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I Wanna Fuck You

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Cowritten with: Rich


    "I just dumped a load in Uncle Cory's ass."

    My son whispered in my ear, immediately drawing all of my attention. At first I thought it was a joke, but when I looked up to see the self-satisfied smirk on Ethan's face I knew that he wasn't kidding.

    My son stood next to me at the Fourth of July party, holding the lasagna he'd just picked up from my parents' house. I was getting closer to beating my brother Ryan in the two-hour-long game of Monopoly we'd been playing, but I stood up and said I'm folding the game. 

    "What?! You can't quit now!" Ryan protested. "I wanna beat you fair and square!"

    "Dream on. This is taking too long, I got something else to do," I said and followed my son into the kitchen. There, he handed the lasagna to his grandmother, after which I finally got a chance to drag him to a quiet corner so the two of us could talk in private.

    "What did you say?" I faced Ethan, the smirk still present on his face.

    "Uncle Cory and I just fucked," my son said almost casually, except that his whole face was gleaming. "I hope you don't mind."

    "How did that happen?" I asked, bewildered.

    "Well, we watched the video I recorded of him fucking your ass a few weeks ago," said Ethan. "And then we talked about the time you blew me at the diner, and one thing led to another…"

    My son went into details and told me the story of how he fucked my boyfriend in the very same bed that both Ethan and I had as kids. I found the whole thing hard to believe, which probably showed on my face, so my son said,

    "If you want proof just check Uncle Cory's ass. My cum is still in there."

    I reached down and adjusted my cock – which by now was rock hard – all the while looking my son in the eyes. With that grin on his face, Ethan looked almost smug, but I felt proud of him. I put my other hand on the back of his neck, squeezing and pinching it.

    "You fucker," I said loudly.

    "Hey, language!" my mother startled me, suddenly chiming in. Apparently she'd just come up behind me without me noticing, calling us all to go sit at the table. Before we started eating, everyone went to wash their hands. I pulled Cory up to the guest bathroom and locked the door before burying my face in his ass and making him push out my son's spunk right in my mouth. 

    A week later, Ethan and I found ourselves alone in the apartment one Saturday morning while Cory was spending time with his kids. As soon as my boyfriend was out, my son came to join me in my bed, bringing some coffee for us to drink while watching TV naked.

    "Sounds like you and Uncle Cory had fun last night," Ethan said cheekily. He could probably hear us fucking halfway into the night. 

    "That we did," I admitted with a chuckle. 

    "From what I could tell, he was the one fucking you again," my son noted.

    "And what if he was?" 

    "Oh, nothing. I just thought it was interesting. From what you've told me, the two of you have been having sex all these years, and now you've flipped the switch quite suddenly."

    "We haven't switched completely," I corrected Ethan. "Far from it. Just… opened up to new possibilities."

    We both laughed, looking at the TV and taking a sip of coffee. By now, talking about sex was beyond normal for us. Indeed, if I ever needed to talk to anyone about my sex life with my boyfriend, the first person I would go to would be my son, as weird as that might be. It's not like it's any weirder than any of the other things that have happened between us lately…

    "You know… I can't stop thinking about you fucking your uncle on his birthday," I admitted to Ethan.

    "Really?" my son asked, turning to look at me with a smile.

    "Really. The fact that you fucked him on the same bed where he and I have had sex countless times growing up… it must've been such a turn-on for him."

    "Oh, he seemed turned on alright," Ethan laughed. "As was I. I gotta say, the whole thing was pretty hot."

    With that, my son turned to put his coffee mug away on the nightstand. With both his hands now free, he reached under the cover. Even though I couldn't see exactly where his hands went, I was pretty certain they ended up between his legs. 

    "Are you hard?" I asked my son, curious if this conversation was boning him up.

    "Not as hard as you are," he noted, pointing out my boner tenting the sheet. Of course, thinking about my son fucking my boyfriend had made my cock rise in very little time, and I was casually stroking it with one hand.

