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Spit Roast

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Cowritten with: Rich


    As far as I was concerned, one of the biggest upsides of college was spring break. I never got to travel or do anything crazy during breaks in high school, so I was looking forward to my first spring break as a college student this year. Which is why I was absolutely furious when all of my friends ended up bailing on me!

    A bunch of my buddies and I had plans to rent a house in Miami. I'd been going to the gym every single day lately, getting ready to hit the beach and score as many girls as possible when we were down there. And then, at the very last minute, all of my friends started to back out. Some said it was too expensive, others had other plans. As I saw all the texts in the group chat, I wanted to punch something! So as soon as I was done with classes on Friday, I headed to the gym and went straight for the punching bag.

    Working out definitely helped to a degree, but I was still pretty fucking mad. In between sets, I got a message from Dad asking if I wanted to hang out tonight. Apparently Uncle Cory was out with his kids, so Dad was looking for something to do. I invited him to join me at the gym, and twenty minutes later I met him outside so I could sneak him in with my keycard, since the gym was technically only for students at my school.

    With Dad here, I no longer had to hit the punching bag. Instead, Dad held up a pair of boxing pads and I had a go at them, getting rid of some of my pent up aggression. Dad and I boxed with our shirts off, which wasn't that frowned upon at this part of the gym. As sweat dripped down both of our bodies, I noticed how good of a shape my father was in recently. "All that fucking with Uncle Cory must be a good workout," I figured.

    I told Dad about my friends backing out of spring break, and he did his best to calm me down. With time, my anger turned to disappointment, which was impossible to hide from my face.

    "I hate seeing you like this," Dad said. "Listen... I've been thinking about a few days off somewhere... Why don't we do spring break together?"

    "You serious?" I asked, wiping sweat off my forehead with my T-shirt, and then using it to dry my chest and abs.

    "Yeah. Maybe Cory can join us as well."

    "It's a large house. There was gonna be eight of us," I said, almost looking for a reason to be mad at this point.

    "So we'll put an ad online and find other people to chip in. It's spring break in Miami, it's not like there's gonna be a shortage of tourists there. Or maybe we'll find some acquaintances who are interested in going. There's still some time."

    "That... might just work," I smiled for the first time today.

    "Of course it will! Now c'mon, let's hit the steam room," Dad said, and used his T-shirt as a whip to smack my ass.

    In the steam room, I was reminded of the first time I was here with my dad, when I was treated to the sight of him getting a blowjob right next to me. Now that we both had nothing but towels on our bodies, I realized how sexy we looked, especially side-by-side.  I knew I was being cocky, but the thought excited me. It made me feel like getting a blowjob here myself...

    Unfortunately, though, the steam room was way too full tonight for anyone to be getting any blowjobs. Apparently, I wasn't the only person trying to get in shape before spring break. The gym was at capacity tonight, and that included the sauna and steam room. Dad and I sat there with two dozen other guys while everyone's musk filled the room. Even though I loved girls, lately I found myself titillated by situations like this, surrounded by so much manliness that I couldn't help but notice the sexual tension in the air. I wondered what it must be like for my gay dad – probably ten times worse.

    "There are some seriously hot guys at your school," Dad said to me quietly as we left and hit the showers. The shower room was open and had eight shower heads, across from each other in sets of four. Currently, there were two other people there; one guy that I didn't recognize, and a blond boy who seemed vaguely familiar, and was probably in one of my classes.

    I took the shower head right across from the blond guy, and Dad took the one next to me. As I soaped up my body, I noticed the blond boy looking at me more than once, so I made sure to give him a good show while I rubbed my six-pack and my pecs, before turning around and making sure he got a good view of my asscheeks. All throughout, I continued to have small talk with Dad, so the boy knew that we were together. Indeed, I noticed him looking at my father just as much as he was looking at me, and I felt proud that I had such a sexy dad.

    "Hey, are you in one of my classes?" the blond guy decided to break the ice and address me. "I think we have calculus together."

    "I think we do," I said, smiling at him while soaping up my cock and balls.

    "Is this your brother or something? Cuz you guys look so much alike," the boy turned to my dad.

