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Taste of Father and Son

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Cowritten with: Rich


    The drive over to Jersey on New Year's Eve took three times longer than usual. My son sat on the passenger side, drinking vodka-cranberry out of a flask he'd brought along, while I drove and "the best of 2020" played on the radio. By the time we'd made it to our destination, Ethan was all done with his drink.

    I'd never seen the place Joel moved to after he and I broke up, not until today. Looking up at the elegant, newly-built building, I was impressed. Even though he was only 26, Joel made decent money as a graphic designer. It's been four months since I last saw him; the longest since we met and started dating.

    "Wow, nice place," Ethan said out loud what I was thinking. We went inside, told the concierge where we were going, and headed up to Joel's party. As soon as we left the elevator, we could hear music playing and we knew which apartment was Joel's without even checking the number.

    "Hey, welcome. Come on in!" a woman I'd never seen before opened the door. The living room was packed with about thirty people, and apparently Joel was too busy to answer the door at his own party. However, when he spotted us a few minutes later, he made a beeline toward my son and me.

    "Hey, good to see you!" my ex said and kissed me on the cheek. "And you brought Ethan along. Hi! It's been a while!"

    "Hey," my son greeted him back. "Yeah, thanks for the invitation. My dad said it's okay if I come along."

    "Of course, we need to catch up. You're a college kid now!" Joel said as he guided us to the couch. The people sitting there scooted over to make room for us, and Joel poured us three glasses of champagne. Making a mental note not to have more than one glass so I could drive us back home, I accepted the drink.

    My son had met my "roommate" Joel plenty of times during the three years that Joel and I lived together, but this was their first time seeing each other since the truth had come out.

    "So, your dad tells me you finally know," Joel said to Ethan, then looked over and winked at me.

    "Know what? That you were almost my step-father?" Ethan joked. His comment made me feel slightly awkward, but Joel laughed heartily. "You know, I wouldn't have guessed that you were gay," my son said to my ex casually.

    "Of course, I'm so butch," Joel chuckled. It was a joke, since he was anything but. After a while, he got up to talk to some of the other guests, leaving Ethan and me alone.

    "Go for it, Dad!" Ethan nudged me.

    "What?" I asked, puzzled.

    "Joel. He must still be into you, otherwise he wouldn't've invited us over."

    "No. I told you, he and I are done. We're just friends now," I told my son. I didn't want to get into the story of how Joel found out that I was in love with my childhood best friend and that I was cheating with Cory. I didn't want to think about Cory tonight at all; it was a part of the reason why I'd accepted this invitation. But as always, it was easier said than done.

    A couple of non-alcoholic drinks later, and the party was starting to pick up. Seeing as I was sober, I wasn't as hype as everyone else here, but at least Ethan looked like he was having a good time. Needing to piss, I got up and headed to the bathroom next to the living room. I realized it was occupied, and two women were waiting in line to use it next.

    Then, I got an idea and went to look for Joel's bedroom. Just like I expected, it was empty, as was the en-suite bathroom next to it. After taking a piss and washing my hands, instead of going back to the party, I put down the toilet lid and sat on it for a few minutes, decompressing.

    Against my better judgement, I pulled out my phone and went to Cory's Facebook profile. He'd just uploaded photos of himself with his wife and kids, getting ready for midnight, looking like the perfect all-American family. Even though I knew it was a façade, I couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy. I tapped Like on the photos, and got up to leave Joel's bathroom.

    Just as I cracked open the door, someone walked into the bedroom. It was Joel and Ethan. 

    "Come here, I need to tell you something about your dad," my ex was saying to my son, guiding him into the room. When I heard that, I hid behind the bathroom door, leaving it cracked open so I could listen in. I wanted to know what Joel was about to say. My relationship with Ethan was rocky enough lately; I didn't need my ex spilling any more of my secrets.

    "Listen," Joel said as he stood face-to-face with my son, merely a foot away. I peeked through the door and noticed they were the same exact height. "Your dad told me you and him haven't really been getting along lately. I just want you to know... your father adores the ground you walk on.