    I turned around to get rid of my mug as well. After doing that, I reached for the remote and turned down the volume on the TV so it wouldn't be so distracting. Finally, I slid both my hands under the cover and wrapped them around my dick… just like my son was doing.

    "What a way to start the day, huh?" Ethan said while obviously wanking. 

    "Nothing like it. Except, it's kinda tedious doing it under a sheet," I pointed out and I got rid of the cover, kicking off Ethan and me both.

    My son and I now lay side-by-side stark naked, with two boners pointing up like flag poles. Ethan's cock wasn't quite as hard as mine just yet, but he was quickly catching up. We looked at each other's pricks, giving a little "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" performance for each other. It reminded me of what his uncle and I used to do when we were little and how it all started. Showing off for each other followed by mutual touching. Wanting to repeat history, I let go of my dick and wrapped my hand around my son's tool instead.

    "Ahhh," Ethan exhaled, but didn't object. Why would he? He was loving this, I could tell. I could tell by his hard dick pulsing in my fist, leaking precum all over my thumb and forefinger. 

    Slowly, I pulled down until Ethan's foreskin was fully retracted and his cockhead fully exposed. Next, I started jerking him off, up and down, rhythmically. My son squirmed in satisfaction for a few minutes before he decided to return the favor and grab my own dick with his hand. 

    "Mmm, fuck!" I said in ecstasy, feeling my boy pleasure my dick. Side-by-side, we made each other cuss and leak precum, never letting go of one another's cocks. I looked down at my son's tool in my hand and for a second, it felt like I was holding my own cock because of how similar they were! I always wished I were flexible enough to suck my own dick, but I never came close to it. Now, there was an even better option…

    I let go of Ethan's cock and crawled down on the bed until my face was buried in my son's crotch, able to smell his morning musk. I took a deep whiff, which made my cock pulse. With my legs, I straddled Ethan's shoulders. Now, I was leaking precum directly onto his face.

    "Mmm," my son moaned. It had been my intention to suck his cock, but Ethan surprised me by being the first to take my dick in his mouth. Just like a couple of weeks ago on the couch, I was getting a blowjob from my son.

    "Fuck yeah, boy," I grunted and immediately took Ethan's cock in my mouth as well, leading to our first 69.

    My ex Joel loved 69-ing, but I was never particularly fond of it, mostly because Joel was significantly shorter than me and the whole production was always more complicated than hot. But Ethan was my same height; indeed, we often looked like twins in many ways. Whether it was that, or just the fact we were both super horny, the mutual cocksucking went better than I'd ever experienced with another man. We moved totally in sync, bobbing up and down on each other's cocks like we'd been practicing this our entire lives. Holding myself up with my left arm, I used my right hand to hold onto Ethan's dick, stroking it occasionally or reaching for his ball sack and gently yanking on it. My son often mimicked what I was doing, repeating the same actions on my own cock and balls.

    After sucking each other for ten minutes, I took Ethan's cock out of my mouth just to admire it. Staring at his big, hard boner like hypnotized, I stroked it and watched it pulse right in my face. From this close up, I could see every vein, every freckle, every hair between my son's legs. Salivating, I shoved his prick back in my mouth, eager to get to swallow my grandkids again. 

    But my son had a different idea.

    A short while later, Ethan stopped blowing me and started shuffling on the bed. Reluctantly, I let go of his dick, my mouth feeling devastatingly empty without it now. 

    "Hold on," he said and he reached for the nightstand, taking out a bottle of lube. He already knew all too well where we kept it. But why did Ethan need lube now? Confused, I knelt on the bed and watched for a few seconds as my son flipped the cap, squirting some lube onto his fingers and then applying it on his raging boner.

    "Dad… I wanna fuck you," I heard, making me feel like I was dreaming or hallucinating.

    "What?" I asked, looking from my son's lubed-up cock to his determined eyes.

