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The First Father's Day


    Nathanael Larry Hillbecker was born on June 4th, 2022 – two days before my dad Sven's birthday. He was named after my great-grandfather Nathanael Hill, and just like Will and me, his last name was a union of my two dads' names. Because his first and last name came from my side of the family, I wanted Will to decide on a middle name, and he chose to go with his dad's name, which I thought was a perfect gesture, now that the two of them were finally getting along.

    Of course, things were far from smooth, taking care of a newborn. Little Nate was a CRIER!! As soon as he got released from the hospital, he pretty much went at it all night. We lived in an apartment building, and although they tried to be understanding, the neighbors started to complain. To top it all off, the elevator was too small for a stroller, so it always took two of us to carry it up and down the stairs. After only a week, I was sick of that shit. I called up a realtor and found us a house in the South End that was available for rent immediately, with a ramp to get to the street from the front door.

    "I knew I said I'd be able to deal with it," I told my dad David while he helped me put up the crib in the new house, "but now that we actually have to do it, it's different."

    "It always is," Dad laughed. "No surprise there."

    "This house has the second bedroom, so you and Dad and Larry can stay in it whenever you want. That way, one of you can be here helping us out with the baby, and the rest of y'all can go home and actually get some sleep."

    "Sounds like a plan. And how long you got this house for?"

    "Three months, with the option to extend it for six," I said.

    "What're you gonna do after that?"

    I put the tools down and made eye contact with David.

    "I dunno, Dad," I sighed. "Will and I LOVE living with you guys. But it might be time for us to… finally go. We'll both be 26 later this year. We can't live with my parents forever." 

    "Come here," David scooched over and wrapped his arms around me. "You'll always be our little boy," he said, giving me a tight fatherly hug, squeezing my chest and shoulders. "Even though you've gotten bigger than me."

    "I love you, Dad," I said with my eyes closed and gave him a kiss next to his ear.

    "Love you too, honey," Dad said, kissing my lips. We both opened our mouths, allowing our tongues to venture back and forth. 

    "Now, when's the housewarming party?" David asked after a few minutes of making out with me.

    "This weekend," I said, reaching down to adjust my cock, which was growing hard with all the passionate kissing. "It's Father's Day, so we're gonna have people over, introduce Nate to everyone, and show off the house."

    "Sounds good, I'm looking forward to it," Dad said, looking down at my crotch. After fumbling with it, my dick was now fully hard and peeking out of my ridiculously short shorts.

    "Cool. By the way, if you talk to Larry: he doesn't know about Nate's middle name yet, so don't tell him," I said, stroking my cock with my bare hand now. 

    "Okay, I'll keep your secret. But I want something in return," my father smirked mischievously.

    "Like what?" I smirked back, wagging my hard dick right in front of him. 

    "Like this," Dad said as he leaned down and took my tool in his mouth. I combed my fingers though my father's soft hair and I began thrusting, fucking his throat as he reached down for his own hard cock and began stroking. Ten minutes later, I was cumming down David's gullet. Swallowing his son's jizz pushed him close to the edge as well. Just as my dad was about to shoot, I took my cock out of his mouth and I went down on him instead. Feeling his turgid cock throbbing inside my mouth, it only took seconds for Dad to start unloading inside me, feeding me his delicious DNA.

    "You know, Will and I haven't even had sex in this room yet," I told Dad after taking his hard cock out of my mouth and giving it a little kiss. "You're literally the first person to make me cum in this house."

    "Thank you everyone for coming," I said to the two dozen people sitting in our new dining room. "Thank you for spending Father's Day with us. Most of you have already met my dads. We would like you to meet Will's dad Larry as well."

    "Hello," Larry waved at everyone, obviously taken aback by being the center of attention.

    "Dad, we have something for you," Will said, getting up and handing his father a wrapped, rectangular present.

    "What is this?" Larry laughed, ripping the paper open to find a framed document.

    "It's a copy of our son's birth certificate. Including his full name," I said, unable to hide my smile.

    Tears welled up in Larry's eyes as he saw his name in writing. Then, he got up and gave his son a big hug, pulling me in as well after a few seconds, and sobbing on my shoulder.

    "Awww," the rest of the guests oohed and clapped. It was a lovely moment, even though the noise woke up the baby, who'd been sleeping in the other room.

    "I'll go take care of it," David said, quickly jumping to the rescue. He spent the rest of the evening rocking his grandson, until they were both asleep in the main bedroom.

    After a while, most of the guests left, until the only people left in the dining room with my husband and me were Sven and Larry.

