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The Sex String


    "Fuck yeah! Take that cock!!"

    The shouts got louder, drowning out the sizzling of the eggs I was cooking for myself. I loved this apartment, but the walls were kind of thin and my roommate Ian could sometimes get pretty loud. Or in this case, it was his visitor who was the loud one. Whoever it was, this guy was certainly someone who liked to get verbal. The stream of exclamations was almost constant. They'd come back super late, after I was in bed and so I hadn't had a chance to see him. The dude had a deep voice, so I imagined someone burly, probably older. Ian did like his daddies, after all. And after going at it last night, they still had enough energy to go for round two this morning.

    Hearing (and sometimes seeing) the sexual activities of the people I lived with was something I was completely desensitized to by this point, after living with my brother and his husband for a year. With Taylor and Owen I kind of expected it; they were newlyweds after all. I just didn't know I'd get even more of it, living with someone that was single like Ian! Not that I cared, really. Ian was my best buddy and a great roommate. After all, if it weren't for him I probably wouldn't have been able to get this steal of an apartment! Besides, even sex noise is preferable to the sound of a screeching baby, which is what occasionally happened when my son spent the night here, and my roommate never complained about that.

    The kitchen window was open and a breeze wafted through, reminding me that fall was just around the corner. I was making breakfast in just my underwear, and wondered if I'd be putting sweatpants on in the morning before too long. My eggs were ready and as I was turning off the burner, my phone buzzed from over on the table. While the sex noise continued from Ian's room, I got my food on a plate, and sat down to find a text from Girl Rory. 

    My son's mother had gotten me into a "Daddy & Me class," a small group for dads of infants that met on Sundays. Rory had insisted that she wasn't doubting my parenting skills; it was just that she'd started a similar class herself and found it helpful, and thought it would be a good way for me to connect with guys who were going through the same thing I was. What the hell, I figured. Maybe I'll even make some new friends.

    I texted her back and said I'd go to the next class after I got back from Hawaii. Eric and Will's wedding had crept up on me! My old college suitemates had gotten engaged a while ago and I was really looking forward to seeing them again. It was always so easy and comfortable hanging out with them, and those friendships meant a lot to me. It was crazy to think how much we'd changed and grown up, even though it didn't feel like that long ago that we all lived together.

    So even though I was on a budget and flying to Hawaii was NOT cheap, this was one wedding I wasn't gonna miss. Besides, my brother and Owen knew the grooms as well and they were coming along, which ought to to be fun.

    Even though our flight was tomorrow, the three of us still hadn't made plans about how we're getting to the airport. I shot my brother a quick text to check, and just as I sent it, the door to Ian's bedroom opened. 

    I realized belatedly that the sex sounds had stopped a few minutes before. For me, they'd become normal background noise, almost like the traffic sounds coming in through the window. I looked up and was not at all surprised to see a tall guy with a beard emerging, buttoning up his plaid shirt and looking to be in his mid-forties. He saw me and I almost laughed out loud at the range of expressions I saw run across his face. Surprise at seeing someone, momentary embarrassment (probably realizing how loud they had been) and then the inevitable flirty smile and eyebrow raise. I was in my underwear after all.

    "Good morning," I said, returning a similar smile. I wasn't even trying to flirt; I was just surrounded by so many flirty guys that it was rubbing off on me.

    "Hey there," he said in a sweet voice. And then I heard another voice coming from Ian's room, an unfamiliar one.

    "The Uber will be here in a few min—," the other stranger emerging from Ian's bedroom said, stopping short when he saw me sitting at the table.

    "Hi," he said after a moment, as he finished tucking in his shirt and zipping up his denim shorts. This guy was also a bearded daddy (another thing that was rubbing off on me was my brother and Ian's gay slang). He was a bit shorter than the first one, but more barrel-chested and around the same age.

    "Good morning," I said again, even more amused. It looked like Ian had hit the jackpot last night, and this explained the near-constant words from a deep voice I'd been hearing earlier. It had been both of them, possibly nailing my roommate at both ends.

    "Hey, here's your poppers and— Oh, hey Rory," Ian said as he joined his hookup buddies in the main area of the apartment. My roommate was stark naked, and smiled at me as he handed a few items to the men.

    "Good morning," I said a third time, unable to keep the sarcasm out of my voice as I stabbed some egg onto my fork. I smiled back at Ian and my stare conveyed that he'd be in for a good round of teasing as soon as these guys had left.

    I watched as Ian took a moment to give each of the men an extended kiss, and saw both of them move a hand to each side of my friend's muscular ass for a quick squeeze. They traded some quieter words about "doing this again sometime" and then the two daddies were gone. Ian shut the door and made his way to the chair opposite me to sit down.

    "Sooo, is there anyone else coming out of that clown car you call a bedroom?" I said, grinning at my own joke. Ian rolled his eyes but also chuckled.

    "No, no one else," he replied dismissively. "Alas. Next time I'll ask them to bring a few friends."

