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Fucking Pig, Pt. II

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Cowritten with: Rich


    The house was eerily quiet, which was a rare occurrence, especially on a Saturday morning like this. Kayla had taken the kids to her parents, where they'll spend the day visiting and going to the mall. She wanted me to go but I begged off, feigning work which needed completing before Monday. She wasn't happy, but I just couldn't deal with my in-laws today. Or anyone else, for that matter. 

    The work thing wasn't a total lie. I always had work, but I didn't have anything that couldn't wait. Nevertheless, I decided to take advantage of the quiet time and get some of it done. I sat at the kitchen table with my laptop in front of me, staring at the same document for the last twenty minutes until I realized I still hadn't read one word of it.

    I just couldn't concentrate. My mind kept going back to that evening two months ago when my nephew Ethan walked in on his dad fucking me. We had been so worked up and turned on that neither of us heard Ethan entering the apartment. Not until we heard him say "Dad? Uncle Cory?!"; his voice a combination of disbelief and confusion. Those three words had been haunting me ever since.

    My first thought had been "No! This can't be happening." But denial never solved anything. As I felt Brandon's cock pulling out of my ass with a plop, I turned around and realized that my nephew was indeed there, witness to everything. Absolute panic swept over me, and the fight-or-flight instinct kicked in. So I fled.

    In hindsight, I looked ridiculous. I'd jumped out of the bed; simultaneously attempting to cover myself, grab my clothes, and avoid eye contact with my nephew. My nephew, who I'd known and loved all his life (and most of my own). I just wanted to be out of there. I was mortified. The worst possible scenarios all ran through my mind in fast motion. 

    I felt horrible about leaving Brandon to deal with everything on his own, but it was probably for the best. I wasn't of any use given my mental and emotional state. I'd made it to my car, my shirt unbuttoned and shoes in my hand, and I just sat there for what seemed like an eternity. I kept thinking my life was over. I felt nauseous. I had a million horrific thoughts running through my mind, and they only got worse by the second.

    At that time, I completely neglected one universal truth: no matter how good or bad, life always moves on. And it did. Whatever Brandon had told Ethan worked. My nephew never outed us. But I'd still suffered one big casualty: I'd lost Ethan from my life.

    To this day, I couldn't imagine what my nephew might be thinking. How does he feel about his father now? What does he think of me? I love my nephew. He's a great kid – well, a great young man, really – and he's had enough going on in his life, being a part of this crazy family, without having to deal with this secret now as well. 

    Every day, I wanted to pick up the phone and call my nephew, have a good old-fashioned chat. But that's probably the last thing Ethan wanted. I'd be surprised if he hadn't blocked my number by now. So I just sat here, staring pointlessly at my computer for so long that my screensaver activated. 

    I got up, walked to the kitchen window, and looked outside instead. I felt trapped, but what was I to do? There weren't many options. I knew that I should – no, I had to – end things with Brandon, regardless of my lifelong feelings for him. Truth was, it wasn't just lust. I was in love with him. I had been since we were nine years old. But I'd made my decisions in life, and now I had to deal with the consequences. I was married and had kids. I was so deep in the closet I could see Narnia from here. "Love" was all fine and dandy, but it didn't solve everything. Brandon and I had no future, not anymore. Maybe... maybe we never did.

    "No more!" I said out loud to my reflection in the window, fighting back tears.

    I sat back down and returned my attention to the open document on my laptop again. I finally found it within me to concentrate and start reviewing it. I was making progress for about five minutes when my phone, which sat on the table next to me, vibrated with a text message. I glanced at it instinctively. 

    Brandon: "You free today?"

    Looking at the phone, I felt happiness, sadness, and fear all at the same time. I took a deep breath, sighed, and ignored the message, determined not to give in to my desires. That determination lasted all of one minute. I reached for the phone and tapped back, "Yes."

    I placed the phone back on the table and waited. Another text arrived in less than a minute.

    Brandon: "Ethan is home. Can't go there."

    Before I could stop myself, I'd typed, "Kayla's out with the kids til this evening. You can come here."

