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Daddy Lessons

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Cowritten with: Rich


    The week after Father's Day, my boyfriend Cory took a few days off work to take his kids on a little trip. He rented a cabin in the woods and invited Ethan and me to come along as well, but we figured it would be better to give Cory some alone time with his kids, since he didn't see them as much now that they no longer lived together anymore.

    So, my son and I had the apartment all to ourselves once again. The hot summer weather meant we always wore as little as possible while at home; often just underwear or not even that. That Saturday, Ethan spent the whole day out with friends, leaving me to watch TV and smoke weed all by myself. But on Sunday, feeling slightly hungover, my son decided to join me in the living room to hang out, after finally waking up past noon.

    The fridge was thankfully stacked with leftovers, since neither of us felt like cooking. We binged on whatever food we had, before drinking one beer after the other and watching a gameshow on TV. 

    "Here, let me," I said to my son who was struggling to light the joint that was between his lips. The lighter Ethan was using was nearly dead, but I gave it a shake and managed to light it, holding it up while Ethan took a drag. 

    "Thank you. Such a gentleman," my son said jokingly. After a few more puffs, he passed me the joint so I could have some as well.

    Feeling the weed hit my head, I got even more relaxed. I had nothing on but my underwear as I sprawled out on the couch lazily, lying on my back. Next to me, Ethan was sitting in a pair of briefs, allowing my feet to push against his thigh.

    As we watched the show and tried guessing the answers, Ethan's fingers started absentmindedly roaming in circles around my ankles, going higher up my shin slowly before he retracted them. He was always a touchy kid, and I was glad that he hadn't lost that trait, even though it's something most boys grow out of.

    When the show was over, we decided to watch a movie. "What do you feel like watching?" I asked my son.

    "How bout porn?" he said jokingly. I knew he was kidding, but I took him up on it by quickly connecting my phone to the TV. 

    "Okay," I said coolly. "Gay or straight?"

    "Dad, I was kidding. But if you're playing some anyway, might as well be gay."

    I found Ethan's suggestion interesting, and I wasn't sure if he was doing it to humor me or because it was something he was personally interested in as well. Either way, I found a long movie that we could stream in the background while smoking and chatting, which if you ask me was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.

    More than anything, Ethan and I made fun of the flick, joking about the guys' facial expressions or their hairy assholes. There was nothing particularly unusual about the movie or any of the men in it, we were just being dickheads. Still, after half an hour, I couldn't pretend like I didn't find at least some of the action on screen hot. In my briefs, my growing cock was revealing the truth.

    Interestingly enough, the following scene that just started included a guy sucking another man's dick while kneeling under the table. My son and I made eye contact slyly and we knew we were both thinking about the same thing: me sucking Ethan off at the diner just a few days ago. It was by far the hottest moment between us ever, culminating in my son blowing his load down my throat and me swallowing my grandkids.

    We continued watching the scene unfold, which was amazingly similar to our diner escapade, including fingering the guy who was getting head. Like our real-life experience, there were a couple guys at a nearby table who watched, but in the movie, they started jacking off as the action progressed.

    Ethan giggled in his drunken, high haze. "It's like they watched us," he whispered, almost to himself rather than me. 

    "I know," I replied absent-mindedly, watching the movie. I was getting so turned on, not only by the action on the screen but my recollection of sucking off my son. My cock was straining against my underwear, creating an unmistakable, obscene bulge. I moved my hand to my crotch in a feeble attempt at modesty, but realized: for whom? Unlike most fathers and sons, Ethan and I have done things together some couldn't even imagine. We've watched each other get blowjobs and fuck. We've spit-roasted guys together. He watched me get fucked for the first time in my life as he jacked me off and I shot my load all over his face. Then, the cherry on the sundae: the diner blow job when I massaged his prostate and gave my stud of a son what I suspect was the most intense orgasm of his young life.

    I casually reached for the blunt in the ashtray and lighter on the table with the hand that was covering my obvious erection in my underwear and relit it. I took a hit and reached out to give it to Ethan. When he glanced over, his eyes widened as they went directly to my crotch. He took a hit while he continued to stare at it. I felt a sense of pride that my son was checking me out and that he was so impressed by the contents of my package. Even though there were only ten years separating us and I was in good shape, Ethan was a bona fide stud. He was more of a hunk than I was at his age, physically and mentally. While Cory and I lived in fear of our "relationship" when younger and had to hide it, my son doesn't need to worry about such things. He'd already scored with countless girls (and women), and by now several guys as well. Wherever he fell on the sexuality scale, he didn't have to deal with the stigma or fear of being outed or rejected by his family. He'd already proven himself to be not only tolerant and accepting, but also an occasional participant in Cory's and my relationship. 

    "You know, that blowjob you gave me in the diner was the most intense nut I ever busted. I never felt anything like it," Ethan said casually as he placed his hand back on my leg and gently stroked it while watching the guy on the screen get deep-throated and fingered at the same time. 

