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Uncle's Hole & Nephew's Present

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Cowritten with: Rich


    A lot of people assume that being born on the 4th of July (or any holiday for that matter) must suck, but honestly: it's the best. Everyone has the day off and they're getting together for a large family BBQ anyway, so no one ever misses out on my birthday. When I was a kid, my parents let me believe all the fireworks were in my honor as well, which made me feel super special.

    With our divorce finally officialized, Kayla and I were determined to show everyone – especially our kids – that we still got along, so we made plans to all go to my father's house for his annual BBQ together. I even suggested the new man Kayla's been seeing could come along. However, she decided that would be too much, so she didn't invite her boyfriend. Unlike her, I invited mine.

    Brandon and Ethan were of course in attendance at my father's party. After all, my dad was Ethan's grandpa. They brought the rest of the Caruso family along, causing Brandon's mom and my dad to get in a competition over who could make the most food. (Mrs. Caruso won.)

    With both families as well as other friends and neighbors there, the house hadn't been that full since… well, since Ethan's birth, probably. It felt amazing to be out of the closet and open about my relationship. I was turning 29 today, and I wanted to pull Brandon upstairs and celebrate by having a quickie, but with so many people in the house that wasn't an option. Plus, he'd started playing Monopoly with his brother Ryan and Ryan's kids, and the two brothers got VERY competitive. Neither of them was willing to pause the game until one of them won. Instead of joining them, I stood aside talking to my nephew. 

    "Ethan honey, the lasagna's ready. Can you go pick it up?" Mrs. Caruso approached her grandson and asked him for a favor. Apparently she had even MORE food cooking at her house, but she'd had a couple of glasses of vino and didn't want to drive, something she was very careful about. Since Ethan never drank in front of his grandparents, he was one of the few sober adults at the party.

    "Sure, Nonna," he said and accepted her car keys.

    "I'll come along," I said to Ethan and put my drink down. The party was fun, but I could use a short break from it.

    The drive to Brandon's parents' house wasn't long; he and I used to bike back and forth all the time when we were kids. Ethan and I joked about him having to stay sober, and he said he's having a joint as soon as we get to his grandparents' house. The house was empty and blissfully quiet, compared to the pandemonium at my dad's place. Ethan turned off the oven and walked back outside to have a smoke, and I joined him.

    My nephew and I walked behind the big oak tree in his grandparents' yard. The same oak tree his father – my best friend and now boyfriend – and I stood under and kissed for the first time as children. As my nephew pulled a joint from his pocket, I started to reminisce in my mind about the countless hours Brandon and I had spent at this very spot. 

    "You know how much time your dad and I spent under this tree?" I asked Ethan.

    "He said you guys would hang out there so Nonna couldn't see you," he replied while fishing a lighter from his pocket.

    "True," I replied with a smile as my mind flashed through years of memories. 

    My nephew flicked the lighter and inhaled. 

    "I kissed your father for the first time right here," I confessed. Ethan's eyebrows raised while he held the smoke in his lungs and passed the joint to me. I put it to my lips and took a deep hit. 

    "Really?" my nephew asked after he exhaled.

    Now it was my turn to react non-verbally with a smile and nod while I let the smoke linger in my lungs before blowing it out.

    "Yep," I said as I passed the blunt back to him. "It was the day his interview aired on the local TV station, when your mom was pregnant with you," I continued. 

    I realized I was standing here smoking a joint with the child my sister had been pregnant with, who was now a full-grown man. Ethan was approaching his nineteenth birthday and already developed into a stud. More of a stud than I remember nineteen-year-olds being. He was as tall as his father and already more muscular. His time at the gym was definitely yielding results and he knew it. He was wearing a red Y-backed tank top which showed off his tanned arms and delts and a pair of blue cotton shorts which showed off his equally impressive quads and calves. 

    I felt myself getting aroused in my own shorts. I reached down and gave my cock a little squeeze which my nephew noticed. 

    "Sorry," I said. "I've been feeling horny all day and my dad's house is too crowded for your father and me to fuck around," I continued. 

    "As if that ever stopped you before," Ethan teased with a smirk.

    We finished the joint and headed back inside to get out of the heat. The house was remarkably silent and calm, a complete dichotomy to what was currently going on at my dad's house. We were supposed to grab the lasagna and head back, but we decided to take our time.

    "Hear that?" I asked my nephew who just furrowed his brow. 

    "Silence," I whispered and giggled. The joint was working. 

    Ethan opened the refrigerator and took out two cold bottles of water and handed one to me. I gratefully accepted it and chugged half of the bottle at once. 

