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Down for Whatever

February 15


    "Mmm, good morning, baby," I heard a soft voice before even opening my eyes. I still wasn't sure if this was all real or if I was dreaming.

    A pair of arms wrapped themselves around me and gave me a strong hug. I smiled, as I felt two hands run down my body. One of them went down to my dick in all of its morning glory, and gave it a squeeze. The other reached for my own hand, and started playing with the ring that was on there. 

    My engagement ring.

    I still couldn't fucking believe this.


The Day Before:


    "So tell me what happened earlier," Brady begged. "You can't just tell me all of you 'had fun' together and not give me the details."

    I smiled, acting coy, but eager to relive the whole story. Still, I wanted to tease Brady just a little bit longer first.

    "Hold on, I'm thirsty," I said, getting up and slowly walking to the fridge to get some water. Brady and I were alone in the living room, with Sven in the bedroom taking a nap. My boyfriend Eric and his other dad David were off somewhere preparing a Valentine's Day surprise for everyone.

    "I'm thirsty too, bitch! Thirsty for information. Now tell me!" Brady demanded.

    "Okay, okay," I sat next to him on the couch. "So this morning, Eric and I joined his dads in bed as they were watching TV."

    "All naked, of course," Brady predicted. 

    "Of course. So we're just lying around, cuddling –"

    "While I'm in school taking an exam. The audacity."

    "And… one thing leads to another and I start fucking Eric right there."

    "Zero percent surprised to hear that happened," Brady laughed. In his jeans, I could notice his dick react.

    "And before too long, David and Sven… started fucking as well."

    "Fucking hot," Brady's hand now rested on his crotch.

    "We went through several positions. Eventually I was fucking Eric doggy style, while Sven fucked David, all of us facing each other."

    "You crazy motherfuckers," Brady smiled, rubbing his dick.

    "You mean, fatherfuckers," I winked.

    "That sounds so hot," Brady continued to rub his crotch through his jeans.

    "It was," I said, stroking his face gently with my hand. "Too bad you weren't there."

    I leaned in and started kissing Brady, both of us passionately giving in.

    I had several younger half-brothers on both sides, and I didn't have any sort of meaningful relationship with any of them. As time went by, Brady was feeling more and more like a younger brother to me; a young protégé that the family had adopted. Just like I was when I first met David and Sven.

    "Do you wanna go play with Daddy?" I whispered to Brady.

    "Aha," he nodded, and let me take him by the hand and guide him to David and Sven's room, talking our clothes off as we walked. There, sprawled in bed, was Sven's massive, naked body. And in the center of everything: his massive daddy dick. 

    Like a hungry dog lured by a bone, Brady jumped into bed and put Sven's dick in his mouth before you could say "woof." Sven started to stir, and I got in bed next to him.

    "Hope you don't mind that we woke you up," I said gently.

    "Not when you wake me up like this," he smiled, putting a hand on Brady's cheek as Brady's head bopped up and down on his dick. 

    I leaned down and started kissing my boyfriend's father, while he enjoyed the blowjob he was getting. He felt like a giant to me at that moment: seeing his large dick as it was being sucked, feeling his large hands as they stroked my body, tasting his large tongue as it roamed inside my mouth.

    "Someone was feeling neglected today," I said to Sven, nodding my head toward Brady.

    "Aww, baby," Sven went back to stroking Brady's cheek. "Don't worry. Daddy's got enough dick for everyone."

    With that, he spit in his hand and wrapped it around his own cock, lubricating it and getting it ready to go up Brady's ass.

    "Everyone?" I asked, poking my ass in Sven's direction as well.

    "Yeah? You want it?" my boyfriend's dad shot me a naughty grin.

    "Yes, Daddy," I answered hungrily. It had been weeks since Sven fucked me on Christmas. What a wonderful present that was: getting fucked by my boyfriend's two dads, as Eric sat and watched, encouraging me to take their dicks.

    Fully hard, Sven's dick was ready to please every hole that asked for it. He went inside Brady first as Brady and I kneeled side-by-side, our asses in the air at the ready.

    After giving Brady a good pounding, Sven pulled out. If possible, his dick seemed even bigger now! I swallowed saliva as I watched it come closer to me, precum glistening on its tip and on the Prince Albert ring Sven had on.

    I wasn't too used to bottoming, and the first sensation I felt was pain. 

    "Shh, shh, it's alright. Daddy's here," Sven reassured me. He reached for a bottle of lube and applied some on his dick, before squirting some more on his fingertips and giving my asshole a gentle massage. 

    "Daddy's gonna try again now, okay baby?"

    "Yes, Daddy," I nodded, my head buried in the pillows. The sheets still reeked of our group sex this morning.

    "Easy does it," Sven continued gently. "There we go, baby. Do you want some poppers?"

