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Steam Room Stranger

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Cowritten with: Rich


    The hot water washed the soap from my body and was exactly what I needed to get me going this morning. Since classes were done, Dad and I had been having a few beers and smoking together every night, and last night was no exception. As I stood under the water for another minute, I let the steam loosen me up before I turned off the shower.

    My morning wood was mostly gone by the time I pushed the shower curtain open and grabbed my towel from the rack and began to vigorously dry myself. After my face, arms, and chest, I swept the towel across my back, moved down to my legs and finished up on my cock, balls, and ass. 

    I took my towel and wiped the steamed-up mirror to get a look at myself. Finally, I ran my fingers through my hair while I admired my sinewy arms and shoulders. I realized the extra time at the gym had been paying off... which was also the first thing I planned on doing this morning. 

    I returned to my room and unsuccessfully rummaged around for a clean pair of underwear before I realized all of mine were in the clothes hamper. Without thinking anything of it, I walked into the kitchen stark naked, where I found my father leaning against the counter, drinking coffee while looking at his phone. 

    "Hey," I said as I entered the room.

    "What's up?" my dad replied with an amused look of surprise as he noticed me and then glanced at my junk quickly.

    "You doing laundry soon? I'm all out of underwear."

    "I didn't plan on it today. I have plenty of clean underwear in my room. Help yourself to whatever you need," my father offered. 

    "Okay," I responded as I grabbed a clean mug from the cupboard first. The smell of fresh coffee was too tempting, and I was in no rush to leave to get dressed anyway. 

    "What are your plans for today?" Dad asked while I filled my mug.

    "Hitting the gym then heading out to pick up a couple last-minute gifts."

    "You're going to the gym two days before Christmas?!"

    "Yes, it's perfect time. It'll be dead. I don't have to wait to use the equipment. Plus, I gotta keep the body up to impress the ladies," I joked and did a full-body whine, thrusting my hips back-and-forth like I'd seen some male strippers do, while running a hand down my six-pack abs.

    "You HAVE beefed up since you moved in," my father observed. "It's noticeable."

    "Really?" I smiled proudly, and started to flex while looking down at my body. 

    "Yeah yeah, I don't need a gun show," he laughed. "Quit rubbing it in. I've been too busy to go to the gym in months."

    "Hey, you want to come with me today?" I asked spontaneously. 

    "I thought it was only for students who go to your school?"

    "It is, but I got a keycard. And you could pass for a college kid..." I said as I headed to his room to go raid his underwear, "... barely."

    "You fucker!" As I passed him, my father smacked my bare ass with the back of his hand, making me jump and laugh and reach back to rub my inflamed cheek.

    In Dad's room, I opened his dresser drawer, surprised by the amount of underwear that was in there. No wonder he ran out less often than I did! Next to an assortment of boxers and briefs, I even noticed a neatly-folded pile of jockstraps in a bunch of different colors.

    "Seems appropriate for the gym," I thought to myself and took out two blue jocks, and went to my room to start getting ready.

    As expected, the front desk of the gym wasn't manned. I led the way as Dad and I headed to the empty locker room. Because you needed a keycard to use a locker, Dad and I would be sharing one.

    We started to undress and change into our gymwear. I took off all my clothes, until I was sitting there on the bench naked except for my socks. I opened my gym bag and pulled out the two blue jockstraps, handing one to Dad, who was standing in front of me in a pair of tight black boxer briefs. 

     "Here," I gave him the jock. "We can match."

    My father smiled as he peeled off his boxer briefs, his uncut cock swinging right in front of my face for a few moments before he pulled up the jockstrap. Without even intending to, I silently admired my father's impressive size for a moment or two, before shaking those thoughts out of my head. I put on the matching jock, followed by the rest of my gym clothes, and we went out to the gym floor. 

    I was expecting the gym to be empty today... but not THIS empty! There were only two other people here: a girl with a headscarf running on one of the treadmills, and a Latino guy who looked like a senior (although, it might just be all the muscle he packed that made him look older).

