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The latest installment in the Beach Bonding series is here!


"Beach Bonding 6: Spring Break" is a My Boyfriend and My Two Dads × My Brother and His Husband × World's Youngest Dad crossover in which the main characters from all three stories meet up in Miami for some wild spring break fun!

At 20,000 words, it is my LONGEST story yet. With many sex scenes and narration by all the characters, it comes in six parts:

Part I: Welcome to Miami

Part II: Circle Jerk

Part III: Straight Talk

Part IV: Bathhouse Celebration

Part V: Old Friends…

Part VI: … and New Brothers

The full story is instantly available to Supporters of any tier

Here are a couple of teasers to give you a taste...


    … "Wanna go skinny dipping?" Rory suddenly said. Before I could wrap my mind around what I was hearing, he was standing up and peeling his clothes off his body. 

    "What?" I laughed. By now, the fit young man had already taken off his T-shirt and shorts and was standing in front of me in his boxer briefs.

    "C'mon, no one's around," Rory said, sliding his fingers into the waistband of his underwear and pulling it down right in front of me. The second I saw his cock I knew I wasn't about to say no.

    I put down my cup and took my clothes off before racing my son's college buddy to the ocean. I was happy to see I'd beat him by a couple of seconds, even though he said I'd gotten a head start, and he started splashing water at me as a form of revenge. We roughhoused this way for a bit, standing in the water up to our nipples. 

    "Remember Aaron?" Rory asked me while we took a break to catch our breath.


    "He was my roommate when Eric was a senior. You fucked him when you came over for the graduation ceremony."

    "Ahh, yes," I remembered. 

    "You were the first guy to ever fuck him. He said you were a good coach."

    "Well, I'm always happy to get a good review."

    "You know, I was surprised to hear you were the one who fucked him. When he first said you guys had sex, I thought he was the top."

    "Why, do I give out bottom vibes?" I smiled, piqued by the fact Rory was stirring the conversation in a sexual direction.

    "Not at all. Not that there's anything wrong with being a bottom," he quickly added.

    "Have you ever fucked a guy, Rory?" I asked, stepping closer to my swimming buddy.

    "I have," he said, coming closer as well. We were now within an arm's length.

    "How would you like to do it again?"… (continue)


    … I was having a great time getting to know Brandon and Ethan better, and it didn't hurt that they were both nearly naked and sexy as fuck! I thought back to my threesome with Foster and Junior – a father-and-son duo who had contributed to me winning the CUMpetition against my dad. The fact that I got both of their loads that day was such a turn-on. In a way, Brandon and Ethan were EVEN hotter! It was probably the insanely small age difference between them that added to my horniness. I mean, Brandon was just slightly older than me, not even 30 yet, and he already had a son who was an adult! I decided to do my best to get with them, even though I had no idea if they were interested so far, especially Ethan, who as far as I knew was completely straight.

    As the three of us sat in our underwear, the conversation had turned to Rory and Taylor, since they were the glue that had brought all of us here together. Since I wanted to stir the conversation in a sexy direction, I commented how "hot" the two brothers were, and asked Brandon if he and Taylor ever hooked up while they were in high school.

    "Funny, we were just talking about this last night," Brandon laughed… (continue)


    … Our fifth day in Miami was also Taylor and Owen's fifth anniversary. I wasn't particularly surprised when they announced the venue they'd picked for the celebration: a gay bathhouse. For the most part, I personally preferred gay saunas in Europe, especially those in Germany (though, admittedly, I am biased there) but every now and then I'd stumble upon an American bathhouse that was a very pleasant surprise. Luckily, that was precisely the case with the place picked by the celebrating couple.

    We headed to the bathhouse after dinner. It was a bit too full of twinks for my taste, and I wondered if that was due to spring break or if this was usually the case in Miami. This was straight boys Rory and Ethan's first time in a gay sauna, and they seemed more amused than anything. Since we were such a large group, it was inevitable for us to separate after a while, especially since some of us were interested in cruising and others were only here to enjoy the holistic benefits of the steam room. (Although I'd consider getting jerked off by a stranger in the steam room very holistic, but that's beside the point.) So after all of us shared a drink at the bar, we scattered around in smaller groups.

    I walked around by myself for a while, and then I stopped and got my dick sucked through a gloryhole. As much as I enjoyed it, I cut it short before cumming, much to the anonymous cocksucker's disappointment, I am sure. I wanted to let my load build up and save it for later; blowing it so early in the evening seemed like a waste. So I made my way to the hot tub, my hard pierced cock wagging between my legs with each step.

    "Whoa! Hey, Mr. Hillbecker," said Ethan, who'd been calling my husband and me "Mr. Hillbecker" since he met us, mostly as a joke. I had just bumped into him sitting on a bench with Rory and Cory, all of them with towels around their waists and sweat running down their bodies. They'd just left the sauna and were catching their breath, and also staring at my huge boner wagging right in front of their faces.

    "Hey there," I said casually, showing off my body proudly, especially in my state of arousal. I'd seen very few men with a cock bigger than mine (and I've seen a LOT of cock!) so I wouldn't be at all surprised if this was the largest dick someone like Ethan or Rory has ever seen… (continue)

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