    "You goin' out tonight?" I asked him as we walked into the living room and sat on the sofa.

    "Not sure, why?" he asked. 

    "Just giving you fair warning. I'm really horned up, so your dad and I are probably gonna be going at it and loud," I said, grinning. 

    "You guys are always fucking loud. Won't be anything I haven't heard or seen before," my teenage nephew replied with a grin. "Who knows, maybe you'll get a chance to top him again," he finished.

    "That was pretty hot. I never thought your dad would go for it," I confessed to Ethan while I took another gulp of water. 

    "I think he enjoyed it, based on the load he shot on my face," my nephew replied matter-of-factly. This conversation wasn't helping my horniness and made my cock get rock hard in my shorts. 

    "Hey, I never saw the video you took that day. How did it come out?" I asked.

    "Not bad" Ethan said, already retrieving his phone from his pocket. "Wanna see?" 

    We scooted closer together on the sofa, pulled up the video, and started playing it. It immediately opened with Brandon riding my cock.

    "Yeah. How you like that?" I heard my voice from the phone. 

    "Feels fucking amazing," Brandon replied.

    "Yeah? You like having your hole fucked?"

    "Fuck yeah, baby."

    "You like having your hole fucked in front of your son?"

    "Fuck yeah."

    My cock was now rock hard and throbbing. I reached down and gave it another squeeze and couldn't care less that my nephew was sitting next to me. This role reversal had been a first for Brandon and me. It was almost as exciting watching it as it was doing it. 

    From the corner of my eye, I saw Ethan's hand move toward his crotch, which made me glance over at it. My glance didn't go unnoticed. 

    "What?" my nephew said. "You think you're the only one who's horny?"

    I returned my attention to the video just in time to hear my voice say:

    "Why don't you turn around so he can get a better view?"

    I watched as Brandon spun around and faced the camera. His hard, leaking cock bobbed up and down in the process. 

    "Yeah. Film your daddy as he gets bred for the first time ever," I heard myself command my nephew. 

    I felt precum leak from my throbbing cock while I watched the action on the screen. Ethan was overtly massaging his cock through his shorts. Why not? We don't hide anything with each other. He's heard, seen, and done it all already. 

    "Yeah. You go, Dad," Ethan's voice came from the phone.

    "Fuck!" Brandon moaned.

    My nephew slouched back on the sofa to get a better grip on his hard cock through his shorts. I did the same so we could continue to watch the video together. We were sitting shoulder to shoulder with our legs against each other and watched the action on the screen while we rubbed our erections. 

    On the video, Ethan's hand appeared as he reached out and grabbed his dad's throbbing, leaking cock and started to stroke it. 

    "Ahhhhh!" Brandon's voice came from the device.

    "Yeah? You like that?" Ethan asked him.

    "It was so hot when you did that," I said quietly to my nephew without looking at him.

    I felt precum soaking my underwear in my shorts as I continued to rub my crotch. I imagine Ethan was as well.

    "I'm close," my voice was heard.

    "Fuck yeah, fill his ass with cum!" Ethan said.

    "Yeah? You wanna see your daddy's ass get bred?"

    "Fuck yeah, dump your load inside him. Fill his guts."

    This whole scene drove me crazy. Between watching Brandon and me and hearing Ethan participate in it, I was abandoning any self-control. The fact that my stud nephew sat next to me, against me, doing the same added to the exhilaration. 

    "Fill my dad's ass with your cum, Uncle Coy. C'mon, I wanna see you do it.

    On the screen, my nephew picked up the pace at which he stroked his dad's cock. Ethan's hand was almost a blur. Then, it happened. Brandon shot multiple ropes of cum in the direction of the camera. I heard my own orgasm hit. The camera started to move and when it came to a stop, my nephew's cum covered face appeared on the screen. The video ended after he licked his father's cum from his upper lip. 

    Ethan and I remained pressed against each other on the couch, our faces mere inches apart. We both continued to squeeze our cocks as he tossed the phone on the cushion next to him. His hard cock created an obvious and obscene bulge in his shorts, as did mine. 

    Without saying a word to each other, almost as if we read each other's minds, we reached for each other's crotch. I felt a jolt of pleasure pass through my entire body. I realized at that moment, through all the fun we've had together, whether it was giving Brandon a blowjob while Ethan got one next to us from Joel, or watching me fuck his father, this was the first time my nephew and I have ever been intimate with each other.

    When I glanced up to look at him to be sure he was okay with this, Ethan was already looking at me. Our faces moved closer together until our lips met and my nephew's tongue invaded my mouth. 