    Joel put his hands on Ethan's shoulders and continued.

    "While he and I were dating, he felt so bad for not coming out to you. But it wasn't easy for him. I know we're older than you but you'll get to be our age soon and you'll see, we're basically still kids ourselves. We're just figuring shit out. And no matter what, it's always more difficult for guys with kids to come out of the closet."

    "I get that," Ethan looked down at the floor, and then up at Joel's eyes. "It just took me by surprise. I guess I was a bit of a brat. He and I are cool now."

    "Good! Because I'm really glad to see you again, Ethan. I always liked you. It was difficult for me to pretend I was just your dad's roommate when we hung out with you. You and I always got along and... I'm sorry for not being honest with you."

    "That's okay, I understand. And for what it's worth, I always liked you too."

    Through the crack in the door, I saw my son and my ex-boyfriend hug for several seconds. 

    "You've grown into a very handsome man," Joel said to Ethan while they were still hugging, and I couldn't help but notice the flirtatiousness in his voice. To be fair, Joel often spoke that way to anyone. "Is there anyone special in your life?"

    "No. I haven't found the right person yet," my son replied as they broke off their hug, but Joel's hands remained on Ethan's shoulders.

    "Person, huh? What kinda person?"

    "The right kinda girl," Ethan chuckled, looking Joel straight in his eyes again. From my spying spot in the bathroom, I couldn't tell if my son was also acting kinda flirty or if it was the alcohol talking. After all, out of the three of us, I was the only one currently sober.

    "You need to choose your words more carefully, before you get someone's hopes up," Joel continued, and I noticed his hands were now sliding up from Ethan shoulders onto the sides of his neck. "From your wording, I thought you might be into guys as well."

    "Nah. Not yet, anyway."

    "Not yet?!" Joel reacted just as surprised as I felt.

    "I mean, I dunno," Ethan shrugged casually.

    "You know... Before dating your father, I was hooking up with this guy who claimed he was straight but he LOVED getting his dick sucked by guys. Said it was so much better. Especially when the sucker's got experience."

    "Is that so?"

     "Aha. And I got plenty of experience."

    "Well why don't you let me be the judge of that."

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Just like that, Joel and Ethan had crossed the line, and my ex was now getting on his knees in front of my son. 

    I blinked, and Joel was eye-level with my son's crotch. I saw him run his hand up Ethan's thigh, across his growing bulge, and give it a gentle squeeze. He then moved both hands around my son's ass and buried his face in Ethan's crotch. Being the horny eighteen-year-old that he was, I had no doubt my son's his cock was already rock hard in his jeans. 

    My suspicions were confirmed when I heard Joel's muffled moans as he continued to press his face into my son's crotch. He moved his hands back and unbuckled Ethan's belt, popped the button on his jeans, and pulled down his zipper. In one fluid movement Joel had my son's jeans pushed down to his knees. I realized Ethan was going commando since I had a full view of his bare, muscled ass. 

    "Fuuuck, look at that cock," I heard my ex growl admiringly just before he wrapped his lips around my son's engorged dick. 

    Ethan reached down and put his hands on my ex's head, threw his own head back and moaned. "C'mon, show me all that experience you claim to have," he commanded. 

    I heard Joel slurp on Ethan's cock, tasting his precum as he coated it with his saliva, and I noticed my son's glutes flex each time he pumped his cock in Joel's mouth.

    Ethan pushed my ex from his cock, reached down, lifted him from his knees and pushed him onto the bed, where Joel landed on his ass with a huge smile on his face. Next, my son pulled his pants back up and walked over to the side of the bed where he dropped them again and leered at Joel. 

    I realized at this point that my own cock had grown to full mast and I unconsciously squeezed it through my jeans as I spied on the two horned up guys. 

    In the bedroom, no words were needed. My ex eyed my son like a starved animal who needed to be fed. Joel crawled over to the edge of the bed on his hands and knees and engulfed Ethan's cock again. 

    My son put his hands back on Joel's head, grabbed two handfuls of hair and plunged his cock all the way down my ex's throat until he was balls deep. 

