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Good-Morning Handjob


    It had been almost ten years since I'd been on spring break, and I never thought I'd be going on one ever again. Then again, I never thought I'd be throwing my younger brother a "dadchelor party" either. And I never expected everything would go the way it did in Cancún…[1]

    For a few days after we returned to New York, life was more hectic than ever. Owen and I had to catch up at work after our week off, and Rory was running around getting everything ready before the baby's due date, which was almost here. 

    It was over a week before I found myself home alone with some free time. I rolled up a joint and went out to the fire escape, our version of a balcony. I lit up, then pulled out my phone. 

    Of course, he was on top of my feed. He was by far the most popular person I followed. Or was it that the algorithm knew he was exactly who I wanted to see…?

    I put down my phone for a few drags, thinking. It was easy to feel fascinated by someone like Ben. I'd just met him in Mexico, and new people often seemed fun and interesting. He and my husband went way back, so he had Owen's seal of approval. Plus, he was a literal model! He was gorgeous, loaded, and a great fuck. What's not to like?

    But that wasn't it, I told myself. I'd met plenty of guys who were good looking or rich or hot, or any combination of the above. There was something else… Something about Ben that confused and intrigued me.

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    Once again, I went to his profile to scroll through his recent posts. I found my favorite: a pic posted the very next day after we left Cancún. Ben showing off his naked body, including recently acquired tan lines. Standing in his bathroom in his Californian mansion (which looked palatial compared to our dingy little NYC bathroom), turning his big ass to the mirror and snapping a photo of it for the whole world to see and drool over.[2]

    When Owen told me he and Ben had never hooked up, I found it extremely hard to believe. They went all the way back to when Owen was a teenager. They were both attractive. Both gay (well, I guess Ben is bi; he does have a son after all). I couldn't see how they'd managed to keep their hands off each other. 

    We'd made up for that pretty quickly, though. It took us mere hours in Mexico before the three of us all hooked up in the hotel pool. But that wasn't what was haunting me ever since. It was the time Ben and I had spent in bed alone, just the two of us…

    I scrolled to the top of the page and, looking for a reason to DM him, I typed, "You haven't posted in over 24h. You alive?!"

    I didn't have to wait long for an answer.

    "Haha. Yeah, been busy. Just got to Boston, spending time with Sam."

    I swallowed. My throat felt incredibly dry now after smoking the joint.

    Learning that Ben was right here on the East Coast, just one state away, didn't leave me indifferent. A part of me was excited that he was so near. Another part felt… jealous. I knew it was ridiculous to be jealous of him spending time with his son. I was nothing to this man; barely an acquaintance. For all I knew, I might never see him again. 

    I wasn't going to let that happen.

    "Why don't you come by when you're done there? 😜," I typed.



    "Heeey, Ror– Whoa, you alright?" 

    My buddy Ian could see my tiredness on my face as soon as he answered the door (naked, as usual for him).

    "Is it that obvious?" I asked, stepping inside his apartment. "I'm exhausted."

    "C'mere, buddy," he gave me a comforting hug. "I'll make us something to drink and you can tell me all about it. What do you want, coffee or tea?"

    "Tea, please. It's too late for coffee."

    "Good. Go make yourself comfortable in my room until then."

    I didn't need telling twice. I went to Ian's small bedroom and lay down on the bed, exhaling loudly. (Oh my god, this is exactly how my dad sighs when he sits down! Is this a dad sigh? Am I doing that already?!)

    I cherished the silence in Ian's room. I loved New York, but today it was determined to get the best of me. I went to check out apartments in three boroughs, and zilch. I don't even wanna think about the time and money I spent on trains. 

    "What's up?" Ian asked a couple of minutes later, walking in with two mugs of tea. (In true nerdy Ian fashion, one had Hermione on it, and the other one Baby Groot.)

    "I'm about to be a homeless dad, that's what's up," I said dramatically.

    "Calm down, you're not homeless. You have an indefinite stay with your brother and his husband."

    "Oh, you mean the place with no room for a crib?"

    "What about that apartment in Brooklyn that you really liked?"

    "I got it wrong. It's for two people."

    "What do you mean?"

    "It's a two-bedroom, and they're renting out both of them. I thought it was just one."

    "So, just move in and look for a roommate?"

    "Yeah, except I don't have the deposit. And I don't know if I can be bothered vetting roommates on top of everything."

    Ian sat on his desk chair across from me, sipping calmly. 

    "Why don't I move in?"

    "What do you mean?" I stood up quickly, like an animal that had just sniffed out something alluring.

    "I mean, I only need to give a two weeks' notice to leave this place, my landlord's pretty cool. I got some money saved up. And it would be fun living together."

    "Yeah, but wouldn't you mind the baby being there? I mean, he'll be with his mom most of the time but he'll be staying over at times, and I'm sure that will be a pain, especially in the beginning."

    "I mean… to be honest, I would not wanna live with a baby normally. But this is your baby. And you're my best friend. We'll be fine."

    I felt a warm fuzziness in my chest that not even the smile on my face was enough to express. I'd known Ian for almost a year now. Truth is, I thought I'd have dozens and dozens of friends after moving to New York, that my social life would be even more active than it was in college. Turns out, making friends after school is a mammoth task. But Ian grew up in the city. He knew tons of people here. So to hear him call me his best friend…

    Of course, the fact that this offered a solution to my living situation contributed to the happiness I was feeling.