    "That's because you've never had your prostate played with before. It intensifies your orgasm. Plus, you busted a huge load," I replied to my son with a devilish grin, while feeling validated by his confirmation of it being the best one he's ever had. 

    "What did you expect? I didn't get any action from the girl I picked up that day, and then I got to watch Uncle Cory breed your ass and you cumming all over my face. I went to my room with MAJOR blue balls," Ethan said while chuckling.

    Between sitting here in our underwear, the porn, pot, and listening to my son talk about his balls, I was getting ridiculously horny. Thoughts of that evening, getting fucked for the first time, Ethan witnessing (and recording) it, busting my load all over his face, and sucking him off in the diner made my cock throb uncontrollably. At this point, there was no reason for any embarrassment or fear of discussing anything, so I went for it. 

    "So, question for you," I said. "When Uncle Cory fucked me, you left our room with my cum all over your face. How did you get rid of it?" I asked coyly.

    Ethan grinned and replied matter-of-factly, "What do you think?"

    Now, my eyes widened. "Seriously?" I asked.

    "Most of it," he replied. "Then I used my underwear to clean what I didn't swallow," he finished. 

    "Fuuuck," I whispered lustily.

    I couldn't take it any longer. I moved my hand to my underwear, hooked my thumb in the waistband and started to pull the front down. My engorged, precum-soaked cock loudly slapped against my abs as I tucked the waistband under my nuts. I wrapped my fist around my prick and used the precum as lube to slowly stroke with my eyes closed thinking about what Ethan just said. 

    "He ate my load," I thought as I lost myself in self-pleasure. I'm not sure if it was a few seconds or a full minute, but when I opened my eyes, Ethan was staring at me. His hand was now squeezing his equally hard cock through his underwear. This was another intense moment most fathers and sons never share. I loved Cory. He and my son were the most important people in my life, but there was something incredibly special about this moment being just between Ethan and me. 

    My son seemed mesmerized by what he was watching. I could see his breathing was accelerated as his chest expanded and contracted rapidly. He unconsciously licked his lips. I saw a wet patch of material, undoubtedly from his own leaking tool, as he stuck his right hand in his own underwear. He simultaneously used his left hand to push his underwear down which revealed his big, throbbing uncut tool with its glistening cockhead. We both sat there, slowly sliding our foreskins up and down our cocks while staring at each other. 

    Finally, the silence was broken by my son. "Mind if I try?" he asked, almost demurely, eyeing my tool which he'd shot out of.

    I didn't answer verbally. Instead, I raised my ass and pulled my underwear off. Ethan did the same. 

    My son moved forward, intensely staring at my cock as he got closer to it. Finally, his upper body was hovering over my legs. He wrapped his hand around my cock and I flashed back to when he jacked me off while Cory fucked me, which caused a bigger stream of precum to ooze from my piss slit. 

    Ethan slowly slid my foreskin up and down my shaft, sending waves of intense pleasure through my body and more precum coming from my piss slit. There was more than enough to use as lube and that's exactly what he was doing. Why was I surprised? He's got the same cock as me (okay, a little bigger), uncut as well, so he knew how to make it feel good.

    "You sure you want to do this?" I asked to be certain he wouldn't be freaked out. Ethan replied by running his tongue over my soaked head and piss slit, all the while making eye contact with me. I sighed as the feeling of his tongue on my cock – his dad's cock – sent bolts of pleasure throughout my entire body. I felt more precum ooze from my slit only to be lapped up by my son like a thirsty puppy. 

    I repositioned myself on the sofa so I was more reclined and was able to spread my legs a bit more. My big, low-hanging nuts fell between my legs and dangled just above my hole. Ethan wrapped his left hand around them and gently squeezed and pulled on them. 

    "My boy knows what he's doing," I thought proudly. 

    My son opened his mouth and took in the head of my cock, running his tongue all over it. He opened his mouth wider and took half of my cock. 

    "You like the taste of that cock, son?" I asked.

    "Mmhm," Ethan managed to moan with his mouth full of his father's cock.

    "Yeah, you like your old man's dick," I said as a statement of fact and not a question. "That's the cock that made you," I continued, which elicited another moan. 

    My son continued to work my knob and shaft with his mouth. Each time he opened his mouth wider he took more of me in his mouth, until his nose was buried in my trimmed pubes and my cockhead invaded his throat. 

    Ethan pulled off for a second. A thick string of precum and saliva stretched between his mouth and my dick until it broke off and snapped against his chin.

    He looked up at me and asked, "Am I doing okay?" The expression on his face and his desire for approval made me flash back to his childhood when he would ask me if he was doing something correctly. I responded with the same reply as I did all those years ago.

    "You're doing great, buddy," I said as I gently ran my fingers through his hair.