    "Fuuuuck," I hissed when we broke our kiss. I moved my hand to the back of Ethan's head, looked deep into his eyes, and pulled him back in for another kiss. Ethan leaned forward, pushing me down onto my back further without our lips separating. I felt his hard, teenage body on top of mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down, running my hands over his bare muscular shoulders and back. Next, I tugged at his tank top, easily pulling it up over his head and tossing it on the floor. My nephew's hand slid under my T-shirt until he reached my left nip and pinched it. He pulled himself from me, keeping his hand inside my shirt, and pushed it up exposing my stomach and chest. I lifted my upper body enough from the sofa to easily remove my shirt and toss it with Ethan's. 

    I expected him to come back down and resume our kissing, but he had something different in mind. He stood and extended his hand. I took it and he pulled me onto my feet in one swift move. Then, he leaned in and kissed me again. Still holding my hand, he turned around and led me towards the stairs. 

    We made our way upstairs to his old bedroom. His father's old bedroom. The bedroom where, as teenagers, Brandon and I blew more loads than I can count.

    Once in the room, Ethan stood in front of me, reached for the waistband of my shorts and unbuttoned them while kissing me again. I reached for his as well. The elastic waistband of his easily allowed me to push them down where they dropped to his ankles. There, before me, stood my buff, chiseled, eighteen-year-old nephew wearing a black jockstrap. The glistening head of his rock-hard cock poked from the waistband. I reached out and placed my hand on the damp pouch, undoubtedly from the huge amount of precum he leaked. 

    Ethan hooked his thumbs on the sides of the jockstrap and peeled it off. His cock slapped loudly against his hard abs. He stepped up to me, stuck his hands down the back of my shorts, pushed them and my underwear off my ass, down my thighs to my knees. And then he pulled me into him for another kiss, our rigid cocks pressing against each other, our precum mixing.

    My nephew broke our kiss and carefully walked me backward until we reached his old bed. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed down, silently telling me to sit. When I did, I was eye-level with his gorgeous, rock-hard, uncut, dripping tool. I licked my lips. 

    "You like my cock, Uncle Cory?" Ethan asked as if seeking approval.

    I nodded my head affirmatively, unable to speak.

    "You wanna suck it, like my dad did at the diner?" he continued.

    Again, all I could do was nod. Ever since I heard the story from Brandon, about how he sucked Ethan off at a diner in the middle of the night, I'd been fantasizing about something similar happening to me. And now here we were, taking things even further.

    My nephew closed the already small distance between us, placed his left hand on the back of my head, wrapped his right hand around his cock and teasingly stroked it slowly. I watched his foreskin roll up and down over his wet cockhead. I involuntarily licked my lips again before opening my mouth. 

    Ethan wagged his cock up and down and leaned in until it slapped against my tongue and mouth. Trails of precum were strewn on my lips and chin. He moved his hand from his cock and slid the head of it into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around it and savored the taste of my nephew's precum, which unsurprisingly, tasted exactly like his father's. His right hand now joined his left as he held my head stationary while he pushed his prick down my throat until my nose was buried in his trimmed pubes. 

    "Fuck yeah, suck your nephew's cock!" Ethan ordered authoritatively. 

    I relaxed my throat to accommodate the entire length. Although a bit larger, years of sucking his father's cock made me more than prepared to handle Ethan's. I slobbered all over it, my saliva mixing with his sweet precum. I reached up and gently pulled on his shaved, low hanging nuts, which drew a moan from my nephew. 

    "Dad was right: you are a great cocksucker," Ethan groaned.

    I answered by taking his dick even deeper. His cockhead was now firmly buried down my throat. Ethan grabbed onto my hair and pulled his cock almost completely from my mouth until just the head remained between my lips, and then slammed it back down my gullet. He repeated this several times. Each time he pulled out I flicked my tongue against his piss slit allowing me to taste his precum.

    "Get that fucker ready for your ass!" my nephew commanded.

    I moaned around his cock and my hole twitched at the thought of being fucked by Ethan. I've secretly wanted this for some time. It was fun doing things with other people, like when Joel and I sucked the father and son side-by-side. But recently, since Brandon has been intimate with his son, I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel a pang of jealousy. I know they're father and son and share that bond, but seeing my nephew so comfortable being naked and exploring his sexuality triggered a desire for him. The fact that he was built like a Greek god and is a slightly younger version of the man I loved only added to that yearning.

    Ethan pulled his teenage cock from my mouth and took a step back. I felt like a baby whose pacifier was taken from him. He pulled me to my feet and kissed me again, our tongues exploring each other's mouths passionately. 

