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Dad and Daddy


    The sun, the excitement of traveling, the hot guy getting a blowjob right in front of me at the beach, it was all getting to me. I needed to chill out, before I completely lost control and forgot where I was and what I was doing. I was at a public beach naked, masturbating, with my two dads and boyfriend lying right next to me!

    I tried to be discreet about it, gently thrusting my hips, rubbing and edging my hard dick against the beach towel. As the action in front of me got hotter (the two studs didn't seem to care they were in public) I started to thrust faster, too horny to give a fuck about being inappropriate anymore. I spread my legs wider, brushing my right leg against my dads who were making out fervently next to me. 

    As the couple finally got up to leave to go somewhere more private, I was outraged. "Come back here and finish what you started!" I felt like screaming after them, feeling like they owed me something.

    Okay, Eric, breathe. I fought the temptation to get up and follow them. Number one, my dick was still hard and would definitely draw attention. Plus I still needed to behave. As liberal as my dads were, this was just the first day of our summer trip. I didn't want them worrying about me running after some random strangers and then cutting the whole trip short.

    I waited to go soft. I looked to my left, at my boyfriend Will reading a book. He'd been on the same page for the past 15 minutes, I noticed. He wasn't reading, he was just using it to look at people from behind his sunglasses, like I was. He could act cool all he wants, I knew he must've been watching the hot couple as well. It was driving him wild, probably even more than me. But now the couple was gone, and I wondered what else he might be looking at.

    On my right, my dads weren't even being THAT naughty compared to the other couple, but they were still making out in a way that you could only get away with at a gay nudist beach like this. Sven was lying on top of David, naked and still dripping wet, the sun shining on his wide back, his thick thighs, and big bubble butt. He was completely smooth from the neck down which didn't seem to be in fashion anymore, which made him stand out even more.

    I couldn't tell if Will was looking at them, but he could definitely hear them. As per usual, my dads' make-out session was so loud you could hear it even with the sounds of the sea splashing close to us.

    The fact Will and my dad kissed while they were drunk a few weeks ago never raised any red flags for me. I've drunkenly kissed so many of my girlfriends, and that definitely didn't mean I was straight. Just like kissing a couple of my straight guy friends in college didn't mean that they were gay (Then again... whole different story). But what Dad told me earlier today on the balcony made me think twice.

    Will asking to call Sven "Dad," and then failing to mention that part to me, probably meant something. He wasn't just being drunk and crossing the line; there were some feelings there. If I knew Will (and his never-talk-about-your-feelings family he grew up in) he was probably feeling hella confused right about now. And I had no idea what to do about it. Except to maybe cross the line myself to see how he'd react. 

    "Can you put some more sunscreen on me?" I heard Sven ask David. He was done with his front and needed help with his back.

    "Don't forget we gotta go soon," David said. "We got a reservation at that restaurant with the great reviews, seems to be the best place in town. And tonight's our only chance to go."

    "I can do it!" I said, snatching the sunscreen quickly. 

     My dads looked at me, probably surprised to hear me butt in, but didn't say anything. Sven lay on his stomach between Will and David, and I got on top of him.

    Right after our little conversation with Sven on the balcony earlier that day, I got to thinking by myself in the shower. For the first time, all of a sudden, I saw an image in my mind of Dad and Will kissing. Poor Will, I was such a dick to him when he told me. I shouldn't have laughed in his face, I should've been more reassuring. I thought of this as some silly gag when he obviously took it much more personally. 

    I dried after the shower and stroked my dick a couple of times to fluff it up. I left the bathroom and passed through the living room naked. Everyone was there, David packing our beach bag and Sven and Will waiting on the couch.

    I went to the bedroom and put on a pair of speedos.

    "Hey Daddy, what do you think of these?" I walked back to the couch and stood in front of my dad and Will. "Should I wear them or the other pair we got together at the store? You know, the one that makes my package look bigger?" I grabbed my junk through the fabric and shook it up and down for them a couple of times.

    I observed Will's reaction. His eyes darted back and forth from my crotch to Sven's face.

