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Boys' Night Out

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Cowritten with: Rich


    What a fucking week! School had just started on Monday, and only four days later I was already exhausted. After three months of lying around, playing video games, and jerking off three or four times a day, I now had to learn to get back in the swing of things, and fast. 

    "Happy Friday. Here," my dad said, handing me one of the two beers he was carrying in one hand from the kitchen. In his other hand was the joint he just rolled on the counter. I took a long swig from the bottle and exhaled with delight.

    Dad sat on the other end of the sofa and placed his beer on the table. He picked up the lighter that was lying on it and placed the end of the joint in his mouth. I watched him flick the lighter, inhale, and the joint came to life. 

    My father took another long hit of smoke, holding it in his lungs while passing it to me. I copied his actions. 

    "How was your first week?" he asked after he exhaled.

    I blew out the smoke after holding my breath for as long as I could, "Fucking crazy," I managed to croak without coughing. 

    "Tough classes?" Dad asked. 

    "Not really, just a ton of work," I said, feeling myself relax as the beer and pot started working. "I'm just used to having more me time, know what I mean?"

    "Oh, I'm sure I know exactly what you mean," my father teased, making me shake my head as he glanced over at me and smirked. 

    Just then, the front door buzzer rang. Dad stood and headed down the steps without even asking who it was through the intercom.

    I heard the door open and another male voice speak, but didn't know who it was nor what they were saying. Within a minute, the door closed and I heard Dad's footsteps on the stairs as he returned into the apartment. 

    "Who was that?" I asked. 

    "My dealer," he replied while holding up a small plastic bag containing weed. 

    "Nice!" I nodded in approval. Dad tossed the baggie on the table and sat back down next to me on the sofa. 

    "I also have a little something for you," he said. 

    "What?" I asked, adjusting my balls in my shorts real quick. 

    Dad held up a small plastic card and handed it to me.

    "You... stole my driver's license and now you're giving it back?" I asked, looking at my own picture. 

    "Look closer," Dad said with a conspiratorial smirk.

    It took me a few moments of examining the card through my beer-and-weed haze, before I realized the date of birth on it was three years earlier than my birthday.

    "This says I'm 21!"

    "Yup. Which means you can drink when we go out to the sports bar tonight to celebrate your first week in college," Dad said. 

    "Are you fucking serious?! That's awesome! Thanks, Dad!" I said loudly and leaned into my father to give him a huge hug. 

    "Um. Ethan? You can let go now," Dad said after being hugged by me for over a minute. I laughed. I hadn't even realized I'd been doing it for so long.



    "The fucking umpire needs glasses!" my son said as we sat at my favorite table in my favorite sports bar, watching the Phillies game. 

    My buddies from work and I would usually come here every weekend. I'd still come on my own even if none of them could make it. And now, with Ethan living with me, it was like having a buddy who's always there (which is a part of the reason why I got him that fake ID). 

    My son waved over our waitress, clad in booty shorts and a tank top with a plunging neckline. He ordered two more beers, and made his best attempt at flirting with her. 

    "Forget about it, Ethan," I said as she walked away, amused by my eighteen-year-old son.

    "What?" he replied with a smile. "She's got a nice ass. I had to try."

    "So you're an ass guy, huh?" I noted, taking a swig of beer and looking at the TV.

    "Nah, I like boobs as well. But that bartender there, now she's got the nicest rack in here."

    I shook my head and laughed. 

    The place started to empty out after the game was over. I looked at my watch as we finished our beers. It was just before 11 PM. 

    "Ready to go?" I asked my son.

    "Yeah, where are we going?" he replied. 


    "C'mon! It's early. I thought we were celebrating. Let's go someplace with more girls," Ethan said enthusiastically. 

    I wasn't in the mood for a club. Really, I'd stopped going years ago. But Ethan looked so excited I just couldn't say no.

    "Alright. What did you have in mind?" I asked, faking my enthusiasm.

    I could hear the music thumping down the street as we walked to the entrance of the club. This definitely wasn't my scene, but my son looked like a kid about to enter Disney World.

    "Make sure you show them the right ID," I said to my son as we approached.

    "Got it." 

    We made it through security and entered the club. It was small, but packed! The music was even louder than I remembered, making me wonder when was the last time I was in a nightclub. People were lined up around the bars and the dance floor was crowded. 

    We made our way to one of the bars, where I ordered two beers and handed one to Ethan. His head was like a periscope, checking out all the girls walking by with a big grin on his face. My son was getting his first taste of being an adult and from the looks of it, he loved it. Even though I hated being here, at least I got to attend Ethan's firth night out in a club, which was nice.

    We walked around a bit, checking out the rest of the club. We eventually stopped in one of the less crowded areas, next to a small group of people who were out for the evening. When they noticed my Phillies cap they struck up a conversation, and we all started talking.

    "Gotta take a piss," Ethan leaned into me after a while. "I'll be right back," he said as he headed across the floor. I watched as he made his way through the people and approached the restroom. 

    I continued talking with the friendly strangers, and I didn't even realize how much time passed. It had been half an hour since my son went to the bathroom. I excused myself from the crew of people and started looking for him. 