    "Where'd you find those two, anyway?" I asked, gesturing at the apartment door. The cruising and pickup habits of my gay friends was an endlessly fascinating subject for me.

    "At the bar," Ian said with a casual shrug. "They're a couple. They live out in Hell's Kitchen but they were here yesterday looking for a greedy Brooklyn bottom."

    "Ah," I replied. "Well they probably just googled that and your name came up."

    "Nope. I had to win them over with this pretty face."

    "Aha. Was there cum on it last night as well, like there is now?"

    "Fuck off. Where?" my friend laughed, and wiped the wrong cheek.

    "Here," I reached over with my napkin and wiped the jizz off of Ian's face. "You can have that," I added and handed him the napkin.



    "Who's that from?" I asked my husband as he checked his phone, which had just chimed.

    "My brother. Wants to know how we're getting to the airport tomorrow."

    Taylor and I were at our neighborhood diner. It was packed, even for a Saturday morning. Luckily, we had managed to snag a table, and were just halfway through our waffles.

    "I don't wanna have to get up early," Taylor said, texting Rory back. "Even if we leave at eleven, I think we'll make it."

    "Living on the edge, huh?" I said, sitting back in my chair to stretch out my legs a little. I glanced over at Taylor, whose eyes were on my crotch. The shorts I had on made my bulge look particularly big. Even though the weather was starting to get cooler, my husband and I still insisted on wearing as little as possible, sitting at this diner in flip flops, shorts, and tank tops. Eyeing my crotch, Taylor had that look in his eyes that I knew all too well.

    "You know me. I'm all about that life on the edge," my husband said in a quieter voice, leaning forward. His hand slowly and discreetly moved to my upper thigh, his fingers slithering under the hem of my shorts.

    I looked around the diner. This had been a pretty "gay" spot for as long as I could remember, but like many such places it had caught the eye of the trendy crowd and now there were quite a few families and other straight people around. Most of the people closest to us were gay dudes but I still wanted to get a sense of how far we could go here.

    Taylor's hand continued to creep up until it had found my cock, which was already starting to harden. I moved my legs a little to restrict the visibility of what my husband was doing, and drew in a sharp breath as he started to stroke me. I glanced around again and then looked back at him. He had the biggest fucking grin on his face, and it was adorable. But his eyes were almost glazed over, like he was getting lost in the sensations instead of keeping one eye on the people around us. He was also moving his arm a lot more than when he started and I was concerned this was becoming too obvious.

    "What are you doing?" I whispered, with a little urgency. This was hot, but I didn't want someone to complain and get us kicked out, or worse. I reached out my own arm to slow his down. It forced him to be more subtle again but he didn't stop jerking my cock. Taylor had become more daring with our public sexcapades, even by our own standards. Last week, we'd caught a movie and had headed to the bathroom when it was over. He'd pulled me into a stall and had me fuck him, even as a ton of guys from the same screening were crowding in. And he'd told me that the week before he connected with a guy on an app, and then had the dude come fuck him in the bathroom at work. I was surprised to hear he was mixing sleazy hookups into his work life as well. 

    Still, I'm no saint either, and I love the thrill. Taylor knew every inch of my cock. Once he got to working it good he had me close to the edge pretty quickly. Not eager to prolong the risky situation, I closed my eyes and let it all go, dumping a thick load into my husband's hand right there under the table. He slowed his motion and squeezed out the last drops, withdrawing his hand just as the server walked up to us.

    "Anything else, boys?" the younger man said. He'd been flirty with us the whole morning.

    "I'm all set," I said letting out the breath I'd been holding in. I had to meet a client at the gym in about 15 minutes and had to get going.

    "I'll have another coffee," Taylor said, bringing his hand to his mouth and licking some cum off his fingers. He was looking the server in the eye the entire time. "Holy shit," I thought. "My man's got some balls." The server's mouth opened, but I could tell that he was caught off guard by what he'd just seen, and it was a moment before he actually spoke.

    "I'll... get that for you right away," he said, his look of disbelief changing to a mischievous smile.



    I could tell Owen was a little bit shocked by how brazen I'd been with the server, and I loved knowing that I could still surprise my husband from time to time. He kissed me goodbye before he got up to leave and I made sure he could taste his own load on my lips. I watched his ass as he walked out of the diner.

    "There you go." As he was leaving, Owen held the door open for two hot bearded daddies that were walking in. I watched with interest as the host led them to the table nearest mine.

    These dudes were hot in a classic way. One of them had broad shoulders and his plaid shirt halfway unbuttoned, showing off his chest hair. The other, shorter daddy wore some tight denim shorts that showed off every asset, front and back. They both looked over at me and we all gave a hello nod. The server returned with my fresh coffee and gave me a wink as he set it down, before turning around to ask the daddies what they wanted.

    Over the next ten minutes or so, we all gave each other a show. I did some manspreading, making sure my shorts rode up my leg as far as they could go. I reached under and pulled on the strap of my jock so they knew that's what I had on underneath. I swear I heard one of them growl when I did that. Meanwhile, they each had a hand on the other's crotch, actions that were clearly for my benefit since they were both looking me in the eye as they groped each other.