    "I don't know honey, whichever one you like best. They both look good," Sven answered, sounding uninterested but polite.

    "What do you think babe, how do I look?" I turned to Will, flexing my abs.

    "You look... you look nice."

    ("Fucking hot" would've been the answer I'd have gotten if my dad weren't here, I bet. Ironically enough, I ended up not needing any speedos at the beach.)

    Later on during lunch, I was sitting at the small restaurant table with Sven to my right and Will to my left. Everyone was on their "best behavior" but many people were still staring at us because Sven was eating shirtless, his big chest and pierced nipples drawing attention.

    "Oops," he said, dripping a bit of tomato sauce on his left pec.

    "Here," I went in before he had a chance to grab a napkin. I scooped up the sauce off his chest with my right thumb, and stuck it in my mouth to lick it off. I reached over a second time, my wet finger getting the remaining sauce off Dad's pec and nipple. I moved his large nipple ring up and down to make sure it was all off. During this, my left hand rested on Will's thigh. 

    "Thanks," Sven said quickly and continued talking about the weather.

    At the beach, I grabbed the sunscreen and straddled my dad's body as he lay on his stomach, both of us naked. My erection from earlier was gone, but I still had some precum on the tip of my dick. Will tilted his head a bit and I was sure he was looking at us. I'm gonna do this like the two guys I saw earlier, I thought.

    Instead of just rubbing the lotion on my dad's back I took my time, giving him a few minutes' massage. My fingers crept lower and lower. I looked at Will. We couldn't make eye contact with our shades on, which bothered me. Will was also lying on his stomach, so I had no way of seeing what was happening in the front of his speedos.

    After finishing up his lower back, I continued down to my dad's glutes. I wasn't quite as firm as the guy I spied on earlier and my fingers didn't go near Sven's hole, but I still took my time rubbing the lotion in, all over his big muscular ass in circular motions, then slowly down to his thighs (including the insides where they touched) and calves.

    "There you go, Daddy," I said and smacked his right asscheek. It was supposed to be a playful slap but it ended up being stronger than I expected.



    I wasn't sure what was up with Eric, but it was sure starting to feel like there was something going on.

    Maybe he was like me and just felt and acted different, freer when on vacation. I'm not exactly a private person (hell, I'm one of the least private people I know) but whenever I go traveling that feeling seems to go up tenfold. There's something so liberating about new places where no one knows your name or anything about your past. Where they don't know how many people you've fucked, or what your dirty little secrets are. It made you feel safe to open up even more, feeling like there'd be no consequences when you go back home.

    Maybe that's part of the reason why Eric was comfortable to open up to me on the balcony here in Sitges. He shared his feelings about Will with honesty. And then he brought me up. "When I picture myself with someone long-term," Eric had said to me, "I kinda want them to be, I dunno... Stronger? More experienced? More assertive? Someone more like you."

    I should've been flattered, and I was. But it also gave me cause for concern.

    I worried my son might assume I was "strong" for the same reason most people jumped to that conclusion. I knew well the effect I had on others. I was tall, big, with a strong chin, and a husky voice. All things society told you a desirable man should be. And, with the exception of working out, none of it was something I could control. Plenty of straight women swooned over me, but it was even worse with gay men. On top of my pseudo-attractiveness, I was aware plenty of them only idolized me because of their own insecurities and feelings of inadequacy with their own masculinity.

    I didn't want my son to look at me or any man like me and think we were on the right track just because it looked good on the surface. He might think of me as strong, but all the drugs I took at his age definitely did not come from a place of strength. Eric didn't know about all the times I nearly wrecked my life before David rescued me, and as honest as we were with him I really didn't think I could find it in me to tell him, to this day.[1] If I was his idol for any reason, I did not want it to be because he, or his boyfriend, or anyone else found me attractive.

    Which also did not mean I wasn't happy to set an example whenever I could. When Eric expressed interest in starting to work out in his teens it was because he saw me do it, which made me proud. When we went shopping at George's store Eric started off shy and more modest, until he saw me undress and felt more comfortable showing off his own body and flexing in the mirror.

