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A Father-Son First, Pt. II


    To this day, I still vividly remember that Sunday afternoon in the spring of 2018, when Eric and I lay in our dorm room, with Eric's cum glistening on my chest while my load was safely inside of him, as he casually said, "Why don't we move in with my dads?"

    It was a question that would change my whole life. "It'll give us a chance to save up for six months or a year, and get our own place as soon as we can afford one," Eric had suggested. And now here we were. Six months had turned into four years, including a move from their house to an apartment in Boston. Eric and I were married now, and dads in our own right. 

    Sure, all of us had changed a lot in the past four years, but I hope I'm not arrogant for thinking I was the one who had changed the most. Back in college, I was shy, estranged from my family, and convinced I would have to spend life fending for myself without relying on anyone. Now, I had a family that was growing bigger and closer together. My ma and I were cool again. My sister Jordan had married Rory – one of my best friends. And my father was back in my life, determined to make up for lost time.

    Then there were Eric and his two dads. I cannot put into words how much they'd changed my life, all of them. The love I felt for David and Sven was just as great as the love I felt for their son, and I now knew it was a bond that would never be broken.

    But most important of all, of course, was Little Nate. He'd turned our whole lives upside down, often adding a lot of stress to the mix, but every second of it was worth it. The biggest change was the need for more space; I would've never guessed someone so tiny requires so many things! Eric and I moved out of his parents' apartment and into a larger rented house, but even this place was starting to look like an obstacle course with all of the baby stuff scattered around.

    "I don't know what we're gonna do, we can't afford any of these places," Eric puffed, slamming his laptop shut in frustration. While Little Nate was asleep in the bedroom, my husband and I were using the time to look for more permanent housing. We had a more-than-decent savings account by now, yet every place in our price range was still either too small, too run down, or so far from the city that we might as well go live in New Hampshire.

    "Okay, let's keep it 100 here, you know we're being picky, right?" I reminded my husband. "Plenty of people raise kids in one-room apartments if they have to."

    "Yes, because they HAVE TO. We don't, so I'm tryna figure out what the best option is. I'm sorry for being snappy," Eric said a bit more calmly, "but you know work's been stressful, on top of everything else. They've been a pain in the ass since I asked to go on paternity leave, and now they're giving me so much work to catch up on that I'm literally tempted to tell em to shove it."

    "Why don't you?" I said.

    "Why don't I what?"

    "Why don't you quit? Seriously. We never considered it, but you can stay at home with Nate for a while, and then find a job at a company that appreciates you more," I suggested. "Just like your dads did with you."

    "Well, we've never considered it out loud, but I HAVE been thinking about it," Eric admitted. "I dunno, I'm kinda drawn to the idea. You really think we can do it?"

    "I KNOW we can," I said, pulling my husband in for a kiss. As per usual, we were both naked, and when Eric came to sit on my lap and make out with me, it only took a couple of minutes for both of our dicks to start to get hard.

    "That's decided then," Eric licked his lips. "Now, why don't we move on to something more fun?"

    Eric licked his hand and brought it down to my lap, stroking my dick up and down in rhythmic motions. After it was slick enough with his saliva as well as my precum, Eric raised his hips and then sat down on my dick, taking me balls-deep up his ass in only a few seconds.

    "Mmmm, fuck me," he moaned. "Fucking blow a load in me."

    With him sitting on my lap, I wasn't able to move much, but Eric did the brunt of the work. He bounced up and down on my dick, fucking himself on my rod like it was a toy made purely for his enjoyment. After a few minutes, we heard the sounds of our son crying from the bedroom.

    "Seems like he's awake," I said, barely able to speak on the verge of an orgasm.

    "I'll go get him in a sec," said Eric, bouncing up and down even faster. "Fucking breed me first. C'mon, I can feel how close you are. Do it, cum inside me."

    I made my husband's wish come true and I exploded, filling his guts with my sperm, while Eric's cock shot his cum all over both of our chests. He remained in my lap and we kissed tenderly for a minute, our bare chests glued together by my husband's jizz. Finally, the crying got louder so Eric got up.

    "I'll be back in a bit," he promised me and he walked off to the bedroom, my cum leaking out of his ass while he walked.

