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My Dad's Load

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Cowritten with: Rich


    The few weeks after returning from Miami were absolutely brutal at work. It's like every year tax season managed to creep up on me and surprise me with how demanding it was, even though I should've known better by now. Finally, there was some hope on the horizon as the middle of April started to near. 

    "I'm gonna have a fucking party when this is all over," I said one Wednesday evening while doing work from home. I was sitting at the dining room table with Brandon and Ethan, who were playing cards while I crunched numbers on my laptop. 

    "Let's do it!" my nephew said enthusiastically. I'd been kidding, but Ethan seemed to take it seriously. "Let's have a party next week! Thursday night, after you're done."

    "I'm down," Brandon chimed in.

    And just like that, I had something to look forward to. That conversation was followed by another week of exhausting toil and little sleep, until the promised date arrived: April 15.

    Ethan and Brandon did what they'd pledged. They took me out for a night of drinking and celebrating. We went to a gay bar, where many of the patrons assumed it was my birthday since my nephew and Bran kept buying me drinks. I was getting to experience the gay side of my hometown for the first time in my life, and it felt… affirming. I still wasn't out to most of my family, but I finally felt free of the mental shackles and the paranoia around it. "So what if anyone finds out?" I figured. Let them! Life is short. If people like Taylor or Joel could live it out to the max, then goddamn it, so could I!

    That night, after one too many drinks, we took an Uber home, and I had to hold back from sucking Brandon's dick right there in the backseat, as my nephew looked at us with a smirk from the passenger seat. 

    "Anyone want another drink?" Ethan asked from the kitchen when we arrived back to the apartment.

    "No. I want your father's cock," I said drunkenly, kissing Bran and pushing him toward the bedroom. Once there, we plopped down on the bed, tearing each other's clothes off without even bothering to close the door.

    We started to roll around on the bed naked. Our tongues darted in each other's mouths until I started to suck on Brandon's, causing him to put his hands on the back of my head as he tongue-fucked my mouth. He rolled me over onto my back and worked his lips down my neck and pinched one of my nips, which made my already-hard cock throb.

    Bran moved his mouth down to my other nipple while still pinching the first. I felt precum leak from my piss slit. I closed my eyes and enjoyed feeling my best friend work over my body. After such a stressful time at work, this was precisely what I needed. Brandon moved lower, running his tongue over my stomach while he pinched both of my nips. I felt bolts of electricity coursing through my body, all of which ended in my engorged cock. 

    I don't know if it was my drunken state, but I felt like a different person. I lost so many of my inhibitions since Brandon and I opened our relationship and experimented with other guys. And here, right now, I felt absolutely ravenous. 

    I rolled Brandon onto his back again, immediately climbing on top of him and spinning around so my ass was over his face and his hard, leaking cock was in front of mine. I opened my mouth wide and swallowed his dick down my throat until my nose was pressed into his large nuts, and I bobbed my head up and down. 

    At the same moment, I felt Brandon's hands kneading my ass cheeks, pulling them apart, and driving his tongue up my tight hole. His beard stubble scraped the inside of my crack as his tongue invaded my insides. I moaned around his cock as I tasted his precum.

    "Suck that fuckin' cock!" Bran commanded loudly when he removed his mouth from my ass. I quickly obeyed and followed with guttural groans as I did what I was told. Neither of us was being quiet nor did we care, even with the bedroom door open. Ethan was used to our sex noises by now, as were we whenever he brought home one of the many girls he fucked.

    I felt Brandon start to roll me over so he would be on top. I grabbed onto his hips and his cock never left my mouth as we switched positions. I opened my throat even wider, expecting his cockhead to invade my throat again, but he had something else in mind. He pushed off of me and stood on the floor, at the foot of the bed with his wet cock at full mast. In one swift motion, he reached down, hooked a hand under each of my armpits and pulled me down towards him until my head was hanging off the bottom of the bed. He looked down at me with that mischievous grin which I've seen hundreds of times in our shared lives. Brandon stepped forward. His cock was hovering above my face as he leaned forward, placed his hands on the bed on either side of me, leaned down and slid his rock-hard cock past my lips and down my throat until his nuts were pressed against my nose again. Once he bottomed out, he pulled back and repeatedly fucked my mouth. 

