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Thanksgiving Secrets

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Cowritten with: Rich


    As usual with most holidays, the family congregated at my grandparents' home, which typically included aunts, uncles, cousins, and other members of the extended Caruso family. This year was no exception. My young cousins, in typical tween fashion, were occupied on their phones. My dad, uncles, and grandfather sat in the living room watching the football game on TV and yelling out curse words in both English and Italian. 

    My grandma and all my aunts were going in and out of the kitchen, occupied with the food and the latest family gossip and scandals. I got to listen to some of it when I went to grab a soda from the fridge. Unfortunately, there'd be no alcohol for me today, not under my grandma's watchful eye.

    The whole kitchen smelled of food. Grandma, who was an excellent cook, had every burner on the stove going and the double-oven filled. The turkey was in the larger of the double-ovens, a tray of lasagna in the smaller. A large pot of sauce with meatballs and sausage and another large pot with escarole soup occupied the back burners, while the front had pots of mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. I thought I'd hang out with the women in the kitchen for a while, mostly because I was trying to get away from Dad. Before long, however, they threw me out of the room, saying I was in the way. Really, I think they just wanted to continue with their gossiping without me there. If they only knew... I had the most salacious scandal they could ever imagine.

    I walked back to the living room and leaned against the doorway while I drank my soda and watched the game. When the down was completed, I looked around the room. There were two open spaces on the large sectional sofa: one next to my father, who sat just a foot from where I stood, and the other on the far side next to his brother, Uncle Ryan. 

    I walked across the room, avoiding eye contact with my dad, and sat next to my uncle. I glanced in my father's direction and saw him look at me. He quickly returned his gaze to the TV, but not before I saw the hurt and anger on his face. A part of me felt bad, but I was also angry for being put in this extremely awkward position. 

    I'd been keeping Dad's secret for weeks now. It was bad enough when it was just the two of us. Now, here I was with the entire family, having to pretend like everything was peachy-keen. "Fuck this!" I wanted to scream out loud. 

    When I'd walked into Dad's apartment to the sounds of him fucking someone in his bedroom, I wasn't disgusted like most kids might be. Dad and I didn't have that kind of relationship. I mean, how many fathers get their eighteen-year-old sons fake IDs, take them out clubbing, and act as their weed dealer? 

    Dad never embarrassed me when I'd brought that girl home to get laid, so why would I do that to him? Indeed, I was happy to hear he was getting some! I'd intended to pop my head in his doorway, give him a thumbs-up, and pull the door closed before going to my room. The last thing I expected was to see that the person Dad was fucking was not only a man... but it was also Uncle Cory!

    My uncle looked like a deer caught in headlights when he realized I'd caught them. Looking white as a ghost, he jumped up from Dad's bed, grabbed his clothes, and stumbled out of the apartment as quickly as he could without even looking at me.

    I stood there in utter shock and disbelief. I would think this was some kind of prank if I hadn't seen my father's cock literally thrusting back and forth inside my uncle's ass. Now THAT would be one elaborate prank. 

    I looked at Dad as he quickly pulled on a pair of shorts, barely concealing his cock which was still hard and leaking precum everywhere. 

    "Ethan, let me explain," he said.

    The words finally came out of my mouth.

    "Dad, what the fuck was that?" I shouted.

    "This isn't how I intended you to find out," he said.

    "Find out what?!"

    My father hesitated (the wet patch of precum on his crotch only getting larger) then said, "That I'm gay." 

    That would've been big news in and of itself, but right now it was completely overshadowed by the identity of the man I'd caught him fucking.

    "How long?" I said curtly. 

    "How long what?" Dad sounded confused.

    "How long have you and Uncle Cory been fucking around?" I asked, sounding like an angry parent.

    "That's not important."

    "How long?!" I repeated more forcefully.

    My father just sat there staring at me and finally sighed. 

    "A... A long time," he replied.

    My whole life flashed through my mind. Dad and Uncle Cory were best friends ever since they were children. All those times I'd caught them spending time alone. This was always happening. Always

    "What about Aunt Kayla and the kids?" I asked. 

