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Off to an Interesting Start, Pt. II

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Cowritten with: Rich


    "Grandma, Grandpa! It's me," I shouted as I let myself into my grandparents' house on the first Saturday of the year. In a matter of seconds, I was accosted by my grandmother, who accused my father of not feeding me enough (even though I was now 10 lbs heavier since moving out) and she insisted I stay over for lunch. I was only here to pick up some old textbooks, but I knew what was good for me, and saying no to my grandma's cooking meant I wouldn't come out of here alive.

    While she worked on lunch, I went to my old room and scavenged through some of my old stuff. Since I'd just started my second semester at college, I had a whole new set of classes, and I could use my old high school textbooks for some of them. Since my grandmother was the one who'd packed them up, I wasn't sure where they were so I had to dig through several of the boxes in the closet.

    In some of them, I found stuff that belonged to my father, who had this room before me. Most of it seemed to be yearbooks and photos, and feeling nosy, I went through some of them. Photo after photo after photo... and pretty soon I realized just how big of a presence Cory was in my father's life.

    Of course, Uncle Cory was always around since I was born. I knew he and Dad were best friends, that shouldn't have come as a surprise. But going through Dad's old pictures, I realized that my uncle was in almost every single one of them, going back to the time they were toddlers.

    I had pretty much lost all contact with my uncle since "the incident." Although I still thought they shouldn't have done what they did; looking back, maybe I was partially to blame for how I reacted as well. After all, I'd threatened to out them to everyone, totally upending my uncle's life. If anyone else had threatened him like that, I would've been furious! I loved Cory. He was always a good uncle, and a good friend. A good father to his children. It felt like my turn to wave a white flag. And I had an idea just how to do it.

    I collected some of the cutest photos of Dad, Cory, and me throughout the years. I put them in an envelope, and I simply wrote "I love you" on it. After lunch, I would drive to Uncle Cory's and give it to him!

    By the time I found the textbooks I was looking for, lunch was ready. I ate with my grandparents and assured them that everything was alright in school, and that Dad and I weren't up to anything crazy in our apartment. When we were done, Grandma forced me to accept four(!) Tupperware containers full of leftovers, and then she finally let me leave.

    As I drove to Uncle Cory's house, I felt more excited with every mile I passed. I hadn't properly seen him in months, not even for the holiday season. I knew he would be thrilled to see me, and I couldn't wait to show him the photos I'd collected.

    When I got to their house, no one answered the door. I didn't want to call Cory, and Aunt Kayla might be with him, so calling her might spoil the surprise as well. Since I babysat my cousins every now and then, I had a key to the house. I decided to let myself in and wait for them there; I'm sure they wouldn't be mad.

    As soon as I walked into the house, I bumped my shin into a chair that was left right in front of the door. "Fuck!" I swore in pain, rubbing my leg. What the fuck was a chair doing here anyway?! When I looked down at it, I noticed a white envelope, with the name "Cory" written on it. The envelope wasn't sealed, and I picked it up to inspect it more closely.

    "Who writes letters, anyway?" I wondered. This whole thing struck me as weird. Although it wasn't any of my business, I opened the envelope and started to read the letter. By the time I was done with the first sentence, I needed to sit down on the chair.


Dear Cory,


    It is about time we put an end to this. I am sorry to do it this way, but we probably both saw it coming. Even though it's tough, I believe we can get through it.

    I am currently at my parents' house with the kids. I can drive them to school from here, and I'm not sure how long we'll be staying. For the past few months, I've been spending time with another man, someone I met through work. We've never slept together, but in a way what we did is even worse. We've become very close, emotionally, and it made me realize just how much I've missed that kind of intimacy.

    I say this to you, and I am almost certain that you have someone else as well. You've always done your best to cover your tracks, but it didn't fool me. I was in denial at first, and too busy around the babies, but I've decided to accept it now. Surprisingly, I don't even feel angry. Liberated, more than anything.