    I immediately regretted it. It was bad enough to have an affair behind my wife's back with my best friend, but to do it here, in our home, was playing with fire. Especially after what happened with Ethan. Yet, regret wasn't the only thing I was feeling. Looking down, I realized that thinking about Brandon had given me a full-blown boner within seconds. The risk of it all was turning me on. 

    I anxiously sat in my living room near the front window, looking out to the driveway. There had been plenty of risky, anxiety-inducing (and HOT) moments with Brandon over the years, but I can't ever remember it being this bad. Less than twenty minutes later, Brandon pulled into my driveway. My heart was beating so quickly that I needed to take a deep breath to calm myself. 

    He'd barely made it to the front door when I opened it. "How can anyone make a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt looks so fucking sexy?" I asked myself as soon as I laid eyes on him.

    He came in and we hugged as soon as I closed the door. A hug that I lost myself in, squeezing my friend firmly in my arms, as if never to let him go.

    "How you doing?" Brandon quietly asked in my ear.

    "Don't ask," I replied and continued embracing him.

    "How're things with Ethan?" I asked a minute later as we walked toward the kitchen.

    "Same. He's still giving me the silent treatment. He barely says hello or goodbye. He's made some friends at school, so he's out most of the day," he said dejectedly.

    I felt genuinely bad for Brandon and partly responsible. But I didn't know how to solve our big problem so instead, I offered something smaller.

    "Coffee?" I asked as I poured myself a cup. 

    "Yes, please."

    We sat at the kitchen table and I asked, "Where were you just now?"

    "Work. I needed to catch up on invoices and payroll. Plus, it's a welcome distraction."

    I sniggered and pointed at my laptop on the table.

    "You too, huh?" Brandon chuckled. "Where's the fam?"

    "Out for the day. Kayla's parents. She wanted me to come but I... I just couldn't deal with everything today," I sighed. 

    "So, the house is all yours for the day?" he asked mischievously while still holding his coffee mug. 

    I knew just what he meant. I knew we'd get here quickly, I just didn't think it would be this fast.

    Brandon leaned back in the kitchen chair, placed the mug on the table, and dropped his right hand to his crotch, squeezing it while staring directly at me. 

    I realized at that moment I have no willpower when it comes to my best friend. We've been inseparable since we were children. I'd walk through fire for him. I wanted him, in every way imaginable. 

    Brandon stood and walked up to my chair. I thought he was going to push his crotch in my face, but instead he squatted down in front of me, took my hands, and pulled me up toward him until our lips met. I parted my lips immediately and felt his tongue invading my mouth. He moved his hands to the back of my neck and held my head in place while we hungrily made out. Then, he pulled away, moved his hands to each side of my face, looked me in the eyes and whispered, "I need you, Cory."

    I stepped in for another extra-strong hug.

    "I'm right here," I reassured Brandon. 

    He moved his head from my shoulder and started kissing me again. Our lips pressed against the other's and our tongues immediately started wrestling. I felt my rock-hard cock straining against my sweatpants. The fact I was going commando didn't help hide my boner. Although Brandon was wearing jeans, I felt his unmistakable bulge pressed against mine. 

    My friend took my hand and led me towards the stairs. He knew the way around my house all too well. For a moment, everything that possibly could go wrong raced through my mind. Did we really learn NOTHING from the incident with Ethan? What if Kayla decided to return early? What if someone decided to drop by unannounced? Those thoughts bothered me, but didn't succeed in stopping me from what was about to happen. 

    We reached my bedroom – the bedroom I shared with my wife – and started kissing again. With our bodies entwined and our lips locked on each other, we fell onto the bed. 

    "Bran, wait, I haven't even showered yet this morning," I said.

    Without saying a word, Brandon stood up, took my hand, and led us into the master bathroom, where he pulled my T-shirt over my head. He leaned in and kissed me while fumbling with the drawstring on my sweatpants, before pushing them down. He still hadn't broken our kiss. 

    He pulled back from me, which allowed me to step out of my sweats. I stood there naked while he pulled the sweatshirt over his head, dropped it to the floor, and immediately reached for his belt buckle. 

    Now it was my turn. This time I initiated the kiss. I stepped in and reached for his belt buckle while Brandon's hands explored my bare ass. I unbuttoned his jeans, and pushed them down along with his black boxer briefs. We clumsily continued to kiss while he marched in place trying to get his jeans lower until we both started laughing. 

