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Would You Suck My Cock if I Asked?

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Cowritten with: Rich


    After getting fucked for the first time, I felt so fulfilled (literally; I still had Cory's cum up my ass) that I soon passed out into a nap. 

    "I'll let you guys get some rest," my son said and left our bedroom, closing the door behind him. 

    "That was incredible. I love you," Cory whispered to me as we hugged and drifted off to sleep. We woke up to have dinner a couple of hours later (Ethan was out, probably hanging out with some friends) and we watched some TV (including news reports about today's Pride parade) before going back to sleep. Cory was exhausted, and he had to go back to work tomorrow, so I let him get some sleep.

    I woke up around 2 AM, unable to fall back asleep since I'd napped too long in the afternoon. So I got out of bed and went to the living room to watch some TV, making sure the volume was low enough so as not to wake up Ethan and Cory.

    "You up, old man?" my son came out after a while, seemingly still up. He was naked, just like me, and came to sit next to me on the couch.

    "Hey. Sorry if I woke you up," I said. "Couldn't sleep."

    "Yeah, me neither. I was out with some friends and had some coffee, which wasn't a good idea so late at night."

    Ethan and I sat and talked, ignoring the show on TV. It was wild to imagine that just a few hours ago he'd watched me get fucked and take a load up my ass, all the while I blew my own load on his face. We talked about regular father-son shit: the girl he'd met earlier in the day; the summer job he recently started; the last time I talked to his grandparents.

    "I think they're doing okay," I said to him. "They're slowly coming to grips with the whole gay thing."

    "Yeah, they'll be alright," Ethan reassured me. "They were mostly surprised to find out about you and Cory, going behind everyone's backs all those years. Even Joel: Grandma and Grandpa always thought he was your roommate, so they were surprised when I told them you guys were together. They felt betrayed. But I explained why you felt the need to hide and I think they get it now."

    "Ethan… thank you," I said, putting my hand on my son's shoulder and giving it a squeeze. "You're the youngest, so it shouldn't be your job explaining anything to anyone, but thank you for sticking up for me."

    "Hey, I'm not that much younger," he noted, pointing out our small age difference. "And of course I'd stick up for you, Pops."

    He now put his own hand on my shoulder and we sat like that for a minute, patting each other.

    "Listen, I'm starving and we're all out of food," I said suddenly. "What do you say we go out?"

    "Now? At this hour?" Ethan chuckled.

    "Why not? I know a diner that's open 24 hours. Let's go," I said. 

    Since I didn't want to go to my room and risk waking Cory up, I followed Ethan to his room and borrowed some of his clothes to get dressed. His shorts were mighty tight on me, but not as tight as the boxer briefs my son lent me. Feeling amused (and kinda turned on) to be wearing Ethan's clothes, I walked with him to my car and drove us to the diner I had in mind.

    The place was huge, with over 40 or 50 tables, but only two of them were currently occupied this late at night. Interestingly enough, they both seemed to be full of people who had been out celebrating Pride all day: one table was taken by a large group of kids in their early 20s, laughing drunkenly; and the other by two men who were clearly a couple.

    Ethan and I went as far as we could to get a table with as much privacy as possible, since we wanted to talk in silence. Thankfully, our waitress was a no-nonsense kinda gal who took our order, brought us the food, and disappeared without talking to us too much. At this hour, I was certain she'd rather be sitting behind the counter, drinking coffee and scrolling through her phone. 

    "This is fun, eating out at 3 AM," Ethan said, consulting the watch on his wrist. For some reason, times like this really made me feel like a dad; taking my son out on a little field trip. My relationship with fatherhood was so fucking weird, for several reasons, but I loved Ethan more than anything in the world, and I smiled as I watched him stuff his face with bacon across from me.

    The conversation quickly turned to girls again. Ethan surprised me by confessing he'd like to get a girlfriend, rather than the constant progression of fuck buddies that he had his fun with.

    "I'm sure plenty of chicks would love to date a guy like you," I said to Ethan. (I knew I certainly would.) 