    Finally, one of them looked down the short hallway to the restrooms, looked back at me, and then cocked his head in that direction. Without a second thought, I nodded and got up, leaving money on the table. I headed down the hallway which had a few single-occupant restrooms, and took my time opening the door and going in, making sure at least one of the dudes saw which one I'd chosen. I walked to the sink and washed my hands as I waited. A moment later, the denim-shorts daddy came in and I locked eyes with him in the mirror as I kept staring forward. I noticed he hadn't locked the door yet as he came toward me, and then I felt his big hand on the back of my shorts.

    "Mmmmm," he whispered quietly as he leaned in close. "I think someone needs some daddy dick this morning, don't you?" His fingers pressed into my shorts as he said that, right between my ass cheeks. That immediately sent me to the place I'd needed to go.

    "Fuck yes, daddy," I moaned, much louder than I probably should have. "I need it so bad." Jerking Owen off had made me hornier, but we hadn't had a chance to fuck. Now, I leaned forward over the sink and pushed my ass toward the bearded stranger, making his fingers press right onto my hole, only the thin fabric of my shorts keeping them from slipping in. I closed my eyes and moaned softly as he massaged my pucker firmly.

    The bathroom door opened and I assumed it was the other daddy but didn't bother looking. I heard the lock turn and a second later another hand was rubbing my face. I opened my eyes to see the other daddy in the plaid shirt, standing over me. He was already unzipping his fly. His fingers traced my jawline and he moved his thumb in between my lips. I began to suck on it as I looked up at him.

    "Mmm, good boy," he said. "Think we should fill him up at both ends?"

    "That seems to be the theme of the last twenty-four hours," his partner replied with an amused tone. I felt him yank down my shorts, exposing my jockstrapped ass. He massaged my cheeks for a moment with his hands, and then I felt his bearded face go in between them. His lips and tongue were at my hole and fuck, that felt good! It had been a while since I'd been rimmed by someone with a full beard and I had forgotten how it felt to have all those hairs against my skin back there. I moaned again, probably still too loudly.

    "You need to hush up, son," the plaid-shirt daddy said, as he removed his thumb from my mouth and replaced it with his thick cock. I opened up like a good boy and pretty quickly had all of him down my throat. Now it was his turn to moan.

    "Fuck, you took that quicker than the guy we did last night," he said as both his hands went to the back of my head. "Do you suck a lot of big cocks?"

    I gave an affirmative response as best I could with my mouth full, and then I moaned as the daddy behind me did a final push of his tongue into me before pulling his head back and standing up. I heard the sound of a zipper and then felt the soft firmness of his cockhead pressing up against my wet hole. I relaxed and he slid in easily. It felt like he was about as thick as the man that was using my mouth, and I moved into pure fuck mode for the next few minutes. My focus was giving these daddies what they wanted, so they could give me what I needed. My cock was rock hard in the pouch of my jock, and the guy fucking me reached around a few times and let me thrust into his hand. I wasn't trying to make myself cum, it was just an action of animal lust more than anything. I was in heaven.

    From what they had said, I gathered that they'd just done this with another guy the night before. I wondered if it was that lucky guy's ass I was tasting on this cock in my mouth. The thought made me even hornier, even though I didn't even know the guy! All of us gay New York sluts, connected in a string of exchanges. The horny thought made me move back and forth faster. The daddies increased their speed to match mine and their moans got more frequent. We were almost there.

    I heard someone trying the door of the restroom and shaking the handle a lot before giving up. I imagined them standing on the other side of the door, hearing the sounds of me getting used like this, and it turned me on even more. I felt another sensation at my hole and realized the guy fucking me was also sliding a finger into me, underneath his cock. His other fingers were pressing right behind my balls where the straps of the jock came together. Suddenly I felt an intense surge through my whole body. He'd found that spot inside me, and then I was cumming in my jock.       

    The guy behind me moaned. I felt his cock swell, and then spasm over and over. His load found its home deep inside me. Just as the fucking was starting to slow down, the cock in my mouth began to explode. That guy had been at the back of my throat when he'd started shooting but slowly pulled back, so that his last spurt went right on the front of my tongue. I swallowed what I had and then pushed forward for more of his cock again. I wanted every drop.

    They both slowly pulled out of me and I stayed bent over the sink for a minute as they zipped back up and straightened their clothes.

    "Thanks, boy," one of them said as they unlocked the door and left. I stood there at the sink, looking at myself in the mirror. My hair was messy and my lips looked a little red, but I had a smile on my face. My shorts were still pulled down to my thighs. I could feel the cool air on my ass and my own cum seeping through the mesh fabric of the jock.

    The door opened and in the reflection I saw the cute server enter the bathroom. He looked me in the eye and I looked back, making it clear my hole was still hungry. He reached back and turned the lock.

Rory, Taylor, and Owen are off to Hawaii!
Attend the sexy wedding in Beach Bonding 4: I Do
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