    I started the shower while Brandon removed his boots, socks, and his tangled jeans and underwear. He walked towards me as his hard-on bobbed, a drop of pre-cum already hanging from his piss slit. Our bodies pressed against each other and we continued to kiss. 

    Brandon broke our kiss, opened the glass door and stepped directly under the rainfall showerhead. Within a second, his body was soaked. The water glistened from his back and ass, accentuating his muscles and turning me on even more. 

    I followed him in, sliding my arms around him from behind. My left hand went to his right pec while my right hand wrapped itself around his cock. I kissed the back of his neck as I slowly slid his foreskin up and down, eliciting a soft moan from my best friend.

    Brandon turned around and forcefully pulled me into himself, his mouth once again on mine while we took turns sucking on each other's tongues. 

    I moved my mouth to the nape of his neck and traced the water down his chest to one of his nipples. I sucked on it and bit it gently, all the while stroking his rock-hard cock with my hand. Brandon put his hands on my shoulders and started to push down. We've done this dance enough that I knew exactly what he wanted, and I was only too happy to oblige. I moved down his chest to his abs, still tracing his wet body with my tongue. I squatted in front of him as I reached his trimmed pubes. His hard cock was pressed under my chin. I pulled back and allowed his dick to spring up in front of my face, and I then deep-throated it immediately.

    "Ahh, fuck!" Brandon exclaimed as he reached down, put his hands on the back of my head and grabbed two handfuls of my wet hair. He slowly pulled me from his cock until just the head remained inside my mouth, and he then shoved it back in until my nose was against his wet bush and his balls hit my chin. I relaxed and took it right down my throat again. He repeated this in-and-out motion for a couple of minutes. My eyes were closed since the water from the shower was falling on my face, so all of my other senses were heightened. I was more attuned to the sounds of my best friend's moans, his big, low-hanging balls slapping against my chin, the feeling of my throat being stuffed each time he thrust forward, and the taste of his precum leaking in my mouth.

    Brandon got me up to my feet, pulled me in and kissed my lips, only this time he did it softly and tenderly. His ability to go from calm-and-gentle to rough-and-intense and back again was such a turn on. It always has been. 

    Next, he grabbed the bar of soap and rubbed it on my wet body. I stood there as my friend moved his hands over my shoulders, down to my pecs, and onto my stomach. He squatted in front of me and soaped my legs and moved to my hard cock. He stroked it with his lathered hands, stood up, turned me around, and started the same process on my back. I leaned forward and supported my upper body against the shower wall. Once again, Brandon squatted down, rubbed his hands over my calves and thighs, then moved up to my ass, where he lathered each cheek in a circular motion. Each time he did it, his hands moved closer to my crack until he was running his fingers against my hole. He stopped there and applied pressure to it with his index finger. I moaned as I felt him slide inside me. My cock throbbed from his probing. As if that wasn't enough, I felt his beard stubble on the inside of my cheeks as he replaced his finger with his tongue. 

    Brandon stood up behind me, placing his finger back in my ass. He pressed his body against mine and growled in my ear, "You want me to fuck that tight hole, don't you? I feel it sucking on my finger. My cock is gonna feel sooo good inside you." 

    "Fuck yeah, Bran! Fuck my hole," I moaned in response, hungrier for his cock than ever, now that it'd been months since we last fucked. 

    Brandon turned the shower off, grabbed a couple of towels from the hook by the door and tossed one to me. We quickly dried ourselves and moved into the bedroom. 

    We climbed onto the bed naked and started to kiss. Our hands moved over each other's bodies as if it was our first time doing this. And then it hit me: this WAS a first. A sudden pang of guilt came across me as I realized this was the first time Brandon and I were hooking up in my marital bed. The bed in which my children were conceived. What was I doing?! Just like earlier, the guilt was short-lived, however. It was quickly replaced by the lust and love I felt for the man who was lying here with me, climbing on top of me and starting to nibble on my neck.

    I rolled Brandon onto his back, moved down to his hard cock, and licked the stream of precum running down the underside of his shaft. I opened my mouth wide and engulfed his dick down to his bush. His cockhead pressed against my throat. I felt Brandon's hands on my head, running his fingers through my damp hair. I slid my lips up his shaft until my tongue was flicking his piss slit then immediately went all the way down again, which elicited a deep, guttural moan from him.

