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The Taste of Cum

    "Please let there be an empty stall!" Quin thought as he rushed to the bathroom. In his hurry, he didn't even notice the two men at the urinals who had their hands on each other's dicks – what had started off as a side-by-side piss between strangers turned into two hard cocks being stroked in the bathroom of the gay bar. But Quin was too busy for that just now; he had the situation in his own pants to take care of.

    He charged into the stall and bolted the door shut behind him. He unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to his thighs, followed by his sticky red boxer briefs. This was his nicest pair of underwear and now he'd soiled it! Quin's cock was still mostly hard and dripping cum. He pressed the sensitive glans against the fabric of the underwear, closing his eyes for a second and enjoying the bolt of pleasure radiating through his body. He realized he wouldn't be able to take the jeans off without taking off his shoes, which he wasn't too happy about doing in a public bathroom, but it needed to be done. 

    Standing in the stall in his socks, he took his jeans and his underwear off. He closed the toilet lid and put the underwear on it, before putting his jeans and shoes back on. His boner was going softer by the second. It felt uncomfortable right against the rough denim. Finally, Quin took his cummy red boxer briefs and lifted them close to his face, inspecting them.

    Two minutes ago, Quin had shot his load in his underwear, right in the middle of the bar. He was getting a lap dance from a jockstrap-clad gogo boy, shaking his ass in Quin's face, when Quin noticed there was sperm oozing out of the dancer's smooth asshole. Quin had put his fingers on the load of cum, seconds before realizing that it must be his Uncle Eddie's load! That is when the teenager blew his load in his tight underwear, overwhelmed by horniness.

    Now, in the locked stall, Quin was glad that the boxer briefs had managed to contain most of his jizz and it hadn't spread to the crotch of his jeans too much. Even though the bar was mostly dark, it would be mortifying to have someone see him with a wet patch right on his crotch! Even though he wasn't drinking tonight, Quin felt drunk on horniness as he brought the underwear closer to his face and took a whiff. As he smelled it, he thought of his uncle's load again, the remnants of which were still drying on Quin's fingertips. "Uncle Eddie really fucked that dancer right here," the awe-struck teenager thought, before stuffing his underwear in his pocket and finally leaving the stall.

    Apparently, Eddie and the dancer weren't the only people who got it on at this bar. When he opened the stall door, Quin was faced with the two men at the urinals, and by now one of them was squatting and sucking his new buddy's rock-hard cock while stroking his own. Quin was amazed to see just how thick the cock was that was going back and forth inside the stranger's mouth. He and the cocksucker made eye contact for a second and Quin stood rooted to the spot. The stranger wondered whether to stop or not, and a moment later, the pop music from the bar got louder as the door swung open and another young boy entered the bathroom.

    That was it. The couple at the urinals decided it was too risky to continue so they tucked their boners away and left the room. 

    "Oops! Don't leave on our account!" the boy who'd just entered the bathroom said as the couple zoomed past him on their way out. When it was just he and Quin left in the room, they looked at each other and started to laugh.

    "This right here's why I love Toronto," the newcomer said with a smile as he walked to one of the abandoned urinals, unzipping his pants.

    "Where are you from?" Quin asked, keen to strike up a conversation with the cute boy.

    "I'm from the States. From Massachusetts, bout a hundred miles west of Boston," the boy replied while taking a leak. 

    Quin was disappointed to hear the boy was probably a tourist. A few short seconds were enough for Quin to start getting ahead of himself, picturing the two of them together, getting to know each other better. This guy was really cute; just the type Quin could imagine himself with. Which is why he was so happy to hear that the boy wasn't just here for the weekend.

    "No joke, a part of the reason why I decided to go to school here was because I could go out. I'm 19, and they're really strict about being 21 where I'm from," the guy said as he finished his piss and zipped back up. Unfortunately, Quin couldn't see his dick from where he was standing, even though he tried to look discreetly. 

    "You go to school here?" Quin asked the guy, who was now washing his hands.

    "Yeah, U of T. I'm in my second year. You?"