    Before doing anything else, I insisted Dad and I start with some stretches. I was sitting on the mat with my legs spread, stretching down to my toes. When I glanced up, I saw my father bending down, exposing the blue waistband of his jocks over his sagging gym shorts. It seemed to have gotten not just my attention, but the hunky guy's as well, who was weightlifting nearby. He and Dad made eye contact and it was a couple of seconds before either of them looked away.

    "See anything interesting?" I asked Dad teasingly. 

    "What are you talking about?" my father replied with a grin, feigning ignorance as his face turned just a tad redder. I realized it was the first time I ever caught my dad checking out a guy... or at least, the first time since I was aware he was gay.

    Dad and I spotted each other through the circuits then spent 30 minutes on the elliptical. This was a minimal workout for me. Even though my father was in good shape, he wasn't used to it and I could tell he was tired by the time we were done. 

    "Is there a steam room here?" Dad asked, massaging his bicep as we left the gym floor and walked back down to the locker room.

    "Yeah. It'll probably be empty. I want to soak in the hot tub first, though," I replied. 

    That's exactly what we did after we got naked, wrapped towels around our waists, and got to the wet area. Dad headed to the steam room and I went to the hot tub instead. I exhaled as I lowered myself into the steaming water. It felt really good and my muscles immediately started to relax. I closed my eyes, leaned my head back, and let the jets of hot water do their work. 

    As I relaxed, I started to think about everything that had happened in the past few months and how now because of it, Dad and I felt closer than ever. I guess that was the silver lining. Because of all the drama with Uncle Cory, I finally learned that my dad is gay. I finally got to really know him for who he is! It was almost like a Christmas miracle, getting so close to each other right before the holidays. Suddenly, I realized that I missed my dad and I got out of the hot tub, deciding I'd rather spend some time in the steam room with him instead. 

    The steam room was at the end of the hall near the showers. In it, three of the walls were lined with benches so it could comfortably accommodate a dozen people, but I expected my father to be the only person in there. Turns out, I was wrong.

    I opened the door and was immediately greeted by clouds of steam billowing in the room. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the smoke and dimmed lighting. When they did, I looked around the room in an effort to spot my dad. He was all the way at the other end, sitting on the bottom bench, his elbows resting on the elevated bench behind him, and his legs spread wide open. In between his legs, kneeling on the floor, was the hunk from the gym floor, sucking my father's cock.

    I'd walked in silently, and it seemed like neither of them had heard me. Dad's head was tilted back and his eyes were closed, unlike his mouth, which was wide open and moaning in satisfaction.

    This was my second time walking in on my father, only this time I wasn't mad. This time, the other guy wasn't my married uncle; it was a stranger. A college kid who was only a few years younger than my dad. Fuck, I couldn't blame Dad for being attracted to him: the guy looked fucking amazing. In a way, I was proud of my old man for scoring with him. Besides, just a couple of weeks ago Dad walked in on me jerking off with a girl over FaceTime and we didn't make a big deal out of it. Why was this any different?

    Before I had the time to decide whether to go in or out of the steam room, my father opened his eyes and saw me. I noticed the panic rise in his eyes, and before he had the chance to react, I quickly said, "Hey. It's okay!" as calmly as I could.

    That made the kneeling cocksucker take my dad's dick out of his mouth and turn around to look at me. The guy probably had no idea this was my father, so he calmly continued to jack him off. Feeling hypnotized, I stared at my dad's boner, dripping with sweat and possibly precum, as the hunk slowly stroked it up and down. All of a sudden I felt hot... and I couldn't tell if it was just because of the steam. 

    Since I couldn't stand in front of the door forever, I decided to go in and take a seat. I walked to the middle of the room, closer to my father but not too close. Soon, the kneeling guy returned to sucking Dad's dick, as Dad looked at me as if to make sure I was okay. I nodded, making eye contact with my father, who smiled. 