    "Take that fucker!" he bellowed, and I did just that all too happily.

    As much as I loved sucking Brandon's cock, there was another body part of mine that also needed it. My hole was feeling neglected and I could feel it pulsing, begging for attention. I usually let my partner take the lead but tonight, between the liquor and my new uninhibited behavior, I decided to turn the tables on him. 

    I stood up on the side of the bed, reached out, grabbed Brandon by his hard cock, and pulled him toward me and into a deep kiss. We made out like this until I pushed him down on the bed. He looked up at me and I knew he was wondering what I was doing. 

    I reached over and grabbed the bottle of lube we kept on the nightstand. I flipped open the cap, squeezed some on his hard cock and worked it in with my hand. I squeezed more onto my fingers, brought them behind me, and worked my index and middle finger into my hole. I bit my lip and squeezed my eyes shut in pleasure as they entered. 

    Bran lay there, watching me with a combination of lust and surprise. I climbed on the bed, straddled his body, and positioned his cock against my hungry, lubed hole. I lowered myself and his cockhead popped inside my sphincter as I moaned in pleasure. I kept pushing down until his balls were pressed against my ass. 

    I looked down at him and knew he was surprised by this. He was the one usually directing the action and choosing our positions. He wasn't used to this more aggressive side of me, but he didn't appear upset. In fact, he had a look of pride on his face. 

    I leaned down and kissed him while my hole flexed around his cock. I broke our kiss and sat upright. I placed my hands on his pecs while I slowly moved my ass up and down, clenching while sliding up and relaxing on the way down. 

    "You like this, baby?" I asked Brandon while I stared in his eyes and smiled. His only reply was a smile and an affirmative nod as he reached up and pinched both my nipples again. I groaned in pleasure, closed my eyes, and threw my head back while I continued to ride his cock for a good ten minutes. And then…

    When I opened my eyes next, I discovered Ethan standing in the doorway to our bedroom with a smile on his face. The first time he'd caught us like this was still one of the worst memories of my life. How much things had changed since then! Now that we all lived together, this was no big deal, not after everything we'd been through. My nephew and I held each other's gaze as I continued riding his father's cock, never missing a stroke.

    Silently, Ethan reached down and grabbed his own crotch. He subtly rubbed the outline of his cock, which was apparently already hard and visible through his jeans. My Bran's son didn't stop there. He reached up to his belt buckle and started to open it. Once that was done, he unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper. His pants dropped to mid-thigh which exposed his tight, black boxer briefs and the unmistakable boner underneath. 

    I wasn't sure where this was leading, but I was too drunk and horny to care. I remembered how jealous I was that Joel got to experience both Brandon and Ethan. He got to suck and get fucked by both father and son. He got to taste their loads, both with his mouth and with his asshole. Although the thought made me horny, unfortunately things were different with me. I was no Joel; I was Ethan's uncle. I couldn't possibly do anything with him… Could I? 

    As if reading my mind, Ethan stepped into the room, all the while maintaining eye contact with me. He'd already pulled his pants and underwear off, and he was stroking his cock. He walked slowly until he was at the foot of the bed. This was the moment Brandon first noticed his son. He seemed unfazed and in fact, smiled when he saw him. My nephew moved to the side of the bed, on my right-hand side, his cock mere inches from my face. I could smell his musk and see the precum already dripping down his shaft, which he was using as lube. His big balls, which hung low under his cock, contained exactly what I lusted after.

    I leaned to the right and opened my mouth, just as Ethan leaned forward, setting his cockhead on my tongue.

    "God, he tastes just like his father," I thought the second my nephew's dick touched my lips.