    "No, Daddy, I'm alright," I answered.

    Pretty soon, I went from "alright" to "in heaven," as my hole got used to Sven's dick in it and my mind started to relax. While he fucked me, Sven's large hands roamed all over my body. I wanted to feel them on me forever.

    "Fuck yeah. Mmm, fuck yeah," I started to moan out as Sven picked up speed.

    "There we go, baby. Told you you could do it," he grunted, squeezing my ass cheeks (which, after spending more time at the gym, were only getting bigger).

    "Fuck yeah, Daddy. Make me take your dick," I said more confidently.

    "Careful now, baby. 'Cause Daddy's got a looot of dick," Sven replied threateningly. 

    "Give it to me, Daddy. Fuck me!"

    Sven continued to accelerate, never missing a beat, even though mine was the third ass he was fucking today.

    "You like that, huh son?"

    "Fuck yeah, Daddy, I love it. I love it!" I continued to moan as he pounded my ass harder. "I love it. I love you."

    "I love you too, baby boy. Daddy loves you."

    With that, Sven leaned forward, resting his body on top of mine. After a second, he went to pick himself back up but I stopped him.

    "No! I want to feel your weight on me as you fuck me," I insisted.

    "Daddy doesn't want to hurt you, son."

    "I'll be fine. Please, Daddy."

    As always, Sven aimed to please. He lay completely on top of me and spread his legs wide open, pounding my hole like a fucking jackhammer.

    "This is so fucking hot," Brady said, lying next to us. When I turned to look at him, I realized he was holding his phone and recording us.

    "You want Daddy's cock, huh? You want Daddy's cum?" Sven continued with questions he already knew the answers to.

    "Fuck yes, Daddy. I want Daddy's cum. Breed me, please, sir."

    "Make sure you're getting this, boy," Sven instructed Brady, before picking up even more speed and fucking me with every muscle in his body.

    "Mmmfff, fuck," I grunted, out of breath, drooling all over the pillow my face was buried in. Sven was right: his body was too heavy to have on top of me for too long, but it felt so good to feel it there, especially as his large dick kept pumping back and forth inside my ass.

    "Yes. Yes. Daddy's gonna breed that hole," Sven grunted, then gave my ass a strong smack.

    "Gimme your cum, Daddy," I begged.

    "Take Daddy's cum. Take Daddy's cum, boy. Mmmm, fuck yeah!"

    Sven's balls smacked against my thighs, faster and faster, until he slowed down and started to unload inside my ass, filling my guts with his Daddy seed as I moaned out in pleasure.


February 15


    I stood naked in front of the large windows, looking out at the Boston Common. It was too cold to be walking around nude this early in the morning, but the hot cup of coffee in my hands helped warm me up. I clutched it tightly, admiring the view as I felt someone walk up and hug me from behind.

    "What're you doing up so early?" I asked. I could already tell it was my son without even needing to turn around.

    Just like I clutched the warm cup, my son clutched my naked body in an effort to warm up. Feeling his dick graze against my thigh, I could tell he was naked as well.

    "Morning, Daddy," Eric said, ignoring my question.

    "I thought you'd wanna sleep in. We stayed up late celebrating last night."

    "I'll go back to bed soon," he said sleepily. "I just wanted to give you a cuddle."

    He hugged me even tighter, and I smiled. Focusing on our reflection in the window, I saw how similar we were starting to look, from our heads, down to our pierced cocks. Like father, like son.

    "How do you feel after last night?" I enquired.

    "Really good. How about you?"

    I took a few seconds before answering. The Valentine's Day surprise Eric had planned was indeed a surprise for everyone. Right after dinner, he got on one knee and asked Will to marry him.

    "I feel good, son," I said, letting go of the cup with one hand and taking Eric's hand into my own, giving it a squeeze. "But there's something we need to talk about."


    "That night at the hotel. Does Will know?"

    "No," came Eric's answer. 

    "Then, you need to tell him."

    "You're right," my son nodded, then buried his nose in the nook between my neck and shoulder. His morning stubble tickled the back of my neck and I let out a small giggle.

    "There's something else I wanted to talk to you about," he said.

    "What is it?"

    "You know how I've been making decent money performing on camera lately?"

    "I do."

    I guess "performing" was what we were now calling releasing self-produced porn.

    "Well, I have this… fan, who wants a private show. And he's really turned on by the fact I have two gay dads. And he wants the three of us to do it together."

    "Have you talked to David about it," I thought of my husband.

    "Not yet."

    "Do that first. As far as I'm concerned," I turned around so my son could see my grin, "you know I'm down for whatever."[1]

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[1] Eric, David, and Sven perform on camera together in Obsessed with Incest: "The Webcam Model and His Dads"

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