    Quin was tempted to lie about his age, but he couldn't bring himself to lie to this cute boy's face.

    "I... I'm still in high school," he admitted. "I'm 16. Just don't tell anyone here. I snuck in."

    "Ha! No worries, man. Your secret's safe with me," the boy, whose hands were now clean, offered a half-wet hand for Quin to shake. "I'm Lamar."

    "Nice to meet you. Quin."

    Immediately after getting a lap dance and seeing his uncle's cum, Quin thought there was NOTHING that could happen that evening to top that. Turns out, meeting Lamar was even more impactful. Quin spent the rest of the evening at the bar, talking to Lamar's clique of friends, both guys and girls, all of which were a ton of fun. There was something about being at a bar (and possibly, being in university) that made people feel and act like they were best friends five minutes after meeting each other. 

    The following week, Quin and Lamar texted every day. They'd never even kissed at the bar, so Quin wasn't sure if the older boy was even interested in him that way, but the daily texts sure seemed to suggest so. As for Quin, he was more than interested, which is why he did a dorky little dance in his room when Lamar invited him to hang out again the following weekend.

    That Saturday morning, Quin started the day by getting ready for his upcoming date, even though he had hours to go. He picked out his outfit, down to the underwear and socks he wanted to wear. The problem was: Quin had no underwear that he felt particularly sexy in. His favorite red boxer briefs were still in the laundry, and everything else was either too baggy or childish, or both. Definitely lame in comparison to the stuff his uncle always wore. Which is precisely why Quin headed to Eddie's room and knocked on the door.

    "Just a minute!" his uncle said loudly.

    "Is he jerking off?" was the first thought on Quin's mind. He was almost certain of it; his uncle wasn't very modest and he didn't usually hide otherwise. A moment or two later, Eddie shouted "Come in!" and Quin entered the room to find his uncle lying shirtless in bed, covering the lower half of his body, which only solidified Quin's suspicions.

    "Hey, Uncle Eddie. I wanted to ask you something," the teenager said, standing there in his colorful boxers. "Remember those people from U of T that I met at the bar last week? They're going out again tonight and invited me to join. So I was wondering if you could sneak me in again."

    Quin made sure to mention the group as a whole rather than Lamar in the singular, even though he was the person Quin was most interested in seeing.

    "Sure," Eddie smiled. "I was gonna go there anyway. And hey, if you want we can take an Uber tonight, so you can have a drink or two when we get there."

    Eddie was under no illusion that his 16-year-old nephew had never tasted alcohol. Quin had admitted it to him almost a year ago, and rather than preach abstinence, Eddie thought it was more useful to give him tips on safe drinking, especially since it was something Quin's own father would never do. 

    "Cool, thanks!" Quin smiled, standing in the doorway. "One more thing. I was wondering..." – Quin started to look down at the floor, and Eddie thought he could see him blush – "I was wondering where you get your underwear? Cuz I... Cuz I need some new pairs."

    Quin's uncle smiled, knowing all too well what his nephew was going through. It was the age where girls start looking at Victoria's Secret, and gay boys start looking at Andrew Christian and similar brands. Straight boys... well, god knows what they do.

    "Actually, I don't buy most of my underwear," Eddie admitted. "I get it sent to me by brands, in exchange for promos on the blog and social media. If you want, you can rummage through those two boxes over there. I still haven't unpacked. They're full of them."

    Quin couldn't believe his eyes. The boxes he'd opened were full of hundreds of pairs of sexy underwear, many of them intact with the tags still on. 

    "Can I have one of those?" he asked, amazed by all the options.

    "One?! Take as many as you want, I don't care."

    Before doing anything else, Quin jumped in his uncle's bed and gave Eddie a kiss. As he did so, he noticed his uncle's boner under the sheet. He was right: Eddie had indeed been jerking off before he interrupted him.

    "Thanks!" Quin said with a huge smile, before helping himself to a dozen pairs of underwear and darting to his room to try them on, letting his uncle continue to jack off in peace.

