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Making My Son's Wish Come True


    "Fuck yeah, Dad! Shove that dick up my ass. Ahhhh!"

    "Yeah, like that, Son?" I grunted as I thrusted back-and-forth, almost out of breath.

    "Yeeeeeah, just like that, Daddy. Deeper! Fuck!"

    "Fuck yeah, take me. You want me to cum inside your asshole, baby?" I asked, sweat dripping off my face as I pushed forward with all the power in my glutes and thighs.

    "Yes, Dad. Blow your load in me. Mmmm, I want you to breed me, Daddy."

    "Yeah, you want your dad to shoot his semen inside you, huh?" I asked rhetorically, feeling the sphincter around my cock tightening in anticipation.

    "Fuck yeah, gimme all of it! I want your babies inside me, Dad."

    "Well get ready cuz here they come. Here I cuuuuuuuu–" I grunted, and with one final thrust forward I emptied my balls inside the eager bottom's guts, giving him the breeding he so desperately craved. 

    This wasn't my first time cumming inside my housemate Troy's ass. The 19-year-old and I had been hooking up on-and-off since Thanksgiving, when he let me glaze his chest with my jizz for the first time, all while taking another man's load up his ass. Even then, the teen with a penchant for older men called me "Daddy." Now, whenever we fucked, terms like "Dad" and "Son" felt natural to us.

    And there has been a LOT of fucking lately! There were two main reasons for that. One: Troy and I were getting ready to say goodbye. Tomorrow, he would be moving out of our house and going back to his hometown to get a job for the summer. Come September, Troy would be studying abroad for a year in Scotland. He was expecting to return to Boston in a year, but whether or not he'd be able to move in this same house (and whether I'd still be here by then) was uncertain for now. 

    The second reason for our daily fuck fests was the fact I finally felt comfortable admitting that I enjoyed sex with guys. In the beginning, I tended to freak out and overanalyze every aspect of it ("Am I gay? Am I straight? What does this all mean???") Now, I sorta just rolled with it. A couple of times, I even went to The Falcon by myself – a gay fetish bar where I got my dick sucked and even fucked a guy in what was known as "the darkroom." Most commonly, though, my main fuck buddy was my housemate Troy. His sexual appetite was insatiable; more often than not, when I penetrated his hole I found it already full of some stranger's spunk, which Troy had collected in a public men's room or in some parking lot. 

    "I'm gonna miss this," I confessed to my housemate as we lay and cuddled in his bed, listening to the music playing from Troy's phone, our regular postcoital activity. 

    "Me too," he said with a devilish smile and he pinched my nipple. Meanwhile, with his other hand, Troy reached behind and pushed some of my cum out of his ass, bringing it to his lips and lapping it up while saying, "Mmm, I love the way you taste, Dad."

    Troy knew that he looked just like a younger version of my son Will, so he enjoyed pushing my buttons like this. What the teen did NOT know was that my son had also had a taste of my seed. Just a week ago, I'd unloaded down Will's throat in the sauna at the gym, all while simultaneously milking a load from his hard cock. After our cumshots, I felt exhilarated; but a few minutes later, the demon of doubt began to creep in. Was this really a smart thing for us to be doing? A father and son, helping each other cum – as hot as that sounded, wasn't it all sorts of messed up?

    "Eric and his dads have been doing it for years," my son informed me fifteen minutes after we'd left the sauna, at a nearby café that served overpriced smoothies. "Being around them got me to… open up to the idea. And frankly, a part of me was always jealous of the relationship that Eric had with his folks. So doing this with you now, Dad… I couldn't be happier," my son told me with a sincere smile that alleviated my doubt.

    "So… how long have Eric and his dads been at it?" I asked, curious about my in-laws' sex lives.

    "I mean, David and Sven have always been naked around Eric, they just never made a big deal out of it. He's walked in on them fucking when he was growing up, but they taught him it's nothing to be ashamed of. Then when he was a teen, they got him his first sex toys and taught him all about lube and douching and stuff like that. But when it comes to the hardcore stuff, like full-on fucking… that didn't happen until after we'd graduated college."

    "Wait wait… So Eric's dads have fucked him?" I asked incredulously, trying to keep my voice down. "I thought maybe they drew the line at blowjobs…"

    "Nope," my son answered with a smile, taking a sip of his smoothie.