    After Eric told me he'd like a partner who's more like me, I started noticing little things. I don't know if he realized just how long our hug lasted right after that. He held me tightly yet gently at the same time (if that makes sense), breathing in the faint scent of my shower gel (which to be fair, I found very attractive as well). 

    Then, after Eric's walking out of the shower naked and putting on a pair of tight speedos, came a different surprise.

    "Hey Daddy, what do you think of these?" 

    Daddy?! Has he ever called me that? I'm sure he did at some point as a kid, but it felt completely different to hear an adult voice say it. 

    When he was young we tried to get him to call David "Dad" and me "Papa," which he eventually abandoned and started calling both of us "Dad" and using our names if there was ever any confusion.

    Funny how much one little extra syllable could change. "Daddy" felt completely different. I called myself that when I was being facetious. It's what David called me behind closed doors. And then there were the innumerable boys and men who begged me for Daddy's dick, who asked for Daddy to spank them, who groveled and promised they'd do anything just to have Daddy's cum down their throat.

    Then there was the incident at the restaurant. Was Eric just trying to be helpful by wiping the sauce off my chest before it dripped down to my white shorts? Either way I'd started to get hard as he grazed my nipple and started moving my nipple ring around.

    Maybe I was imagining things and it had nothing to do with me. Eric was always a touchy-feely kid, and now on top of that he was probably one horny adult as well. He was absolutely mesmerized by the couple of naked guys lying next to us at the beach. I could tell exactly what he was doing. He thought he was being sly, but I could notice him rubbing his dick while looking at them.

    I didn't say anything because I didn't wanna embarrass him. Plus it was our fault for bringing the boys to a beach like this. Granted, we didn't think there'd be full-on blowjobs out in the open. At gay nudist beaches like this it wasn't too unusual to see someone discreetly jerking off or giving someone a hand-job, but people rarely got to sucking and fucking in front of everyone.

    The couple left, probably leaving my son behind with blue balls. And then...

    "I can do it!" he jumped at the opportunity when I said I need sunscreen on my back.

    Eric straddled me, and I felt his testicles on my ass. "Mmm," I moaned loudly as he started to rub my back firmly. He gave me a nice little shoulder and back massage, one that I sorely needed after our long flight. He was good at this! I closed my eyes and started to relax. The sun felt good, the air smelled nice, the sounds of the sea almost lulling me to sleep. Then I felt Eric touching my ass.

    God he's good, I thought. After a back massage, my lower body needed some attention as well. He continued, taking his time, rubbing the knots in my glutes and thighs. His fingers slid against my smooth asscheeks with ease. Has anyone taught him how to do this? I swear he felt like a professional masseur.

    "There you go, Daddy," he slapped my ass and got up off me. There's that word again! Twice in one day. This couldn't be a coincidence.

    "Wanna go for one last walk before we leave?" Eric asked Will and the two got up. Holding hands, they headed toward the cave I'd pointed out earlier and said it's where guys go to cruise and fuck.



    Since discovering Eric's Tumblr where he posted naked pictures of himself and videos of him jerking off and being fucked, I was much more careful when browsing for porn on that site. I remembered Eric's username and a couple of times the temptation overcame me and I typed it in ("Just to check up on him," I told myself) but I never hit enter.

    I didn't get a chance to talk to him about it, even though I felt like I should. I couldn't forbid him from having a porn blog. One: he was an adult, and two: it would be beyond hypocritical cuz I myself followed hundreds of blogs like that. But I did feel the need to advise him against posting photos of his face or any personal information.

    This would've normally been a fairly easy conversation for a parent as open as I was. But I procrastinated because that wasn't all. There were all those weird father-son searches on Eric's computer as well. "Father son kissing," "father son naked together gay" ... they rang through my head.

    I had no idea how to approach that. One option was to just mind my damn business and not say anything. That's what I'd been doing so far, yet it didn't feel right. 

    I knew a ton of gay men (including me) had father-son fantasies. I would've actually felt better if he had been looking up "father and son fucking," it would've probably led to some cheesy porn where the actor playing the dad is five years older than the one playing the son, and I could write it all off as a harmless fantasy about fictional strangers.

