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We Don't Have to Stop Here

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Cowritten with: Rich


    The summer of 2021 was undoubtedly turning out to be the best summer of my life. Brandon, Ethan, and I were really getting into the groove of living together; so much so that we forgot all about the drama and trauma of Ethan originally finding out about my relationship with his dad, or my divorce that happened as a consequence. Even though at the time it seemed like a tragedy, I now felt like it was the best thing that could've happened.

    Brandon and I finally felt free, especially now that our families knew about us being a couple. Philadelphia felt like a whole new city. The two of us could finally go out to gay bars – together as boyfriends – and make up for experiences we missed out on throughout our 20s. Although, to be honest, we both got bored of the scene quite quickly… and that was okay. We realized we didn't have to be like our friends Taylor and Owen in New York; we didn't have to go out and meet people that way. We could be in an open relationship by our own rules, even if we hadn't set those rules in stone just yet. 

    For now, Brandon and I occasionally hooked up with other guys, but usually we were most comfortable spending time at home either by ourselves or joined by my nephew. It actually reminded me of the beginning of my marriage with Kayla (except with a LOT more sex). We felt like a little family, and I felt like the luckiest guy in the world.



    My friendship with Dad's ex Joel persisted, and he always texted me whenever he was in Philly and had some time to kill. This Sunday afternoon was one of those times and the two of us met up at Fairmount Park to have some coffee and chat.

    "So how's life?" Joel asked as we sat on the grass with our to-go cups and took off our shoes.

    "Pretty good," I said and went into details, talking about my summer job and what classes I planned on taking in my sophomore year of college.

    "And what about your dad and Cory?" Joel enquired. There was absolutely no bitterness about him and Dad being exes, especially now that Joel was seeing a new guy as well.

    "Well… things have been interesting. Very interesting," I chuckled. I hadn't seen Joel since before Uncle Cory's birthday, so I hadn't had a chance to update him on all the sexual shenanigans I'd been up to lately.

    The first bomb I dropped was about me fucking Cory at my grandparents' house. Joel was understandably mindblown to hear that, and as soon as he began to recover I had a larger bomb to drop: "And then I fucked Dad last weekend."

    "WHAT?!!" Poor Joel choked on his coffee, and I couldn't help but laugh while patting him on the back and waiting for him to catch his breath. I assured him that, no, this wasn't a joke, and I went into some details about the sex between me and my father.

    "Does Cory know?!" Joel asked, still in shock.

    "Yes, we told him when he got back home. He said he was only upset that he didn't get to watch," I smiled.

    "Wait, so have you done it again since? In front of Cory?"

    "Nah. I mean, I don't think Dad and I are gonna start fucking daily like he and Cory do."

    "So it was a one-time thing?" Joel tried to wrap his mind around all this. I thought about his question and took a long sip of coffee, biding my time.

    "It doesn't have to be one time," I explained, "but it's not a regular occurrence either. I've had sex with a couple of girls since, and that's still primarily what I'm into. I'm still hoping to land a serious girlfriend, but that's more difficult in the summer for some reason. In the meanwhile, whatever happens between Dad and Cory and me, we'll just roll with it. The two of them are a couple, and I'm obviously not trying to infringe on that. Everything's just… good fun."

    "I… wow," Joel was left speechless, which was a first for him.

    "You know, I have you to thank, in a way," I said with a smirk, making eye contact with Joel. "You were the first guy I ever hooked up with, when you sucked my dick on New Year's Eve. From there, I was much more comfortable having fun with other guys, and that eventually led to things escalating between me and my uncle and my dad."

    "Yeah, that escalated quickly," Joel noted, and we couldn't help but laugh out loud. What was even funnier was sitting here in this park on a Sunday afternoon, surrounded by families and dog walkers who probably had completely "innocent" things on their mind, while we were talking about fucking and sucking dick.

    "Speaking of that blowjob…" Joel added, sounding more sultry all of a sudden, "would you like a repeat?"

    I noticed he was now eyeing my bulge like a hungry shark, just hoping to get a mouthful.

    "Right here?" I asked, looking around. We were sitting next to a large tree and there was no one in our immediate vicinity, but this place was still as public as it gets. 