    "Uncle Cory's been fucking you lately, and you seem to be enjoying it. I've already cum inside your mouth. Now I wanna know what it's like to cum inside your ass."

    I looked on in disbelief, expecting Ethan to burst out laughing like this were all a joke. He was always the type to take initiative and go after what he wanted, but I'd never heard him talk to me this way. It was turning me on but it also made me nervous, like this were all too good to be true.

    "Are– Are you sure? I can't believe what I'm hearing," I admitted.

    "Only if you want it as well, of course," my son said. "But I want to fuck you."

    I hadn't had a single smoke this morning but I felt like I was higher than I'd ever been. I actually got up off the bed and walked around it two times, my boner bouncing up and down as I paced. 

    "Are you okay?" my teenage son asked while still stroking and lubing his cock.

    "Yes, I just… I…" my thoughts whirled. "Let's do it!"
   I jumped back on the bed, getting on all fours and facing my ass toward Ethan. I wanted him to shove his cock inside me, right away, before either of us had a chance to change his mind.

    "Slow down," my son said calmly. Next moment, I felt both of his hands on my asscheeks, one of them still slightly sticky with lube. Ethan kneaded my cheeks slowly before saying, "You've got a killer ass, Dad."

    "Thank you," I replied, always happy to receive a compliment from my boy.

    Unlike me, Ethan was in no rush. He played with my ass in very much the same way I imagined him playing with those of the many women he had sex with. I'd observed my son making out with girls on several occasions, and I could tell he was an ass man by how quickly his hands tended to go there. Now, I arched my back, trying to make my ass seem as big and appeasing as possible, eager to impress my son.

    "Nice," Ethan said quietly, more to himself than to me, but it was enough to let me know he was liking what he was seeing. In arching my back I also pushed out my hole, only to feel my son's fingertips on it a moment later.

    "Mmm, yes," I moaned out as Ethan – very slowly – touched my asshole with the tips of his digits, teasing and tickling it. I took a deep breath and relaxed, which allowed my son to start to poke inside me as well, slowly penetrating me with two fingers, inch by inch.

    "I like that. Go deeper," I begged, resting my head down on the mattress, opening my ass up even more. 

    "Oh, I'll go deeper, just not with my fingers," Ethan promised, fingering me for a few more moments before pulling out. Taking another deep breath, I expected my son's dick to come next. Once again, Ethan proved good for a surprise when he placed his warm, wet tongue against my hole and started to drive it inside.

    "Mmm," we both moaned at the same time. My hard cock let out more precum as I felt Ethan tonguing me deeper and deeper. My son noticed that and he wrapped his hand around my boner, stroking it while rimming my ass. For a "straight boy," he was more of an expert in gay sex by now than many gay men.

    Although I enjoyed being rimmed, I was also growing restless for the main attraction. Ethan had promised me his cock, and I'd settle for nothing less. Nothing less than my teenage son's cock, deep inside my hole, cumming inside me and filling up my guts just like he'd promised…

    Ethan sensed my impatience and rimmed me for about five minutes before finally giving me what I wanted so badly. On his knees, he crawled closer to me on the bed until his hips were right up against my ass. I could feel his boner between my asscheeks, grinding up and down like a dirty dance. He had plenty of lube on his cock to make it slide easily. Reaching down, he pressed his cockhead against my hole. Maybe he intended to tease me some more, but my hole was so wide open that it simply swallowed up his cock, sucking half of it up my ass in one swift move.

    "Whoa! Fuck," my son exclaimed, surprised and excited. Now, he was finally past the point of teasing as well. With half his dick up my ass, he continued to push forward until he shoved every last inch inside me. 

    "Now we're talking," I said, bouncing my hips as my son began to thrust back and forth. We reached a rhythm where we moved in sync once again, as if we'd been practicing. This was so far from anything I'd ever imagined, yet here it was, going perfectly.

    I had some poppers and weed in the nightstand but I decided to ignore them; I wanted to be completely sober at this moment. No matter what, there would never be another one like it: my first time getting fucked by my son.