    But, "kissing"? "Naked together"? Who searches for random stuff like that?! There's no way he'd been looking for porn.

    All the hoopla right before our trip was a welcome excuse to push all this in the back of my mind and focus on other things. Until one day it all hit me at once, even stronger.

    "Hey Daddy, what do you think of these?" I thought I heard Eric say to Sven on our first day in Spain, and it felt like a cold knife through my heart.

    Did I hear correctly, was I imagining things? I was busy packing the beach bag while everyone else was around the couch talking. Maybe I misheard and Eric had said "Dad" which would've been perfectly normal. But Daddy...

    It was the word I used to refer to Sven. I used it while begging him to fuck me. I screamed it, I whispered it, I struggled to say it with his dick filling my mouth. And now our adult son had switched to using it, seemingly out of the blue. 

    Why did this hit me so hard, why did I feel so dramatic about the whole thing? I tried to ignore it, until later at the restaurant I saw Eric use his finger to wipe tomato sauce off my husband's bare chest. He touched his nipple and moved his piercing up and down and I KNEW Sven was getting hard, like he always did when anyone touched his nipples.

    I excused myself to go to the restroom while Sven was telling everyone how according to the weather app on his phone it would be a very hot night.

    I felt my heart beat fast as I locked the single-user restroom. I splashed some cold water on my face and looked at myself in the mirror above the sink. I think I was starting to understand why I might be reacting so strongly. It wasn't about Eric, it was about me. Was I... Was I jealous of my own son?

    Jealousy was a big problem at the beginning of my relationship with Sven (and every other relationship I'd attempted prior). I was't really good at "dating," especially in the gay world. On the one hand, I met most men at gloryholes and sex clubs. On the other, I expected to meet someone willing to commit to me and be my partner for life.

    By the time I met Sven, I'd known enough gay men in open relationships that I started to realize that might be something I'm into. Still, I went psycho bitch on Sven several times at the beginning whenever I got jealous of the idea of him with other men, even though he was always very honest about it. It was when he suggested we could close our relationship that I realized it was never about the other men, the problem was me. As soon as I worked on that we started having a lot more fun together.

    Still, even to this day I'd sometimes get pangs of jealousy when one of the younger boys we played with called him Daddy. (Young guys seemed to love doing that these days. Or maybe we were just a magnet for the ones that do.) I knew how much Sven was into twinks, and I'd never again be one.

    I looked at myself in the restroom mirror, thinking about Eric and Sven. I knew I had to do something, if for no other reason then to stop feeling this way. And to think the four of us would be sharing a bedroom for the first time tonight...



    It was incredibly generous of Eric's family to invite me over for this trip, and I was very grateful. I'd never been outside the country. Whenever one of my parents went on vacation with their spouse and kids, they'd send me to stay over with my other parent. So this was my first family vacation.

    And as such, it was full of firsts. My first nude beach. The first time seeing someone get a blowjob in public. How was any of this real?! A lot of the gay tourists in this town struck me as regulars who came back every year. If they knew just how new this all felt to me they'd probably laugh.

    Unlike me, Eric seem to take to it like a duck to water. He had no problem getting naked at the beach. Even his behavior with his dads, as close as it always was, seemed to get even closer and more relaxed. Especially Sven.

    I didn't see too much of Sven after we kissed, but whenever I did I felt a certain kinda way. Every time I saw him he seemed sexier, stronger, his dick bigger; which probably had nothing to do with the way he actually looked but the way I looked at him. I had to try to avoid him around the house. He was naked almost all the time, and it was starting to take every bit of willpower not to reach over and touch him. No, it was better I stay away! Which is why when we first walked into the B&B and Eric noticed there was only one bedroom for the four of us, I knew my avoiding tactic was over.

    Seeing Eric wiping sauce off his dad's burly chest then licking his finger gave me a hard-on, even though it was such a small thing. Eric squeezed my thigh with his other hand while doing it, and I wondered what it would be like to be in his shoes.