    "I dunno. It's different than when you're just fooling around, especially cuz I often hook up with older girls. Like, they want to have fun with me, but then they end up dating a man in his 30s or 40s who makes a hundred grand a year."

    I had to laugh out loud when I heard that. 

    "Ethan, you're handsome, young, and you got a nice dick. You're literally on top of the sexual and dating hierarchy," I said.

    "Huh. You think so?"

    "I know so. That still doesn't mean everyone's gonna like you. But you don't get to feel too sorry for yourself. What about that girl from the parade earlier? She was hot."

    "Oh, that didn't work out. She wouldn't even suck my cock. Which, fair enough, she's not required to, but it's why I came back home so early."

    "Well, her loss," I said. "On to the next one."

    "So… you think I have a nice dick," Ethan asked me coyly after a few moments.

    "Once again: I know you do," I said with a smirk. "By this point, I've seen my fair share of dicks."

    "Shit, even just hanging around you, I've seen my fair share as well," Ethan laughed.

    "Well to be fair, you've been doing more than just 'hanging around' me," I noted. I mean, just hours earlier, it had been Ethan's hand that milked a load out of my cock.

    "Yeah, I know," he nodded, taking some time to chew his food and swallow before asking, "By the way, how did that feel? Earlier today?"

    "What, getting fucked?" I asked.

    "Aha," my son nodded again.

    "Really fucking interesting. Feeling something – someone – hit your prostate like that… It's intense. Have you ever had anything up your ass?" I asked my son casually, nonchalantly. 

    "Nah. I've thought about it, though," he admitted. "A couple of girls have brought their fingers close to the goal but never really… gone inside."

    "Oh yeah?" I asked, drinking my soda through a straw and making eye contact with my son.

    "Yeah. Usually while sucking my dick," Ethan continued. "I've been curious about it but I never wanted to ask 'hey, can you stick a finger up my ass?' Plus, most girls have these ridiculous nails these days…"

    "Yeah, that's not ass friendly," I joked, ignoring the fact we were still eating. Soon, we were done with our meal, and I reached down to adjust my cock and balls, which were being squished by my son's tight underwear.

    "This underwear's ridiculous," I noted. "I can't breathe. Way too tight."

    "Yeah, I've had them forever. Even on me, they're tight," my son said. "Just like the pair I have on."

    He reached down and adjusted his own bulge. We were sitting far enough from everyone else at the diner that we weren't worried about being seen.

    "Although to be fair, I'm kinda starting to pop a boner," Ethan revealed.

    "Oh yeah?" I asked in amusement.

    "Yeah. Talking about blowjobs in the middle of the night has that effect."

    "I can't believe that girl didn't feel like sucking your dick earlier. She doesn't know what she's missing," I said, my hands still in my pants, stroking myself gently.

    "Yeah, well, neither do you," Ethan said.

    "What do you mean?"

    "You don't know what it's like either. You've never sucked my dick, so you don't know what you're missing."

    "I never knew that was an option," I said, talking sort of flirtily.

    "Oh, so it is for you?" my son asked, making eye contact with me. I could tell his hand was in his pants as well, rubbing himself just like I was.

    "What do you mean?"

    "Would you suck my cock if I asked?" Ethan said bluntly.

    "Would you like me to?" I answered his question with a question.

    "Well, if I asked, that obviously means I want it."

    "And are you asking right now?" I said, getting harder and harder under the table. At this hour, this late at night, it almost felt like we were in an alternate reality.

    "Like, right here? In the bathroom or something?" Ethan asked, visibly excited by the idea.

    "Why bother getting up?" I suggested naughtily, looking around at the near-empty diner. Only the gay couple could see us at all from where they were sitting, and they didn't strike me as the kinda people who would complain, based on the sexy clothes they were wearing and they fact they kept exchanging kisses all night.

    Looking at each other's eyes intensely, I slid under the table and put my hand on my son's crotch. In there, I could feel Ethan's hand rubbing his cock. He took his hand out, allowing me to feel his prick through the material of the shorts. 

    Crouching like this under a table made me feel like a crazy high school kid again. Back then, Cory and I would pull shit like this all the time. Now here I was, repeating the scenario with my own son.

