bench, I scooted closer to my dad so that we were side by side and our legs were touching. Whether by reflex or because of the intimacy of the moment, his arm moved behind me and I felt his hand on my shoulder. He glanced at me quickly and I loved the look of bliss on his face.

    Eric's hand had never left my dick, and now that I was closer, he took the opportunity to switch back to sucking me, while of course continuing to stroke my dad. There were plenty of nearby men watching us have our fun, maybe even a few more than I would have expected for something as relatively tame as a double blowjob. While some of the regulars knew that Eric was often here with his fathers, none of them (as far as I knew) were aware that the man next to me was my dad. I'd experienced this kind of thrill before, but only by proxy. It felt so fucking exciting to be getting serviced next to my own father with so many eyes on us.

    As he was wont to do, my horny husband decided to push the limits a little bit more. I heard my dad gasp audibly as Eric angled our dicks toward one another and managed to take both our cockheads in his mouth simultaneously. At that same moment, I felt my dad's hand grip my shoulder tightly in reaction to what was happening, and I also felt the heads of our dicks touch one another. We both hissed softly, in almost amusing unison, as the sensitive skin and the emotional charge sent chills up both our spines.

    The contact soon became more than just fleeting, as my dad and I both shifted our positions to give Eric access to more of our dicks. He would alternate between sucking us and then removing us both from his mouth fully and just rubbing the heads of our pricks together in front of his face, all while looking up at us both and seeming very pleased with himself.

    At one point, Dad and I both leaned in close enough for Eric to jerk our dicks together with one hand. Over the music, I heard my father catch his breath and moan softly, and I was responding similarly. Then, Eric's mouth was back onto us, and it somehow felt like his tongue was everywhere at once. That ended up being what pushed my father over the edge.

    I don't think Dad was expecting his load to come so fast, although I had to admit I didn't yet have a good frame of reference for what my father sounded like when he was about to cum. But he seemed caught off guard by the intensity of it all, and the sudden warmth of my father's seed surrounding my dick ended up being the last straw for me as well.

    When he realized we were both flooding his mouth at the same time, Eric picked up the speed. I felt his added fervor as he slowly squeezed and stroked our erupting shafts. I knew he was in heaven, getting a father's and son's loads simultaneously in the middle of a crowded bar. It felt like my husband couldn't possibly have many "firsts" left to achieve, but he would be checking that one off the list today.

    As my dad finished feeding Eric my little brothers and sisters, I saw that he was suddenly feeling a little self-conscious. Even though he'd seen plenty of things going on at this bar during our previous visits, this was the first time he'd been the center of this kind of attention. I reached my arm around his shoulders, mirroring what he'd done to me earlier (and was still doing).

    "I hope that relieved some of your tension, Dad," I said with a satisfied smile. Eric was still manually extracting the last drops of cum from both our dicks, holding them firmly pressed together in his hand. My father let out a long sigh and I kissed his cheek, getting within an inch of his lips while I coated his cockhead with the final few spurts of my sperm.

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