    "If you move a bit further, up against the tree, I think we'll be alright. And you can keep an eye out," Joel suggested, already licking his lips. I put down my coffee and grabbed my crotch, feeling up my cock which was chubbing up as a result of all the sexy stories I'd been telling. Feeling frisky, I pulled down my zipper and I let my father's ex take my dick in his mouth. A couple of times we had to stop when someone got too near, but we kept going until I blew my load down Joel's cocksucking throat, which had swallowed my father's sperm countless times. 



    It's been almost a year since my teenage son moved in with me in the city – and what a year it's been! Describing it full of "ups and downs" felt like an understatement. But recently, I couldn't be happier to say things were on the up and up. I was even saving up money so Ethan, Cory, and I could go on a little vacation later in the summer, which I was sure would bring us all even closer together. Who knows, maybe I'll even have enough for a trip to Europe or something.

    For now, instead of lying at a beach somewhere, I was comfortable lying in my bed, even though unfortunately I was all alone. Cory was spending the Sunday with his kids, and my son seemed to be out as well. I wished one of them would come back soon to keep me company. I was tempted to jerk off to pass the time, but as horny as I was, jerking off didn't feel good enough. I'd been so spoiled by all the good sex I'd been having lately that my hand wasn't getting nearly as much action as it once did.

    I finally got out of bed well past noon. I took a shower and continued on naked to the living room, where I lit up a joint and watched some mindless TV. A couple of hours (and more than a couple of joints) later, I assembled myself a sandwich and went back in front of the television. Finally, I was rescued from my boredom by my son who returned home.

    "Where've you been?!" I asked, happy to see Ethan back.

    "I was hanging out with Joel," he answered, taking off his sweaty clothes.

    "Joel? You guys like besties now?" I asked semi-jealously while scratching my balls.

    "We're hardly besties, but we hang out every now and then. It's good to have someone to talk about you behind your back with."

    "Haha," I said sarcastically just as my son took off his last items of clothing: his socks and his underwear. "C'mere and join your old man."

    My son's nickname for me seemed to stick; even I was using it now. Of course, I saw the irony in calling myself an old man when I still got carded when buying beer at times. 

    "Ahhhh," Ethan let out a long exhale as he sat down next to me on the couch. "Gimme that," he said, taking the joint literally out of my mouth and taking a drag.

    In the next few minutes, my son went into the story of how he just received a blowjob from my ex-boyfriend in the middle of Fairmount Park. I knew Joel was always partial to public fun – he'd given me a hand job in the back of a cab once, and he had me eat a stranger's load out of his ass at his birthday party – but by getting his dick sucked in the middle of a park on a Sunday, my son seemed determined to one-up me.

    While listening to Ethan's story, I started playing with my dick, and because I was high I didn't even realize I was doing it until my cock was rock hard. Of course, my son had no problem with seeing it this way. After all that's happened, he just chuckled next to me and took another toke of the joint.

    "Joel wanted to know if this is a regular thing now, between you and me," my son said, pointing between us two.

    "A regular thing?" I asked, stroking my hard cock with my right hand and accepting the joint Ethan handed me with my left.

    "I told him we fucked and he asked if we planned on doing it again," Ethan explained.

    "Well, I dunno if you plan things like that," I said and paused to inhale. "The fact it was so spontaneous was a big part of the fun."
   "I agree. And we don't have to stop here. I just think… whatever happens, happens," my son added with a sly smirk.

    "Whatever happens, happens," I agreed, passing the joint back to my son and putting my left arm around him, hugging his shoulders.

    Whether it was the physical contact or something else, my son's cock started to get hard as well, even though he'd blown his load down Joel's throat not that long ago. I watched as Ethan peeled his foreskin back, exposing his mushroom head all while I jacked off next to him, leaking precum all over my fingers. 

    "Good boy," I said, ruffling my son's hair as he started to stroke his member just like his dad.

    Once again, we jerked off side by side which only led to us wrapping our hands around each other's pricks soon and taking care of one another. I was closer to the edge than Ethan was so I told him to go slow, since I didn't want to cum just yet. My son granted my wish, and he moved his fist slowly up and down my cock, letting my precum run down my shaft so he could use it as lube. As for me, getting to hold my son's teenage dick felt as much of a treat as always. I took both satisfaction and pride in being able to please my boy this way. Every moan of pleasure that Ethan let out made me grip his cock a bit firmer.

    "D'you wanna fuck me again?" I asked suddenly, encouraged by our previous conversation. Whatever happens, happens.

    "Sure," Ethan said with a smile, all ready to go. "Should I get the lube?"