    Ethan's dick seemed to be more-than-half-hard already. No wonder his underwear couldn't contain it! After having me rub it for a few more moments, Ethan had to release it and pull it out of his shorts. Under the table, I got a good close-up view of my son's dick. I licked my lips and wrapped my right hand around it, slowly pumping up-and-down as my left hand went to his balls and cupped them.

    "That couple at the other table, I think they know what we're doing," I heard Ethan say. "They're looking this way and I think they can tell you're under the table."

    "Do they look like they're gonna get up and tell somebody?" I checked.

    "No, they're just smiling and pointing. Oh. One of them just winked at me."

    I smiled, happy to know our little late-night play was turning on more people than just Ethan and me. If that couple only knew the truth about my son and me… I wondered if they'd be turned on even more.

    For now, though, they weren't the focus of my interest. I watched as my boy's uncut cock grew larger and larger under the table, until I finally scooted closer to him and took it in my mouth.

    "Mmm!" Ethan and I moaned out simultaneously. His toes curled and he kicked off the flip-flops he was wearing. I took his feet in my hands and started squeezing and massaging them while sucking his cock, giving him intensified pleasure. My son had large feet – one size larger than mine – and I couldn't remember the last time I had given him a foot rub. This was doubtlessly a night like no other.

    Feeling the taste of my son's precum starting to leak down my throat was a sensation like no other. Doing this in public felt even more depraved. Obviously, it turned my son on just as much as it did me, because I could feel how rock hard he was in my mouth, making me gag on his cock. Carefully, Ethan raised his ass and started to slowly fuck my face, putting his hand on the back of my head and really going to town. 

    I let Ethan fuck my mouth for a few minutes, at which point I had to take a short break and catch my breath. I pulled down my son's shorts and underwear until they were around his ankles on the sticky tiled floor. Ethan scooted his ass forward, and we both knew what was coming next.

    I put my index finger in my mouth, getting a good amount of saliva on it. Once it was wet enough, I put it up against my son's asshole, as he spread his legs as far as possible without falling off the diner bench.

    "Let me know if this hurts," I said, and got a "mhm" in response. 

    I gently tickled Ethan's asshole, feeling the fine hair that was on there. Slowly, I started inserting my spit-covered finger inside, moving gently all the while sucking my son's cock. As I went in, I felt Ethan's hole relax and contract around my digit, sucking it in further. 

    "Ahhh fuck, Dad. Wow!" Ethan wiggled his legs, amazed by the sensation he was feeling. It was only one finger, but for someone who's never had anything up his ass, it was probably a novel sensation.

    I continued multitasking, sucking and fingering my son, giving him what was potentially the most intense blowjob of his young life. With my finger now fully up his ass, I could feel his prostate and I started pressing it.

    "Oh, jeez. Dad, if you keep doing that I'm gonna cummmm," Ethan grunted, suddenly blasting inside my mouth, probably surprised by his sudden orgasm as well. Knowing I got him to feel this kind of pleasure felt good! I kept going, milking his prostate and swallowing his jizz, letting him nut in my mouth right here in public, on the night of Pride. I swallowed all of Ethan's babies, as he blasted spurt after spurt down my throat. I figured the diner floor was sticky enough; no need to add my son's jizz to it.

    After about three minutes of swallowing Ethan's load and slowly taking my finger out of his ass, I finally crawled up and returned to my seat with a huge smile on my face. I used my left hand to wipe some jizz off my lower lip as I made eye contact with my boy, who was smiling even wider than I was.

    "I'm gonna go wash my hands now," I announced, trying not to laugh out loud.

    "Our new friends are waving at us," Ethan pointed behind me and I turned to see the gay couple a few tables away, waving and giving us the thumbs up. 

    I winked at them and got up to go to the men's room with an obvious tent in my pants. My boner was beyond obvious in the tight little shorts my son had lent me.

    "You need someone to take care of that as well," Ethan pointed out my erection.

    "I'll let you do that next time," I replied jokingly. Well, sorta jokingly.

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