    "Get on your knees on the bed," my nephew said. I obediently obliged.

    I felt his hands on my ass cheeks, spreading them apart. His thumbs pressed against my hole to coax it open. Ethan spit and worked his thumbs against it. I felt it twitch at his touch. What happened next took me by surprise. I gasped in pleasure when I felt my nephew's tongue circle my hole. His beard stubble scratched the inside of my cheeks. Without delay, he pushed his tongue into me; into the same place the man who made Ethan has been countless times. I moaned in pleasure. 

    Ethan spent a couple minutes opening me up with his tongue and spit. I was ready. My hole was ready. I wanted to feel him inside me. His mouth left my ass and I heard him stand behind me and spit. I then heard the distinctive sound of a lubed cock being stroked. 

    I'm not very competitive, but I took satisfaction knowing I was about to do something with my nephew that his father hasn't. It made me feel included in this family and helped alleviate my unfounded jealousy. 

    My nephew placed his left hand on my lower back and smacked his rock-hard cock against my ass crack. I felt his uncut cockhead press against my hole. He moved his right hand to my back and began to make his entry. I exhaled loudly when his head popped in. Ethan moved his hands to my hips to immobilize me while he worked the rest of his shaft inside. 

    "What a fuckin' tight hole you got, Uncle Cory," my nephew said. I smiled as I felt him fill me up. 

    "Your father thinks so, too," I replied proudly as my sphincter expanded and contracted around this stud's hard prick. 

    Ethan slowly pulled his cock out so just the head remained in my hole. I felt empty, but not for long. I moaned when he pushed his steel rod back in me until his big, low-hanging nuts were pressed against my ass. It was the same technique he used when fucking my face earlier, only how he was doing it to my asshole. I wondered if throwing a great fuck was genetic, because he had the same moves as his father. 

Ethan wrapped his muscular arms around me from behind and held me against his chest while nibbling my earlobe. My sweet spot. I groaned out loud. 

    Without leaving my hole, my nephew lowered me down, so I was leaning on my elbows and my ass was sticking up. He picked up his pace and started to fuck me with more force. His balls audibly slapped against my ass.

    "How many times have I been in this position on this very bed with his father?" I thought to myself as Ethan pumped his raw cock in my hole. I felt like I was traveling through time, my mind racing through the years. Ever since Brandon and I started fucking as young teenagers, hiding it from the world, including Brandon's little son. Now here I was with that very boy, getting dicked down by the second generation.

    After a few minutes my nephew pulled out with an audible plop. I felt empty. 

    "Flip over, Uncle Cory," Ethan said. 

    I flipped onto my back. My nephew grabbed my ankles, placed them on his strong, broad shoulders, and moved forward until his cock plunged back into my lubed, stretched hole.

    "Fuck," I gasped.

    Ethan's hips pumped back and forth fast. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I grunted each time my nephew tapped my prostate. My own cock was leaking precum like a sieve which matted my pubes. I felt myself nearing the edge. 

    The perspiration on Ethan was glistening and by the look on his face he appeared to be close as well. Without missing a beat, he leaned down and kissed me. His tongue wrapped around mine while he piston-fucked me. That was all I needed. I couldn't hold back any longer. I was about to cum hands-free. 

    "Aaahhhhh!" I yelled as my load erupted between Ethan and me. 

    My contracting hole put my nephew over the edge. He squeezed his eyes tight and grimaced as he began to yell.


    I felt my guts being filled with my nephew's seed. His cock pulsed inside of me, filling me up with his babies for almost a minute. His sweat dripped on me while he panted from his climax until he finally collapsed on me with his still-hard cock buried in my ass. I wrapped my arms around him and stroked his hair like I did when he was little. As hot as this was, I needed to process everything that just happened. My mind raced with visions of Ethan through the years, from birth to the man who just busted his nut inside me.

    My nephew raised himself from me and his softening cock slid from my ass. His face hovered over mine while he looked directly in my eyes. 

    "You okay?" he asked. 

    "Never better," I replied with a smile. 

    He leaned down and kissed me one last time before he got up. 

    "I guess we should get back to your house. Nonna's gonna be looking for the lasagna," Ethan said while he grabbed my hand, pulled me off the bed and into him with a serious look on his face. I immediately thought he regretted what just happened, but he quickly put my mind at ease.

    "I just wanted to say… I love you, Uncle Cory and I'm so glad you and dad are together. I've never seen either of you happier," he concluded with a smile. 

    I fought back tears. 

    "And I'm sorry I didn't get you a birthday present," Ethan laughed out loud. "So I hope this'll do."

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