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Pool Party Threesomes, Pt. I


    As much as I enjoyed living in Boston, from time to time I caught myself nostalgic for life in our old house, especially as summer approached. Living in a rural area used to have its downsides, but it came with plenty of perks as well – such as owning a pool away from prying eyes, where I was able to swim naked each and every day. Sven and I were well off, but even we weren't rich enough to afford a house with a pool in Boston, not without venturing far out into the suburbs.

    However, certain friends of ours were more fortunate. A gay couple that we knew owned a penthouse with a lovely roof terrance, and even more importantly: its very own pool. Eight months of the year here, that pool was completely useless. But come Memorial Day each year, our friends opened it up by throwing a clothing-optional pool party for a few dozen men. We'd never attended any of the parties before, but we'd heard so many many glowing reviews that it certainly made us excited to finally go this year.

    The party took place the day before Memorial Day, and thankfully the weather decided to play along. Our hosts were both in their 60s, but with a couple of exceptions, all of their guests were younger. The ratio of clothed-to-naked men was half and half. Although my husband said he would've preferred it to be fully nude, I found the form-fitting speedos and jockstraps on some of the other guests quite sexy.

    Sven and I were both naked, as was our young boyfriend Brady. Eric and Will were out at another party with some friends of theirs, but it wasn't long before my son texted me and announced their party was lame and that they would be coming over. I wasn't surprised by their decision – I couldn't imagine a party more fun than this happening today in Boston. However, I was surprised when Eric and Will showed up with Will's dad Larry in tow.

    "Hi, I'm Larry. Hope you don't mind," Will's father said to our hosts, one of whom was fully naked, while the other one wore a white jockstrap, which had become translucent after getting wet in the pool.

    "Not at all. A hot guy like you's always welcome. Have fun," the hosts winked at Larry. They'd assumed he was just another gay men here for "fun" (he never mentioned he was Will's father). However, Larry's sexuality was more complex than that. As far as I knew, he'd never had any inklings toward men all his life… until he and I started hooking up, resulting in him dumping a load up my ass on New Year's. After it happened, I didn't want to grill him about it, so I decided not to bring it up unless Larry did so first. He never did, which made me feel like it was a one-time experiment for him. Nothing wrong with that of course, but… I could've sworn there was something between us while we were fucking. I've had sex with so many men in my life that I knew the difference between a mechanical fuck and a union where there were at least some feelings involved. Could Larry really fuck me the way he did if he truly had no feelings for men whatsoever?

    Then, two weeks ago, my son surprised me by casually mentioning that he'd sucked Larry's dick in the gym sauna. I was dying to hear all the details, but I didn't want to appear too eager so I let Eric tell the story his way. Turns out, not only did he suck Larry off at the gym, my son also got to suck both Will and Larry at The Falcon the following night. Envy might be a sin, but that's what I felt when I found out Eric got to service Larry and Will simultaneously, swallowing their jizz and getting a taste of it mixed together.

    "Um, I'm not sure what to wear," Larry said at the party. Eric and Will had already gotten fully naked, and they were on their way to the pool. Will's dad seemed more hesitant and reserved, which was understandable considering he was surrounded by strangers.

    "If you don't wanna get naked, you can always keep your underwear on," I said to Larry, who had already taken his jeans off. He was showing off a nice pair of black briefs that he had on, and judging by the way his bulge looked in them, he had absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

    "David… I wanna talk to you," Larry said after getting down to his underwear. My husband was making out with Brady in the pool, so Larry and I were on our own. We walked to the kitchen to get ourselves some drinks – circumnavigating the blowjob that was taking place right there – and then we went to the empty living room.

    "How've you been?" I asked Larry, taking a seat next to him on the sofa.

    "Pretty good, buddy," he said, placing one hand on my bare knee. After a few pats, his hand remained there while he spoke. "Listen, you and I haven't gotten a chance to talk in a while, and I felt… bad for not being in touch more. The last thing I want is for you to think I'm avoiding you."

    "Listen, I get it, life gets busy sometimes," I smiled. The blowjob taking place right next door in the kitchen got louder; the guy who was getting his cock sucked started moaning and cussing so loudly that it felt like he was in the same room as us.

    "I appreciate what happened between us," Larry said. "You were… a good person to lose my gay virginity to, so to speak."