    "No! He's my roommate," I said, since I didn't want anyone to know that I was sneaking my dad in. The boy and Dad shook hands, and by now I could clearly see that the blond guy's cock was getting larger.

    The two of us chatted for the remainder of the shower (Calculus was everyone's least favorite class) and by the time we were done, he had an invitation for us.

    "I live nearby and my roommates are out for the night," the boy said. He had certain feminine features to his face that I found cute. "Do you guys wanna drop by and have some drinks?"

    Twenty minutes later, after hitting a liquor store where my dad (a.k.a. my "older roommate") bought booze for us, we were sitting on the blond boy's bed. 

    "Hope you guys don't mind chilling in my room. We don't have a living room," he apologized, as Dad and I sat on his bed and opened up a couple of beers. Before sitting down on a chair across from us, the boy took off his hoodie, showing off his body in the tight white T-shirt he had on underneath. I was 100% certain that this boy was gay by now, and almost as certain that he was hitting on us. Mostly, it was the looks in the showers at the gym that gave him away. I almost felt the need to say "I'm not gay" to him, just so I wouldn't be misleading him. There was no need for that, however. My reputation as a ladies' man preceded me. The boy knew some of the girls I'd hooked up with, and asked me a couple of questions about them, wanting to know if I was seeing any one of them.

    "Not exclusively, no," I smiled naughtily.

    "How about you, Brandon? You got a girl?" our host asked.

    "No, but I got a boy," my dad replied, taking a swig of beer. "We just made it official recently."

    "Oh, congratulations," the blond boy said excitedly, but I could also spot a hint of disappointment in his reaction. If my dad were single, I'm sure this guy wouldn't mind dating him.

    "Thank you," Dad said and raised his bottle, and we all cheered to his relationship with my uncle.

    "My boyfriend and I just broke up recently," our host said, confirming my suspicions about his sexuality. "I wanted us to be in an open relationship, or at least fool around with other guys together, but that just wasn't his style."

    "I'm sure you'll find someone else," Dad said. "Seems like plenty of guys prefer open relationships. Way I see it, we deserve to have fun while we're young."

    "Are you and Cory in an open relationship?" I asked, feeling curious.

    "Yeah, we've had a talk about it. We haven't hooked up with anyone yet, but I'd be down for it if someone interesting comes along."

    "And what kinda guys are you... interested in?" our blond hosts asked sultrily, not bothering to hide his intentions anymore.

    "Well," Dad said, looking at the boy's eyes, "my partner is blond and cute, so I kinda have a weakness for that type."

    The boy turned to his computer and played some slow, sexy music, before turning back to my dad with a grin on his face. "Is that so?" he said flirtily. 

    I for one, was really enjoying witnessing this courting ritual. To me, the notion that other people found my father attractive was amusing… and kinda hot. Currently, the sexual tension between him and my fellow student was so thick, you could cut it with a knife.

    "Do you guys want some time alone?" I offered, not wanting to be a cockblock. 

    "No, stay," my father said, getting up off the bed and slowly walking toward the boy. Next, Dad leaned down and they started to kiss passionately while I sipped my beer and watched them. This went on for ten minutes, getting progressively more intense as the boy's hands wandered all over my dad's body, eventually settling on his crotch, cupping the bulge poking out through Dad's black sweatpants that he was freeballing in. 

    The sensuality, the music, and the beer were all contributing to me getting a boner. And I wasn't the only one. Dad reached down and pulled out his cock, showing off its full erection and making our host go "Fuck! You've got a nice dick."

    Seconds later, the boy's lips were wrapped around my father's cock and he was deep-throating it, moving fast as if worried the chance might pass him by. I continued to watch the action while rubbing my cock. All of my frustration from earlier in the day was now a distant memory. 

    "You like getting fucked? Cuz I'd love to unload in your ass," my father suddenly said to the boy. I was taken aback by his bluntness and the speed at which this was all going.

    "Fuck, yeah!" the boy moaned, looking at me as if to make sure I was comfortable with everything. When he looked down at my crotch, he noticed my boner and asked, "You alright there? Need some help with that?"

    "I wouldn't mind getting some head as well," I said. I'd already gotten two blowjobs from Joel, and I had nothing against being blown by a guy right now, after such a stressful day.