    "I think you're wet enough," I replied, eyeing all the precum gushing out of my son's piss slit. 

    I got on my knees on the couch and poked my ass back. Just like a week ago, Ethan teased me by rubbing his boner up and down my asscrack, poking at my hole before going inside of it. Since I was buzzed, I relaxed more quickly and easily, allowing for effortless penetration by my son.

    "Fuuuck, Dad," Ethan moaned, all too happy to find himself inside my hole again. 

    "Yes, boy," I grunted, encouraging him to give it to me.

    "How does that feel?"

    "It feels amazing, Son," I assured him. Even "amazing" felt like too weak of a word to describe it. 

    The afternoon was turning to evening, making for the most pleasant time of a summer's day. Ethan and I relaxed every part of our bodies except for our cocks, which were harder than ever as my son nailed me. After ten minutes of fucking me on my knees, I turned around and laid on my back so Ethan and I could make eye contact. The look on my son's face as his tool thrusted back and forth inside of me and the connection I felt with him in that moment were priceless!

    "I love you," I said, to be followed by an "I love you too, Dad" by Ethan.

    This time around, we took our time even more than last weekend. After a further half hour or fucking, Ethan pulled out of me and we lit another joint to share. Then, we went back to business. My son's cock slid inside of me even quicker this time, feeling at home, like an animal finding its way to its burrow.

    As he fucked me for another twenty minutes, the action started to get rougher and more aggressive. The couch was no longer big enough for us and I suggested moving on to my bed. Once again, Ethan pulled out of me and I watched his gorgeous ass as he walked in front of me to the bedroom I shared with his uncle.

    When we got there, my son had a surprising question for me.

    "Dad… How would you feel if I asked you… if I asked you to fuck me?"

    It took me a second to register what I was hearing, but I did my best to reply in a cool manner.

    "Is that something that you'd like?" I asked, my cock still hard as a rock and pulsing with excitement. 

    "Yeah, I think I'd like to… to test it out," Ethan admitted.

    While I didn't reply verbally, my son and I both looked down at my boner, pulsating so intensely like I was just about to cum any moment now. Just the thought of my son experimenting and getting fucked by a man – any man – turned me on like crazy, but he was offering ME to do the honors. 

    I stepped in and took my son in my arms, giving him a great big hug as our hard cocks rubbed against each other.

    "Of course I'd say yes," I finally replied softly in Ethan's ear. "Would you like to try?"

    My son nodded, his chin digging into my shoulder as he did so. I let go of him and went to my nightstand to retrieve the lube. I knew that in his case, it would probably be necessary.

    "Get on all fours," I said a bit more authoritatively, which was usually my default mode when I topped. Ethan obeyed and got on his knees on my bed, poking his ass out and giving me a view of his tight, slightly hairy asshole.

    "Let's get that thing ready!" I said and I smacked Ethan's ass. Two seconds later, I was spreading his cheeks open and diving in head-first, running my tongue from the bottom of his crack up to the middle, until it made contact with my son's perky hole.

    "Mmmm," Ethan exhaled. He let his whole body relax and that included his hole, which allowed for easy access for my tongue to slip inside. I rimmed my boy's hole for five minutes, all while reaching between his strong thighs and milking his hard cock. Finally, after he was sufficiently open, I pulled my tongue out and lubed up a couple of fingers before sticking them in.

    "Holy shit!" Ethan exclaimed. His hole clenched around my fingers for a moment, and I advised him to breathe and relax, which he did. "How many fingers is that?"

    "Just two," I replied. "Relax. You're doing great. No rush."

    I fingered my boy with my index and middle finger, until he managed to take them all the way up to the final knuckle. Then, I added my ring finger in there. Another clenching, but this time it took Ethan even less time to relax into it.

    With my other hand, I stroked my cock, getting it ready for my son's hole. I felt my dick saying "I can't wait much longer," and I knew it was time. I took my digits out of my son's hole and I watched it gape for a couple of seconds after I pulled them out. "Come on in," it said invitingly.

    I opened the bottle of lube and applied a generous amount on my dick with one hand and between Ethan's cheeks with the other. Like two magnets, my prick and his hole seemed to attract each other. Even though Ethan had only suggested this idea a few minutes ago, all of a sudden, it felt like my whole life had been leading up to this.

    "Let's go for it, boy," I said. Whatever happens, happens.