    I had no idea what to expect from a gay nudist beach. At first it seemed like any other beach. Except there were no women and children. And most of the people were naked. And couples felt comfortable to kiss and rub lotion all over each other's bodies. Okay, so it was nothing like any other beach.

    I thought of my friends back home. My "vanilla friends," as David and Sven called their friends who never went to nude places or parties, or talk about sex or jerking off. What would they think if they saw me here now? Did any of them do, or even think about these things the same way I did, it was just never talked about?

    Most of my friends and I couldn't even talk about watching porn (which I'm sure we all did). And now, there was a real-life porn show right in front of us at the beach. The couple of guys closest to us did everything short of fucking right there. My back was starting to burn because I spent most of the time lying on my stomach, hiding my erection. But even that would be nothing compared to the show Eric and his dads gave me.

    I'd seen David and Sven make out around the house plenty of times. But to see them at the beach, Sven lying on top of David, so close to us their legs were practically touching Eric's... it was even hotter. Maybe there was something about being outdoors that made it more primal. My dick was so hard in my speedos it was starting to hurt. I wondered if they were hard themselves. You can't go on kissing for that long (and that passionately) without getting hard, right?

    Then just as we started to talk about leaving, bringing this whole crazy experience to an end, Eric decided to take it further. He grabbed the sunscreen and got on top of his dad. I wasn't sure if anyone could see my eyes through my sunglasses but I didn't even care. I had to look!

    Eric rubbed the lotion all over his dad's back, continuing on down to his ass. Fuuuck, I was almost gonna cum! I lifted my hips the tiniest bit so my dick wasn't touching the towel. Breathe, breathe, breathe. There Eric was, kneading Sven's asscheeks, taking his time. It was all so hot and made even hotter by the fact they were both completely naked, on top of one another!

    I had no idea if this was the first time Eric was doing something like this to one of his dads, but everyone was acting like it wasn't anything unusual. Meanwhile, I was dripping so much precum it looked like I'd pissed the towel. Eric tilted his head my way, as he continued to go down and massage his dad's thighs. 

    "Wanna go for one last walk before we leave?" Eric suddenly jumped up and expected me to join him. Fuck, there's no hiding my throbbing erection in these speedos. I got up with my back to David and Sven so they wouldn't see. Eric looked at me from the other side with a devilish grin on his face. He led me to the "fuck cave" his dad had pointed out earlier.

    "Wasn't that super fucking hot?!" Eric exclaimed as we walked away from our towels. We were nearing the very edge of the beach and there was almost nobody else around us.

    "Um, what?" (You massaging your hot dad's ass while straddling him naked?! YES!) I played dumb.

    "Those two guys! When that guy with all the tattoos started sucking the other guy off. I wonder if we'll see them around here... Look!"

    We'd gotten to the end of the beach, only accessible because it was low tide. There they were, the guy with the tattooed arms on his knees, giving the guy that was wearing a cockring a blowjob. Two or three other men were walking around slowly, cruising (another term I'd recently learned from Eric's dads). 

    "Fuck, that's so hot!" Eric said and dropped to his knees, pulling down my speedos. He wasn't wrong. I just hoped I had it in me to last longer than two seconds without exploding in his mouth.

    Any other day I'd have been too shy to get hard and perform in front of strangers. But after everything that happened today, just in the past couple of hours, I was so fucking horny. I didn't care about anyone else around me. I managed to get completely out of my head, and shut off all the voices telling me to worry about this or that. I got to enjoy my hot boyfriend on his knees, blowing me. And if other men wanted to watch, that was up to them.

    For a brief moment the guy with the cockring and I looked at each other. We were a couple of yards from each other, each of us standing with his partner down on his knees. We made eye contact. Hey buddy, I thought, and I could swear he smiled at me and nodded his head.

    "Let's switch," I told Eric. My dick was so hard and sensitive, I felt like I could shoot in his mouth any second. I got on my knees and he stood up, his dick just as hard and already wet with precum.

    I put it in my mouth and felt Eric's hands around my head. Instead of letting me control the blowjob like we usually did, he started face-fucking me and hitting the back of my throat. This was new. I started to gag and pulled him out.

