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"Beach Bonding 7: Fire Island Wedding" is a crossover story about Rory's wedding and all of the guests' sexy adventures, as they head to Fire Island and experience first-hand its infamous reputation as a legendary cruising ground!

It introduces Rory and Taylor's dad Stephen for the first time, and travels back through time to tell stories from Rory's past. At 26,000 words, it's my longest story to date and it comes in seven parts:

I: Rory's Birth / Cruising the Meat Rack

II: Rory's Childhood / The Ultimate Daddy Fuck

III: Rory in Middle School / Beach, Brothers & Blowjobs

IV: Rory in High School / Family Facial

V: Rory in College / The Father of the Groom

VI: Rory in Phoenixville / Brotherly Behavior

VII: Rory's Wedding / Brothers Orgy

It is my first quadruple crossover and includes sex scenes and narration by ALL of the main characters from

My Brother and His Husband,

My Boyfriend and My Two Dads,

Model Dad, and

World's Youngest Dad

The full story is instantly available to Supporters of any tier

Here are a few teasers to give you a taste...


    When I was a teen, I'd successfully managed to swipe a couple of porn mags from my father's stash under his bed. To this day, I still kept them in a box under my own bed, along with several other magazines and dirty books I'd acquired over the years. Indeed, I was silently amused by the thought that my own sons might go snooping some day and find them, a kind of family legacy.

    Now that my eldest son Taylor was a teenager, porn magazines were already slowly becoming a thing of the past, as more and more porn moved online. We still had a "computer room" in the basement, which we locked up at night, so Taylor was still dependent on print porn to get his rocks off. I assumed he got it through some friends from school, since I stumbled upon it in his bedroom once or twice. I wasn't surprised, since Taylor was already 15; it was pretty much expected of him. But I was surprised however, to also find a mag in his younger brother Rory's room. 

    In Rory's case, since he was significantly younger, I felt the need to intervene. I wanted to make sure he wasn't getting material like this from some random strangers or stealing it from somewhere. So, I sat Taylor down one day and asked him flat out, "Did you give this to your brother?," dropping the porn mag on the table between us… (continue)


    In the lobby of the Fire Island bed & breakfast, as my family walked in and put down their bags, I immediately spotted the person we were all here to see: my college suitemate Rory.

    Rory was standing and talking to his parents. I'd met his mom before, but never his dad. I figured I'd say hi so I walked over to them. 

    "Eric!" Rory shouted gleefully when we saw me. "You made it!"

    "We did," I said. "The whole crew is here."

    I pointed behind me, where my husband Will stood next to my parents, their boyfriend Brady, and my cousin Nate.

    "Welcome! Happy to see you," said Rory, and gave me a hug which was followed by a hug with his mom as well. "And this is my dad, Stephen," Rory finally introduced us. 

    "Hello," we both said. Since the handsome older man and I were the only two who hadn't exchanged a hug yet, we went in for an embrace as well, even though a handshake might've been more appropriate.

    "We'll let you boys catch up," Rory's parents said a short while later and walked away. Rory and I turned around to go say hi to my family.

    "You didn't tell me your dad was so handsome," I told Rory as we walked across the lobby. "He's a certified DILF."

    "Hands off my dad!" Rory said threateningly, but smiled a second later… (continue)

    "This right here's the Meat Rack," my father David narrated as we made our way through a tract in the woods that evening after dinner. "It's the first cruising ground I ever went to, when I was 19, a few weeks after moving to New York. Some gay men who I met in the city brought me here and wow! It changed my whole life. I went from being a virgin to taking multiple cocks up my ass in one evening very quickly."

    The whole family was here with us: Will, Sven, Brady; everyone except Cousin Nate who was back at the b&b. We all hung on to each of David's words, listening to his history lesson as he showed us around, telling us about the leather daddies and twinks who would meet here. "It was a different world in the '80s," he added nostalgically.

    "And yet some things never change," my dad Sven chimed in, grabbing David's ass and giving it a squeeze as they started to make out. The cruising ground wasn't particularly crowded right now, but there were a few other men walking around here and there. We were all shirtless, wearing short shorts, with the exception of Sven who was brazen enough to walk around in a jockstrap... (continue)


   … By the time they were done eating, the mimosas were having an effect on me, making me friskier than usual. The father and son were both wearing revealing tank tops, and I wanted to rip them off them simultaneously. One of my favorite sexual experiences was getting to blow my husband and his dad side-by-side recently, and I wondered if Ben and Sam would be up for a similar type of scenario.

    There was no need to beat around the bush with these two, since I knew they were very open minded. Feeling horny, I found myself openly asking "Do you want me to suck you off? Both of you?"

    To my surprise, Ben was the more reserved one with his response. 

    "I don't know…" he said hesitantly, in contrast to his son's enthusiastic "SURE!"

    Sam's energy seemed to rub off on his dad, who smiled and pulled his shirt off, since he knew we all wanted to see as much of his body as possible. That included Ben's son, who looked his daddy up and down before doing something that shocked me for a moment: he leaned in and gave Ben a kiss. A real, proper kiss on the lips.

    "You don't mind, do ya?" Sam said to me mischievously, as he pulled off his own shirt and started to make out with his father… (continue)


    … Eric's dad went to the bathroom and hit the shower, not bothering to close the door. My son and I made some smalltalk, and we were joined just a few minutes later by a now-clean Sven, his body now dripping with water instead of sweat.

    "That's one magnificent cock," I said to Sven as he toweled himself dry, refusing to ignore the elephant in the room.

    "Ha, thanks," Sven said humbly and turned around, drying his huge, muscular ass.

    "I don't know, Dad. I think that ass is just as impressive," my son chimed in.

    "Yeah, you think so?" Sven asked, making his butt cheeks bounce up and down interchangeably. It was quite a sight to behold.

    "Yeah. I love a nice ass," my son replied. It was something I could attest to, judging by the curvy girls Ethan always seemed to bring over to have sex with.

    "I'm quite proud of it," Sven said, still flexing his glutes for us. By now I was starting to get hard, and this was only the beginning. Sven was quite clearly an exhibitionist, since he let the towel drop to the floor and then reached for his asscheeks, spreading them apart and flashing his pink, smooth-shaved hole to my son and me.

    "Fuck! That thing ever get any action?" Ethan asked.

    "From time to time. I'm usually a top, but I do get fucked occasionally," was Sven's response. I found myself too speechless to even participate in this conversation, but my son seemed to have it all under control.

    "That must feel nice, fucking an ass that big," Ethan said confidently. 

    "Why don't you find out for yourself?" Sven teased, still flashing his hole… (continue)

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