    A couple of days later, I went to the gym with my dad, who had decided to join shortly after the first time we took him here with us. (Maybe the blowjob that my husband gave him in the sauna was the deciding factor.) Even though Dad and I were members at the same gym now, we almost never frequented it at the same time. Today, the fact that we would be working out together almost made me change my choice of wardrobe – a slutty tank top that had the words "Loads of Love" on the front. Even though it sounded innocent enough, the word "Loads" had cartoon cum running down the letters, making it obviously sexual. However, with everything my father and I had been through recently, I figured a shirt with some animated jizz on it was hardly something that he would mind.

    I told my dad about Eric's plans to take some time off work and be a stay-at-home parent for a while. "That's nice. Very… traditional of you, just with a modern twist," said Dad. During our conversation, several guys approached me to compliment my shirt, which was basically their subtle way of saying "I hope to meet you in the steam room later."

    "You don't seem very interested in all of the cute guys around here," my father noted. "I thought you and Eric were… open to stuff like that."

    "We are. I'm just more… family-oriented lately," I said while spotting Dad on the bench, looking down at his face between my legs.

    "Ha, is that so?" Dad smiled, looking up the leg of my shorts that I was freeballing in. I knew for certain he was getting a view of my dick – these were some of the shortest shorts I owned, and I loved wearing them to the gym for precisely that reason. Dad managed to do ten reps of the bench, all the while zooming in on my exposed dick as his focal point. Amused by the attention, I wiggled it around a few times, getting it a tad harder and even oozing out some precum, which I could feel sticking to my thigh.

    "Son, ahem, you are aware that you're… showing, right?" Dad whispered to me discreetly after getting up from the bench.

    "Showing what?" I asked, just for the sake of stirring the pot.

    "Showing your cock!" Dad whispered with his eyes wide. "For God's sake, you're like half out. You better adjust before you get kicked out of here."

    "Oops," I played coy. I adjusted my shorts, even though I wasn't worried about getting in trouble as much as my dad was. I'd gotten my dick sucked by three of the four managers at this gym.

    With my dad here, my workout wasn't as exhaustive as it would've normally been; which was fine by me, since I was tired anyway, being a new dad and all. My father and I went back to the locker room after only half an hour of exercise, where my dad got naked and proclaimed "Ahhhh, and now for the best part: the sauna."

    "Yeah, you diggin' the sauna round here?" I asked with a smirk while getting naked myself.

    "Oh, yeah. The gym I used to go to in Columbus didn't have none of that," Dad said, leading the way as we walked to the sauna with our towels on our shoulders rather than around our waists. "Makes the premium price worth it."

    "Most definitely, especially if you get some ass after your workout," I added, with all of the confidence David and Sven had when talking about sex.

    "Hahaha, that can be an added perk," my father agreed.

    "So do you? Get some ass here, I mean," I asked, curious about Dad's sex life, especially when it came to having fun with other men. 

    "I don't know what you mean by 'getting ass,'" he explained, "but I have had my cock sucked here on occasion, yes."

    "I bet you have," I patted Dad's back with one hand, just as I used my other hand to open the door to the sauna. Since the sauna happened to be empty, I continued our sex conversation openly. "I wonder if we've ever hooked up with some of the same guys here. Other than Eric, of course."

    "I dunno. I have a feeling – and correct me if I'm wrong, Son – that you've gone through most of the guys round here over the past couple of years."

    "Haha. Well, I've gone through a fair amount, I ain't gon lie, but this is Downtown Boston. People come and go all the time," I said, taking a seat on one of the middle benches right next to Dad, who was on my right.

    "As long as Eric doesn't mind…" my father said, already getting a bit sweaty and reaching down between his legs to adjust his dick and heavy ball sack. 

    "Are you kidding? You've met Eric," I said to Dad, grabbing hold of my own dick and manhandling it absentmindedly. "He fucking loves it. Sometimes I'll get my dick sucked here but not cum, so I have an extra-big load for him when I get home. Or what he loves to do is get fucked and bred here, and then come home to me and have me eat the stranger's jizz right out his ass."

    "Damn, Son," Dad said, his hand still on his dick, now tugging on it. "Have y'all slowed down at all since becoming parents?"

    "Of course we have," I replied, chatting to my dad while casually stroking myself. By now, my dick was more than halfway hard, and all of the sweat and precum was coming in handy as lube. "Now that we're dads, we don't have time like we used to. But we do the best we can."

    "Well, like you said, it's time to be more family-oriented now," Dad said while making eye contact with me. By now, he was full-on stroking his meat as well.

    "Well… you're family," I reminded him with a smirk, reaching over and grabbing hold of his thickening dick.