    "Ha. Well, from what I've heard, you've gone around the block a few times since. Including my own son," I said with a devilish wink (just as the guy in the kitchen shouted "Ahh fuck, keep going, I'm gonna cum!)

    "Ah, so Eric told you," Larry shifted in his seat, but still keeping his hand on my leg and moving it a bit higher up my naked, hairy thigh. "To be fair, he's only ever… sucked me off." Larry was still somewhat uncomfortable speaking so candidly, but I could feel him loosening up. 

    "If you say so," I said with a grin.

    "I'm serious! To this day, you're the only man I've… fucked. I've never fucked Eric."

    "Yet," I said with a suggestive wink.

    "AHHHHHH, FUCK!!! I'M CUMMING! Fucking hell man! Swallow that load! Fuck, there ya go! Fuck! Take that, cocksucker!" bellowed from the kitchen.

    "Um, yeah. Uhh… How bout we join the others? Is this a pool party or what?" Larry suddenly stood up, adjusting his bulge as soon as he'd let go of my leg. He was definitely sporting a semi in his briefs by now; I wasn't sure if it was a result of hearing the man in this kitchen blow his load, or maybe it was my mischievous remark that had turned Larry on. Either way, I got up and followed him to the pool, where before stepping in the water, Larry discarded his briefs.

    "Hey, Dads!" my son said with a big smile on his face as he watched Larry and me waddling through the water, trying to make our way to him and Will. The pool was at capacity, with about 25 men in it, talking, laughing, and in the case of one group of three: jerking each other off.

    Larry and I fought our way through the crowd, sunglasses on and nothing else. Larry was walking ahead of me and holding my hand, which made me feel like a high school girl being guided by her boyfriend (or in one word: giddy). As soon as we reached our sons, we were pretty much pushed up against them. I felt Eric's cock grazing mine, and I could tell that my son was hard as a rock under the surface of the water.

    "Don't you miss our old pool?" I asked my son.

    "Oh, I do! I was just telling Will about the time you caught me sucking my first boyfriend's cock in the pool, remember?" Eric laughed, hugging his husband with one arm and fumbling between his legs with his other arm.

    "Course I do," I nodded. "You were 16 and already acting like an incorrigible slut."

    "The apple don't fall far from the tree," my son said, reaching between my legs now and squeezing my growing cock. Around us, most of the men had no idea Eric was my son, and those who did were kinky pigs just like us. "Speaking of incorrigible slut…" my son said, still stroking my cock and nodding at something behind my back. 

    I turned around to see my husband sitting on the edge of the pool, his shins in the water. Between them stood Brady, who was facing Sven and deep-throating his very large, very hard cock. Unsurprisingly, they were quickly attracting the attention of most people around them, including Larry. Judging by his reaction, he hadn't noticed that Eric was jacking me off under the surface of the water. I still worried about how Larry might react if he found out the full extent of my Sven's and my relationship with our son. For now, though, Larry was watching my husband get this dick sucked by beautiful Brady, and Larry's own tool got hard enough for its own cockhead to start poking out over the surface of the water.

    "I think I'm gonna go get a closer look," Eric said, winking at me as he let go of my prick, which thanks to him, was now fully erect. I felt some precum dripping out and floating away in the water, as Eric walked away, his gorgeous ass visible under the water as he walked.

    "Having a good time, Dad?" Will asked his father. I looked over at my son-in-law leaning against the edge of the pool, and I saw his dick pointing up like a sword, the tip of it over the water's surface, just like his father.

    "Yeah. I haven't been to a pool party in… God, I can't even remember," Larry smiled.

    "Well, the pool parties we go to are nothin' like what you're used to, I promise you that," Will chuckled.

    "Oh, I can very well see that," Larry agreed, laughing loudly. 

    "Dad called me while we were on our way here," Will turned to me and explained. "When I told him we were going to a party, he asked if he could come. I told him he's welcome to, but it's a… specific kind of party."

    "At first he said it's 'clothing-optional,'" Larry chimed in, using air-quotes (even though I was paying more attention to his hard cock than his fingers). "Then when I said I was cool with that, he also mentioned that there might be some… action going on. Now I see what he meant."

    "Well, I tried to give you a fair warning," Will shrugged playfully.

