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Like Father, Like Son

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Cowritten with: Rich


    I slowly opened my eyes, squinting, partly because the sun was shining right in my face, and partly because of the dull ache in my head. Yawning, I stretched and groaned. Dad and I had had a few beers last night and smoked together. Now, I was paying the price. 

    Like every morning, there was something else that was up even before I was. I reached down and gave my throbbing cock a squeeze through my underwear. Trying to clear my head, I sat on the edge of my bed, rubbing the sleep from my eyes and remembering what else happened. On our first evening as roommates, my father had caught me red-handed, jacking off on the sofa last night. Thankfully, he wasn't freaked out and didn't make a big deal of it. I guess that's the upside of having such a young dad: he remembered all too well just how hard it is to keep your hands off your cock when you're a teenager.

    My appointment with the school counselor was in 90 minutes, so I stumbled into the bathroom where I took a much-needed piss, then started brushing my teeth.

    "Hey," I heard from behind me as Dad walked into the bathroom and made his way to the toilet to take a piss. 

    "Hey," I mumbled through the toothbrush and toothpaste in my mouth. 

    "You look like shit," Dad said with a smirk as he glanced back at my reflection in the mirror over the sink. 

    I rolled my eyes and after spitting out the toothpaste replied, "Thanks. I feel like shit."

    "Fucking lightweight," Dad said jokingly. 

    "Yeah, yeah," I replied, as I started the shower, peeled off my underwear and quickly stepped in. Since the apartment only had one bathroom, I figured it's best not to be a prude about having to share.

    Dad moved over to the sink where he started brushing his teeth. For a split second, I think he looked my way, just as I closed my eyes and put my face under the water, enjoying the sensation, feeling it wash away the alcohol and weed off me.

    "What's on your schedule today?" I heard my father ask, louder so he could be heard over the running water.

    "School counselor," I replied, as I pulled the shower curtain closed so I wouldn't make a mess all over the bathroom. 



    I finished brushing my teeth and waited for my son to finish showering so I could jump in. We chatted until the water turned off and Ethan pushed the shower curtain open to grab his towel. 

    Considering he'd just turned eighteen, I must admit my son was in really great shape for a boy his age. He'd always been active in sports and liked going to the gym, but I think a lot of it is genetics. I was the same way at his age, even though it wasn't that long ago. Facially, we're almost identical and most people who see us together assume we're brothers. 

    Every time I saw Ethan without a shirt on, he seemed to have some more body hair. A dusting of dark hair currently covered his defined pecs, spreading around his nipples and his developing six-pack. Taking a quick glance as he got in the shower, I realized my son must do a bit of manscaping. Just below that six pack, his pubes looked meticulously trimmed. They framed an impressively-sized uncut cock, which hung just as low as his smooth-shaved nut sack. 

    A few minutes later, Ethan stepped out of the shower, still naked with the towel draped over his shoulder and water dripping from his hair. We maneuvered around the small bathroom, switching spots so I could now jump in. I pushed my underwear down with my back facing my son and looked down to notice my cock plumped up. Attributing it to "morning glory," I stepped into the shower, trying carefully to not expose my semi-erection to my son, who was rubbing the towel through his hair. 

    Even though I was recently promoted to foreman of my construction crew, I still got dirty and sweaty helping out every day. As I arrived home after work, I headed right into the bathroom, peeling off my work clothes, jumping in the shower, and throwing on a pair of shorts when I was done. I walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator to grab a beer. Just as I reached in, the door buzzer rang. I smiled, grabbed a second beer before closing the door, and walked over to the intercom. 

    "Come on up," I said and pressed the button which unlocked the door. I knew exactly who it was. It could only be him. 

    I opened the apartment door partially, and sat down on the sofa, setting down the two beers. I heard footsteps approaching just as I picked up my beer and took a swig.

    I looked over, and the door swung open. "Yo," I said. 

    "Hey," replied Cory, closing the door behind him in a rehearsed manner.

    I picked up the other beer bottle and held it up to give to Cory as he walked towards the sofa and plopped down next to me. 

    "Cheers," he said and we clinked the bottles and took a swig.

    "So, where's my nephew?" he asked. 

    "He's getting together with a couple of his friends from high school. He'll be back around seven," I informed Ethan's uncle as he glanced over at the clock on my wall. It was 5:35. 

    Cory got up from the sofa and walked into the doorway of Ethan's room.

    "Looks like he's pretty settled in. He even has his clothes all over the floor like you do. Like father, like son, I guess," he chuckled. 

    I joined him at the doorway and glanced in the room. "Yep, just as messy as me," I said.

    "I guess Joel moving out was a good thing after all," Cory added.

    "It made Ethan moving in a lot easier," I replied, still looking in the room. 

    "Does he know?" Cory asked. 

    "Know what?"

    "About you and Joel. That you were together. That this wasn't Joel's bedroom but his office?"

    I smirked. "Of course not. I haven't told him I'm gay yet," I replied.

    Cory walked back into the living room, picked up his beer and took a swig.

    I walked towards him, eyeing him up and down from behind as he started to say, "I don't have much time. We're taking the kids to the movies…" 

    His words were cut off when I grabbed his face and pulled him into me. I had better things in mind than listening to Cory talk about his wife and kids. Our lips met and soon my tongue was invading his mouth. He moaned as I reached for the buttons on his shirt, unbuttoning them as our tongues continued exploring each other's mouths. With his shirt unbuttoned to his waist, I pulled it out of his pants and threw it on the floor, before diving for his left nipple and chewing on it. Cory pulled me up for another kiss as I undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants, squatted in front of him and pushed them down to his knees, which exposed the rapidly expanding pouch of his boxer briefs. I leaned forward and rubbed my face against his underwear, eliciting a soft moan from him. 