    Ethan put his hands on the back of my head and slid his cock further down my throat. I couldn't believe we were doing this! The horny teen started sliding his cock back-and-forth inside my mouth while I continued to ride his father. Ethan's gorgeous dick was just inches away from his dad's face. Just as I started to wonder how Ethan's father might be taking this, Brandon spoke out.

    "Your uncle's a good cocksucker, ain't he, Son?" he said.

    "Nah, he's a great cocksucker," my nephew replied, which caused me to moan around his cock.

    I was in heaven. I'd reached the ultimate physical, sexual, and emotional connection with the two most important men in my life. It was more than just sex; it was a true bonding moment. My mind started to travel back in time, thinking about all the times Brandon and I would lock his bedroom door as teenagers so the little boy who was now a man fucking my throat wouldn't walk in on us. All the times that I had little Ethan sitting in my lap while his father's swimmers were inside my ass. 

    I opened my eyes and looked at the two Caruso men filling me from both ends. They looked so similar, often mistaken for brothers, but as I looked at Ethan while I sucked his cock, it made me think of Brandon at that age. It was the weirdest sense of déjà-vu, one that I never thought I'd experience! 

    I may have taken control of Brandon tonight, but my teenage nephew made it clear that he had control of my mouth. Ethan placed his hands on either side of my head and pumped his cock even harder down my throat. Thankfully, his father had trained me how to deep-throat a big cock without gagging. 

    "Suck your nephew's cock, baby. Show him what I already know," Brandon said to me as I continued to ride him. "How's he doing there, Ethan?" he spoke to his son next. 

    "Fucking awesome! You're right, he's a born cocksucker. Even better than Joel." 

    All I could do was moan in pleasure while being complimented by the father-son duo. I was getting so turned on that I felt my own climax approaching without even touching myself. 

    "He keeps riding my cock like this and he's gonna get his ass bred in a minute," Brandon continued. 

    "I know. He's got me almost ready to blow down this throat," my nephew replied. "You want my load, Uncle Cory?" 

    Before I even had a chance to reply, Brandon did on my behalf.

    "Your uncle loves taking loads. He's a great cum dump, aren't you baby?" Brandon said admiringly. 

    "Mmm-hmmm," I moaned around my nephew's dick.

    "Fuck! I'm gonna cum! Take my load, Uncle Cory! Aarrrgh!!" Ethan cried out and began blasting rope after rope of his seed down my throat. I started swallowing, getting all of it down, enjoying the taste of Ethan's babies.

    That pushed me over the edge and my cock started shooting all over Brandon's chin, neck, and chest, while his son's cock was still in my mouth. Seeing his son nut in my mouth, just inches away from his own face, pushed Brandon over the edge as well. 

    "FUCK!!!" he screamed as he bred my ass. I felt his cum filling my insides, ending up in my stomach at the same time as his son's. 

    I carefully pulled Ethan's still-hard cock out of my mouth, ensuring I didn't lose any of his load that was still in there. I immediately leaned down and kissed Brandon, letting him taste his own son's cum directly from my mouth. It was probably the most perverted act yet – feeding Brandon his own son's nut – but it also made for the most intense kiss between Brandon and me as we swirled around his little grandkids in our mouths. 

    And then, Ethan surprised me by lying in bed right next to us and joining in for a threesome kiss. We all started to make out, tongues going left and right in each other's mouths without fully knowing which is whose. Cockily, I took satisfaction in the fact that although Joel had both of these hot men first, he never had them at the same time.

    Just as I thought we were done for the night, I felt someone's fingers pushing against my raw, freshly-bred asshole. I didn't even know if it was the father or the son fingering me. 

    "Push out my dad's load," Ethan said. So it was he whose hand was between my cheeks. 

    I pushed out, and felt Brandon's load land on Ethan's hand, still warm.

    Ethan – while maintaining eye contact with his father and me – suddenly took the sperm and slurped it up, before coming in for another threesome kiss and sharing it with us. Three tongues and three mouths shared a taste of Brandon's jizz, before it went down all of our throats, and we finally got to sleep, our bellies full of Caruso DNA.

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