    I felt his foreskin sliding up and down his shaft every time my mouth did. Copious amounts of precum leaked from his slit which I eagerly licked up. I spun around so that my ass was above his face. I hoped Brandon would get the hint, and he did. His hands slapped my ass cheeks and spread them apart. He picked up where he left off in the shower and buried his face up my ass and tongued my hole. We continued this for a while until I felt Brandon pushing me off of him. I wasn't sure what he had planned, so I waited to see. 

    My best friend stood on the side of the bed – his hard-on pointed directly at me – and summoned me to him. I crawled over on my knees expecting him to kiss me, but he had something else in mind. He twisted me around so that I was on my back with my head hanging over the edge. He positioned himself over my face, put his hand on my chin and pushed down to open my mouth. He took one more step and his big low-hangers pressed against my forehead while his cock found its straight path down my throat.

    Brandon put his hands on my throat and pressed just enough to feel the head of his cock against my throat every time he pushed in. He fucked my throat faster, his balls slapped against my forehead with more force and I gagged and choked and tried not to drool too much.

     He pulled out of my mouth, which I thought would allow me to catch my breath, but he leaned down, kissed me, and asked where I kept the lube. I silently pointed to the nightstand. He reached over, opened the drawer and removed a bottle of strawberry-scented lube which Kayla had bought for us. I felt embarrassed to have Brandon see it, but then I realized it was hardly the most embarrassing thing out of everything we were doing. 

    Brandon popped open the top, squeezed a good amount onto his still-hard cock, and stroked it. 

    "Get on your hands and knees," he ordered confidently.

    I immediately complied and knelt near the edge of the bed with my hands on the mattress in front of me. I felt the cool lubricant run down my ass crack and Brandon's fingers spreading it around my hole. He inserted his finger into my ass, which swallowed it up instantly. Next, he bent forward and wrapped his left arm around my chest while he nibbled my earlobe. My entire body tingled. 

    My friend and lover slid his finger out from my hole. I suddenly felt empty, like a part of me was missing. But the feeling didn't last long. Brandon's cockhead pushed against my tight hole next. As horny as I was, it popped in easily. He placed his right hand on my right shoulder and slowly, but steadily, pushed his hard cock all the way in until he was balls deep. 

    "Aaaaah," I moaned in pleasure.

    Brandon wrapped both his arms under my pits and held onto my shoulders, which locked me onto his cock. He pulled out until just his head remained in my ass and plunged it back in until he bottomed out. 

    I moaned again in pleasure. I felt his lips on the back of my neck and his warm breath blowing against my ear. He moaned each time he moved in and out of my ass. With each thrust he brushed against my prostate, which drove me crazy. 

    My cock was rock hard and without even looking I was certain it was leaking like a faucet. Brandon picked up his pace. He pulled both of us up so that our upper bodies were vertical and wrapped his arms around my chest while he continued his assault on my ass. 

    "You like that cock, don't you?" he grunted in my ear. 

    "Fuck yes!" was all I could get out. 

    "You like it when I take that hole and make it mine," he said as a statement of fact, not a question. 

    "You know I do" I replied. 

    With that, he pulled out of me, pushed me onto my stomach, took both of my legs and encouraged me to roll onto my back. I got the hint and immediately flipped over. Brandon reached down, hooked his arms under my knees and literally pulled me to the edge of the bed. He put my legs on his shoulders and buried his hard cock in my already opened hole. 

    "Take that cock, fucker!" he said forcefully as he slammed my ass.

    "Give it to me, Bran!" I replied. 

    He started to piston-fuck my hole. Beads of sweat dripped from his face onto my body below. He fucked me so hard that the bed slowly inched across the hardwood floor until it met the nightstand on the other side, and both were pushed into the far wall.

    Brandon pushed my legs even further back so he could lean down and kiss me. His lips met mine and his sweat dripped onto my face. I've done this enough with him that I knew when he was getting close based on his facial expressions and his breathing. 

    He wasn't the only one getting close. I felt my climax approaching each time he thrust into me until I couldn't hold back any longer. 