    "C'mere!" I said, standing up. I was the one initiating a hug this time. "Let's do it!"

    We gave each other a bro hug, and I reached straight for my phone.

    "Do you think I should call now?"

    "Yes! You know how it is. As soon as possible."

    I dialed the landlord, starting to feel nervous as fuck.

    "Two weeks from now okay?" I asked him after a quick chat.

    I smiled when I heard the answer. Ian was looking at my face attentively, and he started to smile as well when he saw me nod my head.

    I hung up, and my buddy and I went in for another hug, this time squeezing each other tightly and almost jumping up and down. I didn't even mind the fact he was fully naked, with his dick rubbing against my leg.

    "This calls for a celebration. Pizza and a movie?" Ian offered.

    "Sure. But don't be surprised if I pass out halfway through. Now, let me text my brother and give him the good news."

    Since Ian didn't have a TV in his room, we watched a movie on his laptop, lying in bed next to each other. I had stripped down to my underwear, and there was a large pizza box next to us. It felt like I was back in college again.

    I let him pick the flick. He found it in the Gay Romance category, but I have no idea what it was about besides that. Like I'd predicted, my eyes were closing by themselves, even more so now on a full stomach.

    "D'you wanna crash here?" I heard Ian's voice next to me.
    "Aha," I nodded, and dozed off.

    I was the first to wake up in the morning, trapped between the wall and my buddy's naked body. I lay in bed lazily, happy to have one less problem now that the apartment situation was resolved. 

    What I also had, was a huge morning boner. I tried to stretch without waking Ian up, which was hard to do, since he was so fucking tall and took up most of the bed. I reached for my dick and absentmindedly gave it a few tugs. When I looked down, I noticed my buddy was just as hard as I was.

    I smiled, looking at his boner while he snoozed. "You're my best friend," he'd said last night. I felt so fucking happy.

    Mostly as a joke, and since I knew he wouldn't mind, I wrapped my hand around his dick and pulled on it until Ian started to stir.

    "Whatcha doing there?" he mumbled sleepily.

    "Just a friendly wakeup call."

    "Very friendly indeed," he said, followed by a yawn and a stretch. "Keep going," he added.

    I knew just how amazing a good-morning handjob felt. I decided to go ahead and do that for my buddy.

    Ian moaned and purred as I jerked him off, contently lost in a state of half-sleep. I wondered if he might think this was all a dream when he wakes up later.

    He and I would be roommates soon. Most of the time, it would just be the two of us. I've already seen Ian naked more times that I could count, I was sure I could expect that to be a daily occurrence once we moved in together. Then again, I guess it's quite apropos, considering he was naked the very first time I met him at the gym sauna.

    I jerked him off slowly for several minutes, enjoying the notion of how much he was enjoying himself. I hadn't gotten a good-morning handjob like this in a while. Maybe if I put it out there in the universe it would come back to me, I thought, continuing to stroke my buddy's boner as it started to leak precum all over my fingers.

    Now that I wouldn't be sleeping on my brother's couch, dating (or at least, getting laid) would be so much easier. I was desperate to get back in the game. Even with how preoccupied I was with the baby, I still couldn't help but get horny at random moments every single day. My brother's husband really was right when he said "men think about nothing but sex."

    Next to me, Ian started to moan louder and louder. The sounds he emitted let me know he was close. I had heard my brother and Owen fucking so many times, that I was an expert by now in what men sounded like right before they were about to cum.

    I sped up my strokes, gripping my buddy's cock tighter. His eyes were still closed. I focused my eyes on his face. This wasn't the first time I'd see Ian cum, but it was the first time his face was so close to mine and I was able to pay such close attention to it…

    "Mmm. Mmm. Mmm," he started to tremble uncontrollably. He was so close. Fuck, I knew that feeling! Any second now. Any second…


    I saw his sperm shoot out a second before I heard his final, loudest moan. It sprayed out his dick and landed all over his torso and my fingers. His hips started to hump my hand, as I held onto his dick tighter than ever and let him fuck my fist.

    "Mmm. Mm," he continued to purr like a content animal, and fell right the fuck back to sleep.

    "Eat, sleep, fuck, repeat," was another one of the wise adages I'd heard from my brother-in-law. I smiled. I lay in bed for a few more minutes before I even realized I was still holding my buddy's cock.

    Just as I started to wonder whether to get up and take a piss or go back to sleep, I felt something vibrate around my wrist. I'd never taken my smartwatch off last night. I saw my own name flash on screen. It took me a few seconds to even realize what was happening.

    "GIRL RORY!" I jumped out of bed, frantically looking for my pants and my phone. I'd startled Ian and woken him up, but this was more important.

    "Hello? Hello?!" I yelled nervously in my phone.

    "Rory?" I heard an unknown female voice.

    "Who's this?"

    "This is Rory's mom. She's gone into labor. We're on our way to the hospital now."

    "Oh my god. Fine. Okay. I can track her phone. Oh my god. I'm leaving right away."

    Rory's mom hung up, which was just as well: my fingers were too shaky to hit the red button.

    "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god," I carried on like an annoying wind-up toy. "I'm about to be a father."

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[1] In the illustrated story "Beach Bonding 2: Dadchelor Party"

[2] Uncensored image for Supporters 

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