    "That's alright," Larry said. "I've been here for a while and I've known y'all long enough to know what to expect. It ain't the kinda party I ever went to when I was your age," Larry said to his son, "but I guess now I'm making up for lost time."

    "That's the spirit, Dad!" Will said, taking a step forward to hug his father proudly, As father and son put their arms around each other, I vividly saw their dicks sparring like two dueling swords. They looked so fucking hot that I immediately felt a pressure in my balls and a spurt of precum shooting out of my piss slit.

    Around us, most of the men's attention was directed on my husband, who was helping Brady out of the pool. Once out, Brady got on all fours, flashing his hole to Sven as well as dozens of other onlookers. For his part, Sven stroked his large daddy dick for the admiring audience, showing off even more than he usually did. There were wolf whistles and applause, and comments like "Holy shit, that's the largest dick piercing I've ever seen."

    As hot as the scene was, I was more focused on Will and his dad. Unlike what happened in our family, I knew this was brand-new territory for Will and Larry. I was happy for the two of them, just as much as I was turned on by the sight of their penises rubbing together merely a foot away from me. What started off as a casual hug had turned into a long embrace, with the two men face-to-face and whispering to each other. Larry's fingers casually stroked down his son's back, tracing invisible lines down Will's spine, all the way down to the young man's ass crack. More brazen than his father, Will held on to Larry's lower back, pulling him into an even closer hug before grabbing Larry's asscheeks and kneading them like two batches of white dough. 

    The sun was shining brighter by the minute; loud pop music was playing. Yet I couldn't pay attention to anything around me except my son-in-law and his dad, and how hot they looked with their pricks pressed between their bodies. I licked my lips, tasting some of the sweat running down my face mixed with the sunscreen I had on. 

    "Don't be a stranger, Dad. Get in here!" Will suddenly said, and it took me a moment to realize he was talking to me. I smiled and joined their hug, allowing Will to hug me from the right, with Larry to my left. Will's left hand immediately dropped down to my glute, giving it a strong squeeze that surely left a mark. I traced my fingertips down both their spines, speedily reaching their asses. I placed my fingers on my son-in-law's asshole, knowing Will would enjoy that. I wasn't quite so sure about Larry, so I played with his cheeks instead, feeling the fine hair that was on there. 

    Our noses were all pressed together; I closed my eyes and stuck my tongue out. I felt another tongue touching it from the right, and the next second Will and I were making out right in his father's face. We were going at it passionately and sloppily – pig-style, just how I liked it. Soon, with my tongue prodding out to its maximum extent, I felt another kiss coming in from the left. I kissed the father and son, going back and forth and mixing all of our saliva. As far as I could tell, Larry and Will never engaged in any mutual kissing, except for maybe touching tongues for few split seconds while making out with me. After going at it for a few minutes, I took a deep breath and knew it was time. I reached down… and took both of their cocks in my hands.

    "Mmm, fuck that's nice," Will moaned in my face. I turned my face down to look at the two dicks I was stroking, just as Will's head leaned forward. He and his father touched foreheads and exhaled loudly, tempting me to jack them faster just to make them moan in each other's faces. 

    The crowd continued to cheer, getting me to look up to see what the commotion was about. On the other side of the pool, my husband was mercilessly fucking Brady's hole, and another handsome, blond man was joining them: Eric. My son approached Brady's face with his hard, pierced dick pointing forward, until it disappeared into Brady's mouth, causing the crowd to clap some more. 

    "Fuck," Larry said, watching the spit-roasting taking place. 

    "They look hot, don't they, Dad?" Will said teasingly while fucking my fist.

    "Holy shit," Larry's jaw dropped incredulously. I didn't need him to answer his son's question to know how he felt. In my left fist, Larry's boner throbbed like crazy.

    "You like that, huh?" I whispered in Larry's ear. "You like watching a father and son spit-roasting a guy? How about you do that to me?"

    "What?" Larry said, taken aback. Even though I was whispering, I made sure to be loud enough for Will to hear me. The smirk on the young man's face let me know he was down for my proposal.

    "Wanna do it, Pops?" Will asked Larry. "From what I hear, you and David had fun on New Year's. C'mon, I'll let you choose: back or front?"

    Just then, a smirk just like Will's appeared on Larry's face. Even though the father and son didn't look too similar, those shit-eating grins were fucking identical.

    "I'll take the back," Will's dad said, shooting his son and me a wink.

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