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The Same Spunk

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Cowritten with: Rich


    With everything happening so quickly, I barely had time to to think, which in this case was the preferred state of being. If a few weeks ago someone had told me that my wife would be leaving me, I would think of that as the end of my world. In a way, I'm grateful to Kayla for doing it with no forewarning. There was no dread and no worry on my behalf leading up to it. It'd just... happened. And after it did, I was still okay. The world hadn't imploded. Somehow, ironically, I was better than ever!

    I now lived with Brandon and Ethan, and more than ever, we felt like a little family. Which we were, only things were a little more complicated in our case. Ethan now felt like both my step-son as well as my nephew. Bran and I never used words like "boyfriend" to refer to each other even now, but we slept in the same bed every night, made each other coffee each morning, and revolved our entire schedules around one another. For all intents and purposes, we were "a couple."

    Now that I lived with my nephew, I got to know more about him than ever. For starters: he was a top-notch ladies' man! I always knew Ethan was popular with girls – ever since middle school he'd had his little girlfriends – but now that he was a teenager he saw a different girl almost every night, having sex with most of them. Not many kids who live with their parents get to bring fuck buddies home so casually, but Ethan's dad had just turned 29, and knew all too well what it was like to be young and horny around the clock, so he didn't object to Ethan's conquests.

    Brandon and I always had a good amount of sex, but lately we were breaking records. Now that we lived together for the first time ever, we were free to fuck as much as our work schedules allowed. Some weekends, that meant barely getting out of bed and going for it four or five or six times, until we couldn't possibly imagine any more... and then going for it once again.

    Today was one of those Saturdays. Brandon and I were still in bed even though it was well in the afternoon. We were both covered in sweat and jizz and kept procrastinating getting up and taking a shower. Ethan was out, and texted his father just as Bran and I were done with round two.

    "You guys at home? I'm bringing someone over," Brandon read his son's text out loud.

    "Great, another girl," I said, getting ready for another night of "fuck yeahs" from the other side of the bedroom wall.

    "Actually, no. Look at the picture Ethan just sent," said Brandon, and showed me his phone. Ethan had sent a smiling selfie of himself and Joel, Brandon's ex.

    "What they fuck are they doing together?" I asked. Brandon texted with Ethan for a few moments before answering.

    "Apparently Joel was over in Philly and texted Ethan to see if he's around, so they got together for lunch and now they're coming over," Brandon filled me in. "C'mon, let's take a shower and make ourselves presentable."

    I was still stumped by the unlikely combo, as I followed Brandon to the bathroom. Once we squeezed in the shower together, he decided to let me in on a little story.

    "I have something to tell you," Bran said while lathering my back. "You know how Ethan and I went over to Joel's for New Year's Eve? Well, long story short, Joel sucked Ethan's cock that night. And I was there to see it."

    I turned around to face Brandon so quickly that I almost slipped in the shower. Good thing he was there to hold me up. 

    "What?!" I asked, surprised.

    "They don't know I saw them, so don't say anything. It's also why I didn't say anything to you, plus you've had enough on your plate with Kayla and everything."

    I made Brandon give me more details on the blowjob he witnessed on New Year's Eve, and I tried to wrap my mind around my nephew getting sucked off by a man. After his many, many experiences with girls, was I really that surprised that Ethan would venture off and try stuff with a guy?

    "You don't think they're dating or anything?" I asked Brandon.

    "Fuck no!" he laughed out loud. "I don't think Ethan's into dating guys. Sex, yes, but I don't see him dating anyone. And if that were ever to change, I don't know if Joel is the type he would go for."

    I had a ton of questions about this whole situation (like, how was Brandon so cool about his ex-boyfriend sucking off his son?) but we needed to go get ready. Ten minutes later, Ethan was back home along with Joel, and all four of us were sitting in the living room. It felt awkward having Joel here; Brandon had cheated on him with me many times while they were together. Somehow, though, Joel had found it in himself to forgive us and move past it. I never used to like him (mostly because I was jealous) but I have to admit that was mighty big of him. 

    Trying to be a good host, I kept going to the kitchen to get drinks and snacks for everyone. During one of my runs, Joel offered to help me, which gave the two of us a chance to talk privately.

    "Listen, Joel," I said as we refilled everyone's wine glasses. Joel knew his way around this kitchen perfectly, since he used to live here not too long ago. "I know Brandon's talked to you about this already, but I also feel the need to apologize to you for what we did..."

    "Don't sweat it!" he said reassuringly. "I'm not gonna lie, it was a shitty thing to do, but I know you haven't had it particularly easy either. So I prefer not to be upset. Water under the bridge, buddy," he tapped my shoulder and smiled, and we both made our way back to the living room.

    There, Brandon and Ethan were sitting next to each other on the couch, talking about Joel's New Year's Eve party. Brandon was saying how he was happy he doesn't need to drive tonight, since staying sober at the party was kind of a dud.

    "I don't know, Dad, you seemed to have a good time even though you were sober," Ethan said with a smirk, as if insinuating something.

    "It was okay," Brandon replied, sounding a bit taken aback by his son's comment.

    "Oh, it was more than okay, I'm sure. Didn't you enjoy the show in Joel's bedroom?"

    An uncomfortable silence took over the room. Next, Ethan laughed, turned to Joel, and said "My dad watched us from the bathroom while you were sucking my dick."

    Both Joel and Brandon looked like deer caught in headlights.

    "That's okay, Dad," Ethan turned to his father next. "I don't mind. It was kinda... hot."