    It's been going on for so long, that I wouldn't be surprised if you're also emotionally attached to this other woman. Or – and forgive me if I'm presumptuous – another man. Maybe that's another thing I've been turning a blind eye to, that I'm just starting to see. If that is the case, I know that it must have been very difficult for you to go through, and I am sorry that you never felt like you could open up.

    I'm sorry for doing this in a letter. For the life of me, I cannot imagine having this conversation in person. But it's a new year, and I'm about to turn 30 in it. It feels like the right time to rip the bandaid off. Please text me after you read all this. I haven't told the kids anything, we can do it together when the time's right. 

    Regardless of anything, I love you,



    Once I'd started, I couldn't put the letter down until I was done with it. After I'd finished, I quickly pulled out my phone and dialed my dad's number.


    "Hey, Dad. Do you know where Uncle Cory is?"

    "I believe he's at work. He has to work every other weekend now until the end of tax season. Why?"

    "What time is he done?"

    "I don't know, 5-ish I guess. Ethan, what's wrong?"

    "Nothing. Can you ask him to come over to our place after work? I wanna see him. But nothing's wrong," I lied. I just didn't want my father to think I was trying to pick a fight or anything.

    "Um, sure. It's almost 5 now, so I'll try to get in touch with him."

    "Thanks. I'm on my way home as well, then. See you soon."

    I took the letter and headed out of the house.

    When I got to Dad's apartment, Uncle Cory was already there. He and Dad were sitting in the living room, looking sort of nervous when I walked in.

    "Hey," I did my best to smile. 

    "Hi," they both replied awkwardly.

    "Uncle Cory, I have something for you. Well, I have a couple of things," I clutched both envelopes in my hand. "I was just at your house. And I feel like I need to apologize but... I read a letter that was meant for you."

    "Ethan!" my father shouted scoldingly.

    "What kinda letter?" my uncle asked, looking more surprised by the second.

    "A letter from Aunt Kayla." I sat down next to my uncle, handed him the note, and clutched his left hand while he read it. He was speechless, and I could see the tears building up in his eyes.

    "I wanted Dad and I to be here for you when you read it," I said gently, "to let you know we love you and we're here for you."

    "Why, what does it say?" asked my father, who was the only one who hadn't read the letter yet.

    Cory silently handed him the note.

    "So this is it, then?" my uncle said in disbelief.

    "Uncle Cory... Isn't this a good thing, if you look at it that way?" 

    "It's just so unexpected. I..." he stuttered.

    By now, my father had read the note as well and he came to sit next to Cory, taking his other hand.

    "Why don't you spend the night here?" I offered. "The three of us can get pizza or something. And you can text Aunt Kayla and say you're not mad. Unless... are you mad?"

    "No, I'm fine," my uncle replied. He seemed shocked more than anything. "Pizza sounds fine."

    "I have something else for you as well," I handed him the second envelope full of photos I'd collected. Uncle Cory carefully went through all of them, and the tears he'd been holding back finally started to come out.

    A couple of hours later, the mood in the living room seemed radically different. Dad and I kept repeating "Look at this as a good thing," and most of the shock had worn off. Dad rolled us some joints, and for the first time in my life I saw my uncle smoke weed. There was plenty of beer and pizza as well. Old episodes of Friends were playing on TV, and I even heard my uncle laugh out loud a few times.

    Later, I went to take a piss, and when I came out of the bathroom I saw my father in his room, rummaging through the closet for pillows and blankets. 

    "What's all that?" I asked.

    "So Uncle Cory can sleep on the couch," Dad answered. 

    "Oh, okay," I said, and then suddenly I added, "Dad? If you want to invite him to spend the night in your bed that's... that's fine by me."

    Dad looked at me and smiled. He let go of the pillow he was holding and came to give me a big, strong hug. After a few moments, we went back to the living room, where Uncle Cory was looking through the pictures again. He looked up and smiled as he stuck them back in the envelope. 

    "Thank you for this, Ethan. I really appreciate it," Uncle Cory said, holding up the envelope. Although the photos were nice, I knew he was referring to my gesture more than anything. I smiled, sat down next to him, and nudged his shoulder with mine. 