    Moments later, the boy was kneeling on the floor, sucking my cock and sticking his ass up in the air. My father jerked himself off for a few seconds while watching us. When he and I made eye contact, Dad winked at me as if to say "good job, champ!" Next, he addressed our host and asked "You got some lube here?"

    "Mhm," the boy nodded with my cock still in his mouth and pointed to a drawer in his desk. Dad reached for it and pulled out a bottle of lube, using some of it on his own dick before pulling down the boy's pants and smearing some on his asshole.

    "Dad's gonna fuck this guy while he's sucking my dick," I realized. 

    "Fuck yeah, that's hot!" our host took my cock out his mouth to say. "Getting spit-roasted by two roommates."

    "If you only knew," I thought to myself, as I watched Dad guide his boner next to the boy's ass. Before going in, my father stroked his long shaft, making his foreskin go back and forth, giving me a good view of the hard cock that had made me. For a moment, I wondered if he was doing it for stimulation or because he was trying to give me a show. 

    Our host was an excellent cocksucker; much better than plenty of girls who had had my dick in their mouths. As I enjoyed the expert head he was giving me, my dad started to slide into the boy's asshole. I'd only fucked two girls anally, and both times I had to move very slowly. This time, I watched as my father slid in quite quickly and elegantly. Maybe it was because this boy's ass was looser, or maybe my dad was just more of a pro. Either way, it looked painless for everyone involved, and I watched carefully, taking mental notes.

    "Oh, yeah!!" my father exclaimed once he was all in. Slowly, he started to thrust back and forth, making the boy's whole body shake. I felt the movements on my own cock, and I looked up to make eye contact with Dad again.

    "You like that?" he grunted.

    "Mhm," the blond boy replied, but I could tell the question was aimed at me, so I nodded.

    This was my first spit-roast. I'd watched a ton of porn of two guys fucking one chick and I always wanted to do it, but I'd never had a buddy that I had this kind of relationship with… except for my father. Even though the person in the middle this time was male, that didn't take away at all from the hotness of the situation for me.

    In a way, the rhythm of the whole threesome was directed by my father. When he fucked the boy more aggressively, the blowjob I was getting was more intense. When Dad slowed down, everything slowed down. "Watch and learn, kid," Dad's eyes seemed to say to me. I admired his ability to control the whole room.

    The boy sucking me off occasionally reached for his own dick and stroked it for a bit, even though I couldn't see what he was doing exactly. For the most part, he seemed to enjoy being in the middle of this sandwich and didn't bother with jerking off too much. All the pleasure my father was giving him was probably more than enough for him.

    "You're doing great," I felt the need to say to my dad, who just smiled at me and sped up. 

    "I'm gonna dump my load in this hot fucker right here," Dad said with an animal look in his eyes. "I'm gonna breed his ass!"

    "Mmmmm," the blond boy moaned, excited by my father's promise. The dirty talk was bringing me close to the edge, and I never broke eye contact with my father, as my cock went further and further down the excited boy's throat.

    "Here it comes. I'm gonna shoot. I'm gonna dump all my babies inside him. I'm gonna do it," my dad grunted, losing his voice more and more with each thrust.

    "Fuck yeah, shoot!" I told him. "I'm gonna cum as well. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum."

    I panted, and started to unload inside the cute boy's mouth just as my father let out a loud "AARRRGHH!" and dumped his own load up the boy's ass. I closed my eyes and I imagined all my siblings swimming inside the bottom's hole, surprised by my own dirty imagination.

    "Mmmm, mmm," the boy moaned as he sucked off all of my cum as well, getting a father-and-son special without even knowing it. When I was done cumming, my father pulled out and smacked the boy's ass.

    "Turn around! Turn around and show him that load!" Dad commanded.

    The bottom quickly crawled around until his ass was facing me. He pushed his ass out as much as possible, and I saw his raw, freshly-fucked hole pulsing right in my face. Then, he pushed and I saw my father's cum dripping out of his ass, sliding down the boy's smooth balls and onto the floor. 

    "Nice big load, ain't it?" my father said proudly.

    "Yes," I said truthfully, getting up and giving my dad a hug as we both tried to catch our breath, our cocks still mostly hard and rubbing against each other.

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