    I stood up again, looked Cory in the eyes and said, "I guess we better make this fast, since you have family night," I smirked and went in for another kiss.

    I pushed Cory down on the sofa and stood in front of him. He had my shorts pulled down and his mouth around my growing cock within seconds. 

    "Fuuuck," I moaned. "Yeah, suck that cock."

    Cory still knew how to make me feel good. He rolled my foreskin back and wrapped his lips around my wet cockhead while flicking his tongue against my piss slit.

    I grabbed his head with both hands and buried my now fully-hard cock down his throat. 

    "Fuck yeah, suck that dick!" I commanded. 

    I felt my cock hit the back of Cory's throat while thrusting into his mouth, my large low-hanging balls smacking against his chin. 

    Cory was now playing with himself while orally pleasing me. I made him stand up, pulled down his underwear, and turned him around.

    "C'mere. Show me that ass," I ordered. 

    He bent over, exposing an ass was beefy and slightly hairy. I grabbed those two globes and spread them apart, baring his tight pink pucker and diving in with my mouth and tongue. 

    "Uhhh, fuck," Cory gasped as I stuck my tongue in his tight hole while working my index finger in with it. "Oh my god, Bran," he panted. 

    I continued probing his ass with my tongue and fingers while reaching underneath, wrapping my fist around his rock-hard cock and slowly stroking it. 

    My cock was by now leaking precum, dripping onto the couch. I was such a hypocrite; just yesterday I was telling my son not to get the couch dirty, and now here I was, doing this.

    "Wait here," I said as I ran into the bedroom to grab some lube. 

    I returned to find Cory in the same position, watching me return with my hard cock bobbing up and down as I approached. I squeezed some lube onto my fingers and rubbed them against his asshole, reinserting my index finger, causing Cory to gasp. 

    I removed my finger and squeezed more lube into my palm which I slathered onto my hard cock. Cory's asshole was opening and closing in anticipation of what was to come. 

    I grabbed his hips, pressed my cockhead against his hole and pushed in with one long thrust. 

    "OHHH, FUCK!!" Cory yelled. His hole was clenching around my cock and it felt incredible

    I pulled my cock out almost all the way, before slamming it back in. 

    "AHHH! Fuck me, Bran!" he yelled. 

    "Yeah, take it, buddy. Take it!" I grunted back. 

    My thighs were slapping against his. My cock slid in and out of his hole. I leaned forward, wrapped my arms around his chest and nibbled on his earlobe, causing Cory to moan. 

    I pulled out of his ass with an audible plop, turned him around and pushed him down on the sofa on which my son had jacked off last night. I grabbed Cory's ankles and threw his legs over my shoulders while lining up my cock with his hole again. With one big push, I impaled my best friend with my hard cock, causing him to moan even louder. 

    I leaned down, kissing him, my tongue in his mouth while my cock was in his ass. Pushing back up, I wrapped my hands around his ankles again and piston-fucked his ass. My balls were slapping against his ass, both of us losing ourselves in this act we've repeated countless times over the years. 

    Cory's cock was still rock hard and dripping precum. He reached down and began stroking. The sounds of my lubed cock pumping in and out of his ass and his fist furiously jerking himself off complemented each other. 

    Both of us were reaching the point of no return. I could tell he was close. He was pumping faster when he suddenly screamed, "FUCK, I'm cumming!!!" as he started shooting. The first rope landed on his chest while the second one hit his chin and neck. Several more landed on his abs and covered his hand. 

    His asshole contracted around my cock with every rope he shot, causing me to explode deep inside his guts as I growled through my own orgasm. 

    I leaned down to give Cory a post-orgasm kiss, our tongues again in each other's mouths. My cock slowly slid out of his ass to which he gasped. 

    He was covered in his own jizz, so I went to grab a towel from the bathroom hamper and tossed it to him to wipe himself. When finished, he handed it to me and I used it to wipe my wet cock. 

    Cory grabbed his clothes and quickly got dressed while I pulled my shorts back on. He walked over and gave me a final kiss before heading out the door. 

    "Say hi to my nephew for me," he said as he opened the door. 

    "Give the kids a kiss from me," I replied.

    With that, my best friend left my apartment to take his family to the movies with my load inside his ass. 





    The house was quiet. It felt too quiet, kinda scary.

    Everyone else was at the hospital. My sister Sarah had her baby yesterday. A boy they named Ethan. I flipped through the photos on my new digital camera, sitting by myself. Dad drove me back home earlier, picked up a few things from the house, and drove back to the hospital.

    Everyone said the baby looked just like Brandon, but I couldn't see it. To me he just looked... like a baby. Why did everyone keep saying he was so cute?? He wasn't ugly or anything, but like... he was just a baby.

    I heard a noise outside, and ran to the window eagerly. I was happy to see it was my best friend. Brandon dropped his bike on our front lawn and ran to the front door.

    "Hey," I opened the door before he even had a chance to knock. Brandon walked in, and I shut the door behind him. 

    A moment of silence followed. It felt awkward! Usually when we were together we were so loud. Now, I didn't know what to say.

    "So... how are you?" I asked.

    "I'm okay. My parents are still at the hospital."

    "Yeah. Mine too."

    We stood in the hallway, unsure what to do.

    "So it seems like everything is okay..." I tried to cheer Brandon up. He looked like he could use it.

    "I guess," he said. He sounded sad.

    I waited, watching my friend's mouth as it started to quiver.

    "Cory? I'm scared," Brandon finally admitted.

    Without thinking twice, I stepped forward and gave him the biggest hug I could muster. For several moments, I stayed that way, squeezing him tighter and tighter, as Brandon rested his head on my shoulder.

    "It's okay," I said. "Don't worry, I'll help you out. I'll always be there for you."

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