    If Quin thought going out to a gay bar was fun sober, he loved it even more now that he was able to drink as well! "Take care of them for me," Uncle Eddie had told the bartender at the beginning of the evening, pointing to Quin and his new squad of uni friends. Now, they got preferential treatment and they didn't have to wait long to be served, even though the venue was packed.

    "Your uncle's really cool," Lamar said to Quin, who felt happy to impress him any way he can. 

    "Oh, you have no idea," Quin blurted out tipsily. After two gin and tonics, he was drunker than he cared to admit, but he was still present enough to enjoy the evening with Lamar. An evening which got even better when Lamar leaned in and gave Quin a kiss in the middle of the bar, confirming his interest in him beyond the shadow of a doubt. It was Quin's first real kiss (Truth or Dare and Spin the Bottle experiences aside) and he was on cloud nine. He and Lamar continued to make out and grind against each other for most of the evening, pretty much ignoring the rest of their friends there. After seeing straight couples doing this at any party he went to, Quin felt like it was finally his turn! He wanted to make up for lost time, having a go at Lamar's mouth aggressively and passionately, going as far as to rub his bulge while they were kissing as well. It gave both boys hard-ons, and for a while, Quin wondered if they should go to the bathroom and do what that other couple did last weekend. Then again, he didn't want to rush things too much, and he was held back by one other factor: he'd never sucked a cock in his life before, and wasn't completely sure how to go about it.

    While his son and his brother were out (which seemed to become a weekend tradition now), Del was at home, catching up on chores and trying to keep himself busy. After fighting the temptation for over an hour, Del lost the fight and fired up his computer, typing in the porn URL.

    After discovering Eric, the cam boy, on his son's computer, Del had looked up Eric's profile on his own laptop. Turns out, the blond boy was no longer releasing new videos, but all of his old stuff was still available, some of it behind a paywall. Del had no idea why, but he went ahead and subscribed to get access to all of the videos. "It's just like having a jerk-off buddy," he tried rationalizing it to himself. It was a term Eric often used in his videos. He had a whole playlist titled "Jerk Off With Me" with almost 20 vids, in which he guided the viewer through the experience. Del had watched two of the videos so far, blowing a nice load alongside Eric each time.

    Del had only had sex with a couple of women except his wife, and he'd NEVER done anything with another guy. He believed that culture nowadays was oversexualized, which is something he disapproved of, but maybe he'd fallen too far in the other extreme? For some reason, this Eric guy made him comfortable enough to dip his toes in again. The fact that it was a man and not a woman felt Del feel safer. He told himself that he wasn't interested in dudes in real life, so doing this on the internet was a good way to build up his confidence, before maybe starting to date women again. After all, Quin would be moving out in a couple of years, and Del was running out of excuses to be single forever.

    "Hi guys. It's another jerk off with me video today," Eric said on Del's screen, naked as usual. "This time, I had a special request from Ken, one of my longterm followers. Ken asked me to take this," – he held up a pair of white briefs – "and use it to have a wank. This is the underwear my dad wore yesterday."

    Del hit the spacebar and quickly paused the video on a still of Eric winking to the camera. It took Del a moment to wrap his mind around what was happening. To him it seemed shocking, but scrolling down to the comment section he saw that there were a ton of people turned on by what Eric was doing in the video. 

    Unready for something like this yet, Del got up and walked out of his room, in need of a distraction. The underwear Eric used gave Del an idea: he hadn't done laundry all week. It was finally time to do so.

    Del gathered up all his dirty clothes and took them to the laundry room, before heading to his son's room to check for laundry there. Quin only dropped half of his dirty clothes in the hamper; the other half lay abandoned on his bedroom floor. Del gathered some socks and shorts that were there, before reaching for a pair of red boxer briefs next to Quin's bed. Holding them in his hand, Del realized they were... crusty. He looked closer, and saw a huge batch of dry semen on them, right on the crotch. There was no doubt about it.

    "Is Quin having wet dreams?" the boy's father wondered. He seemed old for that, but you never know. Or maybe... Maybe Quin did it on purpose? He came in his underwear and used it as a cum rag because it was some sort of turn-on for him? Del knew his son had a taste for unusual porn, maybe he was just as kinky in real life as well?