    "They don't know, and they can't find out. At least, not from us," my dad pleaded. "Ethan, I don't want this to change anything between us."

    WAS HE SERIOUS?! He'd been lying to me my whole life, going behind my back, and now he didn't want "this to change anything"?! I had so much to say that I didn't know where to begin. I grunted in disbelief and stormed off to my room, slamming the door behind me.

    I threw myself on my bed and stared at the ceiling while my pulse pounded in my head. I needed to process what I saw. From what I could tell, no one else in the family knew about this; neither on Dad's nor on my uncle's side. So I was now burdened with this secret. 

    Selfishly, I was also upset because this would undoubtedly impact my relationship with my father, which I'd really enjoyed ever since we moved in together. I LOVED drinking and smoking with him, talking about girls and about sex, knowing I didn't have to worry if he ever caught me jerking off. Now, everything was so awkward ever since this happened. I'd started avoiding Dad and focusing on school. We'd barely spoken in the weeks since. 

    "Thanksgiving dinner's ready!!" my grandmother yelled loudly from the dining room.

    "Hey Ethan, you okay, buddy? You seem really quiet," Uncle Ryan asked me right before we got up to go eat.

    "I'm fine," I said. "Just some classes at school. I'll be alright." 

    We walked into the dining room. The table was filling up quickly. I ignored the empty chair next to my father and claimed the one next to my uncle. I sat my soda down on the table, and headed to the bathroom to take a piss and wash my hands before dinner.

    Since my cousin was washing his hands in the downstairs bathroom, I went to the one upstairs. Up here, everything felt so different, like I was in a completely different house. The whole floor was abandoned and I was thankful to take a short break from everyone. On my way out of the bathroom, my guard was down. I did NOT expect someone grabbing me by the collar of my shirt, lifting me so my feet were off the ground for a second, and slamming my back against the wall. In shock, it took me a few seconds to realize that it was my father.

    "How fucking long do you plan on keeping this shit up?" he hissed angrily, small droplets of spit hitting my face. 



    I held my hands on the back of Cory's head while my hard cock invaded his mouth. His lips and throat wrapped around my hard cock always felt incredible regardless of how many times he's sucked it. We knew we were supposed to be downstairs, not up here on my bed. Thanksgiving dinner was about to start any minute now. But like two horny 16-year-olds, we had different priorities.

    I leaned back on my elbows with my jeans and underwear around my ankles, closed my eyes and I zoned out, riding the high from the joint we'd smoked and my best friend's mouth wrapped around my throbbing cock. Cory moved down to my nuts and sucked each one into his mouth. I lifted my head, looking down past my saliva-covered cock and locking eyes with my buddy who was attempting to get both my balls in his mouth. 

    "He always knows how to make me feel good," I thought as I smiled down at him. He acknowledged my silent appreciation by successfully stuffing my second ball in his mouth and moaning in pleasure. 

    "C'mon, buddy. Get that cock ready for your ass," I ordered. He immediately moved from my ball sack back to my dick again.

    "Fuuuck," I hissed while he polished my cockhead and slowly worked my foreskin up and down. He pulled away and several strands of precum stretched and snapped off my cock and landed on his lower lip. Like the good cocksucker he is, he stuck his tongue out, licked it off his lip, and immediately deep-throated my cock.

    As much as I enjoyed this, I knew we didn't have much time. The smell of turkey lofted all the way upstairs, meaning it was out of the oven.

    I pushed Cory's face away from my cock and guided him up my body until he was on top of me. I put my hands on the back of his head and we looked intensely in each other's eyes until I pulled his face down to mine and our lips met. I immediately tasted my precum as our tongues darted in and out of each other's mouths.

    I reached down trying to unbuckle Cory's belt. He lifted himself from me to provide better access, which worked. I pushed his jeans and boxer briefs down in one quick move. He rolled off me to remove his sneakers and pull off his pants and underwear as I reached for the bottle of lube which I kept hidden inside my nightstand drawer. 