    "Bareback?" I asked, even though I already knew the answer. 

    "Yup. They've both shot their loads up his ass," Will continued nonchalantly.

    "Son… Normally, I'd think you were full of shit. But after witnessing everything with Eric's family since moving here… Fuck." I was speechless.

    "Yup. So it's been a few years, and they're still at it. Not all the time, obviously; I'm still Eric's main squeeze," Will added proudly. "But they make sure to make time for each other. Like, next weekend they're taking him on a father-son date. They invited me, but I offered to watch Little Nate and let them have all the fun."

    "That's… mighty considerate of you," I nodded, unsure what else to say. We were talking about my son-in-law going on a date with his own parents, for Christ's sake! A date that was likely to end with the two dads fucking their son's ass and blowing their loads inside of him!

    "Yeah, he deserves some time off," Will continued casually. "He and David have been the ones spending the most time with the baby. I just hope I'll be okay on my own; it's my first time taking care of Nate for so long."

    "If you want… I can come and help you," I'd offered.

    Now, a week later, I was lying in my housemate Troy's bed, watching him eat my fresh jism out of his ass, and losing track of time. When I glanced at my watch, I realized it was almost time to go to Will's house.

    "I gotta go!" I said to Troy. "Listen, if I don't see you before you leave, you take care, okay? And get in touch when you're back in Boston."

    "I'll do so, Dad," Troy promised and gave me a big kiss, letting me taste my own spunk in his mouth.

    According to Will, I had some sort of a superpower when it came to my grandson. Apparently, Little Nate was a crier most of the time; but whenever I rocked him, he gave in and fell asleep within minutes, dozing peacefully. 

    "It's all about the rocking technique," I whispered, as Will and I stood over my snoozing grandson's crib. "You were the same when you were little."

    "He gets it from me, then," Will smiled.

    "Yeah," I nodded, looking down at Little Nate. I didn't want to ask any invasive questions, but I was almost certain Will wasn't Nate's biological dad. Granted, genetics could work in unexpected ways sometimes; but judging by Nate's appearance, he was almost certainly Eric's offspring. Of course, that didn't mean Will was any less his father – and I his grandfather. 

    "Fuck, I'm exhausted," Will sighed, taking his T-shirt off in one move and plopping down onto the bed a second later, lying on his stomach.

    "You're the sole breadwinner of the house now. Can't be easy," I whispered, walking away from the crib and sitting down on the bed next to my son.

    I empathized with my son, as I'd been the sole breadwinner for most of my married life. He'd barely just begun, and I could tell my son was already exhausted and stressed. I reached over and started to massage his shoulders which elicited an immediate, pleasurable moan.

    "Mmm, Dad, that feels good," Will's muffled voice purred with his face buried in the pillow. 

    "Just relax, Son," I replied. 

    I continued to work his shoulders and started to move down his back. I pressed my thumbs on either side of his spine and moved them in small circles without removing them from his skin. I could feel the knots in his back disintegrate as I worked them. I slowly moved down the length of his spine until I reached the waistband of his pants. 

    "There's some oil in the nightstand," Will groggily moaned, still with his face buried in the pillows. 

    I smiled at my son's suggestion, and I went with it. I reached over and opened the drawer to find an assortment of cockrings, poppers, lube, and other sex toys that I didn't even know the names of. I moved a couple of the items around before I spotted the bottle labeled "Lubricant and Massage Oil." I removed the bottle, flipped the cap up and squeezed a large dollop onto my free hand. I placed the bottle on the nightstand and moved to my knees next to my son before I rubbed my oily hands together and returned them to his back.

    "Mmmmm," Will moaned louder as he felt my hands. 

    My hands glided up and down my son's back easily thanks to the oil. I'm sure it felt better for Will, too. I reached for the waistband of his pants and gently tugged them down. Will assisted by lifting his midsection from the bed and deftly unfastening them, which allowed me to remove the pants completely. Unsurprisingly, my son was going commando. The globes of his bare, muscular ass flexed as he returned to his prone position. I quickly removed his socks so that he was completely naked. Embarrassingly, I felt myself become aroused at the sight of my naked boy. 

    I squeezed more oil onto my hands, rubbed them together and started to massage Will's right foot. I worked my thumbs along the sole of his foot and applied extra pressure in the arch. 