    I climbed on the bed, kneeling behind Ethan. The tip of my cock was just a foot away from his ass. Ten inches. Eight… Six… Just a few more. Aaaaand…

    "AAAAAAHHH!" my son and I yelled out at the same time as my prick slid inside of his boy hole. At first it was only the head, but Ethan's hole relaxed surprisingly fast for a beginner, and just a few seconds later half of my shaft was enveloped by his warm insides. 

    "That's it, just keep breathing," I encouraged my boy as the last few inches of my daddy meat slipped inside of him. "AH, all done!"

    Ethan let out a cute little "yay" when he heard I was all in. I gave him a moment to adjust and I began thrusting back and forth slowly, all the while checking in on him and asking how he was doing.

    "I'm doing fine. Just fuck me!!" my son said aggressively, assuring me he could take it.

    "Oh, that's how you want it, huh? Well that's what you're gonna get," I said, pulling almost all the way out before slamming in balls-deep, hitting my son's prostate and making him scream out in pleasure. Once again: in-out, in-out; my balls slapping against my boy's ass as I drilled his hole.

    "Don't stop. Fuck, don't stop," Ethan panted, losing himself in the ecstasy of his first fuck as a bottom. 

    Of course I wasn't about to stop, not just because my son kept begging me not to. I was in heaven myself, my cock probably harder than it'd ever been, gushing out precum inside my son's guts. "Maybe soon," I thought, "maybe I'll shoot my load inside of him. Give him a taste of the cum that made him inside his ass."

    Turned on even more by my pervy thoughts, I started to piston-fuck Ethan like there was no tomorrow. With his face in my pillow now, his moans were muffled but I could still tell just how loud they were. 

    Just as I started to near the edge, thinking I might bust my nut inside my son any moment now, I heard the front door opening and my boyfriend coming into the apartment.

    "Sounds like your uncle's here," I said to Ethan, still pumping back and forth inside him. "Should we invite him in?" 

    "Yes," my son nodded.

    "Hey, babe! C'mon in here," I shouted. Soon thereafter, Cory was walking into the bedroom with a load "WHOA!"

    "Yup," I nodded at my boyfriend. "You've got good timing. I'm close to cumming."

    "Fuck!" Cory replied monosyllabically and immediately pulled out his cock. He and I made eye contact as Cory stroked himself, getting hard within seconds. The sight of me fucking his teenage nephew must've had that effect on him.

    "You want my load?" I turned my attention back to Ethan, who was still moaning into my pillow.

    "Fuck yeah!" my son replied, clenching his hole around my cock as if hoping to milk it.

    "Here it fucking comes," I announced, feeling my balls ready to explode. I continued to thrust inside Ethan, two or three more times before… 

    "AHHHHH!" I shouted as I shot my load, filling my son up with his little brothers and sisters. To that, Ethan quickly grabbed his dick and gave it just a couple of jerks before he started to unload all over my sheets. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Ethan's uncle cumming all over the carpet.

    "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!" all three of us echoed, looking at each other blow our loads. I continued fucking Ethan, and now that his ass was full of my jizz I could hear a loud fapping sound as my dick thrusted back and forth. The weed was finally wearing off and I realized this was all real. I wasn't hallucinating. I'd really just shot my cumload inside my son!

    "Fuck, Dad!" Ethan let out a final moan as he emptied his balls, letting his teen cum drip on the bed. Still hard, I continued to fuck him deep, tapping onto his prostate.

    "Ah… Ah… Shit, I'm gonna cum again!!" Ethan suddenly exploded and started shooting another load. Cory and I both laughed in amusement at Ethan's reaction, who probably wasn't even aware he could cum twice in such short succession.

    Finally, feeling absolutely exhausted, drained of both sweat and cum, we all started to calm down. I pulled out of Ethan, remembering his words earlier: "We don't have to stop here."

    I hugged my son who was rubbing his stomach, currently full of my cum. I put my hand on it and rubbed it in circular motions as well, looking forward to whatever comes next for Ethan, Cory, and myself. Whatever happens, happens.

    "I brought some dinner for everyone," Cory announced casually, shaking the last drops of cum off his dick.

    "Great. But first, come here!" I said and Ethan's uncle jumped into a cuddle pile with us. Two hours later, after dinner, my son and I both fucked Cory's ass one right after the other and all three of us fell asleep on our bed.

The story continues in the spinoff series

World's Youngest Dad: Horny Uncle Ryan

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