    He smiled and got back to work, but not with his mouth. Instead, he took his right index finger and ran it around my cockhead and under my foreskin which leaked like a broken spigot. He stuck his finger in his mouth and loudly licked it clean, which made me leak even more. He repeated the process, but this time, rather than licking it, he lifted my balls and started to probe my hole. I felt his wet digit gently circling my tight hole. Again, he moved his finger to my cockhead, collected more and returned to my hole. This time he pushed in gently, inserting the tip of his finger. 

    My cock throbbed as my hole was probed. More precum than before started to leak from my slit. Ethan removed his finger from my hole. I thought he was going to go for more of my natural lube, but what he did next sent another spark through my body. 

    My son straightened up and I saw his rock-hard, throbbing cock oozing his own copious amount of precum. He stuck his index finger between the foreskin and head of his cock and ran it in circles. When he removed it, it was dripping wet. Without missing a beat, he moved his finger back to my hole and worked it inside. 

    "Fuck!" I thought. This was getting intense and I was so aroused that I was afraid I would blow without any more stimulation to my cock. 

    Ethan slid his finger in deeper this time, which made me gasp in surprise, but not pain. He probed inside my guts searching for my prostate, which he found in short order as evidenced by the stream of precum which shot from my cock. I've always been a heavy precummer, but I've never shot like this: like a mini orgasm. 

    My son wrapped his lips back around my cock and sucked it dry. He deep-throated me with the skill of an experienced cocksucker while fingering me, which drove me crazy. 

    I felt my aggressive top mode kick in even though I had Ethan's finger buried up my ass. I placed both of my hands on the back of my son's head and pushed him down even further to get my cock deeper down his throat while I started to buck my hips up and down to fuck his mouth. 

    "Suck your dad's fuckin' cock, boy! Take it!" I commanded Ethan, who could only reply with a grunt. His saliva dripped down onto my balls since he was slobbering all over my cock. I assumed he was okay with this since he continued flicking my prostate, but I wanted to be sure. The last thing I wanted was to give him a bad experience. I pushed his head from my cock and pulled him up on top of me until we were looking each other in the eyes. He looked like a child who had his toy taken from him.

    "You okay?" I asked.

    He smiled and softly said, "Yeah."

    I couldn't help myself. I pulled my son's face to mine and kissed him, sticking my tongue in his mouth. He didn't resist or pull back.

    I maneuvered us so that Ethan was now on his back. I straddled his chest and dangled my rock-hard, dripping prick over his face. His mouth opened and I slid right down his gullet until my balls were against his chin. I reached down, slid my hands behind his head and pulled my cock out until just the head remained in his mouth and then slammed it back in. 

    Without asking, my son reached under my nuts and slid his finger back up my ass until he hit my prostate. 

    "Fuck yeah, Ethan. Show me what a good son you are. Swallow your dad's cock," I ordered.

    Again, all he could do was respond with a grunt. 

    I piston-fucked my son's throat for the next several minutes while he continued working my prostate, slowing down each time I felt myself getting close. This was such an incredible, intense experience with my boy, both physically and emotionally, that I didn't want it to end and last as long as possible. 

    I kept my left hand behind Ethan's head, reached behind myself with my right hand and wrapped it around Ethan's rock-hard, precum soaked cock and started to stroke it. He whimpered at my touch.

    My body was responding to all of the stimuli. A warm, wet mouth deep-throating my cock, my prostate being massaged, my hand wrapped around a teenage stud's hard cock were all bringing me to the point of no return. But, what was really putting me over the edge was that this was all happening with my son.

    My breathing accelerated. I had that unmistakable feeling just before you blow a load. My nuts tightened up several minutes ago as I rode the edge, but I wasn't able to hold it much longer. 

    "Fuck, boy! You're gonna make me nut!" I growled. "You want that load?"

    Again, all Ethan could do was reply with a grunt. 

    I bucked my hips and power fucked my son's mouth until…

    "FUUUUCCCCCCK!!!" I yelled as I began to shoot the first of several ropes of Ethan's brothers and sisters into his mouth. 

    Just as I was busting, I felt my son's cock pulsate. He was screaming in pleasure with my cock in his mouth as he spewed my grandkids onto my back and hand. I kept stroking him with my cock still in his mouth until I felt the fountain behind me stop. 

    We were both breathing heavily for a good half minute while looking into each other's eyes. I finally moved my hand from Ethan's cock, brought it to my mouth and licked it clean while I maintained eye contact with him. He whimpered around my softening cock. I pulled my dick from his mouth and without hesitating, leaned down and kissed my son. Our tongues explored each other's mouths as we mixed his brothers and sisters with my grandkids until we both swallowed. 

    We finally broke our kiss but still held each other's gaze. 

    "I love you, Dad," Ethan whispered.

    "I love you, too, son," I replied. "Good job."

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