    "I'm gonna head out as well," my dad announced. "I'm tired, and I need to get some sleep in a baby-free environment."

    "Is David coming with you?" Will asked.

    "I think he said he's spending the night here, right?" Sven said.

    "Yeah, he'll be staying here. He's already asleep, anyway," I said and I gave my father a big goodbye hug. 

    "Happy Father's Day, Son," Sven whispered in my ear. "Now I can say that to you too."

    "Happy Father's Day, Dad," I replied, giving him a big kiss and letting him go.

    "I should probably go too," Larry said once it was just the three of us. 

    "You've got the day off work tomorrow, why don't you stay?" Will said to his father.

    "I don't wanna be in you boys' way," Larry replied humbly.

    "Nonsense, you're not in anyone's way, Dad," I said to him and looked up to see a smile on his face. "Let's have another drink. But let's do it upstairs in the other bedroom, so David and the baby can sleep down here."

    With a bottle of scotch in tow, I climbed the stairs with my husband in front of me and his dad walking behind me. Even though I couldn't see Larry, I just KNEW he was checking out my ass as we walked up, and I made sure to poke it out and give him a show as much as I could. Thankfully, the jeans I had on were so low-waisted that they were sliding halfway down my ass, exposing the fact that I had no underwear on.

    In the guest bedroom, which was sparse on furniture, we all had to sit on the king-size bed. Holding on to his drink with his left hand, my husband let his other arm rest on my shoulders, and it wasn't long before he was sliding it down my beck and inserting it into the back of my sagging jeans.

    "Thanks again for… picking my name to be Little Nate's middle name," Larry said, getting all emotional and choked up once again.

    "Don't mention it, Dad," I said. Acting in the spur of the moment, I leaned over to my right and planted a passionate kiss on my father-in-law's lips. It was a kiss that he participated in with zeal and gusto. With his eyes closed, he put his glass on the nightstand and placed both of his hands on my face, making out with me while his oldest son massaged my ass; a father and son, each squeezing a set of cheeks on my body.

    My husband placed his drink next to his father's and returned to my ass, now with both hands free. He pushed my jeans down as best he could. I wanted to give Will easier access, so I got on my hands and knees on the bed while I maintained my makeout session with my father-in-law. Will had my jeans pulled down my thighs in short order and dove into my ass with his tongue.

    "Mmmmmm," I moaned while still making out with Larry. I broke away from our kiss long enough to catch my breath.

    "Fuck, that feels so good, Dad," I said to Will's father, whose face was just a few inches away from mine.

    "Enjoy it, Son," Larry replied while reaching down and pulling my shirt over my head as Will's tongue continued to snake up my hole.

    I rolled over on the bed and threw my legs in the air, which signaled my husband to strip the jeans from my legs completely.

    Now fully naked, I returned to my knees and continued to make out with my father-in-law while my husband separated my asscheeks, buried his face between them, and snaked his tongue back in my hole. Will knew all the spots to hit, which drove me crazy and made me even hornier. He alternated between squeezing my asscheeks and gently tugging on my hard pierced cock while he tongue-probed my hole.

    Larry and I continued kissing while his hands moved from my face and neck down my chest to my hard nipples. He pinched them simultaneously which made me moan again into my father-in-law's mouth.

    I had both of my hands around Larry's neck, who stood on the floor next to the bed. I moved my right hand down his body to the front of his pants and wrapped my hand around the obvious hard-on which strained to be released. I fumbled with the zipper until my father-in-law assisted. He deftly unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zipper, which freed his swollen, heavy cock from its confines. I immediately wrapped my hand around Larry's rod, which caused him to moan in my mouth as we kissed. 

    I was in sex-pig heaven. My husband was eating my ass out like a starved animal and I was making out with and stroking his own father's cock. There was only one thing which could make this better.

    I broke my kiss with Larry and immediately bent down, wrapped my mouth around his turgid cock, and took it down my throat until my nose was buried in his pubes.

    "Fuuuuuck," my father-in-law groaned as I worked his cockhead with my tongue and pushed the tip into his piss slit.

    "He can suck a dick, can't he, Dad?" I heard from behind me only a second after I felt Will's lips leave my hole. 

    "Fuck yeah," Will's dad replied, which motivated me to give him an experience he'll never forget. I opened my mouth even wider and forced more of his prick down my throat. 

    Will gave my ass a couple light slaps while he watched me suck his dad's dick. He leaned forward, pressing his chest against my back, put his mouth next to my ear and whispered, "You like sucking my dad's dick, don't ya baby?" 

