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The Master Bedroom

    "You okay, champ?" Dad asked me as I walked into the room.

    "What? Um, yeah, I'm fine."

    "You're not upset over what happened downstairs, are ya?"

    He was referring to the fact he and all his buddies saw me in my underwear, with a large cum stain on it. 

    "No, it's fine," I brushed it off.

    "Cuz we're all men here," Dad continued. "Stuff happens, it's okay."

    "I know, I know. No worries."

    "Were you gonna take a shower?" he asked because of the towel wrapped around my waist.

    "Yeah, but Mark's in the shower. I'll go when he's done."

    "Okay," Dad smiled and left the room.

    I sat on the bed, still surprised at what I'd just seen: Mark fucking himself in the shower with a large dildo.

    When I had sex with Dad's friend C.J. last summer, it hardly came as a surprise that he had sex with men. Whether he was bisexual or just a "free spirit," I expected stuff like that from C.J. But Mark was always the stuffy, conservative one in their friend group. 

    All of a sudden I started laughing at all this. 

    From that moment on, I couldn't look at Mark quite the same way anymore for some reason. Maybe it wouldn't have been such a shock if he wasn't so straight-laced. His beach house was full of photographs of him and his wife and kids, all dressed in pastel-color sweaters and polo shirts, looking like the poster family for all-American family values. On a couple of photos, they were shaking hands with prominent Conservative politicians. 

    During reunions with Dad and his buddies, it wasn't unusual for the men to walk around in their underwear or naked. C.J., who slept on the couch, was naked in the kitchen pretty much every morning. Having seen all of Dad's buds naked by now, I knew C.J. was the one with the biggest cock. I paid special attention to Mark to see if he ever tried to catch glimpses of it. I wondered if Mark enjoyed being fucked by dicks, or if it was strictly toys in his case.

    The day before we left, I woke up feeling tired and sleep-deprived. As much as I loved these get-togethers, I missed my own bed. Since I slept in the middle on our first night here, it was established that that was "my spot." So now, if I woke up in the middle of the night, I couldn't just get up to go to the bathroom and rub one off so I could go back to sleep. Instead, I was barricaded by the naked bodies of my dad on one side and his best friend Scott on the other. I was left feeling hornier and more frustrated than ever.

    "Get up, champ," Dad's voice tried to stir me that morning. "We're going to the beach."

    "Let me sleeeep," I mumbled.

    "You sure? It's a lovely day today. And we're leaving tomorrow."

    "I'm tired. You snored all night," I said in a state of half-sleep. "I'll come later."

    "Okay. We'll be at the usual spot. Mark will be in the house as well, he has some work he needs to get done."

    "Okay," I went back to sleep, happy to finally have the whole bed to myself.

    "Mark?" I yelled out for him a couple of hours later. I was up now, showered, and ready to hit the beach.

    "I'm here," he shouted back from the master bedroom.

    I slowly opened the door and peeked in, remembering all too well what happened last time I'd walked in on Mark. This time, he had a pair of shorts on, sitting on his computer and writing an email to someone.

    "I'm headed to the beach," I said. "You wanna come?"

    "I do, but I gotta finish this first," he said in frustration. "Arg, people are so fucking useless!"

    "Relax," I tried to soothe him, taking a few steps toward him and starting to massage his bare shoulders. "What's wrong?"

    "Ah, just work shit. You leave em alone for a week and the whole company is about to crumble."

    "I'm sure it'll be fine," I continued, squeezing his shoulders tighter.

    "That feels good," Mark moaned. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back, starting to purr like a kitten. "Did you dad teach you this?"

    "More like my mom. Dad was the model we practiced on."

    "Well he's one lucky guy."

    "You have a lot of tension here," I said about ten minutes later, going from his shoulders down to his back. By now, Mark seemed much more relaxed and unconcerned about his email.

    "Yeah, I can feel it."

    I couldn't reach his back properly on the chair he was sitting on. "Get up," I said.

    Mark obeyed. He only opened his eyes for a second to find his way to the bed. Then, he plumped himself on the bed face down. 

    I got on top of him, straddling him. I had much better access to everything now, and Mark started to moan.

    "Ahh, yeah. That's spot. Mm. Fuck yeah," he said as I rubbed his knots tighter. "Fuck, you're good, kid."

    My hands continued to roam down my father's friend's body. From his shoulders, down his spine, and onto his lower back. Mark continued to moan out in pleasure as I did this. Every now and then, his hips would wiggle, making my body bounce on top of his.

    After a good fifteen minutes of this, I got to his waist. Once there, his shorts prevented me from going any further.

    "You don't mind if I slip these off, do ya?" Mark asked casually, his eyes still closed. "Makes it easier."

    "Sure," I smirked, and watched him wiggle out of his shorts and toss them on the floor. By this point, I wasn't even surprised that he wasn't wearing any underwear. He lay underneath me stark naked.

    I got on top and straddled him again. I continued where I left off, on his waist, rubbing the knots that were in there.

    "Umm, so fucking good," Mark moaned.

    "When's the last time you got a massage?" I asked.

    "Can't even remember, it's been forever. You ever thought about doing this professionally?"

    "Maybe," I smiled, feeling flattered.

    By now, all this skin-on-skin contact had given me a hard-on in my shorts. I knew it was wrong; he was my dad's friend, he was married; but I didn't have all too many opportunities to get close to a man like this. Besides, his moans and compliments did more than just feed my ego; they fed my curiosity and made me wonder where this might go.