    Of course, judging by the moans of Ethan's previous sex partners coming from the other side of the bedroom wall, I knew that my boy was a grade-A fucker. Now, I had the chance to experience it myself. He was assertive and rough, completely taking control of the situation, yet slowing down and checking in on me at times. I usually had a more dominant side when fucking as well, so I understood Ethan. Indeed, it was like he'd inherited it from me. And maybe he had.

    I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of my son's cock thrusting inside of me. Back and forth, back and forth, Ethan gave me exactly what I needed. As wonderful as this felt with my eyes closed, I realized I want to look at my boy while we do this.

    "Flip me around," I told Ethan. As if waiting to be asked, he quickly helped me get on my back, all the while maintaining his dick inside of me. Now, we were making eye contact. My son grinned as I felt him shoot precum inside my hole.

    "I want you to cum inside me this way," I told Ethan, never breaking our eye contact.

    "Oh yeah?" 

    "Yes," I confirmed. "I wanna look at you while I take your babies up my ass."

    "You're so fucking nasty," my son said, and in this instance it was a compliment.

    "Fuck yeah, I am. I want you to shoot inside me, you hear me? Wanna get that cum inside my guts. Breed your old man, boy, c'mon. What you waiting for? I ain't getting any younger. Fucking shoot that load inside your daddy. It's my load that made you, now fucking shoot your load inside of me."

    My verbal encouragement woke up a beast inside my son. I could see it in his eyes; I'd never seen Ethan looking like this before. He grabbed both of my ankles, holding onto them like a rein and drove his dick all the way inside me, hitting my prostate.

    "Fuck, attaboy!" I grunted. "Do it one more time. Ah, fuck yeah! Harder. Harder!! Fuck your daddy's ass, c'mon. Work that fucking hole. Oooh, work that fucking hole when I tell you boy. Shoot inside me like you do in your little girlfriends. You know none of 'em will ever love you more than I do. D'you love me too, boy?"

    "I fucking love you, Dad," Ethan grunted while still thrusting back and forth and gripping my ankles as hard as he could. 

    "Prove how much you love me, boy. Give me what I need. Give it to me like you gave it to your uncle, c'mon. Right up inside my ass. I wanna feel your kids inside my guts."

    That drove Ethan over the edge. "ARRRGGGHHHH!" he shouted while thrusting inward one last time before spilling his seed right where I told him to: inside my cum-loving dad hole. Feeling Ethan's nut inside me pushed me to orgasm as well, and I started to shoot my own load hands-free all over my belly. When he saw me cumming, my son grabbed my dick and continued milking it, all while unloading inside of me.

    "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck," we both swore, blowing our father-and-son loads simultaneously. With Ethan's babies inside me, I felt hornier than I'd ever been! A third, fourth, fifth wad of cum came shooting out of my dick, glazing my entire stomach and dripping down to my chest. With his other hand, Ethan scooped up some of my cum and fed it to me, before bringing it up to his own lips and swallowing it. 

    "That's it. Eat your little brothers and sisters, you fucker," I continued my pervy narration while we continued to cum. Even though it was probably just over a minute, our orgasms felt like they went on for over an hour. By the time my son was done nutting inside me, I was probably more full of cum than I'd ever been in my life. 

    "Slowly. Slowly," I instructed Ethan as he started pulling out of me. I didn't want any of his jizz to run out; I wanted it in me as long as possible.

    "Phew! That was motherfuckin' intense," my boy said, sweat dripping all over his body.

    "You mean, fatherfuckin' intense," I corrected.

    "You know, Dad, I am genuinely impressed that you can come through with the dad jokes even at a time like this," Ethan said, dropping next to me on the bed and falling into my arms. "Wanna take a shower?"

    "No," I answered. "I wanna lie here all afternoon. As long as possible. Can we just cuddle?" 

    "Of course we can, Dad," Ethan smiled and gave me a big kiss. "Of course we can."

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