    I squirted a good amount in the palm of my hand and immediately slathered it all over my still-throbbing cock, slowly stroking it as Cory climbed back on me, straddling my body. I squeezed more lube out and worked my hand under his nuts back to his ass. I immediately found his hole and worked my index finger inside it. He hissed when I penetrated him, but there was a look of pure excitement and pleasure on his face. I worked my finger deeper while adding a second one. I always loved how tight his hole was, whether it was wrapped around my fingers or my hard cock. 

     I removed my fingers after getting him stretched open and placed my hands on his hips while he reached behind himself to position my cock. I pushed down and immediately felt my cockhead enter his hole. Cory closed his eyes and exhaled deeply. I didn't push him down any further. I knew he'd start lowering himself, being the cock-hungry bottom he is, and sure enough, he didn't disappoint. He pushed down further as the rest of my raw, uncut tool slid further up his tight chute until I was in balls deep. 

    "Fuck yeah. Ride it, Cory," I encouraged him as my cock throbbed inside him.

    "Fuck me, Bran," he moaned out, still making intense eye contact. 

    He obviously was ready for more because he slid his ass up and down my fat dick, picking up speed as he continued. He pushed my shirt up, leaned down and started sucking on my right nipple while he pinched the left. He knew they were hardwired to my cock; something I myself didn't know until Cory had helped me discover it.

    I pushed my best friend off my cock, and he knew exactly what I had planned. He immediately got on his knees, leaned forward on his forearms and buried his face in my pillow. Without hesitation I positioned myself right behind him and punched my raw, uncut tool up his hole until I was balls-deep again.

    "Arrrrgh!" he moaned into the pillow.

    I slid my cock out to the head and pushed it all the way in again, long-dicking his tight hole.

    Knock, knock, knock. 

    "Boys, dinner's ready," my mom's voice came from the other side of the door.

    "Coming, Mom," I yelled back while I looked at the doorknob to make sure it was locked while I kept my cock deep inside Cory. 

    Although it felt incredible and I loved nothing more than pounding my best friend's hole, I knew we had to finish up. Cory's family and mine were here this Thanksgiving. Our mothers thought it was best so neither family missed the holiday dinner with my son. I picked up my pace and slid my uncut cock in and out. My balls were slapping against Cory's ass and my cockhead was hitting his prostate. I could see his rock-hard cock dripping precum on my sheets every time I pulled out.

    I leaned forward, wrapped my hands around his shoulders and started to piston-fuck his hole. The sound of my balls slapping against his ass got more rapid and loud. I could feel my climax building and I could tell he was on the edge as well from his continued moaning. 

    I kissed the back of his neck gently, before nibbling on his earlobe. My balls tightened as I got closer. Cory's moaning and breathing intensified. I felt my cock getting ready to explode. 

    Knock, knock, knock.

    "Daddy! Grandma says dinner's ready!" my son yelled through my bedroom door.

    "I'm coming, Ethan! Daddy's coming!" I yelled back just as I shot rope after rope of jizz in my best friend's ass, and he shot his all over my sheets. I buried my face in the crook of his neck and pushed his face deeper into the pillow to muffle our orgasms, knowing my son was just outside the door. 

    We quickly jumped up from the bed, grabbed our clothes and hastily dressed. Cory, as always, kept my load inside his ass. I knew Ethan was waiting for us outside, so I pulled the top sheet over the bottom to cover my best friend's load in case my son decided to run in and jump on my bed when I opened the door. 

    I opened the door and found Ethan standing there. A smile suddenly appeared on his face. 

    "C'mon Daddy, let's go! Grandma has all the food out," he said as he reached to grab my hand.

    "Hold on, buddy. Let's go wash our hands before we eat." 

    We went to the bathroom, where Cory and I washed the remnants of lube and cum off our hands. My son washed his own hands at the same time as me, imitating my movement. 

    "Okay buddy, let's go eat!" I offered Ethan my clean hand. He took it and then reached for Cory's hand with his other one. 

    "C'mon, Uncle Cory!"

    We made it downstairs, walking hand-in-hand, the three of us, like a little family.

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