    I finished my beer and although it was only 10 o'clock, I was emotionally and mentally wiped. I couldn't even begin to fathom how exhausted my uncle was. I announced I was going to bed and hugged Cory. I stopped at the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of water before I headed into my room, where I climbed into bed and passed the fuck out.

    I awoke at some point, not really sure how long I had been asleep. I reached for the bottle of water and took a couple long gulps. The apartment was completely quiet at first. But when I returned the bottle to the table and lay back in bed with my eyes closed...  I started to hear muffled voices coming from my father's bedroom. 

    I could only assume that Dad and Uncle Cory were lying in there talking about everything that happened. I realized this is what it must've been like when they were teenagers and my uncle would come sleep over my grandparents' house. I imagined them in Dad's and my old bedroom, doing the same thing they were doing now. Again, it struck me how much of a presence my uncle had been in my dad's life. They really were as close as brothers (if not closer) and I was glad Dad could be there for Cory through all this.

    I was pulled from my thoughts when I realized the muffled voices were now turning into muffled groans. The walls in this apartment were notoriously thin, especially the interior walls between rooms. The groans were joined by the even more muffled sound of kissing. 

    "These horny fuckers," I thought to myself and smiled. Not too long ago, them doing precisely this had given me the shock of my life. Now, after Aunt Kayla's letter, it felt like we were living in a whole new world. 

    As I grinned to myself in my dark bedroom, I could tell Dad and Uncle Cory were really getting into it. I never really bothered to "keep it down" with any of the girls I brought back home and fucked, and it seemed like my father and my uncle weren't too concerned with it either.

    "Ah, fuck yeah," I heard my dad moan through the thin wall. I imagined my father naked and sprawled out on his bed while Uncle Cory sucked on his hard cock. I have to admit, I was impressed with my dad's bad-boy side, which I got to witness in the gym sauna recently. After all, Dad wasn't even 30 yet; he had every right to be naughty and crazy and let loose. And after seeing the size of Dad's hard cock, I knew my uncle had his work cut out for him.

    I unconsciously reached down below my covers and squeezed my rapidly-growing dick. It wasn't my first time waking up in the middle of the night too boned up to go back to sleep. I knew I'd need to take care of it.

    "Suck it," I heard my dad say, followed by Cory hungrily humming around his cock.

    I peeled the foreskin from my now completely erect cock head and rolled it back up, covering the head. I stuck my finger inside and ran it around the perimeter of my head which caused my finger to be coated in precum while I listened to my own dad getting sucked in the next room. 

    Slap!, I heard, which I could only assume was the sound of someone's ass being struck by a hand. 

    "C'mere! Gimme that ass!" I heard my father grunt, which answered the question of whose ass was being slapped.

    My own rock-hard cock was now coated in precum as I slowly stroked and listened to the two most important men in my life going at it with each other on the other side of my thin bedroom wall. "They'd been doing this my whole life," I realized. Suddenly, I started to get flashbacks of 6- or 7-year-old me, walking in on them as they scrambled for their clothes and tried to cover up. Back then, I didn't understand what was going on, but I finally knew the truth.

    The voices subsided which meant they probably both had their mouths full. I couldn't believe how turned on I became listening to this. Until the New Year's Eve party at Joel's, I never experienced any kind of sexual activity with another guy. And now here I was, jacking off while eavesdropping on my father and uncle, who were about to fuck.

    "Aarrrgh!" I recognized my uncle's voice moaning out, which made my cock throb even more.

    "Take it!" my father growled. My mind was swirling with visions of what might be happening on the other side of the wall. I wanted to see for myself. Especially after Dad got to watch me getting that blowjob from Joel.

    My dad didn't know it, but I saw him spying on us from Joel's bathroom. Just as I'd shot my load that night, my father came as well and let out an unsuppressed grunt. That's when I saw him! I didn't say anything, and I didn't judge him either. In a way, I was flattered that he would watch and get turned on by the whole scene. Not like I didn't get turned on watching him at the sauna! Later on New Year's Eve, I went back to Joel's en-suite bathroom and saw my father's jizz on the floor, which confirmed my suspicion that he'd cum along with me.