    I went into the men's room and looked at the row of men pissing at the urinals. My son wasn't there. I looked under the stall doors and couldn't recognize his shoes, so I headed out.

    As I approached the other side of the dance floor, I finally spotted Ethan. He was making out with a beautiful brunette wearing a mini dress and fuck-me pumps. My son had her pinned against the wall and I watched as they carried on kissing. Then again, "kissing" was way too mild a word for what they were doing. 

    Ethan's right hand moved from the girl's waist up her dress, where he started squeezing one of her tits. She wasn't pushing him away, and in fact, seemed to enjoy it and pull him in even closer. My son's left hand slid down, reaching behind her and grabbing her ass, which caused her to grind into him even more. 

    Next, I watched as Ethan's right hand slipped inside the girl's bra, giving her tit a quick squeeze and probably playing with her nipple. Nobody on the packed dance floor seemed to pay any attention to them. Meanwhile, my son's left hand moved to the front of her dress, reached down, lifted the bottom of it, and slid up the front of her thigh. She moved her leg out, spreading her legs further apart and giving him easy access. 

    "Holy shit!" I thought as I watched my boy's hand move further up the girl's leg, the palm of his hand pressed against her as he slid a finger inside her.


to be continued…


MARCH 2009 | CORY:

    "Daddy, what are you doing?" we heard Ethan yell, knocking on Brandon's door. 

    "Go away, Ethan, I'm busy. I'll be right out," Brandon shouted back.

    He was busy alright. Busy getting a blowjob from me. I bobbed my head up and down on his hard cock, stopping for a second when I'd heard Ethan. When I realized the door was locked and my six-year-old nephew wouldn't come busting in, I continued the blowjob, going all the way down until my nose was buried in Brandon's bush.

    "Daddy, I'm bored," Ethan yelled again through the door.

    "Go watch TV, Ethan. I'll be right there," Brandon replied loudly, pushing my head down on his cock with both of his hands, making me gag.

    I wrapped my lips around Brandon's cockhead and flicked my tongue against his piss slit, tasting the stream of salty precum that leaked from it. 

    "Fuck, that feels so good," he said in a voice low enough not to be heard by his son outside the door. 

    "Daddy, I want chicken nuggets. Can we go get some?" Ethan yelled once again through the door. 

    "Ethan!" Brandon gasped. I deep throated his cock again. "I said go watch TV until I'm done," he replied as his cock hit the back of my throat.

    "I wanna go nooow," Ethan whined.

    Brandon sighed. "He's gonna leave until I go," he added quietly.

    "Then we better make you cum quick," I replied. Luckily, being horny sixteen-year-olds, Brandon and I could cum at the drop of a hat.

    I wrapped my fist around Brandon's hard, wet cock and moved my mouth down to his big, low-hanging balls. My lips sucked each one and rolled them around in my mouth while I slowly stroked his cock.

    I looked up and saw Brandon's head thrown back, lost in the sensations I gave him with my mouth and hand. 

    "Awww fuck," Brandon sighed quietly. 

    "Mmm," I moaned with my mouth full of his nuts. 

    "Get that mouth back around my cock," he demanded.

    I moved back up to his sticky, wet cockhead. It was slathered in precum which oozed out while I worked his foreskin. I wrapped my lips back around his cock, savored his juices, and flicked my tongue against his piss slit again. 

    "Fuck yeah, suck that cock buddy! Mmm, yeah," Brandon growled while pushing my head down on his cock, both of us cautious not to be heard through the door. 

    Brandon lay back on the bed. I kept his cock in my mouth, wrapped my hand around both of his balls and gently pulled on them. 

    "That's it, Cory! Just like that," he said as his blood-engorged cock invaded my throat.

    I gagged on it, pulled off for a few seconds to see his wet, glistening cock covered in my saliva and his precum. I went back to work to finish the job I started. 

    I felt Brandon's foreskin roll up and down every time I stroked him with my mouth. 

    Brandon breathed harder.

    "You're gonna make me nut!" he panted, barely able to keep his voice down anymore.

    I wrapped my lips tight around his cockhead, worked my tongue all over it, and moaned to indicate my desire for his load.

    "Oh fuck!!!" Brandon panted. The underside of his cock pulsated and several ropes of his thick load coated my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could, determined to take every drop until finally his orgasm subsided. 

    "Mmm, buddy. Yeah," Brandon started to relax, his fingers in my hair, as I reluctantly released his cock from my mouth, but not before giving it one final lick.

    Then, as quickly as possible, we started to pull our pants up. Brandon wore a pair of baggy basketball shorts and did his best to hide his still-present boner in them before unlocking the door.

    "Uncle Cory? What're you doing there?" Ethan enquired as soon as he saw us.

    "We were just doing something for school," his father told him.

    "We're gonna go get nuggets! Wanna come?" Ethan said to me excitedly.

    "Sure," I said, side-eyeing his dad and wiping off some of the cum that was on my lip, before giving Ethan my hand to hold. "Let's go, buddy."

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