    My fingertips continued going down his waist, slowly onto his glutes. Damn, he had a nice ass. Who would've thought? I always thought of him as a tight-ass. Turns out, he quite literally had a tight ass.

    As a squeezed his ass cheeks, Mark's hips continued to wiggle. Almost as if… he was rubbing his dick against the mattress. 

    If he was brazen enough to do this, I would be as well. My fingers glided inwards, across his ass cheeks and right into his crack.

    "Fuck!" Mark moaned loudly as I felt his hole with my fingers.

    I continued to rub and knead, pretending this is just a routine part of a massage. Pretty soon I was certain he was grinding against the mattress. He was just as hard as I was. 

    I looked at his face, and saw that his eyes were still shut. He was smiling pleasurably. 

    I slowly took off my T-shirt, and then my shorts. I got back into position; my balls hanging above Mark's ass crack, grazing the fine peach fuzz that was on there.

    "Mmm," Mark moaned silently as I rubbed his hole some more.


    I'd spit into my right hand and started stroking my dick with it.

    "There's some lube on the nightstand," Mark said softly, eyes still closed. 

    I reached for the lube and squirted some on my hand. I stroked my boner until it was nice and wet, and got back in between Dad's buddy's ass cheeks. Neither of us said anything else to acknowledge what was happening.

    "Ahhh," Mark moaned as I started to penetrate him. His hole might've been tight at first, but it loosened up pretty quickly. It must've been getting a lot of practice with that dildo.

    I remembered the first time I was fucked, by C.J.'s giant dick. If I could take that I was sure Mark could take mine; even though (not to brag) I was one of the bigger boys in the locker room.

    "That's it," I said reassuringly as my cock went deeper and deeper until it was all in.

    "Ah, fuck yeah!" Mark screamed and tilted his head back as the final inch popped in.

    I grabbed his coiffed hair and pulled it tightly, ignoring his yelp of pain. At the time I didn't even realize just how turned on I was by making this man, more than twice my age, into my bitch.

    When C.J. fucked me he was softer and more compassionate. I was too horny for that! I fucked Mark roughly and aggressively, and by the looks of it, he seemed to enjoy every second of it.

    "Fuck. Fuck! FUCK!" he moaned, getting into doggy position on all fours, eyes still shut, as if keeping them closed would make this any less gay.

    "Yeah, you like that?" I asked, pulling his hair and fucking his ass harder. "You need it, don't ya?"

    "Fuck yes, I need it. Fuck me, boy!" he growled like a horny dog.

    Mark jerked himself off while taking my cock, just like he did when I caught him in the shower with that dildo. I continued, harder and harder by the minute, until I was ready to bust my load.

    "Fuck yeah! Shoot all up inside me! Fuck yeah, boy! Gimme your cum!" Mark shouted, shooting his own load all over the expensive sheets. I looked to my left, where Mark and his wife smiled at me from a picture frame, watching the whole fuck fest unfold in front of them.



    "C'mon in, so nice to meet you."

    "Thank you. So glad we made it. It's freezing outside!"

    "How was the flight from New York?"

    "All good, all good thanks."

    "This is our son, Owen."

    "Nice to meet you, Owen. I've heard so much about you. I'm Mitchell."

    That second summer that I was allowed to join Dad and his buddies was significant because I got to fuck a man for the first time. Fucking Mark made me realize that not only did I enjoy being a top, but I liked fucking more aggressively. We kept what had happened a secret from the rest of the guys, or at least I never brought it up.

    But that summer wasn't just important for me. It was even more notable for Jeffrey. That same evening in the beach house, he gathered all of us in the living room and announced that he was gay. I don't know what kind of reaction he was expecting from my father and the rest of their friends, but he should've known that they would have his back no matter what. Each man got up to give Jeffrey a hug. Seeing it all unravel almost made me cry. Jeffrey was worse at holding back, and tears glistened in his eyes as he received hugs from all of his buddies.

    That fall, I came out to all my friends in school as soon as the school year started. The reaction from most people was the same as the one Jeffrey had gotten, luckily. Now both of us no longer needed to dodge the questions when our friends talked about girls and dating and sex.

    After he went back to New York, Jeffrey started seeing someone, and for the first time he wasn't hiding his relationship from his buddies. That Christmas, Mom and Dad invited Jeff and his boyfriend to visit us in Minnesota for the holiday. His boyfriend Mitchell seemed like a nice guy. Short and rather average-looking, he was a good dresser whose nice clothes immediately made him stand out around here. He was from Massachusetts, and currently lived with his nephew Ben in Manhattan.[1]

    "What're you doing after high school, any plans?" he asked me while we were all sitting around the table.

    "Not really yet. But I'd love to go to New York."

    "Oh really? Have you ever been?"

    "No, but there's something about it, it's drawing me in."

    "Well listen," Jeffrey chimed in, "why don't you visit in the summer and see how you like it, huh?"

    "Can I?" I looked to my parents eagerly.

    "We still don't have plans for next year's reunion," Dad said. "Why don't we all meet up there?"

    "It's a plan. Next summer: New York," Jeffrey said and pulled out his phone to text the rest of the gang.

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[1] Mitchell and Ben are the main characters of Model Dad: Trophy Boy

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