    "Son… ahhh… What're you doing?" Dad said, acting surprised but only growing harder in my hand. Just a couple of seconds later, he was already sporting a full erection, throbbing within the grasp my fist.

    "Just helping my old man relax," I said boldly. "This okay?"

    My father licked his lips, sweat running down his face and whole body. He was taking turns looking at me and then closing his eyes in what was immense pleasure for him – I could sense it! 

    "Y– Yes," he finally nodded, giving me his blessing to go on. "Even though we really shouldn't…" he stuttered with his eyes shut, spreading his legs even wider to give me more access to his fuck pole; the dick that had made me.

    "Who decided what we should and shouldn't do?" I whispered in his ear while slowly stroking him. "I'm good. You're good. It's all good."

    "Ahhhh. Oh, but, Son…"

    "Shhhhh. Eric and his dads have been doing this for years. And they're the happiest, closest family you'll ever meet. So don't worry about it," I said, picking up the speed and jacking Dad a bit faster.

    "Well, Son – mmmmmmmm – with everything I've seen over the past few months, I can't say I'm surprised," Dad said, leaning back and enjoying the handjob given to him by his firstborn. "So Eric's jerked off with his parents, huh?"

    "Oh, he's done more than that," I smirked, licking my lips and tasting some sweat on them.

    "You mean to tell me he's sucked their cock?"

    "Yes. Just like this."

    With that, I dropped my head down to my father's lap and took his dick down my throat for the very first time. I went deep, and even though he was fairly thick I managed to get it all down – after all, I'd had plenty of practice over the years. When his dickhead touched the back of my throat, Dad shot out so much precum that for a moment I thought he was already cumming. I swallowed his essence, in full appreciation of how different it tasted from any man's precum I've ever tasted before. True, by now I'd sucked hundreds of dicks, and after a while they all begin to "taste the same," but maybe it was the fact that this was my FATHER that really made me value the uniqueness of this moment. 

    It was as if the universe wanted this to happen, and it cooperated with us. Normally, this sauna was never empty for longer than a couple of minutes. But today, I got the chance to suck on my father's dick for over ten minutes, both of us getting overheated both physically and mentally. I of course expected no reciprocation from Dad, which is why I was so surprised to have him reaching out with his left hand and grabbing hold of my hard dick, rubbing it up-and-down.

    "That feel good, Son?" he asked, still somewhat insecure about his sexual prowess when it comes to men.

    "Mhm," I nodded, briefly taking his prick out my mouth to say, "Are you fucking kidding me? That feels great! Keep going."

    For another two or three minutes, I sucked Dad off while he stroked me and got me close to the edge. All of the jealousy I felt about my husband's closeness with his dads was now gone. Now, I'd gotten to experience the same thing with my own father. Now, I was the one playing with his nuts while choking on his dick. Now, I was the one experiencing the firmness of his fist around my erect rod.

    "Fuck, boy, you're gettin' me close," Dad panted. The amount of sweat running down his husky body was incredible. While still tugging on his balls with one hand, I let my other hand glide up his wet belly and tease his perky nips. Ignoring my need to breather, I went harder and harder on his dick, simply desperate to get him to the finish line. 

    "AHHHHHHHH, FUCK!!! Shiiiiiiit," my father panted as he gave me my first taste of his very own nut. I felt spurt after spurt of it hitting the back of my throat and sliding immediately down my gullet, feeding me some much needed post-workout protein. "C'mon, Son. Blow your fucking load. Blow your fucking load for Daddy," my father said while cumming in my mouth, struggling to breathe and talk in the heat of the moment.

    As I tasted the nut that had made me, I exploded and sprayed my load all over the benches in the sauna. I'd done it countless times before, but this was one time I would never forget. I kept bobbing my head up and down in my dad's lap, even after both of us were down blowing our loads. I wanted more – I wanted this moment to never end.

    "Easy, Son. Ahhhh. Shit. Ouch, come off," Dad finally said, lifting my head up with both hands and guiding it to his face. Then, he gave me a big kiss and asked, "Now, can we please get out of here before I pass out?"

    "Of course," I said, giving him another quick kiss before we grabbed our towels and walked out. Both of our dicks were still hard, catching the eyes of the couple of guys who happened to be around in the locker room. When we got to our lockers I admitted to my father, "I didn't want that to end."

    "No worries. We'll do it again soon," Dad said with a wink, slapping my ass before putting his underwear on.

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