    My trip down memory lane was interrupted by the repetitive sound of flesh slapping against flesh. I pictured my dad with his best friend – my own uncle! – on his hands and knees; Dad's hands holding onto Cory's hips as he pounded his ass. 

    My cock throbbed and got even harder at the thought. "That does it, I'm gonna go look!" I decided.

    I snuck toward Dad's bedroom completely naked, my boner bobbing up-and-down as I walked. The apartment was cold, but I was so heated I didn't even notice. When I got to Dad's door it was closed, but the noise from his room was getting louder and louder. I decided to risk it and open the door, hoping they wouldn't hear the click.

    That's what I did, and I cracked the door open an inch or two, just enough for me to peek inside. As I gently pushed it open with my left hand, my right fist was wrapped around my cock and I was stroking it even faster than I'd been doing in bed. Now that I was here, the sounds were MUCH louder, and finally...

    I saw my father's muscular back as he thrusted back and forth inside my uncle's ass, mercilessly fucking him while Uncle Cory whimpered in pleasure with his head buried in the pillow.

    "Fuck!" I swore under my breath, utterly impressed by my father's fucking technique. He was a fucking pro! I mean, I never got any complaints myself, but to see the way his whole body radiated energy top-to-bottom as he thrust his hips back and forth in a rhythmic motion, it was truly hypnotizing. 

    "Mmm, fuck me. Fuck me, Bran," I barely made out my uncle's pleas as he moaned into the pillow.

    "Yeah? You want me to give it to you?" Dad asked and smacked his ass. "You want me to give it to you?!"

    "Yes. Give it to him!" I suddenly found myself saying from the doorway. I pushed the door open and made eye contact with my father, who'd turned around. He stopped fucking Uncle Cory... but only for a second or two. As my words sunk in, Dad suddenly flashed a devilish grin on his face and continued to thrust back-and-forth inside my uncle.

    Meanwhile, Uncle Cory was either too surprised or too turned on to react. He remained motionless, his ass up in the air, and allowed my father to do whatever he wanted with him.

    Like the absolute beast that he was, my father took ownership of that ass even stronger! He started REALLY giving it to Cory, and I realized I'd never felt prouder of my dad than to see him in this virile state.

    "Yeah," I said, pushing the door until it was fully open and taking a step into the bedroom. It was my second time standing in this same exact spot while they fucked... but this time it was completely different.

    "You wanna see it? You wanna see me cum inside his ass?" my young father asked, looking me dead in my eyes.

    "Fuck yeah! Give him your babies," I said, stroking my cock the entire time and leaking precum on my father's floor. "Load him up."

    "You hear that?" Dad looked down at Cory. "Your nephew wants to see you take my cum."

    He pulled up Uncle Cory by the hair as he said that, and turned his head around so my uncle and I were making eye contact now as well.

    "Yeah. Take his nut," I said to my uncle, who was being fucked too good to say anything except a "Mmmm!"

    Dad turned around again and we looked at each other. He started to thrust faster and faster, his balls sleeping loudly against Uncle Cory's thighs. I was so close to the edge, it felt like I could cum any second. Then, just as I couldn't hold back anymore...

    "Fuck, I'm cumming! I'm cumming inside him!" my father grunted, announcing it to me.

    "Yeah, Dad! Cum inside his ass. Fill up his guts!" I encouraged him. As I said that last word, I couldn't hold back anymore and I started to shoot my cum all over the floor, just feet from my father's bed. When he saw that, Dad's face twisted in ultimate pleasure and he started to shout "FUCK!" as he shot his load inside my uncle's ass right in front of me.

    For almost a minute, all three of us breathed deeply and swore out loud. As my orgasm subdued, I grinned at my dad, who was still looking at me. He was still inside Cory, slowly thrusting and churning the jizz he'd just deposited there.

    "Good night, you two," I said, and walked out of the room to go back to bed. This year was definitely off to an interesting start!

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