    I moaned in pleasure. 

    "Suck his nuts, babe. Get them all wet," my husband said louder. 

    I immediately withdrew from Larry's cock and wrapped my lips around his sack. His cock bobbed and then lay on my forehead as I slathered his balls with my saliva. 

    My father-in-law's cock oozed precum onto my forehead and cheeks while I worked his nuts. I felt Will remove himself from me and rub the head of his cock up and down the crack of my ass. 

    "That's it, baby. Work my dad's balls," he ordered me from behind. I greedily and happily obliged. 

    I felt my husband's fingers work their way into my ass crack. His index finger pushed into my hole which made me gasp with a mouth full of Larry's nuts. 

    "I think this slut needs his ass fucked," Will said from behind me.

    I released Larry's testicles from my mouth. 

    "Fuck me, baby!" I replied to my husband before I devoured my father-in-law's precum covered cock again.

    Will slapped his cock against my ass and rubbed its slick head against my hole, encouraging it to open to accommodate his rod. I moaned when I felt my husband's cockhead push into my hole, which immediately contracted and expanded in an effort to swallow Will's engorged member. He buried his bareback cock to the hilt in one quick push. 

    "Goddamn, he took your whole cock at once," I heard Larry say admiringly, as he placed his hands on the sides of my head and pushed his prick down my throat even further. 

    "You ain't seen nothin' yet, Dad," Will replied. 

    My husband and father-in-law continued their assault on my holes for the next half-hour, alternately pounding me at both ends and then slowing down to prolong their enjoyment. They egged each other on, like frat boys sharing a conquest. My own cock was leaking like a sieve without touching it. A puddle of my pre-jizz splattered the sheets.

    "Dad, you wanna switch?" my husband asked his father.

    "You okay with that?" Larry replied. 

    "Fuck yeah! And I'm sure Eric won't have any complaints, will you babe?" Will concluded as he pulled out of my hole and my father-in-law from my mouth. Suddenly, I felt empty. 

    "Do it!" I replied forcefully. "Just get those dicks back in me," I continued as I spun around and pointed my ass at Larry and immediately gobbled my husband's rod.

    "Fuuuuuck," Will moaned when his cockhead hit the back of my throat.

    My father-in-law plunged his raw tool into my stretched hole, which was already lubed with his son's precum. He was balls-deep in one second. I felt satiated again. 

    Larry slid his rod in and out of my hole while holding onto my hips and his large balls slapped against me. Without even seeing them, I could tell this was a bonding moment for my husband and his father. They were growing closer by sharing me and I was happy to be part of it. Plus, I was getting spit-roasted by two of the most important men in my life.

    "I don't know how much longer I can last, Son," my father-in-law said to my husband.

    "Me neither, Dad," Will panted. 

    Their pace picked up, but they maintained a perfect rhythm. I was in heaven and the growing puddle of precum on the sheets was proof of that. Larry's breathing accelerated. I felt his sweat drip on my back. He was on the verge of busting. Will's breathing also picked up and his cock leaked even more precum which was indicative of him reaching the point of no return. I didn't touch my cock, but it was rock hard and I felt my ability to hold the edge wane. 

    The room reeked of sex. I knew we were all going to experience intense orgasms, and just hoped we didn't wake up Little Nate or David. It struck me at that moment that this is what my two dads must've dealt with when I was younger. 

    "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum!" Larry panted from behind me. 

    "Breed his ass, Dad," Will urged. "He's about to get my load down his throat," my husband continued.

    "Aaaahhhhhhh" my father-in-law yelled as he flooded my hole with the seed that had made my husband. 

    "Fuuuuuuccck," my husband exclaimed as the underside of his cock pulsated and shot ropes of his thick, white jizz down my gullet. 

    That's all I needed. Between my father-in-law breeding my ass and my husband unloading down my throat, my own cock started to spew rope after rope of my own seed hands-free all over the sheets with WIll's hard prick still buried down my throat.

    The three of us remained in this position until I felt Larry's softening cock slide from my hole. I immediately felt his jizz running down the inside of my thighs. I reluctantly released Will's still semi-hard member from my mouth. He leaned down and kissed me while we shared his load.

    "Holy shit, that was intense," my father-in-law said from behind me and collapsed on the bed. 

    I immediately joined him, and placed my back against his chest. My husband lay down in front of me and draped his leg over mine. 

    The three of us were exhausted. No words were exchanged. As we caught our collective breath and came down from our orgasms, I realized how lucky I was to have them, and all of the other men in my life. This was my first Father's Day as a dad… and I would never forget it. 

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