    Del took the underwear and the rest of the clothes and went down to the laundry room. There, he dumped everything in the washer, but in the very last second, he kept the red cum-stained boxer briefs and took them up to his room.

    Del sat back at his computer and hit the spacebar again. Eric was holding his own father's briefs up to his face and taking a loud, dramatic whiff. As if hypnotized, Del held up his son's underwear and did the exact same! He put his nose right up against the cum-stained part, and he was absolutely certain now that this was the scent of semen that he was inhaling. It must've been a few days old, maybe up to a week, judging by just how hard and dry it was, as well as the strong, pungent smell. When he was Quin's age, Del had used a sock to jerk off in, so he knew the scent of dried cum against fabric all too well. Sometimes he'd reuse the sock over and over again, too nervous to drop it in the laundry until he was certain his mom wouldn't notice. He hadn't thought of that sock or that smell in decades. Now, Del was brought back to those days, all thanks to his son's cum, which had an identical scent.

    "Mmm. Dad wore this to the gym yesterday," Eric said. All of a sudden, their harmless jerk-off sessions didn't feel quite so harmless to Del anymore. They felt dirty and taboo, and as much as he tried to deny it... it turned him on.

    The handsome boy started to jerk off on screen. He looked so innocent; he had the power to make you feel at ease no matter how perverted he was being. Currently, he rubbed his father's underwear all over his face, before bringing it down to his pierced cock and jerking off with it. Del watched the action, his dick getting harder and harder, until he finally couldn't take it anymore and he pulled his erection out of his sweatpants. He held his teen son's underwear against the lower half of his face with his left arm, smelling it while watching the porn show and jerking himself off with his right hand.

    Then, Eric brought his dad's briefs back up against his face, this time opening his mouth and stuffing it with them. "Mmm," the boy moaned. "Tastes so good." There were subtitles added to the bottom of the screen, since you couldn't make out what he was saying with his mouth full.

    Feeling encouraged, Del parted his own lips. Rather that stuff Quin's underwear in his mouth, he simply stuck out his tongue, taking a timid lick. Although he'd smelled his own cum as a teenager, he'd never tasted it. For the first time, Del was getting a taste of sperm (which just so happened to be his own son's). His tongue explored the hardened stain on the underwear. The flavor was very strong and matched the smell, and Del wondered if this is what all cum tastes like. Does it taste like this when it's fresh? Does it taste the same coming from every man, or it is like fingerprints, unique? It was something Del had never thought about before.

    He continued to lick, more and more, until the entire patch of cum-covered fabric was in Del's mouth and he was sucking on it. Through the computer screen, he and Eric made eye contact, jerking off with their family members' underwear in their mouths. "I'm about to cum," Eric mumbled, and got up off the chair to show off his huge cumshot. It pushed Del over the edge, and he shot his own load all over his sweats, sucking on the boxer briefs in his mouth for dear life, feeling the taste of Quin's cum in his mouth.

    "Looks like there's more laundry to do," Del said out loud to himself. He took off his sweatpants and went back down to the laundry room, where he added his sweats as well as his son's red boxer briefs to the washer. The machine was all set already. With one push of a button, Del got rid of the evidence of his dirty deed. 

    Quin had seen a LOT of porn throughout his short life. It'd started off by looking at X-rated images on his uncle's blog. Even though there was never any fucking on there, there was often some frontal nudity and even more butts. Every now and then, it even featured an erection, which helped Quin learn about his own. The site often mentioned gay porn stars, who were treated like celebrities in Uncle Eddie's world. By looking up their names is how Quin had made his way into even more explicit material. 

    With all this under his belt, Quin thought that once the time came, he would know everything there is about sex. Turns out, no amount of video-watching prepares you for the real deal. After hanging out with Lamar a few times after school – which consisted of 70% making out, 30% talking – Quin started to feel nervous about taking things to the next level. 