    Just then the steam shut off, which brought an eerie silence to the room with the exception of the occasional drip of water and the unmistakable sound of my father's cock being slurped like a popsicle. Dad went back and forth between looking at me and watching his rock-hard cock disappear into his new buddy's mouth. 

    "Yeah," Dad grunted softly, looking down at the hunk.

    The guy moaned around my Dad's engorged member while he stroked his own dick. I felt a twitch under my towel. My own cock was reacting to this. I was determined not to overthink it, and instead just go with it.

    I continued to watch, unable to look away. Based on the look of pleasure on my father's face, this guy obviously knew what he was doing. My cock continued to grow, as I thought of the last time I'd gotten a blowjob. Soon enough, I was rock-hard under my towel as well.

    The guy moved his mouth down to my father's low-hanging nuts. He wrapped his lips around each one while he pumped my dad's cock as well as his own. My father reached down with both hands, grabbed two handfuls of the stranger's wet hair and guided him back to his dick, which he swallowed completely. 

    "Take it," my father ordered under his breath. I wasn't sure if he was trying to keep it down for my sake or not, but even without hearing the words I could make out the passion and pleasure and aggression on my dad's face. I was usually quite aggressive when it came to sex myself, so it was interesting to learn that it might be something I'd inherited from my young father. 

    Dad's head rolled back as the intensity and speed of his cock being sucked increased. I observed the scene, almost like watching a documentary. I noticed my dad's fingers gripping the stranger's hair tighter and tighter, pulling on it. Then, he shoved the man's face down on his lap until he started gagging on his cock. It's funny: this muscle man looked nothing like the lanky girls I usually fucked; but even though they were so different, it seems like Dad and I treated our sex partners similarly. 

    "I'm gonna blow. You want that load?" my father suddenly said through gritted teeth, getting more explicit as he got more comfortable with the scene. (Or, maybe he was just too horny to give a fuck anymore.) 

    "Mmm," the stranger nodded with his mouth full.

    "FUCK!" my father growled as his whole body convulsed. 

    Almost immediately, the gym hunk started to moan as he swallowed my dad's cum. Meanwhile, the stranger was emptying his own balls all over the steam room floor. While they were cumming, the two of them paid no attention to me, so I squeezed my cock through my towel and, unexpectedly, I started to blow my load inside of it. I curled my toes and gasped for air, cumming while watching my father cum at the same time right in front of me.

    When we were done, we all tried to catch our breath, but it wasn't easy after being in the steam room for so long. Without saying a word, we all got up and quickly walked out. We all hid our softening boners with our towels as Dad said goodbye to his new buddy.

    "Phew! That was intense. Wanna hit the showers and head out?" Dad asked me nonchalantly and we both started to laugh. 



    I walked out the front door of my parents' house and pulled it closed behind me. A few hours together with the family on Christmas Day and I needed a break. I turned the collar up on my jacket to keep warm as I walked down the steps and across the lawn to the big oak tree I'd stood under and played around my whole life. 

    I lit up one of the two joints I'd pre-rolled this morning, and I started smoking while looking around at all the neighbors' decorations. Inside my parents' house, Ethan was probably still talking to my brother Ryan. I was thrilled to see there was absolutely no awkwardness between my son and me after what'd happened at the gym. Indeed, Ethan just joked and teased me a couple of times, saying he's impressed that his "old man could score such a hunk." I smiled as I thought of that, smoking my joint.

    The whole experience was a ton of fun, and VERY hot. Yet, thinking back, there was something about it that felt... unfulfilling. 

    And then it hit me. As hot as the stranger was, I pictured that it was Cory who was sucking my cock. I imagined it was my best friend who was getting me off in front of my son. I fantasized of Ethan walking in on his father and his uncle together and saying "Hey. It's okay!" The thought made my cock twitch in my pants even as I stood out here in the December cold. 

    I put the joint between my lips, pulled my phone from my pocket and typed out a text.

    "Merry Christmas. I miss you. I love you."

    I stared at it, then deleted the last sentence, and hit send.

    Less than a minute later my phone vibrated.

    "You too. Very much," Cory replied.

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