    "That's it, suck it!" Ethan said hoarsely. All Joel could do was grunt and moan in response. 

    I couldn't stand it any longer. I knew I shouldn't be doing this while looking at my own teenage son, but the lust was stronger than me. I quietly unbuttoned my jeans, pushed my pants and underwear down to mid-thigh, and started to stroke my cock. 

    On the bed, Ethan pulled his cock from Joel's mouth and had him flip over on his back, with his head hung backwards over the edge of the bed. This gave my son unobstructed access to the cocksucker's throat. 

    I watched as Ethan positioned himself over my ex's face and slid his cock all the way down Joel's throat. 

    "Fuck," I quietly muttered to myself, as I observed my son throat-fucking my ex, his balls hitting Joel's chin with each thrust.

    I stroked my own cock faster trying to keep pace with Ethan. Once again, it started to hit me just how much of a stud my son had become. He was always this little boy and now look at him, back muscles flexing as he fucked like a pro! A sense of fatherly pride, horniness – and even jealousy – stirred inside me. 

    Sure, I'd heard Ethan fucking girls through the wall and I'd walked in on him jacking off, but this was the first time I've ever seen him in action with someone else. The fact that it was with another man, and that that man was my ex, only made everything feel so much hotter.

    Ethan leaned forward and placed his fists on the bed on either side of Joel and bucked his hips. Joel didn't miss a beat. He reached up with both hands, wrapped them around my son's ass and squeezed his cheeks as his throat was assaulted. I wasn't worried for Joel: I'd gotten my own cock sucked by him hundreds of times and I knew what he was made of. I started to wonder... what it might feel like for him to taste the son, after he's already had the father.

    "Yeah, take that cock!" Ethan growled with authority. "Show me how good of a cocksucker you are," he continued. 

    The unmistakable sound of a cock being slurped echoed in the room, even over the music coming from the living room. Ethan grunted as his pace quickened. Joel contentedly hummed around my son's cock, proving his level of experience. 

    I picked up my own pace, so turned on as I covertly watched this scene unfold in front of me, still in disbelief that my ex managed to seduce my son. 

    I felt my impending climax building. My nuts tightened and my breathing sped up, but I wanted to wait until Ethan blew. I wanted to cum at the same time my stud of a son bust his nut down Joel's throat. I also wanted to be sure the sound of his orgasm camouflaged my own. 

    If it was possible, the pace at which Ethan fucked Joel's mouth increased. To his credit, my ex didn't gag once. He really was a world-class cocksucker, and he was about to taste the seed from another generation of Caruso men. 

    I felt my orgasm quickly approaching, and based on what I saw and heard, so was Ethan's. His breathing accelerated and he threw his head back with his eyes closed enjoying Joel's throat and his impending climax.

    My hand furiously pumped my dripping cock as I watched the scene on the other side of the door. Ethan's eyes were squeezed shut and his face twisted from the pleasure building up from his balls.

    "Fuck, I'm gonna cum! Take that fuckin' load!" my son rumbled as he started to shoot his cum down Joel's throat. 

    That's all it took for me. I came all over the bathroom floor as I tried to muffle my own orgasm, all the while not taking my eyes from the action in front of me. Because of how strongly I was cumming, I couldn't control myself and l let out a moan while shooting my jizz all over the floor. I was worried the noise might get me caught, but my son and Joel were too busy with Ethan's orgasm to pay attention to me.

    "I just watched my son bust his nut down my ex-boyfriend's throat," I thought in disbelief as the last drops of cum dribbled from my cock. 

    Finally, Ethan withdrew his still-hard cock from Joel's mouth and slapped it on his forehead before pulling up his jeans and stuffing his cock in them. 

    "You really do have experience," my son said with a sly grin as Joel climbed from the bed. 

    "I told ya," Joel replied as he straightened himself out and licked his lips. "We should get back to the party before your father comes looking for you," he continued.

    "His father came while looking at him," I silently said to myself with a smirk as they left the room.

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