    "Ease up, baby," I said and he started to go slower. He was just as horny as me, I could feel it! After a few more thrusts, my throat started to relax and I could take more of Eric's dick. He started to face-fuck me again, starting slower and then going faster.

    I opened my eyes and tried to look around while sucking. Some other guy was jerking himself off while looking at us, but kept his distance. The tattooed guy was getting off his knees and turning around. His partner spit in his own hand, rubbed tattooed guy's hole, and put his dick in between his cheeks.

    Fuck. They're gonna fuck, I thought and pulled Eric's dick out of my mouth and started stroking it faster and faster.

    "Oh my god, baby, I'm close," he moaned loudly. "Switch!"

    I got up and he got back on his knees. I felt his warm mouth around my dick again. His hands were tugging on my balls. Cockring guy was now fucking his partner, the top's hands on the bottom's shoulders, as he pounded back and forth aggressively.

    "Get up," I told Eric. He knew exactly what I meant and positioned his ass to my dick.

    There was no lube. There were other people around. But I knew if I didn't take advantage of this moment I'd regret it forever. It was like I didn't even know who I was anymore but I didn't care. Nothing would stop me now.

    My dick entered Eric's hole surprisingly easy, considering there was no prior prep. Fuck, this boy is horny, I thought.

    "You like that?" I asked, my voice deeper than usual.

    "Oh yes. Fuck me," he said, as I felt his hole clench my cock.

    Every now and then we would look at the other couple fucking. It was like we were cheering each other on.

    "I'm getting close," I said after a couple of minutes.

    "Hold on, please hold on," Eric whimpered in ecstasy. "Don't stop. Fuck me a bit longer. Oh baby don't stop. I think I can cum by you fucking me."

    I continued to thrust, dangerously close to the edge. When...

    "Eric?" Sven's voice said.

    Eric and I both looked up.

    I had two choices: pull my dick out, and stand in front of my boyfriend's dad naked, my hard dick glistening with precum from fucking his son. Or: continue fucking.

    I continued fucking.

    Sven stood in front of us, a few feet away, the sun hitting his gorgeous naked body.

    I thrusted back and forth in Eric's ass, not missing a beat. I felt him back his ass up against me a couple of times. I took that as encouragement to carry on.

    "Hey Daddy, what's up?" Eric asked casually.

    The other couple was still fucking as well. They either didn't notice Sven or didn't care he was there.

    "Just wanted to make sure you're okay," Sven said, looking both of us straight in the eyes the entire time. I thrusted inside Eric's ass as his dad spoke. I was so close to cumming! I looked down and noticed Eric's erect dick swing up and down as I fucked him while he was looking at his Dad straight in the eyes. "We need to go soon," Sven continued saying, "your dad keeps going on about missing our reservation."

    "Sure thing, just a couple more, ahhhh-- minutes, is that okay?"

    I had to hand it to him, Eric did a decent job at talking with a normal voice while being fucked, but you could still hear him groaning. Sweat was running down our bodies from head to toe.

    "Sure, don't rush. Except, we gotta go soon so many rush a little bit," Sven said and winked at us.

    Fuck, I was so close! I bet I would cum the second Sven left!

    He turned around and started to walk away.

    "Hey, Daddy?" Eric said after him.

    "Yes?" Sven turned back around and looked at us.

    "Thank you for taking us here. I love you."

    Sven smiled. "I love you too."

    Fuck! I'm cumming, I'm cumming.

    I started filling Eric's hole right then and there. I moaned softly only because there were other people there, but I felt like screaming at the top of my lungs. Fuck, this  felt good! I thrust a couple more times, pushing my jizz deeper and deeper inside him. And that wasn't all.

    As soon as he felt my dick unloading inside his hole, Eric started to cum as well. He was right, he managed to cum just from being fucked. His hands were on his waist as a HUGE load shot out of his cock, rocketed upwards, and landed with a splat right in front of his dad's feet in the sand.

    Sven still had on a paternal smile, as he winked at us one last time before walking away.

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[1] The first time David and Sven met: "Love Parade"

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