    One Monday evening, the two boys had just finished having dinner at a Chinese restaurant downtown, when Lamar invited Quin over to his place for the first time.

    "All my roommates are out tonight. We can Netflix and chill," Lamar winked.

    "Um, I can't. I gotta go home," Quin lied. As much as he was dying to spend some time alone with Lamar in his bedroom, he simply didn't feel ready for it yet. He wanted to prepare for whatever came next.

    "Another time then," Lamar said, and the two teenagers said their goodbyes by making out for several minutes. On his way to the bus stop, Quin checked his phone and saw that his uncle had just posted a photo of a nearby coffeeshop on social media.

    "You out? I'm in the area," Quin texted Eddie and shared his location.

    "Yes. Why don't you join us?" Eddie texted back. 

    Quin had no idea who the "us" was referring to, but he'd find out soon enough. When he got to the coffeeshop, he saw his uncle there with the hot gogo boy from Q, who was wearing more than just a jockstrap for the first time in Quin's presence.

    "Luiz, right?" Quin gave the dancer a hug. It was wild to think that just a couple of weeks ago he'd had his ass in his face, with his uncle's cum dripping out of it.

    "What're you doing downtown?" Eddie asked as his nephew joined them at the table.

    "I was hanging out with Lamar."

    "Oooh. Is he your boyfriend now?" Uncle Eddie teased.

    "Not quite, but... it feels like we're getting there."

    "First boyfriend?" Luiz asked, and after Quin nodded, he asked a follow-up question. "How far have you guys gone?" He seemed to be just as shy and held-back as Eddie... i.e.: not at all.

    "Just kissing and stuff," Quin answered awkwardly.

    "Are you looking forward to more?" Luiz prodded.

    "Yeah, just... Well, I'm a bit nervous, I'm not gonna lie."

    "Nervous about what?" Eddie put his arm around his nephew's shoulders.

    "I dunno, like sex and stuff. Like, I'm not sure if I wanna have sex yet but I'd like to, like... suck his dick and stuff." Quin was surprised himself by his level of honesty. Then again, this was Uncle Eddie and the cum-hole gogo boy he was talking to, so he felt like he could at least be honest with them. Unlike his dad, they wouldn't judge. "I've never done it before."

    "You've never sucked anyone's dick? Have you ever watched porn?" Luiz enquired.

    "Yes, of course. But I know it's not the same in person."

    "No, it's not. But it's not too different, either," Uncle Eddie added. "Once it happens, you'll know what to do."

    "How do you know that?" Quin asked naively.

    "You just... know." 

    "Yeah, well Lamar is a couple of years older, so he's already done it with a few guys, he told me. And I'm gonna be a total noob in comparison."

    "You know," Luiz spoke up again, "maybe the best way to learn is by example. Watch someone do it. But not on video. In real life."

    Quin chuckled, even though he wasn't sure if Luiz was joking or not. A moment later, he realized that he wasn't.

    "Where would I do that?" Quin asked.

    "You can watch me do it," Luiz offered without too much thinking. "I've got a TON of experience."

    "And you know someone willing to let you do it in front of me?"

    "I don't know. What do you say?" Luiz addressed Eddie this time, reaching for his hand across the table.

    "I don't know if this is a good idea," Quin's uncle said apprehensively.

    "Why not? It would be educational more than anything," Luiz pushed.

    Meanwhile, Quin couldn't believe what he was hearing. They had to be joking, right?! Otherwise, he'd expected his uncle's response to be an unequivocal "no." The fact that he was even entertaining the idea was insane, but also... hot.

    "I don't think so. Luiz, drop it," Eddie said a bit more firmly.

    "I... I don't mind," Quin spoke up. "I mean, if you don't. I don't know. I wouldn't mind."

    Eddie, who still had his arm around his nephew's shoulder, turned to look at Quin with a surprised look on his face. 

    "I live close to here," Luiz said, jumping at the opportunity while the iron was hot. "Shall we go?"

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Lamar is Sam's friend from Model Dad

Ken is the narrator of Obsessed With Incest

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