    "Well, I didn't wanna interrupt your fun," Brandon chuckled.

    "Oh, you had a bit of fun yourself, admit it," my nephew prodded, as his right hand reached down to his crotch and adjusted his bulge through the material of the sweatpants he seemed to be freeballing in. 

    "Maybe I did," Brandon agreed. His eyes darted down, and I could tell he was looking at his son's crotch as well.

    "He jerked off while watching us," Ethan said to Joel, continuing to out his father in front of everyone.

    "Well, Brandon, you should've come out," Joel said. "You might've gotten a closer view."

    "He can get one right now," Ethan said, wagging his cock through his sweats, which seemed to be at least half-hard by now. I sat in my chair, flabbergasted by everything that was happening.

    Before I knew it, Joel was on his knees in front of Ethan, stroking my nephew's cock through his clothes. On Ethan's left, his father sat and watched the show, stroking his own crotch now. My cock was rapidly getting hard as well, but I didn't want to draw attention to myself, so I just watched as Joel pulled out Ethan's teenage dick from the confines of his sweatpants.

    "Mmm, nice. Uncut, like your dad," Joel said, stroking my nephew's cock up and down until he was fully hard. I'd seen Ethan hard before, but never while he was being serviced by another man. For a brief moment, he and I made eye contact, just as Ethan's cock went inside Joel's mouth, and a look of pleasure flashed on Ethan's face.

    "Uncle Cory, you wanna help my dad out?" Ethan suggested, and nodded toward his father's crotch. Just like me, Brandon was getting hard while watching the show, and his boner was clearly outlined through his shorts by now.

    Without saying a word, I got on my knees next to Joel, and reached for Brandon's bulge. From here, I got an even closer view of my nephew's cock going in and out of Joel's mouth. Joel seemed like an expert cocksucker. I imagined him deep-throating Brandon all that time while they were together. Now here he was, sucking Brandon's son's cock. A pang of jealousy came over me again, over the fact that Joel got to taste both father and son.

    Still, I was more than happy to focus on Brandon's dick. I could feel it through his shorts that he was fully hard, so I unzipped them and pulled them down to the floor. After I did that, both father and son took their shirts off and sat shirtless on the couch.

    "Fuck!" I heard someone say. At first I thought it was Brandon, but then I realized it was Ethan, who was looking at his dad's rock-hard cock up close. I wrapped my hand around Bran's erection and wagged it around a little bit, hypnotizing Ethan with it. This situation was escalating, so I decided to take more of an active role as well.

    "Your dad's got a great cock," I said, waving Brandon's dick in his son's face. 

    "Yes, he does," Ethan said, and he proudly put his left arm around his father's shoulders. Brandon did the same with his right arm and the two sat like that, embracing each other, getting serviced by two cocksuckers on their knees.

    "And he knows how to use it," I continued, before taking Brandon's cock all up in my mouth.

    "I know, I can hear you guys through the wall," Ethan chuckled.

    For several minutes, the only sounds were those of Joel and I bobbing up and down on Ethan's and Brandon's cocks, respectively. When Joel and I made eye contact for a brief moment, we both smiled at each other mischievously, turned on by the fact we were doing this with the father-and-son duo on the couch. We took the cocks out of our mouths and jacked them off for a few minutes, so we'd both get a good view of both of them.

    Meanwhile, Brandon was lighting up a joint and passing it back and forth with his son. I looked up at them, and in all these years of knowing them, I'd never seen them look more similar than just now. With the slight age difference between them, they looked more like brothers than father and son, and I was extremely happy to call them both family.

    "Wanna race?" Ethan suggested to his father after they'd finished the joint. My nephew put his hands on the back of Joel's head and started face-fucking him, going fast and rough and even making Joel gag.

    Brandon made quick eye contact with me before he said "You're on!" and wrapped his hands around my head. I took a deep breath and prepared myself for some deep throat-fucking. I was just as much a participant in this race as they were, and I wanted my team to win.

    With our mouths closed, Joel and I didn't say anything anymore; but the dad and son were getting more verbal than ever!

    "Think you got it in you, old man?" Ethan smack-talked.

    "Oh, I'll show you what I got in me. It's the same spunk that made you, little boy."

    While getting throat-fucked by the man I loved, I quickly put one hand around my own boner and gave it a few tugs. A few tugs were all it took. Brandon and Ethan's smack talk had brought me close to the edge, and after a couple of wanks I was shooting my cum all over the floor, while Brandon's cock still hit the back of my throat.

    "Seems like your uncle beat us both," Brandon said, still mercilessly fucking my mouth. "And I'll be next."

    "Less talking and more cumming, old man," Ethan continued to tease cockily.

    "Yeah, you wanna see your old man cum? How's this for ya? ARGH!!" Brandon pulled out of my mouth and put the Bellagio fountain to shame with the load that erupted from his balls. He came all over my face, his torso, as well as hitting his son. Even Joel had slowed down the sucking to witness the winning performance. 

    Mere seconds after Brandon was done cumming all over us, Ethan started to pant and announced his own load. He pulled out of Joel's mouth and started to shoot out a load which, although not as large as his father's, was still very impressive. Judging by Joel's moans, I could tell he was blowing his own load all over the floor as well. Finally, once everyone was done, we got a few moments to catch our breath in silence.

    "You fucking came all over me," Ethan laughed, scooping up all of the jizz that was on his body. 

    "Told you I'll beat you, boy," Brandon said, patting his son's bare thigh, getting dangerously close to Ethan's cock with the back of his fingers. "Be careful what you get yourself into."

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