    "Ohhh, fuuuccckkk!" I yelled as my cock convulsed several times and busted my nut between us. With each convulsion, my asshole contracted around Brandon's cock until it brought him over the edge. 

    "Aaarrrggghhh!!" he yelled as his eyes squeezed shut and he unloaded his seed into my guts. 

    Finally, Brandon collapsed on top of me, both of us panting as we tried to catch our breath. His face was next to mine and his cock was still buried in my hole. Sweat coated both of our bodies. The sheets were a sweaty, tangled mess. He pushed his upper body up, his eyes met mine and he lowered his mouth onto mine for a quick kiss. My ass released his cock with an audible plop as he rolled onto his back and I lowered my legs. I rolled to my side, put my head on his chest and my arm across his body. 

    "You were amazing," I said quietly without moving my head to look at him. After two months, this is precisely what I needed from him. 

    "That was intense," Brandon replied. 

    "We need another shower," I said as I stood and reached out for Brandon's hand to help him up. He walked into the bathroom first, and I stayed behind for a second, looking back at the messy bed. It was no longer just my marital bed where my kids were conceived. It was now also the bed where I'd had one of the most intense fucks of my life, ever.


    "Oh fuck, I'm gonna shoot!" Cory cried out, not caring at this point who might hear. 

    With that, his cock started shooting ropes of jizz all over the stall door.

    His hole must've contracted and expanded at least five times while he was cumming, which was enough to bring me over the edge as well. I yelled loudly as I erupted deep inside of him.

    For several seconds, we both enjoyed this incredible sensation until finally, I started to withdraw my wet, cummy cock from Cory's hole. I could see a few drops of my load leaking down his leg, but there wasn't anything he could do about it. 

    "We better get back to the party," I said as we quickly pulled up our underwear and shorts. Cory reached for some toilet paper, ready to wipe his cum off the stall door. 

    "Leave it!" I said as I grabbed his wrist and stopped him. "Whoever's next might like it," I said with a smirk.

    "Fucking pig," he smiled back, dropped the unused paper in the toilet, and left the men's room with me.

    We walked back out into the sunny park. The bright sunshine all but blinded us. We both checked ourselves to be certain there wasn't any evidence of our just-finished quickie.

    We walked back to my son's seventh birthday party in the picnic area of the park. Even from this distance we heard the children in attendance squeal as they ran around playing. Cory was a few feet in front of me, walking like he just got fucked. I smirked and felt proud of myself for doing that to him.

    "If these people only knew," I thought to myself.

    Cory's mom spotted us as we approached. 

    "There he is!" she said loudly to no one in particular. "Cory, come here, sweetheart."

    An attractive girl about our age stood next to Cory's mom. She appeared uneasy, possibly embarrassed to be here.

    I stopped by one of the coolers and grabbed a cold soda (I was parched after that fuck), while my best friend walked over to the other side of the picnic table where his mom and the girl waited. 

    "Cory, honey, this is Kayla. I work with her mom and was just telling her about you. Kayla, this is my son Cory."

    "Typical," I thought as I took a gulp of the soda and rolled my eyes. Cory's parents were always trying to set him up with one girl or another. Now that his sister Sarah was away in Texas, it was like Cory's love life was their full-time project. 

    Kayla appeared nervous, but she shook Cory's hand and chatted with him politely. He responded in the same manner; he was really charming when he wanted to be.

    Cory's mom conveniently excused herself with a satisfied smile, proud of her matchmaking. I tried eavesdropping on Cory and Kayla's conversation, but my son came over to show me one of the toys he'd just gotten as a present.

    "Hey bud, what do you have there?" I feigned interest as Ethan showed off his toy. I kept glancing over at Cory, who was now laughing along with the new girl at some funny joke. 

    "And if you press this button, it does THIS! Daddy, look."

    "That's great, Ethan," I pretended to pay attention, while still unsuccessfully trying to listen in on Cory's convo.

    My best friend and the girl he was talking to walked away, still laughing about something. They were walking toward my mom to get whatever was left of Ethan's Pokémon cake. I felt a strong pang of jealousy. But as I watched Cory wobble after getting fucked, I looked down at his ass and took pride in the fact he had a fresh load of my cum in his guts.

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