    "Fuck, that feels good," Will mumbled into the pillow. 

    I continued to work his right foot and then did the same with the left. I could tell when I hit a good spot from the periodic gasps I heard from my son. 

    Although my hands were working his feet, my eyes were "working" another area of Will's body. I couldn't peel my eyes away from my son's bare ass. Two globes of tight muscle with just the slightest dusting of hair. My rock-hard cock continued to throb against the constraints of my own pants. 

    After I finished Will's feet, I squeezed more oil on my hands and worked my way up his legs to each calf. I used my knuckles to dig into those muscles which caused him to react with more muffled moans into the pillow. Next, I moved up to his thighs and repeated the process. My son spread his legs a bit, exposing the underside of his ballsack. While my hands were busy on his thighs, my eyes were still glued to his glutes, which he flexed every few seconds. I didn't know if it was a result of the massage or if Will was subtly humping the mattress. Either way, I didn't give a fuck; it was a sight to behold.

    I worked my lubricated hands on the inside of his thighs, moving just a bit higher each time I repeated the stroke. Finally, I reached the point where my fingertips were brushing the inside of Will's ass cheeks and his nut sack. My son's ass flexing intensified in both frequency and intensity.

    Again, I reached for the oil and returned directly to his flexing orbs of gluteal muscle. I ran my hands up each cheek as my thumbs slid inside his crack. I repeated this motion for a couple more minutes before I decided to… press things a bit. 

    I took the bottle of oil again. Rather than applying it to my hands, I held it upside down above my son's ass and squeezed a generous amount along his ass crack. After returning the bottle to the nightstand, I placed my hands on his cheeks and spread them open a bit, which allowed the oil pooled in his crack to move deeper in. It also exposed Will's perfect, winking rosebud.

    I felt my underwear wet with my own precum as it continued to throb inside my pants. This definitely wasn't what I was expecting today when I arrived. I wasn't complaining, but at the same time I didn't want to do anything that would jeopardize the progress my son and I made in our relationship. Obviously, this wasn't anything new to Will. He and Eric had an open relationship, and I already knew about Eric's family's "sexcapades," so I doubted this was crossing the line. 

    I worked my thumbs along the inside of my son's crack from taint to top. Each time I moved northward, my thumbs grazed his pucker, which elicited a slight gasp with every pass. Then, I decided to push things a bit more. On my next pass, I stopped at Will's hole and gently pressed my right thumb against it. Will moved his ass up in reaction, which allowed my thumb to easily slip in. 

    "Aaaahhhh," my son moaned. He tried stifling it, since he didn't want to wake up Little Nate, but the pleasure was too much for Will to remain completely quiet.

    I repeated the process, only this time I pressed my left thumb against his hole. This continued a few more minutes. Each time I inserted my thumb a bit deeper and left it there a little longer than the previous time. My son was moaning louder but still trying to control himself. 

    I couldn't take it any longer. I looked around and spotted what was likely a used jizz rag on the floor by the bed. I grabbed it, wiped as much oil from my hands as I could, and tossed it on the bed before standing and quickly undressing. I was down to my precum-soaked underwear in record time. Finally, I pulled them off and tossed them to the side with my other clothes. 

    Then, I grabbed the oily jizz rag and wiped as much oil as I could from Will's ass and inside his crack. I was hypnotized by my son's ass. I needed to have it. I needed to taste it. Without hesitation I climbed onto the bed and straddled Will's legs while he continued to lie on his stomach. My hard, leaking cock brushed against his leg. I returned my hands to his ass with an audible slap, which made my son yelp in surprise. I smiled and dove face-first into Will's ass, immediately penetrating his bud with my tongue.

    "Fuuuuuuck!" my son yelled excitedly. 

    "Shhhhh, don't wake the baby," I whispered. 

    Then, I returned to my son's hole. I tongue-dived deeper each time, which caused Will to uncontrollably buck his hips. I continued my oral assault on my son's asshole. I couldn't believe I was doing this! While my brain tried to justify what was happening, my cock wasn't so worried and was leaking precum like a broken spigot. 

    Will arched his back, giving me better access to his hole. 

    "This isn't the reaction of someone who wants me to stop," I thought to myself as I ate my son's ass. 

    After getting Will's pucker slathered with my saliva, I reached for the bottle of oil again and squeezed some on my hands while continuing to tongue my son. I reached underneath him, wrapped my slick fist around his turgid member, and I slowly stroked him. In that moment, I felt his ass muscle tighten around my tongue. 

    "Fuck me, Dad," my boy said almost pleadingly with his head buried in the pillow. 

    I reached for the oil and lubed up my own cock. It didn't need much with the amount of precum I was leaking. I placed the head of my rod against his hole, 

    "Wait! Stop!" my son suddenly said. I froze. I feared I did something wrong. Every possible scenario ran through my mind in a split second. I expected Will to jump up and put an end to this obscene act we were committing. 

    Instead, Will just flipped over onto his back and looked at me. 

    "I want to look at your face when you go inside me," he said with a smile on his face. 

    I audibly exhaled, smiled, and maintained eye contact with him as I positioned myself. Then, I slowly slid inside my son for the first time. Will's eyes squinted, but he never looked away. His lips parted and he gently sighed as his tunnel opened to accommodate his father's hard rod.

    "Fuuuuuck, Dad," Will hissed. 

    I didn't move. I felt my son's hole repeatedly constrict and relax around my cock.

    "You okay?" I asked. 

    "Never better," Will replied. 

    I smiled. My son reached around my neck, pulled my face down to his, and invaded my mouth with his tongue. I wasn't expecting this, but I wasn't complaining. I reciprocated the kiss. Our tongues slid in and out of each other's mouths while I slowly pumped my son's hole. 

    "Oh, Daddy, that feels so good," Will whispered when our lips finally broke apart.

    "It sure does, Son," I quietly replied with a smile.

    "Fuck me, Dad. Fuck me like you fucked my husband," he said.

    I invaded my son's mouth again with my tongue as I picked up the pace of my thrusts in his tight hole. 

    "Oh, I'll fuck you even harder," I promised him. "Take my cock, boy!"

    "Fucking give it to me. Pound my hole," Will replied desperately. 

    For a second there I'd lost track of where I was and that Little Nate was fast asleep in his crib on the other side of the room. The last thing I wanted was to awaken him, especially since he was so fussy. In order to shut each other up, Will and I went back to kissing. While we made out, I accelerated my thrusts. My full balls were slapping against my son's ass every time I bottomed out in his tight hole. 

    When we broke our kiss, I grabbed Will's legs and threw them over my shoulders without leaving his tight tunnel. His cock was leaking strings of precum onto his abs. I started pumping his hole again. His head thrashed from side to side and he looked like he was in ecstasy.

    "You like taking Daddy's dick?" I asked in the throes of passion. 

    "Fuck yes!" my son hissed. "I've wanted this ever since you fucked Eric. Fuck, even before that. Watching him have sex with his dad all these years… I've always wondered…" he continued. 

    "It's all yours, Son," I told him, glad that I could finally make my boy's wish come true. 

    I felt my nuts tighten, and looking down I saw that Will's did the same. 

    "Fuck, boy, I'm getting close," I announced. 

    "Me too, Dad. Keep going. Breed my hole!" my son begged.

    I grabbed Will's ankles, spread his legs as far as I could and piston-fucked my son. Will's turgid cock danced with each thrust, spraying precum around like a rogue hose.

    "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum!" I announced, trying my best to keep my voice down. 

    "Breed me, Daddy! Cum inside my ass. Gimme your sperm!"

    "Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh," I hissed through clenched teeth as I shot Will's brothers and sisters inside his hole. 

    "Fuuuuuuuuuuucck!" Will grunted, trying to squelch his own climax. His first rope of cum landed on his chest. The second one hit the wall behind his head with an audible splat. Several more landed on his chest, abs, and the bed around us. 

    My balls emptied, I collapsed on top of my son in a sweaty heap. My still-hard cock remained buried up his hole. Will wrapped his legs and arms around me as his fresh load smeared across both of our bodies. Finally, our breathing returned to normal.

    From the far side of the room, Little Nate stirred but didn't awaken. My son and I wiped up as best we could with the jizz rag and cuddled up next to each other. 

    "I love you, Dad," my son whispered. 

    I tightened my hug. "I love you, too, Son," I replied as we drifted off to sleep. 

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